New episode titles for Season 9

Details are starting to come through now, but not much else to go on except titles I’m afraid. So see what you think of the lists below and see if we can have fun working out what the episodes might contain. I love this time guessing what they could be about. So have fun and amuse yourselves.

What lies ahead for our heroes …..

  1. I’m going to like it in here
  2. Devil may care
  3. I’m no angel
  4. Slumber party
  5. Bad Boys
  6. Doggie Style ( which is changing according to Jim Michael’s no title yet. )

I have knowledge of one episode about Dean talking to the animals which I think is going to be a bit like the fairy episode, and Dean centric. I would also presume from my own personal guess that I’m going to like it in here, is about Crowley in the Bunker dungeon. So I am thinking Crowley centric. But would this be if Devil may care? Devil may care title has been out for some time, so nothing new here angels. I would also hazard a guess that I’m no angel is about the new angel in camp, Tahmoh Penikett star of Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse, has been cast as a fallen angel. I would think this will be an angel centric episode. Slumber Party and Bad Boys I have no idea at present. Could be about our boys, but who’s to no at this stage. We also no that there is an episode about the Wizard of Oz, not sure of this title or which corresponds with the above. Let Bella no what you might be thinking, as more than one head, is better than none at all 😉


3 thoughts on “New episode titles for Season 9

  1. heard Slumber party was the Oz time travel to 1935.
    I did get this, but wasn’t 100% certain, you no I love to be sure 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Maybe slumber party IS the OZ episode-and its in a dream?
    Could well be barb, I wonder if it will be the old African dream root again. May be this is the episode Bobby comes back. I can’t wait to see what characters the boys play if they do. 😀

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I thought the first two episodes were a reference to Crowley and might be more demon centric.
    I was thinking yes of both being about Demons but would this be too demon heavy, although if Sam is interrogated him for all known demons, it would probably take sometime in locating all of them.

    I thought the angel title might be a Cas centric episode cuz hey he’s no angel anymore.
    Its obviously about angels, but wasn’t certain if it was about Cas, and the fallen angels gunning for him. Or just about Cas and his human woes, or more knowledge of Metatron as he is supposed to be back for three episodes of season 9. So may be Cas locates his whereabouts.

    I don’t know what to make of the other titles except Doggie Style seriously needs to be changed. Its awful and reminds us too much of the last episode with dog in the title which was voted one of the worst episodes of season 8.
    Doggie style cracked me up. I thought at first they were on about dodgy men. Then realized it was the furry kind on four legs. I’ve known them quite a few times to change the titles later on. Some titles these days are surely getting weirder. I also noticed the last couple of years how quickly they are giving us this knowledge. As we never got 6 titles during the summer before. May be things are moving on. I think there filming episode 3 and starting 4 next week. Jensen isn’t directing this year, so he won’t be so stressed.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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