Ruby remembering she was once human?

After my summer re-visit going over old haunts. I remember this little gem in the episode Maelleus Maleficarum, Season 3. In which a women’s book club is really a cover for a murderous coven …. and Ruby has suspiciously accurate knowledge about how witches kill.

supernatural malleus maleficarum season 3 ..........

What was Ruby really up to?
What war did she want Sam to be ready for?

This got me really thinking about her speech at the end in many ways I look on those last minutes and they do resemble a lot of this coming season. Now Ruby wanted to get Sam ready for War, but what WAR? it wasn’t anything to do with Azazel as that had been dead and buried along with him. So what was she so high and mighty about getting Sam ready for being in a world without his brother …..

supernatural season 3 malleus maleficarum

I’m gonna fight this war?
What war ……

There was also a brief moment that connected me to Sam as he is now. Where Ruby talks down to Dean telling him how eventually after many years hell takes away your humanity and what you are left with is a demon. Now I remember on the forum how many said that Rubies speech didn’t feel genuine and above board. Like she was using those words to trick the boys into siding with her. But nevertheless, if this is to be believed she still gave me the chills, and goosebumps. She was like Sam in the fact that she didn’t fit in, and she felt she didn’t belong. But why was she so gun hoe about this war and getting Sam ready?

The more I think about what Sam could be turning into feels a lot like a demon as Ruby does state all demons were once human. Sam also knows what its like not to fit it, so were both of these characters similar? Now Sam already does have demon blood within him, so is this process just pushing the process along just a little bit. I no that if he does turn into a demon there is no turning back. But I’m thinking about this logically, by canon what has passed before us. “Could there be something in this!” Bella asks?

I also noticed in this little clip that Dean mentions the devil may care, and Ruby replies I don’t believe in the devil. Hence the episode title for episode 2 “The Devil may care!” But why did Ruby also want to resurrect Lucifer if she didn’t believe in the devil, she appeared to be his number one fan?

This also thinking deep, brought me back to Cas becoming human this season. Once Cas eventually gets his powers back, will he feel the same as Ruby, will he remember what is was like to be human once? Will he have that valuable insight into what it feels like to be human from an angels perspective? Will he go back and hound Metatron and spill those stories as he asked him too? Will Cas learn anything from being human? and report back to God in what he found? Will it be a huge deal for him also. We get to see him eat, will he love pie and burgers just like Dean? Or will he be a salad junky just like Sam? Or are we really bothered about visiting human Cas. I hope he’s not on this band wagon half, or a whole season please no …!

How cruel was Metatron.
How will Cas get his power back?

So how did you feel about Rubies speech to Dean, do you think she was genuine, or was she manipulating Dean into getting her beloved Sam to toe the line. Was there more to Ruby than any of us really understood. Was she a feisty female who knew how to handle humans for her own gain? Was she a lot like Crowley in some ways? Why were the boys so trusting of Ruby? Sam didn’t want Dean to kill her straight away, so was he wise in thinking they could use Ruby for their own gain too. Β Type away little ones and fill in those missing gaps …….Β 


4 thoughts on “Ruby remembering she was once human?

  1. Resonating does not mean changing. Resonating is just a state of being. It means Sam is vibrating in tune with the word of God.He and Metatron are on the same frequency or wavelength of energy since Angels are basically beings made of energy filling up a human vessel, and this could go on indefinitely or get stronger or just fade away. Although ‘d still like to know what was that red glow whenever he said the words of the spells during the trials.
    Barb just explained this too, my mistake. The way Metatron said it, I felt it was a real clue. Like he new what was going on with Sam? But if he’s vibrating in tune with God is this what Jared was meaning by Sam is changing and changing all the time? I did ask a friend snow about the glow in his arm and sensed from her that it didn’t signify much. But I think why show all this if there is no real meaning?

    Sam isn’t changing into a demon, I don’t think. I think that part of his life is over and we can look forward to a purified, fully human Sam Winchester. I think it will be the first time we meet the real Sam, the person he could have been without the influence of demon blood in his system and I find that intriguing.
    No I understand about the demon route now. Its over finito. If Sam does end up human he will be elated and will give him the chance to focus on normality and what it really means to feel human. So I was right in this blog the theme for next season could be about humanity knowing what its like to feel human, Sam, Cas and Crowley πŸ™‚ It will be interesting to see how each actor portrays it.

    I think Crowley has been in touch with Sam’s humanity, not his own, although certainly this should remind him of the being he once was. One could argue that Crowley is resonating with Sam. I think it was most likely Sam’s thoughts and feelings he was speaking during the trial.
    I think your spot on Ikeke πŸ˜‰ I think Sam possibly has the least change of the three to feel. As he is already partly human, and was born a human. Crowley also was human once too, but he’s far from normal. πŸ˜‰ We’ve seen Cas semi human so we have an idea of what’s coming.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


  2. “Yeap, but doesn’t resonating mean changing into SOMETHING?”
    No here is a definition-“Resonate-To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief:”

    Ah, right so I was wrong thinking this, whoops … So was he feeling what emotions were inside Metatron? Because he seemed to feel it else where too if I recall?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


  3. “The Devil may care”

    I think that refers to Crowley maybe having some human feelings
    I’m pretty sure of this too barb πŸ˜‰ I just noticed Ruby mentioning the same words to Dean.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


  4. This response contains my own projections of things to come with a dash of teasers from interviews. Ruby manipulated Sam into abandoning Dean, drinking blood, and ganking Lilith in order to break the last seal so Lucifer could rise. At times she was presented as actually trying to help but that was the writers doing their mind sweep on the viewer and keeping us off balance until Sam bought in and went off without Dean. In the end, Sam holds Ruby so Dean can kill her, even though the damage has been done. So if she says she does not believe in the devil, she is lying and we just did not know it-but Dean did. Gen C, acted with just enough vulnerability for us to buy into Ruby and once again get why Sam turned to her in his aloneness. Yes, it weighs on Sam as revealed by the season 8 finale.
    Yes Debbab I did pick this up that she was screwing with Sam’s mind and luring him away from his brother and got what Ruby was essentially trying to do. But was the war part of her motions to get him on side as there was no war. Was she soft soaping him as she and Sam new Dean was going to hell? Was Sam thinking that he was the only one left to fight the battle on his own once his brother had gone to hell. I don’t get the war part? Yes Ruby was lying now we have that information to hand, as we no generally demons lye any way.

    Her speech about losing one’s humanity reverts back to the origin of a demons-once human- and obviously this theme has been resurrected with Crowley’s “cure” which once again the writers have gone back and pulled up this thread. It was used in Skin with Dean. Meg reminds us in”Goodbye Stranger” that she too was once human and obviously still remembers sexual attraction to her unicorn.
    So fans cannot just say its Jeremy’s baby that he’s suddenly bought it up just cause he’s working on Being Human πŸ˜‰ Its canon!! I love how they do go back, I no writers should do this if they are good writers, but its still lovely to see. Pity they didn’t this with Taxi Driver ha! πŸ˜‰ I thought Meg played that beautifully, I do miss Meg …. 😦

    As for Cas, he will be human and need to learn everything even eating and bathroom etiquette to sex. The hints of his ineptness that we have seen before will be elaborated on by the writers. Crowley: Since the trial was not complete Crowley is still a demon, but has reconnected with his humanity, although he will deny it. Sam, who lost his soul and then regained it can empathize and will continue to push Crowley to feel. My favorite word “symmetry” of Sam and Crowley. The writers have picked this one up again. Sam, I fear is so weak he needs a wheelchair and I fear that Dean has dipped into so supernatural mojo to help cure Sam- symmetry again? perhaps with unforeseen consequences such as Sam turns into a werewolf(ha!).
    I hope they do this justice (J2 baby name) I really want Crowley to work his magic in sensing his humanity, and may be go into some way revealing his redemption arc. The things that he has done will lead to an amazing back story I’m sure. We may even learn a bit more about Fergus πŸ˜‰ They could be really creative with this as there is so much meat to work on. Crowley touched Sam I think in a way even he didn’t think was possible, and moved most of us in the bargain. I am itching to find out how or what or who heals Sam. A wheelchair is one way of putting his sickness as I cannot imagine him walking or even standing at this point in time. I love this word and I hope to god Dean has not done anything stupid as that won’t please Sammy either πŸ˜‰ Werewolf is a thought I hadn’t questioned or are you being sarky? πŸ˜‰ I am still contemplating a prophet or along the lines of a god or something. But as Jared said fans will like it, you no I’m not so sure about that as once again it will be about Sam and not involve Dean 😦

    What are his subatomic changes?Is he Supernatural or merely human with a profound resonating connection? Okay, okay my own writer’s imagination is going places because of comments made at Comic-Con, but I have no inside scoop, All I am saying is that the writers are dipping into previous themes and devoted viewers pick up on the echos. Edlund is so spot on when he has Metatron talk about writers creating their own universes. So bravo to those writers, show runner, and producers who pick up threads. The devil may care, but he cannot admit it, Crowley is King of Hell and a demon, but Lucifer was an angel. It’s a corporate thing. So, Crowley, Sam, and Cas have all lost some ability. And Dean? Did he speak the truth to Sam or was he bullshitting a bit to save Sam. We love Dean, but is it his turn to keep secretes? Just sayin…..Season 9 here we come…Kick it in the ass!
    Yeap, but doesn’t resonating mean changing into SOMETHING? whether supernatural we ain’t got a clue yet. Comic-con has got me thinking out loud too. Jared did actually say that the writers are going back to the past and seeing what works and what doesn’t and he said from the horses mouth that the BROTHERS work, so the writers will be writing more about the BROTHERS whippppeeeeee!! Good I hope. Dean wouldn’t keep something horrible back would he? I don’t think he has before. We no they keep secrets but usually its to protect the other from what ever it is. I like the sound of kick it in (UP) the ass!! πŸ˜€ Interesting thoughts to ponder ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


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