Fake ID Badges?

Now this has really irritated me how long these boys can continue being fake cops without anyone battering an eye. It wasn’t until Larping and the real girl that I thought hey Bultar the furious, is questioning our heroes, that he has sussed that they badges are not real, I don’t believe it I cry. Someone is actually examining their mock badges. “The ID number has shifted to 10 digits, with two letters mixing to the end of the year, and seals from last month. Really good work, but its just the turn of the weekend, so you’ve got to follow the rules. ” Now Bultar was brave in knowing his knowledge, and tackling our supposed fake agents. Was he pulling their leg, or actually meaning what he said?Β 

Did he mean it, or was he just pulling his leg?


Also tonight whilst watching Yellow Fever, I noticed the guy they were interviewing in a home asked to view the ID badges, and Dean suffering from Ghost Fever earlier says to Sam about them being fake badges, and is nervous in front of the old man. Β Now these seasons are four years apart, and its taken the writers four years to add this little tad of false information about fake ID badges. How have these boys really got away with this for so long. Even when I think back to the pilot and the boys are on the bridge, talking to the police officers who quiz them jokingly how young they both looked, in such a senior role. Okay with closer viewing, we notice the topic of conversation has crept into the stories now and then. Bobby used to be their back up, if they were ever picked up. I also remember a time in Sex and Violence season 4, that the Siren didn’t believe who they were and did speak to Bobby for authorization. But now Bobby is no longer, this has not crept back into the stories. Bobby also used to man the phones for the boys and other hunters as a senior back up officer. So once again dodgy dealings behind the scenes. Has this mantle now been handed down to Garth, is he senior management in control of hunters and their authority?

Authority did ask if Dean was Drunk,
but is this as far as it goes?

We no that the boys do good, but are fakes and as we no are breaking the law. So my argument in all this has always been, why are they never very often questioned, and why do citizens never really question the badges like Bultar. (even if he was kidding) It was an embarrassing moment for the boys to be pulled up in this fashion. But without Bobby’s backup they have to be extremely careful in copying real cops. How will they ever explain themselves if they ever are pulled up over something so serious? and what real message is this sending out, that its okay to act as fake cops? Also having numerous ID names would this become even more tricky when people call them back, as they have to remember what names they were using, on what case. When usually a cop only has one name, his real name. I am amazed they’ve not slipped up on a name if they were DS Rosewood when they were supposed to be DS Ford. Oh and by the way, I think the length of Sam’s hair is beginning to be a joke. Could he really pass off as a cop, “with long flowing hair!!”

So Bella as ever, would love to no about how you feel that our heroes are risking a lot, when they pretend to be real cops. What else could they get away with being without really breaking the law? considering that they are doing something so worth while, saving a life! Type away angels, as I love this topic.


5 thoughts on “Fake ID Badges?

  1. that’s reall cool that you did this and i wonder the same thing about how they get away with it. I just don’t want to jinxs it for the seasons to come but do you know what website i can use to make a fake badge???


    1. It is illegal to make fake ids of these type here in the states. The badges they use are not good fakes of Fbi documents. There was an article about this aways back. Sam has been known to make them at Kinkos which is a copy shop. The boys flash them quickly and the element of surprise gets them access. They also use fake reporter ids or health inspection ids.


  2. The running joke is that they use names of rock singers or musicians as aliases. So now it is up to the fans to follow the names. In season 7 they became the Smiths who were famous brothers on cough drops sold in the USA, also Dean’s name when he was corporate Dean. How the writers love to recycle names. Charlie makes use of fake ids as well. She also held her badge upside down, in homage to the episode with Cas as hunter. Why don’ they get quizzed more often about their names? If anyone has ever been interviewed by officials, it is very unnerving even if you have done nothing wrong, so you are not thinking about asking them any questions about their ids. It is psychological for most people to conform. Bobby was their back up fake FBI and now Garth, when he is around. Writers haven’t slipped in the verification call for a while and they still have Jodi Mills who will cover for them from time to time. So, it is the common man faced with authority that often goes unchallenged. Sort of like the angels not questioning authority. FYI the wizard of oz take off is called Slumber Party. African Dream root or transportation threw time using the Men of Letters portal? What think ye?
    Yeap, always got where the names came from. Even Han Solo and Luke Skywalker alias Ford and Hamill πŸ˜‰ I didn’t no the cough drop one, that’s new to me. I got that humorous nod to Cas with the upside down ID so funny! πŸ˜€ … True, I guess the interviewee is to nervous half the time to notice the detail and be nit picky about working out if its fake or not. Good point I’d forgotten about Jody, silly me. πŸ˜‰ So is Garth using Bobby’s old phones for back up the ones we saw on his kitchen wall, or has Garth got his own system? Or is it just you’ve been GARTHED πŸ˜‰ Its almost like there’s a huge bubble spell surrounding them that they go and carry on un-noticed. WOW Men of letters portal, that’s new. Is there a secret portal in the bunker yet to be discovered?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Also there aren’t many civilians in the US who know what actual FBI badges look like. I went to a website that sold badges for minor officials and stuff and they had badges that really look like they belong to law enforcement. Most of us wouldn’t be able to tell. I usually recognize almost all of the fake names the brothers use though. Also its true that most people do not question anyone here who appears to be an authority. Especially guilty of this can be other authority figures. Now and then the person does wonder or ask why the guys are interested in a case but almost never question their right to be there. The got away with it with Baltar because he fully expected them to be fake, especially at a LARP fair. Btw I think its totally hilarious that they have been able to do this so long without getting caught by real FBI agents. This is deeply funny to me. It also makes me wonder what will happen when they do and how the various deaths of the Winchesters would affect such a meeting. They’ve been officially declared dead at least two or three times now.
      I’m getting this feeling now, that citizen’s wouldn’t have the confidence in approaching an officer whom they thought was fake because of the embarrassment if they were proved wrong. Also they wouldn’t have the nerve in the fist place to question an officer of the law to find out if their prediction were true, or not. I love the idea that you’ve actually checked them out on-line. πŸ™‚ You’ve lost me there, so did Baltar think were real and were actually fakes, or that he was expecting them to be fake and they were fakes? I no its irked me for a long time. So how do they actually obtain these badges? As I presume each officer’s badge is recorded and they would no of its origin. So did John no of policemen inside and obtained them illegally? I can’t recall them discussing how they were obtained in season 1. Sam just asked Dean are you still obtaining false badges?

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. it was my understanding that sometimes they stole them. I know they’ve stolen hospital badges before. I’ve seen them to that but not which episode.
        You no I did wonder this, but I didn’t want to appear this rude πŸ˜‰ I thought they may be pickpocket the police as I’ve seen Dean pick keys from peoples pockets. As recent as season 8 the auction episode I think. I think Sam did when he was with Ruby during season 5 when he drank the female nurses blood who was a demon.

        And there was that scene in Pac Man fever where we saw Dean making a fake badge for Charlie while she was showing off her outfits. SO I guess sometimes they just make fake badges like the ones Baltar caught. Baltar, btw, fully expected the boys to be fake. He thought they were larping as FBI agents and called them on the authenticity of their work.
        Oh, yes, yes, yes. As I said usually I am quick at picking up on stuff, and on the rare occasion I stumble, and the Baltar scene and the golem episode threw me. Now Baltar’s seen is funnier than I originally thought as I didn’t get it. πŸ˜‰ duh.

        Also you can buy fake badges that say almost anything online and there are military thrift shops here in the states where you can buy badges or shields to go with ID, along with special wallets to hold them and even uniforms and stuff and patches and stuff.
        I wasn’t aware of this, that’s why I was quizzing it. But I presume they must be fake and not the real thing, copied. The police wouldn’t allow the real thing out in the public domain, would they?

        I only know this stuff because I had a friend take me to visit such a shop before. This was years before the show ever aired, so I’ve never had a problem with the idea that it was easy for them to obtain fake badges.
        Obviously its not a thing I am aware of in the UK may be other residents of this country are, but if you don’t no you don’t no πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


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