Why did Sam choose Ruby over Dean?

Okay, we have seen the finale, and looked into Sam a lot more, knowing how he feels about the choices he made in his life. So when we really analize what bugs Dean about the choices that Sam made, I think going with Ruby and siding with a demon over him was probably Dean’s worst possible nightmare come true! I no why it happened as the story has been told.  A thread on IMDb once again sparked my imagination, and really thought about this whole scenario. Why did Sam actually make this choice above his brother, and go with a demon? Did Sam make the right choice at the right time?

Why did Sam really decide to walk off with a demon,
If there was no romantic attraction?

Considering Sam has the brains it did surprise me why he did actually so easily walk away from his brother. I had over the years thought had Dean smothered Sam and Sam needed a break. He felt trapped! But we also no it was deeper than this, that he thought Ruby could help him succeed in killing Lilith. But again was there much more to this story. What did push Sam to walk away from Dean, and punch his brothers lights out? Can we read into this why he did walk …..

Sam didn’t know the end result of killing Lilith but he still went along with the plan and Ruby time and time again, Why? what was the real reason behind him going with Ruby if he didn’t know the full extend of the end game? Why did Sam not think that Dean could help him in killing Lilith like they’d always done. Story telling is the key yes, but what broke the relationship this time that Sam made that choice and walked away from what he knew, when he really hated the idea of being in a car with Ruby and not his own brother. Had Sam planned to go back to Dean after the job was done?

Season 4 Sam and Lilith
Why was Lilith afraid of Sam?

Anger has always played a huge part in Sam’s life. This we no! Wrong choices have always been Sam’s butt bearer, this we no! Was Sam using Ruby for his own gain too, but was that aim in just killing Lilith to get Lilith out of the picture? There was no romance or closer connection between Sam and Ruby to start with, so why had Sam made this bad, poor error in judgement to walk away from his brother for what he thought was the greater good? This judgement really hit Dean hard too, knowing how bad at the time that betrayal was, how did he come off from this fiasco, did we ever really understand his true feelings? 

What was the attraction for Sam,
what made him actually walk away from Dean?

So angels can you make head or tail of why Sam did decide to ditch Dean, and wonder of to pastures new, with a demon of all people? Did he think at the time it was a good call, and the right call? Looking back, what do we think Sam thinks about this wrong choice, when it all comes flooding back and Dean reminds him of the choices he’s made, right or wrong. Love to hear your views ….. 

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  1. I never thought Sam DID pick Ruby over Dean. ALL the information they had was that Lilith was breaking seals right and left and only one remained. No one had given them any other way to take Lilith out than Sam’s powers. The angel, for reasons of their own, never gave them a method to kill Lilith. Dean didn’t have a clue as to what would stop her. In fact, Chuck with his “vision” of Sam sleeping with Lilith actually stopped Sam from killing her without using his powers when he sent Dean to stop Sam. I don’t think Chuck was God, but it was hinted that he was. If that is the case then God himself wanted Sam to break that last seal and to do it in a way that damned him.
    That’s true Percy, I forgot about Chuck! No I still cannot buy into Chuck being god never have. Good point!

    I always think back to Night Shifter, when Sam and Dean are on the floor being searched for weapons and the find the knife that Dean has in his sock. Sam looks at him, because they had said they were unarmed. Dean looks back at Sam and says “I’m not just gonna walk in here naked!”. Dean asking Sam to leave Ruby behind was asking Sam to do what Dean refuses to do, walk into a dangerous situation naked. And Sam didn’t tell Dean to stay behind and be safe because he couldn’t do the job. Ruby never said she couldn’t work with Dean. It was the opposite for Sam. Sam begged Dean to come with him and help him with Lilith. It was Dean who forced the issue by saying the only way he would come was if Sam DIDN’T take Ruby as well. The effects of the demon blood aside, using his powers HAD saved more people than Sam and Dean had in the previous years. It continued to save people when Sam took out Sam Hain instead of letting Sam Hain kill hundreds or Castiel and Uriel kill thousands. Dean didn’t want Sam using his powers when he didn’t know where they came from based on the fact that he felt they were strange and icky and the angels didn’t like it and by implication God didn’t like it. But that argument had women going into tents during their period because they are unclean and is the same one used with gay people by some. God doesn’t like it and I think it’s icky so don’t fall in love with a partner who is the same sex as you.
    I think the angels didn’t like it was because they new Sam’s blood came from a demon which they hated. I can imagine that there would be a number of this sort of stuff that god wouldn’t approve of, which was why I guess Cas had a hard time shaking Sam’s hand when they first met. I think even if Dean new where the powers came from I still don’t think he would be happy in Sam having and using them, that was just Dean.

    The final thing that people forget is that Sam SAW Lilith kill Dean with her Hell Hounds, but Lilith was unable to kill Sam. Picture for a moment two firemen outside a burning building. One has been doing a demonstration and has all the safety equipment to protect him from the fire (Sam). The other has no protective equipment but has been fighting fires for years (Dean) Which one should run into the burning building? I’d vote for Fireman Sam who has protection. Fireman Sam also has a new fangled piece of equipment that has been tested for over a year and has stopped fires completely every single time, but Fireman Dean has never trusted the new stuff because the manufacturer has a bad reputation of making shoddy material. Fireman Sam says, I can help save people and I think you can go in and help me get them out. Fireman Dean says not unless you leave the new fangled equipment. Fireman Sam says if I get to the heart of the fire the new stuff will put it out and save the building. Fireman Dean says I won’t go if you take it AND if you decide to go into the building with it, our friendship is over. Is it really that ridiculous for Fireman Sam to say too bad, people are in danger I’m going in? And to top it off, the new equipment DOES put out the fire, but for the first time ever starts a bigger fire than the first one.
    I’ve heard you say this before about the fireman story and like it 🙂 I guess when the writers were penning this script they had to think of opposites for it to work. One brother did one thing and the other did it another way. As we are aware siblings fall out constantly, and this was one way the writers engineered it.

    I know Dean was hurt by Sam refusing to leave Ruby behind, but Sam wasn’t picking a person over Dean, he was picking using a weapon that had a chance to work over going in with nothing that they thought could work. They had done the face Lilith with only the demon killing knife twice. The first time Dean died and the second time Sam was stopped before he had a chance to know if it would kill Lilith or not. There is a saying don’t bring a gun to a knife fight i.e. don’t bring overkill, but Sam was bringing a gun to a gun fight. Lilith had powers. The angels couldn’t stop her (as far as Sam and Dean knew) and Sam’s demon blood enhanced powers had stopped strong demons before. It was a logical choice. According to all they knew, if Lilith one the world was going to end. If Sam succeeded in saving the world he would have a chance to ask Dean to forgive him, if he failed he was dead and Dean would be. I don’t actually see hurting your brother’s feelings as being a worse sin than not using everything you have to save the world.
    I can see why Sam now saw it this way too, and is believable. There is always logic to a story we just have to search that bit harder to find it. He had ammo up his sleeve if his answer turned out to be a dud one. We no Sam’s heart is always in the right place. So I hope the writers continue to build on this.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Not sure I completely agree but your opinion is logically thought out and I can appreciate that especially considering the sheer amount of hysterical hair-pulling engaged in by so many fans of the show. (Loved your fireman analogy.)


  2. I think because of the demon blood and all the lies Ruby was telling him Sam felt he was smarter and stronger than Dean. As they say pride goethe before the fall.
    Yeap that does come across too, that may be Sam knew Dean was right but still wanted to try it his way first, which didn’t do him any favors !!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. Sam thought he was stopping the end of the world and that Dean had the wrong plan. The deeper he got with Ruby, the more the demon blood pulsed, the less human he became. Remember Dean always keeps him human. So Ruby’s plan included ditching Dean. His resentment as a younger sibling against the older one always”bossing him around” was part of Ruby’s manipulation of Sam. His beating Dean leads to “if you walk out that door, don’t ever come back” from Dean as Dean is using the family loyalty theme. Sam has a different POV about family and as he later admits, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He also attempts to call Dean before he takes the final gallons of blood from the nurse, who Ruby ganks and drains for him to drink, but Ruby messes with the cell phone and replaces Dean’s plea to come back with a nasty screw you message.So Sam is looking for that connection, but when he hears the fake Dean message, he no longer has the ability to have Dean as a compass to humanity.
    I have heard a number of versions of this and never really understood which one to really believe, as fans have their own versions of events, as we all see it so differently 😉
    I got this totally and this was what I thought that the more blood Sam took in the more monster he was becoming, it was only natural for this to happen really when you think about it. That’s why the whole chocking Dean scene fits with me, because Sam really wasn’t in his right frame of mind, because he was tanked up on Rubies blood. So god knows what she was really doing to him and how she was corrupting his mind, and influencing him. I get the bossing around bit too, as that’s why I thought he first left Dean, because he felt smothered ‘bossed about’ and wanted out. That’s always been my yard stick with Sam no matter his wrong choices he’s always made that choice because of good intentions! That’s what I’ve always loved about Sam that even though his choice appears wrong it felt right to him at the time. I hated what Ruby did with the phone, and reminds me of Dean a bit this season what he did to Sam. Very naughty but it did the job that she wanted it to do.

    It also sets up for Sam/Lucifer beating on Dean in Swan Song and with the previous beating taking place, it makes the viewer wonder if Sam can “hear” Dean’s plea for that family bond so Sam can fight Lucifer and drag him into the cage. It is continuance of writing technique. Now, I don’t say Sam is off the hook for choosing Ruby, but the Sam character usually makes the wrong choice for the right intention and then Dean has to clean up.This is just how “they roll”. So in season 8, we have Sam grown up and making his decision about the trials and then Dean using the family theme to stop Sam. Consequences to follow. Of course, the series might have ended if Sam completed the trials or gone off into another Sam needs to be rescued from …. by Dean. The writers did not need to do this scenario this year as renewal came early and the story holds over to season 9(10?). So my POV is that Sam made the Ruby decision for some immature reasons and with good intentions and once on the demon blood addiction, plus the sex, his thinking was impaired. The mean phone call(fake) cemented his plan of action. Yes, he feels guilty even in season 8.-once again he disappointed his brother, his hero.
    Yes, I see this now about setting Dean up for Swan Song … Yeap this is usually Dean’s role cleaning up other peoples mess. Again Debbab your perfect word symmetry the writers really do, do their homework. 🙂 I can by this Debbab thank you! I new deep down Sam was a good guy too and Ruby had manipulated him for her own gain. But particularly since we’ve seen Season 8 finale Sam’s whole life seems to have fallen into place. I don’t think Sam is as bad as ‘some ‘fans seem to think he is ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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