Similarities between the seasons.

Hellatus is always a good solid time to look back through DVD’s. I can begin to see some similarities in our favorite characters. We often moan about writers not staying true to their own canon, and finding that our loved characters are not so out of character when other stories much later on fall into place. I have got used to Sam’s anger for example so much more now, and can relate to him in Season 8, that there is not a great deal of difference. Dean has stayed true and has matured with time and grown in other ways. I miss cocky Dean, who always had an answer for everything and whom was afraid of nothing. He’s a guy that always sticks his neck out, no matter what the situation.

My how young they were, and how innocent …

Sam has always wanted normal, in being rid of demonic blood and wanting to get out and away from the hunt. So season 8 was very real and true in this regard. But I sense that Sam is beginning to realize that he is much more in than out of the hunt than he thought before. Hunting is a huge part of their lives, its what makes them thrive and something to work towards.  I still wonder how they get away with being fake cops for so long, and how Sam’s hair gets by without being noticed as suspicious!! I would love to see how they earn their dosh, since most of it is obtained by illegal means. So one minute they are law abiding policemen and the next they are committing a crime themselves.  Considering fans look up to these guys they are not the best possible role model material. So another factor that remains true to these boys. 

How much had the boys changed since season 1?

If we could see into the future, would the boys ever give up on the hunt. As hunting has always remained true to all of the seasons. Its their bread and butter, and their lively hood. So would they ever retire and pack up for good, or would some monster god forbid beat them too it and finish the job. Could closing the gates of hell be enough in helping them aid that dream, and succeed in a different way. It appears they have given up on this venture as they have accepted each other over closing the gates. So would they may be find another way to achieve it?

So was closing the gates of hell the bee all and end all?

The other thing I did notice the women in the boys lives, how we had domesticated Dean in season 6 and domesticated Sam in season 8. We no that it was Sam’s last dying wish to pack his brother of to Lisa as he thought Dean would be happy. Then season 8 we are astonished to find grumpy Amelia, whom supposedly had something in common with Sammy. So plot devices seemed the natural cause of bringing in these two women, as the boys were out of the game for reasons we all no. So I guess the writers have to end the relationships to bring the brothers back together. So why bring them in, in the first place? We no women don’t really work and they continue to cause bitterness among fans. Its not very often we warm to love interests, so why do they continue to get it so wrong.

How could the writers have got these women so wrong?

So Bella would love to no, what similarities have you noticed that are re-occurring and do you find that the writers have remained really true, and honest to the characters that they write for.  What would you like to have seen or changed that annoyed you? So type away angels and have some fun down memory lane. By the way a new article is up on Supernaturally Devoted, so if anyone is interested do pop along would be appreciated. 


5 thoughts on “Similarities between the seasons.

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  1. I love Dean, Sam and Castiel their sooo cute I love them and I how bobby goes to heaven it was very sad. I thought that he was going to stay, but he didn’t because they burned Bobby’s bones.
    Hi Merrilen welcome to the group. Sorry I’ve not replied sooner, not been well. You are spot on about their looks, I think all four men including Crowley are so good looking. And strikingly handsome. This is going a while back, am I thinking of season 7 here? It was a sad moment. Bobby is a very popular character and missed by many. He’s played a huge part on the show!

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. They keep masquerading as FBI and I keep wondering when they are going to get caught.
    One day they’re going to run into some FBI agents that are not going to believe them (I fantasize.)

    I no, its beginning to get a bit silly now. They play cops but do naughty things behind the scenes too. It also made me wonder Bobby used to cover for them if they were not believed so what cover have they got now Garth? What use is he for god sake …

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. They got busted in Larp and the Real Girl!
      I was going to say this barb and saw your reply to Ikeke but I don’t no if that guy was mucking about cause the boys were mocking him a bit. May be just how I saw it. They were getting him to play along. By the faces they were pulling. 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I was bored to tears by Amelia but I loved Lisa. She always had Deans back and understood that he was a hunter and his job was more important than their relationship and never whined about it.
    Me to,but when Sam said we’re not to be pitied, I was actually beginning to feel sorry for her. I too loved Lisa for this reason barb. I think she has been the only women who has lived up to expectations, and she got Dean and didn’t whinge, until Dean went for Ben when he was a vamp, but could understand why she was mad. It was just Ben that irritated me. I don’t get why Lisa wasn’t liked.

    I think Dean will always be a hunter and now that Sam has the MOL he will also stay a hunter. Maybe farther down the road he will be like Bobby and stay mainly in the bunker but right now I think hes back to being a hunter.
    I hope with this thought though that Sam doesn’t get pushed out that’s my only worry. I felt that when Cas came in. So I hope this doesn’t side-line him. I would so miss seeing him out on the road. But yes his heart in beginning to fit into the Men of Letters and is giving him a purpose in life, something to work towards. I think he gets a lot of pleasure from it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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