Curing Demons?

Okay over the course of comic-con we heard the boys have Crowley (which we did no before) But we didn’t no what the boys intend to do with Crowley. Now the boys have leverage who will get Crowley out of the Winchesters way? Who will actually be bothered if Crowley lives or dies, in the demon world. Abaddon certainly didn’t seem bothered about a rescue attempt all she wanted was doing a deal with the boss.

Will anyone attempt to rescue Crowley,
or is anyone really that bothered if he lives or dies?

So since the boys do have the King of Hell in their palms literally, what will they do with him exactly. They have this cracking new dungeon in the men of letters at their disposal, so your guess is as good as mine. I have heard Jared talking about torturing Crowley for many demons whereabouts, so they can cure his demon army. But will Crowley succumb to the Winchester’s un-holy tactics.   Will he I bet have a master plan ready and waiting. Will Crowley contact his crew some other way as he did biting Sam in the finale. How long will the boys keep Crowley captive, and work their magic. Do we sense a couple of episodes or torment him for half a season perhaps? 

Now the boys have the King of hell.
What are they going to do with him, exactly?

So Bella would love to know if you all think the boys master plan and changing tactic in not closing the gates will help them through their tough times ahead together. Will Dean’s thought process work in helping his brother come off the rails and focus on something new. How many demons will they actually cure, and will this be worth the effort in the long run.  Most importantly will Crowley reveal any known locations to the brothers, will he risk his life and limb to save his own crew? Can he with stand any torture that the boys put his way, in saving as many meat suits as he can.  As after all meat suits are so important to the lively hood of a demon. So type away friends and shed some light onto this newish season 9 spoiler. How will Crowley get by, will he actually make it out of the Winchesters clutches ALIVE!!! 




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  1. *SPOILER* *SPOILER* I saw a clip that showed Sam and Dean torturing Crowley by….locking him alone in their MOL dungeon with no one to talk to!
    I couldn’t stop laughing!

    I think I saw this, during the comic-con clips. Didn’t Sam bring in Crowley with a bag over his head? Poor Crowley is getting a taste of his own medicine, how will he get out of this one. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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