Benny, Martin and Elizabeth how did this really end?

Now I have for sometime wondered who actually topped Martin? When I think long and hard about this, the way Benny laid his head on the bar giving Martin the wear with all to end him was in a position which looked awkward, to swing a knife, and lob Martin’s head off. Now who’s to say Elizabeth couldn’t have worked herself free of her bonds and ganked Martin herself. She was in such a rage when she knew what Martin was about to do to her uncle in, and when the camera’s turning to look at her she is covered in a lot of blood too much if you ask me? Oh and Benny has bolted, and left the scene of the crime?

The position Benny’s head was in, would it have been easy
to throw a swing with a knife at Martin?

We were to assume it was Benny as he wasn’t at the scene when Dean arrived. That’s what the writers wanted us to think. Could Elizabeth have done the deed? Had Benny been innocent all along? It was just the way Elizabeth was and the position that Benny laid his head. How could he have mastered that hit, laying in this position? But saying this also would Elizabeth have been strong enough to kill Martin? He was still a powerful hunter considering his health was an issue. Or could someone else have killed Martin, as there were other diners in their at the same time. Could one of them perhaps have snuck in and performed the deed on Martin? 

Was Elizabeth really so scared as her face appears calm?
Did she have a plan up her sleeve?

So Bella would like to know who do you think Killed an unstable Martin was it Benny or was it Elizabeth or a complete outsider the writers failed to talk to us about? Was Benny’s motives really this cut and dried if he was responsible and was it self defense. In other words did Martin have it coming his way all along? So have fun with this bit of detective work and see if you can surprise me …. 

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  1. The really funny thing is that no one is commenting on what the writers did to Martin’s character. The episode in which we first met Martin was “Sam, Interrupted” and he was a likable and sympathetic guy. The next time we see him, he’s turned into a raving psycho who is willing to torture strangers, literally knock Dean out of a hunt and make all kinds of outrageous claims he has no proof of. You guys keep saying how much you hate Martin but the writers decimated his character for the plot of this episode, too. He started out as not so bad a guy and I didn’t like that.
    This was what I remembered of Martin, that he was a nice soft natured man, and think now that the writers just bought him in as a convenience for angst between the brothers. They needed to take a body out and Martin I guess, was the victim in the story that comes to a dead end. So many characters have been killed off, I guess we must have sensed it was going to end bloody.. But I was surprised however they turned him into a raving lunatic. It was naughty of the writers to do this, I agree …

    Everyone came off badly in this episode. Sam came really harshed my cheeze when he let Martin knock his own brother out and handcuff him in the motel. His jealousy of Benny was pretty obvious at the time but we didn’t know why. Now it’s just heartbreaking to watch, knowing the massive weight of guilt that’s roiling through Sam every time he mentions Benny’s name.
    But at the same time Sam let him have it when he went outside the room. I think Martin even shook Sammy up and took him by surprise. Jensen said at one of the conventions Sam was angry not jealous using the word hypocrite, so I can see why Sam was so angry. He was thinking about his time with Ruby and making comparisons. Again he was protecting Dean I think.

    Dean comes across as a d*** when he sends that bogus text to Sam. Martin I’ve already mentioned and Benny is coded as a killer anyway, after he tried so hard not to harm people. Yes, Martin deserved it and I blame him for his own death but still. Everyone behaved badly in this episode.
    I no that text message was pre-meditated and Dean planned that in advance, so he had a gut feeling that Sam was going to go off on one. I can see why he did it, but I still didn’t like or agree with his motives. I felt so bad for Sam when he got to Amelia’s and then went back into his car he was so sad. But Dean has tagged Sam before so it was nothing really new. Yes you are so right, everyone was bad in this episode, and I still felt for Benny but not so much for Martin sadly 😦 The writing this episode took some putting together ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. When the scene was first aired, it looked like Benny was in the sacrificial position and I pondered whether Elizabeth did the deed. She certainly looked shaken when Dean catches up to her on the steps. Has she started to hunt real monsters now? Later on, Dean makes it clear to Sam that Benny had to do what he had to do leaving no doubt that Benny did the deed, but that could be writers back filling. So for me, it is still ambiguous. Benny started as a plot device and became necessary to demonstrate how Dean would sacrifice his brother in arms for his true brother and how Benny can’t cut it in the human world almost as if he could not redeem himself and had to return to Purgatory, esp if he killed Martin. Fans grew to like Benny and he may not be gone, after all this is SPN.
    Yes, it was the position all along that got to me. But it was the amount of blood that was on her, and also if you look at the position that dead Martin lay on the floor horizontal, it looked as though she could have whacked him one and not Benny. It just doesn’t add up. So you think its open for debate, as to whether Benny did really do it? Yes this was what most of us thought to start with about being a plot device, but now Benny has come back into the show and Sam feels better about Benny this also makes Benny look the real hero! That is also a good point, why he returned to purgatory. But I still strongly feel for Benny that he’s like Sam and even Cas they make the wrong choices once again, but for good reasons/intentions. I am pretty sure Benny is making a return, I have read it on the board. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I’m pretty sure Benny killed him. I do not blame him one iota for it either as his granddaughter was being threatened. Martin got what he deserved as far as I am concerned and Benny was innocent of the other murders as well. That whole story line pissed me off to no end!
    This whole line of stories really flawed me for a while too barb. I really wanted to believe that Benny was innocent, but being a vamp you couldn’t help but think he was doing dirty stuff. But at the same time, Benny was so likable which was what swayed him for me. I think Martin got what was coming to him. He was out to get Benny and slaughter him no matter what the consequences were. I too see Benny innocent of all the murders, and Martin. I also hated what Martin did to Dean also, and that didn’t go down well either. That’s why I keep wondering if someone else did kill Martin? As Benny seemed an honorable type of man that would stay true to his word, and would also honor Dean’s wishes too, as he knew how Dean felt about him. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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