Sam and Dean could they be something Supernatural?

This thought has been playing with my mind for a long time. Am I okay with the idea, yes and no! So many thoughts lead me to believe that these boys are more than human beings? Shortly after or around ‘Free to be you and me’ season 5 we were informed that the boys were to be vessels almost, instantly I thought a type of dual would endure eventually. And that both brothers would be pitted against each other, until it ended in one, or either of their deaths. This almost happened in Swan Song with a twist bringing in their half brother Adam. If the show had ended with Sam and Dean going into the pit, how would fans have really felt if the boys had both ended up in the cage? Tossing around in there battling it out night and day as the arch angels hosts. I would have really loathed this at the time, and still partly do.

One brother was bad enough,
but both of them ………..

But what is really swaying me, if back then I wasn’t over keen on the idea of a dual being forthcoming. The vessel thought is the key to this, that I think why would the boys BOTH be vessels for a higher purpose? Why had God picked Sam and Dean and ordered Mary and John to be together come what may. Because God knew ‘it was meant to be’. The boys to me are special, purely because they are true vessels to Michael and Lucifer. Hosting an arch angel must be an honorable cause, and for Sam and Dean to have been chosen all those years ago, just adds mystic and drama for me. My imagination is easily lead astray by the story telling, and Sam already having powers, which always interested me from day 1. So being vessels does it go much deeper than this, that if the boys had said yes, would they have eventually become Michael and Lucifer with time, would they have morphed into angels at some point any way?

Could this really happen in the future
and would we want it too?

As time has gone by, the boys are getting older and changing as they mature. We sense they are not as humorous as they once were, and have grown up a fair deal. Can we sense this destiny for both brothers, that they are actually ‘Sons of God’ if you like to see it this way. Many would be so put off this idea, but putting it out there could be interesting to discuss those thoughts. I could also never imagine just one brother having supernatural powers, if they were both vessels. This show is also heaped with religion, so would I be surprised if it went this way?

A poster here raised this point also: (hope they don’t mind me borrowing this as I thought it was interesting)

Just throwing this idea out there: does anyone else think that Sam’s destiny is that he is and always has been a supernatural being? He, like Dean, is of the bloodlines to be an angel vessel but that ability was corrupted by demon blood. He’s done these trials which supposedly purified him but then stopped before the end, so whatever power was suffusing his body is still in it.Maybe Sam was never meant to be human at all. Just thinking about things related to Sam’s character arc. (Also wouldn’t it be very intriguing and ironic if it was Sam who’s supposed to be King of Hell? I just like the idea of it I guess.)

So type away some thoughts, and see if it could be a possibility the brothers could be something else? Would it shock, or surprise you if the show went down this road? Why would it? If you like the idea, explain away too. Are these two brothers more than meets the eye!!! Were they in fact born for a much higher purpose in life?


4 thoughts on “Sam and Dean could they be something Supernatural?

  1. Thanks for the welcome! I am glad to find a community devoted to Supernatural because I am driving my daughter crazy with my obsession for this show! LOL! I am new to the show; I discovered it on Netflix last summer and have been hooked ever since. Season 8 is the first one I have watched while still on network.
    Your welcome! I thought I was late in joining the show when I began to watch during season 4, which is still my favorite season, so many great episodes. We don’t have Netflix in the UK well I don’t think we do, so its new to me. Many have knocked season 8, but I still believe it stayed true to the characters whilst at the same time maturing the boys into fully fledged men. There certainly was a lot more angst than we were used to which made a lot of angry fans. 😦 I’ve never seen myself as a community before so thank you for the thumbs up!

    Dean and Sam are vessels to the original Archangels because of their bloodline. That was explained during season 5 when Micheal possessed John Winchester. Castiel also explained that angelic vessels are created via bloodlines. That’s why Castiel was able to possess Jimmy’s daughter. Since John Winchester and his father (Men of Letters member) did not appear to have supernatural powers, the fact that they carry the bloodline as angelic vessels did not give them power. Sam is the exception. He is an angelic vessel (since Lucifer is an arch angel) and he also possesses supernatural powers. If Azazel’s blood is the source of the power, instead of the amplifier, then he would be like Dean: just a vessel. Since Micheal is the oldest angel, Dean would be his vessel and Sam would be the little brother’s vessel or Lucifer’s since this goes back to Cain and Able.
    The bloodline does hold the key doesn’t it. The angels were exact when they wanted John and Mary to be lovers. Sam’s power was the one thing besides the relationship that drew me into the show, wondering why one brother had power and the other didn’t since they were both vessels which I didn’t no when I first tuned in of course 😉 I just wondered why they used Azazel’s blood and not that of an arch-angel since they are angel vessels, that is a bit confusing. As Azazel is a demon through and through.

    Based on the shows, vessels do not possess any special powers. Nick, the first vessel possessed by Lucifer, was just a regular guy. He was not Lucifer’s true vessel but he was a vessel. Sam was probably his true vessel because of the Winchester bloodline, his birth order and the supernatural capability which is the dark nature of Sam. Dean does not possess this nature. Lucifer told Sam that he (Sam) knew that he did not belong with his family, “they were foster care at best, that’s why you kept running away”. However since Sam ultimately chose saving the world and defeating Satan, his story arc during season 5 closely resembles the sacrifice of Christ. The writers brought a very similar story arc with the trials during season 8 with Sam again willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of humanity and closing the gates of hell. Dean chose to save Sam instead of the greater good. Dean has always dissuaded Sam from embracing and using his supernatural abilities. Another reason why I do not believe that Dean has any supernatural abilities.
    So these theories can still be believed in then, we’re not completely loopy 😉 But then why are they both vessels with just one brother having the supernatural power, I find this hard to get my little head around …. I get the connection with Sam and Christ but not involving the other brother. I also get the scenario of the 1st season when the writers said 1 brother 1 destiny, but why in this case was Dean used as Michael’s vessel when Micheal didn’t really play a part in the mythology. Why would the angels go to all this trouble in forcing Mary and John together for the sake of the blood lineage. I so wanted to believe that Dean was special too.

    As you can see, I love, love, love this show. I have never been so intrigued with any characters before. Hopefully I will not drive you crazy with my obsession!
    Your like me, its like I’ve been glued to their hips. 😀 Never!! Love to talk with like-minded folk ……….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. About the Christ comparisons with Sam: Jesus was destined to be born threw The House of David. I think the SPN writers are using the Bible as source material and that Sam is chosen as the carrier of special abilities. Jesus, as the son of God, of course had powers. Sam was born of two human parents but touched with supernatural powers. That’s why Sam’s story is always how he deals with his powers, the choices he makes because of his powers, and how his choices impact mankind. Christ always chose to follow God’s command; what would have happened if Christ had chosen the temptations? Is Sam’s story the what if?
      Umm, I always got the writers were using the bible as source material, but fans have questioned which bible the new or old testament? Does the bible mention a human with special abilities I didn’t no this 😉 If situations were reversed would Sam have been a very different person? I love how the writers have stayed true and developed their past history. Choices is the shows real theme and how they seem to over come a choice when it goes wrong. But I hope the writers move Sam along and show us that he can make the write choices too in life. I would like to see him redeem himself over the coming season, and show the audience he is improving.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Yes, I believe that Sam is a supernatural and now a celestial being. I have wondered why Azazel did not choose Dean. There must be a reason why Sam was chosen to receive the demon blood since both brothers have the same lineage. In season 4, Castiel told Dean that certain people, “special people” could hear his true voice without causing pain and destruction. He thought Dean would be able to discern his true voice but of course Dean could only communicate with Castiel threw a human vessel. That reason leads me to believe that Dean is human without any supernatural capabilities. From season 1, Sam has always been empowered supernaturally. We have been lead to believe that it is because of the demon blood. However, the demon blood could have amplified what was already there. Remember in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1, we were introduced to more “special children” that had abilities very different from Sam’s. Azazel chose specific children for their capabilities. The writers did not imply that all the mothers of these kids made a deal with a demon, so why were these kids selected? could it be that Mary’s deal is coincidental to Sam’s plight instead of the direct cause? There are a lot of places the writers can take this story. The way Jared/Sam looked by the end of Season 8, he looks as if he could be crucified. I do not think the writers are going to make Sam an earthly version of Christ, but his appearance leads me to believe that Sam is headed in a very different direction.
    Firstly Supernatural forever, so good to see a new member always. We are a small friendly group and really get on well, so don’t be shy, do come back! I don’t think he is an angel now as he didn’t complete the trials so therefore the journey on which he took had failed. It was incomplete. I did wonder this myself about all the physic kids but then thought Azazel needed an army and Sam was to be the leader of that army. So I could see why he tested out a number of children for different abilities. But I did wonder how demon blood could render out different abilities from the same demon, how he actually did this, that one would be strong, the other could conjure up a demon to kill, and another could kill by touch and so on. The physic kids did really fascinate me, and loved that whole back story. Even though Sam died at the end of it all. Its interesting also as you say the deals their piers must have made in order for their children to be picked in having the power in the first place. I also like your theory about why Dean is not Supernatural. But then why would he have been picked as Michael’s true vessel?

    Thanks for the comments, very intersting thoughts, and do come back ….
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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