How do we think Bobby might come back?

This sparked my imagination on a thread the other day, and a poster here had a good idea also. It has been mentioned that Bobby might come back as a memory, so would this entail a flashback perhaps, as the show is fond of this type of tool. My original theory on IMDb thought that Bobby did actually envelop into Sam’s arm so would this thought work in accommodating in bringing Bobby back? Its also been suggested here that Sam could be transforming in some sort of way, as this looked obvious in the finale. It appears that Sam may heal as soon as the first episode airs, but he may not. So you no how angels and demons use souls as energy and Henry Winchester used his soul to time jump. Here’s the theory that could  Dean use Bobbies soul to stop or slow Sam’s transformation? We no recently that Jared said Sam changes but this might not be permanent. This seems a familiar pattern that Dean does do deals to aid Sam’s safety and result in something supernatural occurring.

Sam took Bobby temporarily into his arm, could this be a way
for Bobby to come back?

I find it hard to think of idea’s lately as what we seem to think of doesn’t often come true. As I think our writers are not this imaginative, or they simply don’t want to go there. Tweaking stories in my own mind is fun, but annoying when we don’t see it visualizing on screen. Does this prove how amazing we are as fans to think up mind blowing theories?

Did Death’s Door do Bobby any real favors?
Did it cheapen the whole episode and Bobbies exit?

I found myself thinking why was Bobby being bought back again, and again! As on threads recently it surprised me that many didn’t want Bobby back, so how do you all really feel deep down about Bobby? Is he a fan favorite as most of us thought he was? It did I still feel it cheated the memory of Death’s door and gave the writers opportune moments to bring him back after the event. I can take or leave Bobby, as John Winchester always stole my heart, as the boys father and found it difficult to enjoy Bobby. But that’s just me, I don’t hate him but at the same time if a death means a death should it stay this way. Does the show often make a mockery of death in general for effect which too has always been a bug bearer of mine. Bobbies death being a prime example. Even to the point of Ellen and Jo how heroically they departed the show, just to be bought back in a dream and as a ghost. So what is dead should really always remain dead, unless a suitable wow plot dramatizes it. 

So technically what is dead, should it remain dead?

So Bella wants to no how do we think Bobby might come back, in what form as its not supposedly in a human format, as we are used to seeing him in. How do you really feel about his character over the years, have you wondered in and out of love like myself for Bobby. Do you think sometimes that the writers kill characters off for the sake of it, allowing them to produce another story further down the line? Should death mean death and not be supernaturally enhanced for the sake of it. So type away angels and relate to us all how Bobby fits into your Supernatural world? 

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  1. I suspect that Bobby’s return will have something to do with Sam helping him get out of hell. Maybe Sam wasn’t completely successful. I don’t know. I’ve ceased trying to understand how Carver thinks.
    Firstly I always say welcome to the group, always lovely to see a new face come on board. I’m not over keen to be honest with Bobby coming back, as it made a joke of Deaths Door. Which was a superb way to exit any show. That’s really annoyed me since. Not that I dislike Bobby, but it appears that any supernatural way they can bring him and only him back is getting silly. So many other great characters could come back. I am enjoying Carver’s writing well, most of it.

    I’m really not thrilled with Dean keeping stuff from Sam … again. It’s become tiresome in my opinion. In character? I guess. In The Mentalists, Dean talked said that lying to Sam felt wrong. It clearly bothered him, and I thought that was an indication of character growth. Nothing good ever comes from them lying to each other and keeping secrets, and I thought they were beginning to learn that. I do think that’s where Gamble was going with it, but Carver chose instead to retcon the characters, have Sam inexplicably not look for Dean — talk about OOC — and reset him at S1. I still don’t understand it. Sam had come to accept his role as hunter in S6, and remember “I won’t leave my brother alone out there?” Not look for Dean? Carver should have at least given us a logical reason why, not an arrogant, “Sam has stated his reasons and fans just have to accept that.” Cause no, we don’t.
    I don’t think any of us are keen on the boys keeping secrets as it never ends well, and it looks as though the secret is a big one this season too. 😦 You think by now the writers would understand this that it feels like they are writing the characters back wards. Sam not looking for Dean was a terrible stunt IMO that back fired and should never have happened. Sam in the past has looked, why was that year any different. Once he had come to his senses he should have attempted to look, which I think that’s what he was trying to do in the premier. Its like the writers don’t do their homework. They start and then give up and do their own thing. I am so with you in the fact that Jeremy should have given us a reasonable apology and he never gave one until the finale which in some ways was, but not a proper one.

    Sorry, I’m cranky. I should just not watch Carver interviews.
    Don’t worry about apologizing we all understand it can get on top of us sometimes. This is a safe place, so no worries there, hope to see you again. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. “Not look for Dean? Carver should have at least given us a logical reason why, not an arrogant, “Sam has stated his reasons and fans just have to accept that.” Cause no, we don’t. ”

      He agve a reason-he was broken and everyone was dead so he just drove. He assumed Dean was dead. I dont like it but Carver/Sam did give a reason.


  2. Maybe he comes back in flashback delirium during Sam’s recuperation or Dean remembers something he said in the past that cured ill hunters. It did seem from Beaver’s tweet that a physical struggle or as he says wrangling the two boys. Maybe his “soul” has residual affects from the ride out in Sam. Whatever it is, I hope it is more than a device to shush the fans. That’s the short term speculation. Long term….maybe he is hunting Metatron upstairs and somehow can communicate threw Kevin or a Ouija board.
    I did wonder and posted on the forum that Bobby did actually envelope in Sam’s arm. So this must have some ramifications. We no what Lucifer did inside to Sam. I think his soul will have something to do with it. I would love him to haunt Metatron and someone kick his but for a change. But would love Cas to get his own revenge on him 😉 Its certainly going to be in away we least expect, so I hope for the writers sakes, they’ve done a good job. As how many times can Bobby come back!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I think Bobby will help them get a jump on metatron. I cant see them using Bobby’s soul to heal Sam without Sam knowing, but its a possibility, but why would that be a secret? It doesn’t sound like something terrible that needs being kept secret to me!
    But if Bobby had contacted Dean, they might have done it this way. Sam would be none the wiser and even now according to spoilers he still doesn’t no by episode 2 but is healed in episode 1. So I’m really interested in wondering. I did just read an article on the forum from Guy Bee and they talk about Abaddon being involved with Sam? So does Dean may be contact a demon?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. That’s a great idea, BTW.
      I thought so too Ikeke …

      Bobby is in Heaven now and surely he knows there’s been a regime change up there.
      I can see Bobby getting involved but is Bobby back long-term or just a cameo role? If the former I could see him engaging a story line involving Metatron, and kicking his but out of heaven, but was really hoping Cas would do that job 😉 Just to get his own back.

      Also Dean has done stuff behind Sam’s back before, like that dying and meeting up with Death to get Sam’s soul back without asking or really telling him anything. Always turning on Sam’s GP’S on his phone. This is totally in character for Dean. (It’s funny, but he treats Charlie the same way. He just does these- I Care About You So I’m Going To Invade Your Privacy Without Telling You – type things.)
      Yes he has so that spoiler really is nothing new. But what he has done will be! I think as we’ve talked about before the boys keep secrets from one another not just because they are doing underhanded things. But I think its protecting the other brother, in their own way. Dean has done some dodgy stuff but its always been to aid Sam in the long run. Yes it is very in character for Dean.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Also, why would Dean have to use Bobby’s soul at all? You wouldn’t bring Bobby back for that.

        Dean maybe found a spell or something and used his own soul to power the spell. Maybe that’s the secret or maybe it’s not really a secret. Dean just isn’t talking about it. Remember, Souls are power sources for angels and demons why not people too.


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