Episode look at Season 5 ‘The End’


It begins with a man trying to stop people and preach to them, Dean Winchester thought about being Michael’s vessel when the man mentioned “God’s plan”. Dean went inside a hotel going to his room, where he spoke to Castiel about how the demons keeping the Colt made no sense. Castiel spoke about how finding the Colt was the only way they could kill Lucifer, Castiel got Dean’s location and planned to go to Dean. The latter spoke about needing to rest and Castiel planned to go to him the next morning. Later that night Dean’s phone buzzed and he picked it expecting Castiel instead it was Sam Winchester Sam wanted to get back together with Dean so they could resume hunting demons, but Dean stated how they were weaker together and better separate.


supernatural season 5 'the end'............

What was Dean actually thinking at this precise moment?

Sam told Dean how he was Lucifer’s vessel, and Dean told Sam how hunting Lucifer down for revenge was bad. Sam wanted redemption, and Dean stated how they helped start the Apocalypse. Dean stated they needed to avoid Michael and Lucifer separately, despite Sam’s pleas. Dean told Sam goodbye, and went back to sleep. Dean woke up in the hotel, which was trashed and messed up. He left his hotel to explore the destroyed Kansas City, MO. He located a little girl crying in the street and she attacked him with a knife. Dean knocked her unconscious and saw Croatoan spray painted on a wall. A large amount of Croatoan infected people began to chase Dean through the streets of Kansas City. They cornered him but members of the US Army came and began killing the Croatoan infected people.

Future Dean helps a young girl
who tricks him …..

Dean escaped into a nearby alley hiding, while watching the battle. Later at night he emerged from his hiding place seeing a warning sign that showed the year was 2014. He hot wired a damaged car and left Kansas city. Zachariah teleported into the car with newspaper speaking about how the Croatoan pandemic reached Australia. Dean knew Zach had to be involved with the time traveling mess, and how President Palin supported the bombing of Houston. He spoke about how there were no more sports and he stated he used Christian Fringe group to locate Dean. The latter remembered the Christian from earlier, and Dean asked to return to the past. Zachariah wanted Dean to see the future and remain in the future for three days. Zach spoke about how this was the future of saying no to being Michael’s vessel.

Zach vanished and Dean went to Bobby’s place. He came in seeing the place torn apart and finding a wheel chair with bullet holes. He found Bobby’s journal and saw a picture of Camp Chitaqua and decided to head there, seeing future versions of allies in a picture at that place. He went there and saw the future Impala, his favorite vehicle damaged. He was knocked unconscious and later woke up cuffed to a wall. Future Dean began interrogating him after having searched him and used all the methods to check to see if he was a supernatural creature. Dean explained he was from the past and spoke about how Zach pulled him from the past. Future Dean didn’t believe him and Dean spoke about how Rhonda made him try on her pink and satiny panties. Future! Dean spoke about how the demons planned to finish off the human race with the Croatoan virus and Dean asked about Sam.

supernatural season 5 'the end'
Future! Dean spoke about how Sam got into a showdown in Detroit and died. Dean was saddened and Future! Dean spoke about how he hadn’t spoke to Sam in five years. Future!Dean had a mission to do and told Dean to stay cuffed up to a wall. For the next few hours Dean picked the wooden floor getting a screw out and managed to free himself from his cuffs. He escaped and found Future! Chuck. Future Chuck spoke about how they were running out of hygiene supplies and Dean suggested sharing. Future! Chuck began asking about the mission he was suppose to be on, and Dean spoke about how he was leaving to go to his mission. Risa came trying to harm Dean who hid behind Future! Chuck. Dean asked Future! Chuck about Castiel and left to find Future Castiel with several women, organizing an orgy.


Future Cas organizing an orgy.

Dean began to label Future! Castiel, who instantly knew that Dean was from another year. Future! Castiel knew it was Zach and Dean wanted to get back to his present team. Future! Castiel revealed he wished he could take Dean back to present time, and announced he was stoned. Future! Dean returned with some men all drinking beer and one man turned out to be a Croatoan infected. Future! Dean killed him quickly, and Dean had revealed his presence. Future! Dean led Dean back to his cabin, and they argued about the methods of dealing with the Croatoan infected. Future! Dean had decided to kill them and spoke about how in 2014 killing Croatoan infected was a common thing. Dean apologized and the two shared some beer. Dean asked about the mission and Future! Dean revealed The Colt which had been wrapped up in a jacket. Future! Dean stated how the demons had been moving The Colt around and how after five years he located it.

Future Cas and past Dean share a moment ….

He planned to kill Lucifer later that day, and later gathered Risa, and Castiel, to meet up with him and his past self. Risa asked about finding Lucifer and Dean spoke about why she was upset. Future! Dean spoke about how an important demon they captured last week, had revealed Lucifer’s location. Castiel spoke about how useful Future! Dean’s torture methods were, and Dean commented. Castiel spoke about how it was a spot filled with Croatoan infected and demons. He spoke about how dangerous the plan was and with Risa decided to gather the other soldiers. Dean began asking his future self questions, and the latter wanted Dean to see Sam. Future! Dean spoke about how Sam agreed to be Lucifer’s vessel, and Future! Dean knew he had to kill his brother. Dean was sad his future self was going to kill Sam, and Future! Dean warned him that when Zach took him back to the past, to agree to be Michael’s vessel.

Dean spoke about how if Michael possessed him and fought Lucifer half the planet would be destroyed. Future! Dean spoke about how half a planet was better then no planet. Future! Dean spoke about how he yelled yes multiple times and how he had lost the battle against Lucifer. Future! Dean knew Dean would never agree to be Michael’s vessel and Future! Chuck told Dean to hoard toilet paper. Future! Chuck remained at the base, while the group left to kill Lucifer. Later Dean spoke to Future! Castiel about the drugs and other things wrong with him. Future! Castiel spoke about how he was no longer an angel, and knew it had something to do with the other angels leaving. Future! Castiel spoke about how he missed about being an angel, and how he was depressed. The next morning the group of soldiers lead by Future! Dean arrived in a city torn down by the infection.

Future Dean and the gang storm the town.

The group searched the city for Lucifer and finally located the building they needed to break into. Future! Dean, Risa, and Future! Castiel gather their weapons. Dean knew Future! Dean was lying about something and they went to talk alone. Future! Dean revealed how the area should have been infested with Croatoan infected and how they had made a path. Dean was upset after learning his future self planned to enter through the back, while letting all his friends die including Future! Castiel. Dean decided he would stop Future! Dean’s plan, but the latter knocked his past self unconscious. Dean woke up hearing gun fire and yells. Dean ran towards the building seeing a fight ensuing inside. He sees Future! Lucifer, in Sam’s meat suit, in the garden with his foot on Future! Dean’s neck which cracks. A storm ensued when Future! Lucifer appeared and Dean suggested Future! Lucifer kills him.

supernatural season 5 'the end'....

Oh Dear, future Dean snuffed it!

Future! Lucifer stated that killing Dean would be redundant and he told Dean to be friendly. Future! Lucifer spoke about how beautiful the earth was and he spoke to Dean about how he fell from grace. Future! Lucifer told Dean about how he loved God, then humans were created, and he refused to love humans more than God. Dean spoke to Future! Lucifer about his ego and told him to kill him now. Dean stated he would find a way to kill Future! Lucifer and the latter stated he would not say Yes to Michael and would never kill Sam. Future! Lucifer began to lecture him telling him he would end up in this future. Future! Lucifer teleported away and Zachariah found Dean ready to return him to the past.


What ever happens we will always end up ‘HERE!’

Zachariah told Dean that he needed to say yes to Michael, to prevent the death of billions, but Dean continues to refuse. Zachariah was upset, and Dean stated he had another lesson. Suddenly Castiel used his powers to get Dean to his location and the latter told his angel friend to never change. Castiel asked questions about how Zach located Dean and the latter didn’t have enough time. Dean stated to stay away from Jehovah’s witnesses and called Sam, meeting up with him the next day. Dean had Ruby’s knife and he gave it to Sam. Dean apologized for leaving Sam and stated they needed each either to hunt together. Dean decided they needed to create their own future.

supernatural season 5 'the end.....'

It’s more than that, we keep each other human.


The End has always been in my top ten favorite episodes. Since we are heading to twenty fourteen next year, it will be interesting to see if our present Dean ever resembles that future Dean, in any way shape or form. Will the writers take us there and allow us to view that ending in a slightly different format. If future Dean, I don’t think however, he will care about, or as much for Sam as our present Dean always does.

Loved how Dean coped in 2014, and how he saw his future self ….

What I totally loved about this episode was seeing all three boys out of character, playing a very different character. I remember viewing a piece from one of the conventions and a fan asked Jensen what is his favorite Jared moment throughout the whole eight years. He replied Jared playing Lucifer, saying we will always end up ‘HERE!’ Jensen said he thought Jared nailed it, and he would have loved to have played that part himself. Taking into account Jared’s facial expressions throughout those chilling moments, made it oh so surreal. Lucifer did not want to love his father’s creations calling us hairy apes, and wondered if his punishment fit his crime. I did actually that moment feel for Lucifer. But Was God right in asking Michael to cast his own Brother out of heaven? Did Lucifer feel very abandoned, and unloved by both his father and brother? Did Micheal and Lucifer actually get along, as we no Dean and Sam do very much.

What was Dean really expecting
when he looked out of that window?

Future Supernatural was tremendous to watch, gathering information that we had not seen on screen before. Viewing double Dean, and seeing what he thought of his future self close up and personal. Hence that very naughty panty moment he tried them on and liked it! Oh Dean really …  I can imagine his love life thinking what a real romeo he was. How he treated his female companions and how special those moments were, recalling them fondly to his future self. Now were there a few connections with sex and women during this episode as we have future Cas preparing himself for an orgy with a group of women? Oh future Cas, what exactly are you playing at?

The whole feel of the episode was very futuristic, being a Dean centric episode many fans now think that this was the last Dean centric episode we’ve actually seen. That meant something, and concentrated purely on Dean. I feel there have been others since, but perhaps not as noticeable. I loved how past Dean tackled his future self, and wouldn’t let him go in and murder his comrades in arms. 

supernatural season 5 'the end'.............

Ouch, Dean I thought you would have wised up to future Dean?

So Bella would love to know what you all think of this little master piece and if the writers will actually visit this moment during season 9. Would it be any different, would the moment feel right if they did re-visit The End’. I wonder since Edlund penned the hour if others would have the same tone and feel to the overall writing. Would it actually be worth treading those boards again. What would really be the point? 

So type away little ones, and have a trip down memory lane. I love looking back and having the chance to observe those moments with a fine tooth comb and re-evaluate top moments. Some episodes we no in our hearts are on top form, and others not so much. This one for me is a really trooper. In many ways, above all for allowing us to see into the future, and showing us that teleporting can zap into the future, as well as the past. I also was fascinated in studying future Dean, and how different the two actually were. What comparisons they both shared, or if they were actually worlds apart.  So what did you all think, how did you all round up those individual area’s and think yes, that was amazing or a pile of crap!


6 thoughts on “Episode look at Season 5 ‘The End’

  1. I honestly think this is how the show is and should be heading. I don’t understand everyone thinking that Lucifer will always be in the cage. It’s already been opened once, and been broken into twice (Cas and Death). Plus how do you end the show with the most powerful antagonist the show has ever had still alive in a cage? Don’t get me wrong I love the show and Crowley is a great villain, but the problem is he’s too weak. He’s been trapped and caught by the boys multiple times and almost killed by Cas and has had to flee multiple times. That’s just not a good villain to me. In the episode Lucifer made it clear to Dean “whatever details you alter, we will always end up here,” sure details have been altered but that doesn’t mean this scenario can’t play out. I just see that the only appropriate way to end the series considering that was the overall story line for Sam and Dean in the original story. My opinion is they will revisit this, maybe not in season 9 but for sure in 10. Regardless, this is one of my favorite episodes all time and the acting by Jared and Jensen in that scene is flawless.
    Your possibly right, and like the sound of your theory very much. And welcome to the group Matt its is lovely to see a new face that makes me happy 🙂 I used to see Crowley as a vilan but not so much for many of the reasons you actually mentioned. I think he is useful to the boys, period. He is a troublemaker and has his own agenda which he sticks by through thick and thin. He is running scared at the moment because the boys are threatening his home, his existence. I love Crowley for what he brings. I would miss him if he wasn’t around. 😦 I think there is always a massive possibility that they might re-visit 2014 which is why I cannot get next year for this shows perspective out of my mind. But will they do it justice if they do go back? It would make perfect logical sense to go back just because of what Lucifer said. Anything is possible on Supernatural!! I totally agree it was a flawless episode and the acting will be hard to beat, and Jared as Lucifer is so chilling. That look on his face …..

    Thanks for the comments, and stopping by.
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Thanks so much for the reply! I’ve never posted on any type of blog before that post haha and I do agree with about Crowley I don’t want him gone either and I do believe he is useful to the boys probably more than ever now that he may have a little humanity in him now with almost being cured. Thanks once again for the reply.
      Your most welcome, we are a friendly bunch and we get on like a house on fire!! I try and post a new article every day, so I’m always here. I love Crowley to bits, and would be really upset if the writers choose to do him in. He’s like a magnet, the boys seem drawn to him as though they can never seem to get rid of him. I still think Sam and Crowley will have some connection and am looking forward to seeing this pan out. I cannot wait also to see what Mark does with his new found humanity. How he acts out human emotion etc, can’t wait.

      Thanks for the comments, and stop by again …. We’d love to see you!
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Even Jensen admitted that Jared’s acting as Lucifer was out of the ball park. Jensen’s acting was up there as well. I have commented before on the use of lighting the now Dean and the future Dean and Jensen himself found it a challenging duality. But Jared as Lucifer, every time I see that scene…. it is riveting. I forget it is Jared/Sam. Now that is acting. Since the episode was contingent on Sam/Lucifer walking the Earth and since Sam has Lucifer caged, the future has been changed already. Now, that does not mean that the writers can’t use parts of it, but to undo the finale of season 5, won’t work. Crowley likes the Earth because he can trade for souls so he would not want to have dominion over it. Now Abaddon, there’s a possibility to set up for Croatoan virus. They also tried mass poisoning by the Leviathans in season7 to turn humanity into their food. Best to let it lie and move on in other directions. Not sure another writer (Carver?) could do it justice. I have commented on another entry that Sam’s history and the role of a Nephillim would make more sense.
    I no I’ve heard him say as much too. 🙂 I no there are times when Jared rocks, and I think when he does you do really notice him that much more. We no Jensen is good and I think we’ve come to expect him to be good and anything below par for him we don’t notice as much or as often. When Jared performs well, he does shine and we notice him. Like a little beacon of light flashing shouting notice me I’m acting. I guess its how the actor is when he’s acting that scene at that moment, what his mood is like what his temperament is like …Its also wonderful to actually read from people that Jared is doing a wonderful job, as of late the forum towards him has been so negative. I’ve been wondering this too if writers can use part of it? That’s what I did wonder in my essay that may be other writers are not up to it, probably best to leave well alone 😦 I would just loved to have seen, if Dean survived and was anything like his future self ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I actually hate this episode. Not because its a bad episode. Its not. Its very good but I hate it. That future is so awful and tragic that I just cant watch it. I didn’t like future Cas and future Dean was so cold and hard that he wasn’t even recognizable as Dean. Jared played Lucifer a little too well. I was terrified of him especially since that was our first glimpse of Samifer. His performance is simply chilling and was very difficult for me to watch. I think Ive watched this episode twice and it made me deeply uncomfortable each time, but not be pause it’s bad.
    I think your the first person I’ve come across that hasn’t liked it 😉 I no what you mean though, you like it but there are other reasons why you don’t like it more. I think this was what the writers were trying to portray. They wanted to show us a difference in both characters. Not that I think five years would make a difference in a person, but I can see what they were doing. Now Jensen said he loved himself as future Dean, but again like you to me that’s not Dean. Dean would never let his friends die in that way, ever. Hippy Cas I thought I could imagine, as he was a bit similar when he was Levi Cas. Way out extrovert sort of guy. These characters are total opposites of what we presently had. So hats off to the writers for trying to experiment. :)Jared was mind blowing as Lucifer, and some fans even moan about his performance even now how poor it was, so each to their own. We no talent when we see it …..

    As a general rule though, I don’t like alternate history episodes. They did this on Buffy and Angel a couple of times and I didn’t like them either. Episodes like that are usually pretty painful for me to watch as I don’t like the characters behaving so differently. The one exception is Dark-Willow. Her I liked. But Samifer was just too scary.
    I think I enjoy them, as we get a chance to see what the actor can do with that character. For example we have had so many facets of Jared that I cannot pick which I love the most. I still think tortured Sam was unbelievable and really love watching them again and again. If a character is on the same level it can become boring.

    Thanks for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxxx


  4. I enjoyed that episode a lot. Considering it was such a depressing future there was a lot of humor in it. Loved Chucks-horde toilet paper! Castiel the hippie was funny too! Well they proved that it didn’t have to end that way as Lucifer is safely tucked away in the box.
    My favorite part was the 2 deans together..and I admit I am shallow-I love the thigh holster Dean wears *sigh*

    Me too, its always been a firm favorite of mine, I also had a shock back then thinking had they canceled the show, and this was literally THE END’ boy, oh boy I thought that were strange to call a title like this mid-season. The toilet paper was a classic SPN moment. Hippie Cas is way out of his comfort zone too, and the writers were really experimenting here with all three boys OOC. True, it didn’t have to be the end. But I would so hate either brother to die in the end pardon the pun. I love seeing double Dean too, since we have had him three times in all. I think Jensen said he loved future Dean the best! 😉

    Thanks for the comments, always
    Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


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