Are Angels and Demons actually connected?

Anna lost her Grace, so have all demons
lost their Grace?

We often don’t look into this topic enough, so thought it was high time. Particularly since the tablets were introduced, I have been thinking about this a whole lot more. When Cas said the angel and demon tablets were connected. We no also that fallen angels are demons which still begs the question is Crowley an angel in disguise. But what still confuses me about Crowley is his red eyes, and red smoke. But there is certainly more to this character than we first thought.

Do these two guys have something
going on under the surface?

If demons are actually fallen angels, in SPN law, could they ever reverse and  go back to being an angel once again? Both parties can possesses humans, and one party can obtain a meat suit without consent, but the other party cannot. So this is another little detail which may alter the original thought? Power seems to be within angels a lot more, which says to me demons power is a lot more subdued, and diluted. But Crowley however, seems to have a lot more juice than most demons put together.  So does power hold the key to angels and demons alike? 

Or do both angels and demons really find us humans
fascinating to watch and understand?

An other theory I have always assumed is that Earth our little planet is in the middle of these two authoritarians and both groups loath humans with a passion, calling us names like blood monkeys. So how do humans fit in, if they fit in at all? Do humans keep both parties at bay from striking a war. Do fully powered angels get a kick out of mocking both humans and demons, whilst the bad old demons also feel the same? 

What is it about us humans,
that demons and angels hate about us?

So do you think Bella is right in that Demons and Angels could be connected, past descendants of themselves.  Or simply what we see is, what we get. Demons have always had power to teleport, and do other amazing things like angels do. Also angels are not holier than thou and are also corrupt beings with a few mixed in here and there, for good measure. Cas and Crowley I believe are much more powerful than the writers are letting on. I think the are special people in their own factions. 

So type away little ones, and let us all no if you think there is a possible connection, and what humans are to both angels and demons alike. ….


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  1. My take on it is that demons are not fallen angels. Demons are a separate species made of humans/witches who souls have been sent to Hell for being evil and who after torture turn into demons-quote the shape shifter Dean on that one. Lucifer is not a demon but a fallen angel who rebelled because he loved god the most and would not serve”hairless apes”who are now god’s favorites. Only the colt had the possibility of killing Lucifer and that didn’t work either so it is probably an angel blade that can kill him-thus he is sent into the pit via Sam with Michael to be in constant battle. Meg is an exception as she remembers what it was like to be human and I believe she had a real concern for Cas’s safety that was her downfall.. Ruby said she did too but she was a lying bitch working for Lucifer on the down low all along. Since demons are evil beings, they participate in all the sins, lust, being the one we see so often. It seems that demons also come in levels of ability like the angels, and yes both need permission to take a vessel.
    So I was informed wrong then by someone? Glad I have cleared that one up. I did wonder if they were separate species which makes it more enjoyable I guess! But what I never got was why was Ruby and Meg following Lucifer if there both demons? Hence Meg with Cas, I wonder what her end game was. Did she really fancy Cas, was she being playful? So had this made Lucifer evil all along, was his father throwing him out of heaven a time that turned him to go dark side? Ruby and Meg must have seen something in Lucifer to follow him, but what? A thought just crossed me, is this why Sam has always had trust issues and temper problems because he is Lucifer’s vessel? Is there a link there ….

    Demons purposefully set out to interact with mankind and corrupt. Angels are forbidden to get it on sexually with mankind. Cas can’t do it in the bordello in season 5 and Metatron tells us that the result of such an act is an abomination-nephilim. Angels have grace, it is what makes them angels. When Anna does not have hers, she is human and then when she regains it, she is an angel-with human experience and emotions-. When Metatron takes Cas’s grace, he becomes mortal. It is not clear if the angels cast down in the finale have lost all grace as they lose their wings or if they are angels without power on Earth which will increase the number of psychopaths walking on Earth. This lore has to be written by Carver and his merry band of writers.
    Yeap, got this with the whole Nephilim story. How does a human like Metatron take Cas’s grace does he just drink this like water or is there some operation involved. I would think they have lost their grace as Metatron seemed to no what he was doing. He wouldn’t have gone to all that palarva. I cannot begin to imagine the back lash from all the angels falling, and what could go on after. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out. I wouldn’t like to be Metatron with all those angels gunning for his throat. I hope Cas has something to do with putting it all right, as this will redeem him. I wonder if he will be able to heal Sam?

    As to Crowley, he too was once human and how he rose the corporate ladder of Hell is a back story we only hear snips about, but once Lucifer was in the cage, Crowley was an enterprising devil and took over and redesigned Hell-which seems to have various shapes. His red smoke and eyes probably there to distinguish from the lower level demons. After all he moved from King of the Crossroads to King of Hell. Maybe it is the scotch he drinks. “Hello boys.” Now Abaddon uses that line so is Crowley in for a battle to keep his CEO position? Again, season 9, writers get your groove on. Does the Devil May Care working title of the second episode tell us anything?
    I am interested too in knowing more about our Fergus McLeod? forgotten the name already, senior moment but you no whom I mean 😉 I wonder if there is anyone above him? Or is he the final pit stop, and the buck does stop and his door? I would like to know what wiskey does to a demon, I would love to see a drunk demon? that would be so much fun 😉

    Farty donkey and cold ice bath re-watched. Beautiful episode for many reasons. Kevin drinks scotch now as well and seems much stronger. Where the Hell was his Archangel? Metatron you are such a toad.
    The more you watch episodes the more things you do pick up on its so true. But sometimes I think you loose the quality if you watch stuff all the time. I think there were some really strong episodes this season, which did make up for the rocky ones 😦 But now I have a better understanding of area’s where I didn’t before.

    My computer just had a clitch and I lost your reply and had to type it all over again 😦 Don’t forget guys Comic Con on Sunday, first tips are up on the forum and I think Benny is on his way back …. Fan demand. I will post what I’ve read shortly. It may surprise you all it may not.

    Thanks for the comments, always
    Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


    1. “My take on it is that demons are not fallen angels”

      I agree 100%
      This rules out my theory then 😦

      Thanks for the comments, always
      Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


  2. ” fallen angels are demons ”
    I dont think so. Lucifer was a fallen angel and he wasnt a demon-the knife and the colt couldnt kill him. Im I misunderstanding?


    1. I thought the angel dagger’s could not kill archangels? They are just too powerful?
      What did Anna kill Uriel with then?

      Thanks for the comments, always
      Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


      1. “I thought the angel dagger’s could not kill archangels? They are just too powerful?”

        Didn’t Lucifer kill Gabriel with an angel blade?
        I’m going to have to watch this again, as I’m not 100% certain.

        Thanks for the comments, always
        Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


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