Supernatural seasons?

Months go by and on forums newbies often ask what is your favorite season? Its often hard to narrow favorite episodes and seasons down. Particularly seasons 1-5 as it was a complete season arc which was what I always loved about this show in particular, that all the seasons cohesively meshed together. Which I found I didn’t enjoy as much when it came to Sera’s era. I think with Jeremy we may get that much needed cohesive arc structure once again, and I will be happy.

Was season six a favorite of yours?

So my question today folks, is when is a season a good season for you. When do you nail it and say wow, that was golden. What makes a season a superb one, when we take a step back and say yes that was the best in the shows history. Is it a compilation of acting, the writing, direction or something much deeper. What narrows those margins down for you and analyse it with a fine tooth comb, and suggest to others that this season is actually a masterpiece.

Was season for the highlight of the shows history for you?

Experts are experts in their field because we practice and practice hard at their craft to get better. So has this show over the years got better, or has it dwindled for reasons unknown to us? Do we sense that a series can only go on for so long, and eventually the batteries will crash and die. Can a season get any better and sustain it once its reached its pinnacle?  Can a show tire of stories, can they wither and become repetitive to the point of burning out, and running dry? So is ten years too long for a seasonal show to survive and keep up its momentum. Is a fan base enough to keep it from the brink and going under? Or is Supernatural a show not to be messed with and, is up there with the greats?

Were the boys their best during season 1-2

So type away and see if we can suss what makes a season stand out from all the rest, and what makes it so special. What makes a season a seasonal great in your eyes and can it be improved upon, and become even better, or had Supernatural reached its peak?

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  1. There are episodes that are my favorites from 1-3, but I don’t think I was truly impacted until seasons 4-6…I mean 1-3 seemed as if the story of the brothers was continually developing with the tireless hunt in finding their father (and I mean come on! It was inevitable that John would die). It was hunt after hunt and then it became deeper when Sam “died” and Dean grabbed his ticket to hell (I still wasn’t entirely convinced about the plans demons had for Sam until the writers made that decision in S4…so I supposed the whole “getting Sam ready” was for the unleashing of Lucifer or at that moment just opening a gate to Hell?). Then I’m a sucker for an angel/demon story line as cliche as it may seem…so S4 sucked me with my all time favorite episode from that season being “Yellow Fever.”
    Welcome back amdwriter91 It was predictable, even more so if you’d watched several times. I wished that the writers had developed the demon army a bit more. It feels like the writers tend to do this a lot, that they don’t flesh area’s of the myth arc out when they should, its like they short change us a bit. 😦 I would love to have seen a bit more interaction between Sam and Azazel considering how connected they were, and we only saw him visit Sam in his dream, and not in the flesh. I love the angels a lot more than demons has to be said. Demons appear boring to me. But then it wouldn’t be Supernatural without a demon or two. S4 was my first season and found there was so many episodes I adored and could never pick a firm favorite from my favorite season. This is why its always been a favorite and ties with 2 and 5.

    S5 caught on, I think, because of Castiel’s struggles. He was contemplating falling and nearly becoming human. S5 established Castiel as a character and that he was not going to go anywhere. From then on, I was/am entirely obsessed and hooked on the show.
    He always had doubts didn’t he! I adore this show too, I hope this season we begin to go into an arc as I love all the mythology as I am a real myth junkie. Cas is back full time this season too again so we should see him that bit more. I bet the angels will be causing problems left right and center for him. How will Cas get back to heaven. Questions, Questions …..

    Thanks for the comments, good to see you …
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I’m the same way. I don’t really think of the show in terms of seasons. More as individual episodes that I can re-watch again and again and every season has at least 3 of those plus some lesser but very watchable episodes. That said I would say that season five has the most watchable episodes. Season seven, even though I hated it ,has at least 5-6 good repeatable episodes with my all time favorite being Plucky Penny-whistle.
    I think of seasons if there is an overall arc among them. This was why I really didn’t enjoy six and seven. Saying that I felt I enjoyed 7 better than 6. I guess it was the whole domesticated Dean stuff I didn’t enjoy, like Sam and Amelia domesticated Sam once again. This show does have a habit of repeating itself.

    What makes a good season though is cohesion. That’s what I hated about season seven. The episodes were individually good but they still felt like filler. Ideas were introduced and then dropped, never to be heard from again and there didn’t seem to be a theme or arc for the season. Most of the episodes didn’t feel connected to each other.
    I so agree Ikeke. There were too many fillers, and they still add to many fillers for me. Loose ends don’t get me started on those. I think both six and seven were both all over the place they didn’t have a threw story to grip onto, and that’s what I miss. I think that’s why Sera’s didn’t go any where because they didn’t stand up on their own. They felt cold some how, like I thought I was watching a different program. 😦

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. Any season that has a few episodes that I can watch over and over again is a good season and I don’t think there’s any seasons that don’t have at least one episode that I love. I also don’t remember seasons but individual episodes for some reason!
    This was what I felt about seasons 4, 5 and 2 and I could never ever pick a favorite season out of those three. There was something so special from seasons four and five, and still cannot put my finger on why? Perhaps it is all the angel stuff and Dean going to hell. But everyone of season 4 and 5 I could not put down like a good book. The angels to me are so powerful and to me top demons any day of the week. As far as individual episodes go I can only watch about three at a time, and then take a breather. I had watched the first three seasons in a couple of months.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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