Dean keeps a secret from Sam about how he heals.

Our heroes …… 

I am f’in thrilled that I am going to do something that I thought Jeremy and Bob were going to bring up on the panel, and they didn’t. So I can’t talk about it. Um, but the way Sam heals (chose my words carefully) the way Sam heals involves a big secret between Sam and Dean that Sam is not aware, of that Dean keeps from him. But we will see Sam change and or changes regularly. That I can’t wait for, and I think the fans are going to love it, if they don’t then Its because I’m doing a bad job. Not because its not cool, its making me more into a season more than I’ve ever been. Ever! So its cool, really cool.  Its a wet dream, and not just because I sweat…

Jensen also mentions the SECRET!


They both looked relaxed and happy!!

So this is our biggest Comic con reveal, once again we have the issue of keeping secrets, what’s new around here. I think I was right in my assumption much earlier on the blog that characters appear to be coming human. I am not sure how Dean is connected to Sam healing, but I did wonder if Dean had some inner power of healing that he’s only just known about. Why or how did Dean quire this secret is more to the point. Why is Dean not learning that keeping secrets is not the way to go. So last summer we heard the news that Sam is being the mature one, and wants out of the hunting life, and didn’t look for Dean. Is this exciting news up there, I think it is, and it sounds like a nicer tone to last years disappointing chain of events. Which carefully set us up for the finale.  So in the end wasn’t as bad as we had feared it might.

As we thought the angels will cause havoc on earth, some may be nice to Cas and other not so. Cas will also no what its like to eat and pass food humanely. I believe Cas is doing the S** scene this season. Misha is also directing episode 17. 

Any thoughts on:

The way Sam heals involves a big secret between Sam and Dean that Sam is not aware, of that Dean keeps from him. But we will see Sam change and or changes regularly. That I can’t wait for, and I think the fans are going to love it,

Type away angels, as I am dying to know what your all thinking. So is Sam really healing this time. Is he being purified or is something much more sinister going down. What does Dean already no, and when did he find out? Put your detective heads on and think about the road ahead and what Jeremy and Bob might have planned for us. I still haven’t viewed all the comic con panel yet, and will report on any findings.

For those that are not aware Kate Middleton and Prince William had a baby Boy at 4.12 weighing 811b 6 ounces this afternoon, mother and baby doing well. Its manic in London!


8 thoughts on “Dean keeps a secret from Sam about how he heals.

  1. Hi again! Thanks for the warm welcome =) I’ve had another thought and it’s horrible! I still think Sam could be transforming in some way but I think that’s only part of the secret. My theory involves something you’re probably already aware of but if you don’t like spoilers you should stop reading NOW! Ok in the first episode Bobby’s coming back and I don’t think it’s a coincidence Sam heals in the same ep. They said he’s coming back in a way we won’t expect. You know how angels and demons use souls as energy and Henry used his soul to time jump? My really horrible theory is Dean uses Bobby’s soul to stop or slow down Sam’s transformation because he can’t bare it. Jared said Sam will undergo changes so it’s probably not permanent but what if it help’s make the transition easier? I was wondering what could be so bad Dean couldn’t tell Sam and if that’s what happens that would be a good reason not to tell. I know it’s likely Bobby only comes back to tell Dean how to fix Sam but it’s worth a thought. What do you think?
    Actually that’s not a bad idea. We know that Bobby is coming back, but not in the way we would expect him to show up according to spoilers. But would our writers be this creative, as I have often thought of idea’s and they’ve not gone there. But I do love the sounds of Dean doing this and being brave in attempting it. What would the risks be to either brother, would it be dangerous? But is Bobby likely to come back as a ghost again as this is the only way I could see him come back. But it was said he would appear like a memory so the memory might be in Dean’s head thinking of ways to heal Sam, so yes this could work.

    Thanks for the comments, good to see you back …. 🙂
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I’ve had a thought and it’s kinda complicated so please bare with me. Ok they’ve established that eligibility to become an angel’s vessel runs in families, right? What if that’s because they’re related to angels? What if in the beginning when the angels came down and got it on with human women and made Nehphilim (as is written in the bible) what if their decedents became the angels’ vessels? What if the Winchester family (who obviously are potential vessels) are descended from a Nehphilim but the extra strength the angel’s blood gave them has watered down so much over time, through the generations, that it’s negligible and they don’t count as Nehphilim anymore? I know at the end of season 8 that girl was the only Nehphilim on Earth but genetically if your 99.99999 recurring human and 0.000000 recurring with a 1 way down on the end somewhere angel you’d be considered human right? Also in the bible Nehphilim were considered evil because they were teachers. They gave people knowledge about mechanics and smelting and things and then people used those things in bad ways and the Nehphilim were held responsible for it. This could be a tie in with the men of letters. Guys who horde knowledge. It said that the MOL’s been around for a thousand years right? And that the Winchesters have been a part of it for generations. The producers did say we’re going to find out more about the Winchester side of the family and the MOL next season. And the thing I was curious about in the finale was why could the bunker sense the angels falling? It went nuts. It doesn’t seem to sense when other bad stuff happens. Ok so how does this tie in with Sam healing? What if doing the trials has caused angel blood to activate in him? I don’t think he’s becoming a full angel, especially after they just clipped Cas’s wings because he was too powerful (I’m convinced that’s why they did it o-O) But maybe he’s becoming a full Nehphilim? Or at least gaining some Nehphilim powers? Maybe Sam’s a throw back to stronger ancestors and that’s why he had psychic abilities. The bible does say Nehphilim are exceptionally tall :P. There’s a lot of reasons why I’m very likely wrong though. Firstly, they said the secret heavily involves Sam but if it’s about their ancestry then it involves Dean too. Secondly, If he’s already transforming Dean wouldn’t actually need to do anything to start it and if the transformation’s killing Sam then Dean would need to stop it and Sam wouldn’t be undergoing any changes. Also, why couldn’t Dean tell him that and why would Sam be so angry when he found out? This leads me to believe that it’s actually something Dean physically does to him to save him that is the secret not anything about their family history. All I can say is that it must be absolutely massive. Come October my theory will most likely be blown away but I like it away. Thank you if you made it this far, you’re awesome =)
    Meem, firstly a big warm welcome into the group. We are small and friendly and love different points of view. It I think did cross my mind about the Nehphilim. That the boys are vessels to begin with. Which has always lead me to believe more, and think big. Many seem off the idea of Sam gaining any higher power or status, which I would by the way love. I have for so long thought that the boys are both supernatural in some way. Why would one have power and the other not? Its just the way my imagination works. The extended angel Winchester connection is ever changing and when Singer said powers maybe this fueled my thoughts even more. I find it hard to believe the light in his arm didn’t just happen because it was part of the trial. The trial did refuse Dean, and allowed Sam to do it. Which was tough on Dean to start with. So I would still like to no how he’s found out about this. I don’t no if he will die as he didn’t finish the trial, so he’s not fully transforming into what ever he does turn into. May be the energy has given him angel power but not a fully fledged angel. Dean’s struggle throughout his life is to protect Sam, and from what John told him, if he can’t save Sam, then he must do the right thing and kill him. So I am between worlds at the moment. I can think purified, and I can think angel. Its driving me nuts not knowing. I feel strongly there is some angel connection within both brothers not just one. So how they progress is at present beyond any of us.

    Thanks for the comments, it would be lovely to see you again 🙂
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


  3. I know we’ve been down that particular road before but you guys have forgotten that this is Carver we’re talking about. He has a knack for taking an old trope and turning it sideways just like he did last season. You guys are automatically jumping to the conclusion and (and wigging out about it) that the secret is bad or a bad thing. Sometimes they just are what they are and not good or bad.
    Yes very true. Its the old teasing head going on again. They have to say something for the sake of it. I have faith in Carver but just hope there’s not too much angst again this year. I just want the boys to bond again for a bit, and get rid of those ghosts.

    Hey Bella any chance your thing about Sam becoming an angel might be true? I cant see that happening but hey it’s Supernatural and while I don’t think they should go down that route I know it won’t be boring if they do. I don’t see that happening but excitement is going to ensue.
    This is what I have always been yearning for, deep down. It might just go my way for once. I no many are not keen on the idea, but with that whole business of the angels falling and now Dean healing Sam, it makes perfect sense that both boys might be supernatural after all. I just wondered how Dean got to no before Sam… This was what I was so curious about. Especially too when Metatron said to Sam your resonating that I still feel is a huge massive clue, as he knew what was happening to Sam. So could Sam and Metatron be linked, and could Sam kick Metatron out of heaven? I really have been thinking a lot about season 9, and with this business of Sam changing and on a molecular level what is he turning into? Its got to be something supernatural. Its the whole thing about the boys being angel vessels that’s got me on this exciting road!! But if Dean heals Sam how is this change going to continue on happening?

    Thanks for the comments, and I’m still anxious and excited now!
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


    1. Well I did go view the videos and Jensen said that he and Sam are pretty much going to be on the same page this season. So there may not be as much angst as they’re leading us to believe but then we’re just talking about the first three episodes.
      I so hope your right. I hope the first half of this season is far better than the first half of the last one. With Benny coming back too both him and Sam are now okay with each other, so that tension will not be there. So I am still concerned what Dean is keeping from Sam?

      Its an intriguing idea that really hadn’t occurred to me. If Sam is resonating with the source of the word and Metatron is the source of the word and now he’s God (or as good as) this is a pretty big thing for Sam. I don’t know if angel is his future but its very interesting. And hey they basically just told us that Sam is not going to be sick all season. They’re still playing something is wrong with Sammy but it sounds like a good something.
      I don’t think its an angel so much now either. But Metatron was so convinced about what Sam was hearing, and what change he was going through. Then Jared mentions he’s changing and changing all the time. It did make me wonder if it was on par with Metatron. But there is only one of him. I am really pleased for Sam that he will not be so sick all season, as it just gives fuel to the fire, and he’s been through enough, poor sod. I hope its a good something too, as I am so tired of the forum talking about what’s wrong with Sam, and its Sam’s show, not the Sam and Dean show!

      . I still hope though that Dean gets to play a larger part in the mythology this season. I’m still holding out hope that it will be Dean who completes the angel trials if those ever happen.
      Me to Ikeke, I think most of us deep down are hankering for this. Its about time he had something meaty to play. That’s why I thought purgatory was so Dean, and what did we get a few rotten flashbacks. 😦 I so wanted this too for Dean to participate and be part of the trial. Its about both brothers not just the one ….

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxxxx


    2. What is the subatomic molecular change and is it reversible” It may be a good thing although Supernatural stuff is never good for Sam. Every Nephilim has its healer. What entered Sam each time he completed a trial? No sexual act is required to create one, and Sam has he really been purified or is it in his desire wish list box? Every Nehphilim has its healer. Dh/ What does Dean do for Sam? Both protect mankind. A nephilim’s mother dies when the baby is 6 months old. Sound like anyone? Also Dean has been”touched by an angel” theory but not the physically as some shippers would love. I just can’t see the CW going with that thread. Has Sam been imbued with the host of Heaven as the “lever of God”? More questions than answers but it is a way to get thru to October. And another baby watch starts for gen and jared and Thomas. Yes, secrets is a on going theme. Tension btwn S and D leads to such emotional places, and of course Carver never gives the whole truth. There are omens here, first we had a week of hellish heat and now it is raining 3 inches an hour here in Massachusetts. Reruns are not sufficient, but clips from SDCC keep me going. That gag reel -LMFAO,

      Has Sam been imbued with the host of Heaven as the “lever of God”? More questions than answers but it is a way to get thru to October.
      This sounds interesting, any more knowledge on this Debbab or just a shot in the dark?

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxxxx


      1. OMG! Never knew that about Nephilim’s mothers! What a good theory! Since Dean has cared for and protected Sam since he was a baby, it would be totally cool if Dean was Sam’s healer. Love it!
        I love this theory too. It would make sense ….

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. OK, I just did some research about Nephilim after reading your post. I found that two books excluded from the King James Bible have more references to this race. One of the Nephilim was named Azazel! So if from the very beginning of the show, what was fed to Sam reignited his angelic/demonic powers, then the writers could be bringing us back to where it all started and why! I am giddy now with the possibilities! Come on October!
          WOW! Good work ….. Its coming full circle by the look of it, that’s if they go this way 😉

          Thanks for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee another secret! Haven’t they learned when they keep secrets from each other it NEVER EVER ends well?
    This was the first thing I thought too barb. I said as much. Angst and tension once more!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx 🙂


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