The old Sam debate is on-going once again?

So do the writers on this show really plug Sam’s character and really make it all about Sam? I can see this to a degree that since season 3 Sam has had a lot wrong with him. Seasons 1-3 he was very different from what he clearly is now. Do we see a changed man, do we see and sense a man whom has no feeling for anyone very much. The fandom is in a state, and what can really change this rift, about how many really feel about Sam. Are our heroes split down the middle, and still not really united in the fandom.

Has the show become, all about SAM!

  • Sam is researching the men of letters. 
  • Sam is on a personal mission to cure demons. 
  • Sam is going through regular changes. 
  • Sam is getting cured. 
  • There’s a big secret about Sam. 

He’s basically the tool used to cause the chaos that he and Dean need to fix each season. And sometimes he’s the one that needs fixing.

Has Sam really changed so much …..
That we don’t recognize him very much

Now I feel in tune with the above comment, that so much has happened to Sam and each season has gone by and the stories have involved him. Are we right to think and feel this way? Is Sam the main antagonist the one that the stories do revolve around, which I have always to a degree thought about Sam. As Dean never really seems to get a taste of action that Sam appear’s to get. I also think the writers seem to engineer a story and don’t really follow it through, they don’t really heal Sam and let Sam emotionally talk it through about what he’s gone through and how he’s matured. It also appears that Dean is usually the one to make that discussion in fixing Sam when he himself often needs attention.

Soulless Sam, was this a little over the top?

Now I can see their point that Sam  has been a real total douche this season, and has not really opened up about his actions, and acted a total dick about Benny when in the long run we see in Taxi Driver that there was no real reason to get so worked up about Benny. But me as a Sam fan, can see why his actions were granted and what effect Benny was having on Sam at the time. So does Sam really take on most of the adventures that the boys face. Does he really need to continually have all the high drama centered around him. Is it time for a change, and step back to season 3 and see that concerned Sam over Dean once again. I miss Sam as was, not how the writers now have appeared to make him and use him as a tool sometimes to cause the major rifts all the time. Dean appears to have all the good things happen to him, and help Sam get over his afflictions to the point where it is becoming a little obvious.

Did we see another side to Sam
Or was this the real Sam maturing …..

I think the writers really need to change course, and make Sam much more likable as many feel they are being put off Sam by his actions and delivery. Can the writers change direction and work our hero into a likable person before its too late, or do you feel Sam is okay and doesn’t need tampering with? Or is this over reaction and once again beating the same record over and over. If the role were reversed would the audience feel happier that Dean was in the spotlight more frequently, would this make Sam more likable? I love both brothers, and can see both sides of this debate, that has been churning for sometime now. Does the shows characters need to change and freshen up for season 9, for fear of loosing fans, or do they travel down the same road and not flicker an eye.

Do we want to see Sam
Sam just for once, without anything wrong with him

So Bella would like to no your real feelings about Sam and his story, the way its being told, and if its really doing Sam as a character any favors. Is Sam really maturing or acting like a little boy having his brother tender his every move. Can Sam really mature on his own merit, and be the hero many crave him to be. Or doesn’t it over bother you and doesn’t matter which brother is in the spotlight. Or perhaps feel like me, that you are in the majority who would like to see a more balanced show, where both brothers are viewed equally, and both have a piece of the action, and both attend to each other in times of need.  Type away little ones as Aunty B loves your input as always …….


8 thoughts on “The old Sam debate is on-going once again?

  1. Crowley season 8″ I want two distinct characterizations”. Both characters bring their own to the story. One is the protagonist and one the antagonist, thinking the time is equal but often not noticed as such. From a writer’s point of view and budget issues, how much more could they show of Dean in Purgatory killing old foes or Leviathans? Yes, Jensen is hot in all of that grime, but it made its statement. Where they needed to go was the PTSD he suffered- but Dean has said he gets over things in time threw the series. it could have expanded a bit, but again, this is not a psycho drama and scripts need to be focused on the main arc. Sam had his Amelia story line- which did show a lost Sam, in need of Dean and hunting.And in retrospect, these early episodes this past season set up the finale so well. ENGINE AND fuel ANALOGY. Need both to carry on.
    Its wonderful how you’ve pointed this out, thank you. But I just felt with Purgatory we were short-changed in a big way. The monsters that Dean has slaughtered along the way has been a big list. Who did we really see of this list, not many if one. All they fought were a couple of Vamps unknown with no history, and a couple of Leviathan with no history. Dean’s PTSD I think was poorly handled, when we no Jensen can knock an arc out of the park, and would have given him a much earned story line to himself and never really got to crack it, except shove a victim against a wall with a tie around his neck. They never really seem to flush these stories out, or they sometimes over do the stories like Soulless Sam. I think PTSD Dean would have been amazing to view from Dean’s perspective. I got that he gets threw bad stuff fairly quickly, but that just seemed a bit lame. PTSD is a horrible, horrible condition to go threw and I don’t think they made the best of it. But that’s just me 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I understand how people say they want to see Sam as Sam for once, but he really was Sam in s1, for all intents and purposes, and I think he can be “sick” Sam and still be useful. Sick Sam or something wrong with him- as Dean has always said, he’s a freak. Let him be a freak. Just let him get on with the rest of his life. Is being sick or a freak so repugnant to everyone?
    Hi friend good to see you and welcome! …. 😉 It doesn’t bother me that something always wrong with Sam, as most of us no the feel of the show, and how its mapped out. I agree Sam can still be very useful, as poorly as he is. I cannot see the trials curing him of the blood so he will continue to be that freak. The audience knows he’s a freak so why can’t they walk past this is beyond me. I think the friskiness is what makes him attractive and interesting to understand, as there is more to get your teeth into. I do remember both boys originally auditioning for the same role of Sam, and Jensen really falling for this character. I wonder still to this day, how Jensen would have played Sam 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I don’t know about that Popky. I see what you’re saying but my theory is that we have never known the real Sam. Hes had demon blood in him since babyhhood and I feel that informed a lot of Sam’s issues with anger and self -esteem. Maybe if he’s cured we may get to see the real Sam . What he would be like without demonic influence of any kind.


  3. “Dean appears to have all the good things happen to him”
    I don’t agree with this. What “good” has happened to him? Nothing that I can think of. Yes he was raised from perdition but that’s so the angels could USE him for their needs. That’s all I can think of!

    This is what I’m picking up on the forum today, that they don’t think that Dean has good things happen to him. And that Sam is always center of attention, which is so tiresome now. Nt a week goes by that this topic rears up.

    My problem is that they both have terrible things happen to them but the show seems to like showing the results of these bad things more with Sam. He had no soul for a season, he was sick all last season, he was crazed from demon blood for ages etc.
    I do agree, this is what I think the complaint is majorly about. That not a season has gone by since season 3. I think they feel that the stories for each brother are not even, and balanced. That the major plots revolve around Sam, and continue to do so. A majority of this concern is true but Sam has always been the main antagonist anyway and the general lead within the stories, so this has not overly concerned me. But as you guys have both said just now that Dean is the engine and Sam is the fuel, and love your terminology barb which to me is spot on.

    However Dean has bad things happen to him and we only see the results for a few episodes. Like when he came back from Purgatory, those first few episodes with him being all feral was all we really saw.(I loved feral Dean that whipped off his tie to strangle the guy) He went to Hell and they had him drinking but that was it. Believe me I don’t want to see sick!Dean for a whole season either but sometimes I think they focus on Sams problems a lot more than Deans.
    I so agree with Purgatory and hell, what a cop out and what a great story it could have been. I was so annoyed about both. I adored feral Dean too, it appeared natural, and really suited his character. No I don’t care for more rounds of either brother being continually sick. But I think Dean does deserve a bit more attention. This is precisely it they focus on Sam’s plight more than Dean’s, so the forum is right on this occasion.

    I really don’t care that Sam has the main arc most of the time because Dean gets most of the spotlight int he stand alone episodes and that’s fine with me. I would just like for once for Deans distress to be as IMPORTANT as Sams (because in my mind it is as important).
    Yes, I think most feel this way barb, and its about time the writers did something about this. 😉

    I’m also tired of the keeping a secret plots. Another Season where Dean has a secret hes keeping from Sam? I hope not as it never ends well. Haven’t the characters/writers learned that we have had enough of secrets between the boys?
    Oh, god how I dread this and yet another boring secret, with actions upsetting the other brother. They never do learn as you’ve said.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I agree. I don’t understand why people are in an uproar about all this. The show has been like this from the beginning and both characters have bad things happen to them.
      We just get more details with Sam.

      I no just lately its really taken off again, god no’s why? But why do they show more of Sam when the story really is about two brothers, not just one?

      Dean does get stand-alone episodes which Sam never gets and Dean gets most of the guest star action. The writers just focus on different things with the two characters. Sam is usually the focus of the ongoing arc but it’s Dean who gets to make the big decisions about said arc.
      Spot on both points, and agree with both points. Yeap, I think you’re right the writers do appear to give each brother different things and would be boring otherwise. This is so spot on I wish you could chin wag with other fans and explain this, but even then they would find something to moan about. 😉

      Dean is the one in charge in that he gets to decide what’s going to happen during the course of the season. Sam is the one that things happen to that Dean needs to fix.
      Its plain English but I don’t get why they continue to moan about it. Its so depressing cause its the same old bashing, like a scratched record. If I’d said this I’d dread to think …

      People do not seem to be understanding that the show is about Dean as much as much as Sam. It’s just Dean’s role is not as obvious as getting sick or drinking demon-blood. It’s usually Dean who gets to decide how and what these characters will be doing all season.
      This is another reason about the bi-bro stuff going on, why can’t fans enjoy both brothers, as I feel they miss out on so much. I cannot see the show without either brother. Never have, and NEVER will …. I have however, in the past been annoyed that Dean’s stories have got sidelined or used for another character, like Dean’s drinking how much talking we did about this, and it was just used to show case Bobbies return as ghost Bobby. Also if Dean gets to go to hell and Purgatory Sam has to go there too, which is another moan and groan which is like again, a scratched record. 😦

      I think maybe people would like to see a kind of role reversal where Sam gets to do what Dean does. The problem is we have had that and Sam has a very bad track record on making the big decisions. Dean being out of commission for a long stretch of time while he’s sick or incapacitated almost always results in Sam being in charge and making the wrong decision about something.
      Yes this, I believe this is what there hankering for, so Dean gets his full quota of the spotlight. His own arc. Your’re right again Sam would make poorer decisions and they would probably be worse off, and in a far worse mess than if Dean were in charge. I like it just the way it is, its perfect!! 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Ikeke35 we think alike. I like it that Dean is the engine that makes the show go and Sams the fuel!
        I love this analogy barb its perfect no wonder The Impala runs so well 😉

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


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