Wish List for season 9 – Dear writers and Crew!


New promo poster for season 9
Misha no trench coat and new blue suit, Jared looks rough and ready, and Jensen is sporting a new jacket. Is it LEATHER! It looks like its been taken through a window as there is a light mark on Misha’s arm.

Short essay tonight folks I’m drying up on questions.  I always have this thought in the back of my mind that the writers and crew read our boards. I know on a rare occasion Jim Beaver has on IMDb and signed his name JB. So on the hunch that they might or to dream even do, what would be at the top of your wish list that you really, really want to see this season. You never no they just might take notice anything is worth a shot.  

Dear writers and crew, 
if you are reading this board, my wish for season 9 would be ………….



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  1. Cut Sam’s hair! He reminds me of that dude from Sliders with that hair style!!!!!

    I don’t mind it a reasonable length now, I am getting use to it. The one thing that did annoy me were his side burns during season 7. I kept thinking eventually they are going to meet in the middle 😀

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. “Cut Sam’s hair! He reminds me of that dude from Sliders with that hair style!!!!!
      “The tv show sliders????? I actualy really liked that show lol


  2. Oh Good post debbab! But I’m gonna have to disagree with your police work there Barb. Everything is cool except for that Kevin thing. I’d like to see less Kevin as I’m still not sure how I feel about him.
    I’m the opposite to you Ikeke, I love Kevin, and want to see less of Charlie and more to the point Garth. Those too are so hard to get to know. I don’t no why the show is really pumping Charlie when other women haven’t lasted five minutes on the show.

    I’d like the filler episodes to be more relevant to the plot and I’d like to see a little more horror and gore like we did in earlier seasons. Reference some classic horror movies like The Blob or Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something. Id like to see a whole episode set in the Bat-cave. Maybe some kind of bizarre adventure involving Charlie.
    Its wired you should say this as a number on the board were saying they wanted less blood and gore and more of the brothers relationship. Its what the show is after all and to cut back on this would be a rather stupid move, as they would loose viewers. I like the show references must admit. Now there’s a plot, a whole episode in the Bat-cave WRITERS take NOTE!! Superb. I would love an episode where they reunite the boys with all the people they’ve lost and explore what happened to them, that would be fun. Including ma and pa….

    Id like to see Cas wear a different sort of coat besides that Trench coat. I’d love to see Sam’s bedroom. And I did hear a rumor that Dean would see some lady action this season.
    I no, I am so tired of the coat and tie. But can see why he were’s the same clothing. 😉 Sam’s bedroom is a must this season. I am so hankering for this view. I too heard Dean and a lady were hooking up, so that wish might, happen. But will it last?

    Its time for the guys to start behaving like the 30 plus yr old men that they are instead of like a couple of emo teenagers as in season one. Not that that wasn’t good but they are beyond that sort of behavior now. Its time for them to really start coming to grips with who they are as individuals and how they fit together as a team and start putting some of their emotional past to bed.
    Ikeke I am so with you on this. I miss the boyish moments, but men grow up so its time for a change. Sam’s anger has got to calm down, that really got to me last season as I thought it was too much. If he has anger issues then the writers should delve into this a bit more and show us why he so often looses his temper. The emotional past to bed, this, this, this. They need to unite and grow old gracefully, and learn to live with each other and bond much more. They both have gone through similar experiences in life, so the writers need to build on this, not continually bogging them down with continuous bickering. They are behaving like little brats at the moment. 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. *sighs* I agree with “Its time for the guys to start behaving like the 30 plus yr old men that they are instead of like a couple of emo teenagers as in season one.” I agree and this is why I really wish this show could be picked up by another network. CW caters to the 14-25 demographic. I am not talking HBO or something like that, but that was my thought. That is why I think they still adhere to the 20’s behavior and chick flick moments. Remember a moment where Dean says, “Okay no chick flick moments!”? lol


    2. “Id like to see Cas wear a different sort of coat besides that Trench coat. I’d love to see Sam’s bedroom. And I did hear a rumor that Dean would see some lady action this season.”== I am gonna miss that dirty old trench coat, but I think this is going to be a much different Cas this season. “Marv” (who is Booger from Revenge of the Nerds! God I love this show) took Cas essence to shut the Angels out of Heaven. So this season Cas is going to be much more human. Although Misha looks damn good in that suit! I must say! I do miss the crazy Cas in the hospital gown and trench coat, but Cas seems to be the most versatile character in this show so far. He has been a Soldier, God, Crazy, Human! Oh my I can not wait! teehee


  3. I certainly want to see more of the back story for MOL and it sounds like we will. Dean had a dry season 8 and needs to find some companionship with a female-OK I am objectifying Jensen, but he and Danneel can handle it. (Sam had Amelia and we know he gets involved so easily on an emotional level and then takes a while to get over a girl. I want to see what Sam has in his bedroom- he has one as evidenced by his bed head this season. Is there a picture of Jess? there need to be references to earlier episodes.
    Great thoughts debbab. I so agree about Dean. Have to disagree about the female, as I am not over Amelia yet and would like a breather. Its been a while for Dean though since Lisa season 6 so maybe its long over due. 😉 I sooooooooooooooo want to see Sam’s bedroom I’ve been longing for this it hurts and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Why have they shown one and not the other, not fair? I wonder if Dean will return the favor in Sam’s room and drop the sweet paper 😉 The forum was so mad about that. I would like to think there is a picture of Jess and Madison, as he had strong feelings for her, and even Sarah after loosing her so tragically to Crowley.

    There needs to be a lighter, funnier episode that in the end hits us between the eyes as it reveals something about why Sam always makes poor choices for the right reasons,(childhood reveal) that then pulls us back to the arc but now that Edlund is gone…, it is a challenge for the writers to hit that high a mark. Sometimes we need a break from the arc.
    I so agree with this. Please writers take notice of this ….. I think Carver and Thompson might pull it out of the bag, as Robbie has said recently he leans towards Sam as he can relate so you never no. Yeap we do need the humor too. I really enjoyed Frontlierland and the western feel so I so hope we get another similar episode or even The French Mistake. I never used to care for Meta episodes as I thought they were so over the top. But now I’ve watched them more I’ve grown to love them just the same as the myth arc episodes.

    Dean continues to put family first, but tone down the domesticity a bit as the joke is getting a bit tired. Dean not only gives up the trial to save Sam, but also was willing to not kill YED if it put Sam at risk. And Sam- you need to get away from that computer a bit dearie-go for a work out so we can see-00Ps-objectifying Jared again-.so you can regain your strength, My apologies, Gen,
    I wouldn’t expect anything less from Dean, it would be out of character for me if he didn’t. 😉 the domestic Dean story line has angered so many Dean fans, that it got tiresome so since Sam appears to be well during the first episode I don’t see that story line continuing, thank god. It did get a bit silly. Dean is also worth more than being Sam’s flunky, nurse maid. Yes I agree about Sam getting away from the computer. I would also love to see the boys go on a holiday together that would be fun and bring in the humor. May be we could see the Grand Canyon after all. Since the writers owned up to it being an error. I’ve missed seeing Jared’s back. 😉

    In all seriousness, I want to see Sam and Dean explore their relationship more with banter that is appropriate for men their ages, but still flavored with the earlier episodes’ wit. Not to the point where all they do is bicker, but more references to off time activities and not soapy .Each has distinct likes/dislikes.Teasing is natural btwn siblings no matter the age.
    Yes, so with you there. I miss the old conversations at the end of the episodes on the boot of the Impala. There was something so special about those scenes. I’ve been saying I want to see less angst for a while. Last season was horrible but could see why it was required. As long as there is a means to an end. But does it have to be every damn season. No more soapiness Samelia drove me crackers. lol! But since we found out why, I guess it wasn’t so bad after all. They are maturing as men, and I want the writers to reflect this, that they are growing up and want different things out of life. They have something in common, hunting so lets give the boys something to do. I miss those bitch jerk moments and rock, paper and scissors where did they go! More pranks please writers.

    The tablet arc will continue but I hope there will be a lot about Cas’s growing appreciation for how hard it is to be human and he needs to learn not just from Dean but also bond more with Sam. Sam’s emotions are not buried as deep as Dean’s/ Sam is willing to forgive Cas, but Dean is a bit more hurt and not in a hurry. There is more that I would enjoy seeing, but the hour is late and I can’t give all my ideas away for now. Dream on.
    I’m not over enthused about Cas’s story but as an Actor I am looking forward in seeing where Misha takes it. As I no he will deliver. Will he be serious or comical or way over the top like hippy Cas? I find that commendable that Sam forgave Cas and that took a lot, considering what Cas did. I no he was sorry for causing harm, but it was a serious act he did. Dean is less forgiving and I also commend him for this as Sam is his brother. So may be this will help heal those wounds, as I do miss them in how they use to be, Team free will. I love dreaming so I hope they pick up on our notes dream on debbab, sweet dreams 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Good post Debbab! I want less angst between the boys, a lot of Crowley fighting the affects of the “cure”, more Kevin Tran, Bobby but in a believable way, and some scary MOTW episodes. And how about a plot line for Dean that’s not just a nurturing one.
      Barb same level as me. I so want less angst, just for one season please. I am more interested in seeing where Mark takes Crowley than Cas being human, as we’ve briefly seen it I guess. But not to this extent. I think Mark will be superb and would also like him to bond with Sam, as Sam so needs a pal a the moment and could see that being Crowley. Or though may be not considering that the boys want all the demons. You never no. I love Kevin he really, really has grown on me. I think he’s earn’t his way into the Winchester family. The forum did say about MOTW’s were lacking since the show is about hunting monsters which I tend to believe them 😉 I can take or leave Bobby with a pinch of salt. I no the forum were united in saying they didn’t really want him back 😦 If its in Sam’s memory, then yeah okay. I could tolerate this. As its believable. Dean’s story is so long overdue, and is starting to look so obvious that he has nothing to do except look after others, Sam, Cas and Kevin. Come on writers give Dean some ACTION!

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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