If you can’t save him?

We all no that the final episode of the show is a long way a way. But many a time you all must do the same thing, and think I wonder how this will all end?  Ever since John whispered in Dean’s ear, ‘if you can’t save him, kill him’. Is this the writers intentions all along. Are they writing Sam as the good boy gone bad. Is he the black sheep of the family? Sam’s plots have always had a dark tone to them, and he has gone through some major trauma and heavy stuff for humans to have to face. He’s ridden Satan, and been to hell, been soulless, been tortured, had a nervous breakdown. So what good could come of all this lot? Sam is also making a lot of wrong choices, and continues to make the wrong ones. We’ve also talked about what effect this could all have on Sam, in the decisions he makes.

“If you can’t save him, then kill him!”

It wasn’t until it was bought up on the forum that I read that Sam was the main antagonist out of the two leads. We no the story continually revolves around him. Its his destiny and his story takes center stage. Will the end of the shows run take on a season 2 style with Dean having to kill Sam. Can we see Sam turning even darker. We think through the trials that we came to the conclusion that he was to be purified, but could it go the other way, as he didn’t finish the trial so to speak. Dean obviously knows how Sam has healed and is keeping this information hidden from Sam. So where does this leave Sam? 

Did John always think his son was evil, through and through. That he felt at the time he could not trust his son, and put that burden on Dean to see his thoughts were carried out. But since we later learn that Dean would find it hard to kill Sam, as he himself says to Henry Winchester, If I can save him, I will save him. But what would really push Dean over that edge. I remember during season 4 Dean says to Sam, If I didn’t no you, I would want to hunt you, like any other hunter would. Which sent shivers down my spine, even now. During the finale, we sense the friction about how Sam feels about his demon blood and how shut out Sam felt over Benny and a mirror image of Season 4 happening before our eyes. Sam wanted to basically end it all, and couldn’t care less if he lived or died. So what would really break the camels back if Sam did go dark, and Dean had to end it all for Sam? Could Dean actually do it, and kill Sam? Also Gods mission at the end of completing the trials, was for the person doing them to sacrifice their own life to close the gates. So was this Sam’s destiny all along. That he will never live to see old age materialize. Will his brother or something Supernatural  kill him off?

Could Dean actually ever pull that trigger?

So as ever Bella is wanting to read what you all think, do we think Sam will ever find a way out of the supernatural? will he always have this curse around his neck? Will he ever be free of his destiny? if there ever was a destiny? Would Sam have been prepared to end it all for the greater good? Did he want peace, and this was his way of finding that peace in his life. Or would Dean actually carry out his fathers last dying wish, and point that trigger at his brother?

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  1. John knew about the demon blood and Azazel’s plan for Sam and in that context he whispers those heavy words to Dean. In Swan song, we were able to see Sam sacrifice himself for the world so in fact he did not go dark side. Season 6 soulless Sam was not Sam’s doing and it was Dean’s quest to save him and get his soul back at any price. Sam’s breakdown is on Dean as he pushed the soul issue to save Sam or he would have had to kill him or have him killed by another because soulless Sam did some borderline acceptable acts. Dean acts as his moral compass until he gets his soul back so in the end he is saved. Now, I do not see so much of that thread showing up in season 8. What I do see for the first time is a glimmer of hope that through the MOL thread and the desire for Sam to live into old age(Dean’s) that there may be a brighter possibility. But it may all be wishful thinking because of my vicarious thrills on this ride called the Winchesters. This glimmer of hope seen briefly in season 8 about purification, redemption, old age might just be the writers priming us for dark roads ahead. Dean’s rage would be psychotic without Sam especially if he had to be the one to kill Sam. He would end up like Martin or worse. If Dean dies, well Sam just loses it and hits a dog and stops hunting things. They either go out together in a blaze of fire, retire to run the MOL as advisees, or one dies finally and the other goes insane.
    The endings are so hard to predict of any series. You all no my idea of an ending they both grow old and reminisce and go off for one last hunt. So if they survive we never no or die, we never no. I would hate and literally loath, one brother dying and one living alone without the other. But we no this is life and it will always in the end catch up with us at some point. So it got me thinking the other day when Sam got together with Ruby and she asks him what changed his mind, and I think Sam replied, I want to see old age. Dean knows his life will end bloody and expects it to end this way, where as Sam has hope, that he might just get there. I don’t want to see the angel ending where all the cast are trapped in an ally way fighting monsters, for such a good series that ending was awful. The boys deserve a fitting end. But however, seeing Sam without Dean would be interesting to see. 😉 Although SPN without Sam ….. 😦 I would love to see them grow old gracefully, and out whit all the supernatural beings. And be kings of their domain. Hunters no them, the supernatural knows them, so I hope they go down heroes either way. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I like that ending to the story. I see one of the guys dead for good and the lonely one soldiering on. It would be interesting if the loner was Sam. Or the two of them running the MoL bunker and their own team of hunters is good too. I’ve always thought that an ending with the two of them trapped somewhere and fighting would be a powerful ending to the series, like with Angel.
      But we’ve seen this so many times before with Sam! 😉 I like the MOL idea, yes. I could see Sam doing this. No, I thought that Angel ending was such a disappointment for such a good show. Loosing Wesley was so powerful, and then seeing those crappy monsters, (shudder). Poorly executed, IMO … I just get this feeling in my gut that I want to see them as old men, there is something rather magical about it, that they’ve survived it all and it was worth the rocky road.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I just cant see Dean EVER killing Sam unless hes the Sam from The End. He will ALWAYS try to save him. I also don’t think John Sam was evil, just that he could BECOME evil and he wanted to make sure Dean knew this so he could watch out for Sam and keep him from making the choices that would turn him evil
    Yes I get this. But in the end if the crunch came and Sam did end up dark like Sam from The End’ how would Dean cope with it? What if he tried everything and couldn’t save him?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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