Sam’s time apart from Dean?

Okay with eight years to filter through is a big task, but one thing I did notice through the shows history was that Sam has spent a long time on his own without Dean. I reckon five times in total to Dean’s twice without Sam. Sam had four months on his own when Dean went to hell; six months on his own during the Mystery Spot episode, 1 year when he came back soulless. (18 months if you count the six months topside without his soul). 1 year when Dean went to Purgatory. So during this amount of time when Sam was at his most vulnerable  what did we really learn about Sam during this time, was there anything in particular that made Sam appear any different than what he was when Dean was alive and by his side.

How was Sam really without Dean, scared, afraid, lonely ….

One thing I did sense that he was very aggressive, lonely, tensed up, drunk some of the time to bloke out the pain, of grief and isolation, and very regimental in the way he looked after himself and got the job done. I have always found Sam to be aggressive when tackling people like Ruby In I know what you did last summer, and Gabe in Mystery Spot among others. So when we start to analyze these moments, what do we begin to put together. Was Sam any different without Dean? Were his emotions any different and all over the place. Did  we sense his decision making would be not perfect under stressful conditions. Could he think clearly, could he even hunt professionally, without his aide with him. Did he need to collect himself before acting on anything without Dean around? Or rush into situations without really thinking them through. What did we really sense was going on in Sam’s mind during this time, without Dean. We see the finale pan out, and know how Sam really feels about letting Dean down, so could Sam have acted any differently during their separations.

Sam and Dean are getting like an old married couple.
Or are they already …….

So Bella is really wanting to understand how Sam coped without Dean close by, to guide him, nurture him, support him, and be that father to him. Can we sense that he felt lost, alone, even abandoned and very lonely, alienated even to a degree. The condition of his mind must have been affected and then as if by magic his brother appears like nothing had ever happened. So how does a human cope in the long run with this pressure and carry on. Did Sam actually suffer from a medical condition like PTSD or  grief stricken in his actions. Type away …..


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  1. Sam has looked for time away on purpose as a kid, He “escaped” the family business for his own pursuits no matter how brief. He is self sufficient as a kid in high school and as a college student. He works at a bar under the name Keith. He appears to function with Amelia and fixing hotel rooms. However, he is always drawn back to the family business b/c of some evil sob mucking around and that is when he appears to become dependent on Dean at times. As the series progressed, Dean and Sam would discuss plans and the next article which would find the next job from time to time. On more than one occasion Dean pulls Sam back from the dark side tendencies and in season 8 he pulls him off the edge of death. In Mystery Spot without Dean, Sam was a killing machine and his pain so buried but the focus was on how to get Dean back, as if Sam needed Dean so Sam could be okay(normal for Sam with his family even if in the family business). Soulless Sam says he needs Dean to be his moral compass. Sam floats in and out of needing Dean when he is in hunter mode. Dean has proven that he can survive without Sam but prefers to hunt with him. They make a good team ergo the show works.
    This was why I felt Sam to be OOC and I think why many Sam fans were upset. In the past even though he’s been selfish and wanted to do his own thing, he has always bothered about Dean, and always figured a way in getting his brother back, not matter what. Which was why Bobby was so knarked with him in Taxi Driver that Sam didn’t even bother. But since the finale and we’ve talked here I can see a newer side of Sam coming out. I still find it hard to think that he thought Dean were dead and imploded in front of him. If I were the old Sam I would have said this sounds dodgy it don’t feel right where did Dean go. Alarm bells should have rung out loud and clear, but they didn’t emerge. There is no good bottling this up now over spilt milk, what’s gone is gone and is in the past. I just hope the writers no what they are doing, and what upset they had caused through out the fandom not just on Sam’s side but feeling sorry for Dean. How poorly Sam had treated him. Other things as we no spilt over into this debate and we could go on for years trying to work it out. The early Sam I could get always wanting to get out of the family business because it wasn’t his thing. He hated the work and the whole demon blood saga. So this side of the story they have stayed true too and not strayed over the line. Which is why I get your hunter mode Sam. But adding the not looking infuriated me. I would have much sooner had them getting Sam looking, and looking and have ditched the whole Amelia plot that would never have happened. But get why the writers did decide to bring her in your favorite word again Debbab symmetry. If we had the whole topside feel of Sam topside looking for a way out for Dean I would have been far happier. Rant over hellatus doing my head in …..

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. When he was apart from Dean when he was in Hell he hooked up with Ruby. I dont consider Mystery Spot as being away from Dean as he had him by his side every day till Dean died-no?
    Gabe kept Dean back from Sam for six months and was like a bull in a china shop that whole time. If you recall Sam went to meet Bobby and it turned out to be a trick as Sam realized it was the Trickster posing as Bobby. It was shortly after this that Sam begged Gabe to bring Dean back. So all that time Sam was on his own, which I recall from the screen cap was six months.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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