Jim Michael’s has tweets for us regarding Season 9!

*If they were going to bring back one long-dead character it would be Gabriel

*Jody is alive. Linda is less likely

*No plans to bring the amulet back, but they still have the prop but no what it means to the fans.

*We never talked about bringing Adam back

*Jensen won’t direct this season probably because of his new baby. 

*Due to the fan response Charlie won’t be killed off “Charlie is off Limits”

*Also Gen is pregnant with baby number 2

Photo: via @jarpad </p>
<p>@sandiegozoo Staci, Jenny and everybody who made our zoo trip so special, THANK YOU. We had a great time!

*Death is also making a return trip

Am I surprised or disappointed, have your say and type away angels ……….


2 thoughts on “Jim Michael’s has tweets for us regarding Season 9!

  1. Congrats to Jared and Gen! I’m sad Jensen won’t be directing this season but I can understand it because of the new baby.

    Felicia is off limits? Sorry I really don’t believe anyone is totally off limits on this show lol


  2. I actually like Gabriel, so I’ve no problem if they bring him back. When he was present the show was not boring.
    I didn’t to start with, but he grew on me as do many support cast members. He was as bad as Bela for getting one over on the boys. I think I miss Balti that bit more.

    I really like Jodi too. I hope they can make promise on the beginning of that relationship she started with Sam. Who is Linda?
    Linda is Kevin’s mum Linda Tran. So it sounds more and more likely that Crowley did top her after all 😦 Pleased Jody is still around. Hope she connects with Sam again!!

    With all the angels kicked out of heaven I was hoping the amulet would play a part in the story line but..oh well.
    You, me and thousands of others. I no so many girls will be so disappointed….. 😦 Sam could use it as a bonding moment it would really show fans he means what he says.

    Don’t care whether or not Adam comes back. He was never a factor in my enjoyment of the show and still isn’t.
    Again this has for so long be a pain up my ass. As its lazy writing, and they cannot be bothered to let us in on what really happened to him. I feel for Adam, that he could still be suffering. If he did go to heaven couldn’t they just slip it in some where?

    Certainly they’re not going to gank Charlie anytime soon. Bella I know you’re fenced about her but I like her a lot. Maybe its just because I like Felicia Day so much. What is it about her that’s harshing your buzz as you aren’t the only person to feel that way?
    May be the forum sways my judgement a bit I don’t no. To be honest she is growing on me, in a positive way now. I prefer her much more than I do Garth, and occasionally he warms on me too. The only character that really does annoy men was Becky Rosen, so I hope to god they don’t bring her back 😦

    The return of Death should be interesting but only for one or two episodes. He works better in small doses.
    I love watching Julian, he is soooo gooood. I agree small doses as he appears much more nasty. It would become a joke if it was any more …..

    Well if anyone needs to know what Gen and Jared have been getting up to in their spare time… that answers that question.
    Ha Ha,,,, I don’t no how Jared does find it.

    Comic con news is coming out now, and I think the angels are gunning for Cas, so he’s watching his back. Mark and Misha are a hoot together. They have shown a clip of season 9 but not seen it yet! Sam still has Crowley and demands where are all the demons!!!! There are now five in the bunker.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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