Bobby In Episode One

-What escaped from Sam’s arm in Taxi Driver WASN’T Bobby’s soul, it was something else completely.

-Crowley knows what it is, as did as Naomi, both of them meant to deceive The Winchesters about what it was, and use it to their own ends.
-This thing was keeping Sam relatively healthy during the trials until it’s departure.
-Sam didn’t complete the second trial, which is why he is still sick.
-Bobby is still in Sam’s body, and Jared will play “Bobby” for part of the premier, until Death returns to actually escort Bobby to heaven.
-Sam is going to need this thing back in his body if he wants to go on living.
-It’s NOT Sam’s soul.
-There are several clues to what this thing is in Taxi Driver.

Ugh, October can’t come fast enough.

Please let it be Lucifer.

I would argue that Sam completed the trial otherwise nothing would happen when he recited those trials words, but it’s Carver and lol!Canon is his moto, even when it’s his own season canon, so… Whatever.

If true, I want to see Jared play Bobby lol. This sounds kinda neat. Is Sam turning into a demon?
Several clues huh? Like what? lol. I have no idea. I feel like I need toย re-watchย the episode.
This sounds very interesting if true.

My question is he read the incantation for the second trial after it was completed and the thing on his arm changed indicating it worked so how are they going to explain that?

How can I say this without giving it away completely… look at the thing that comes out of Sam’s arm, and how different it looks from Bobby’s soul going in.

Listen to/r-watch the part where Sam and Ajay enter purgatory.
Some are saying this could be fake, but my hunch was correct if this turns out to be true. Jot down any thoughts in your heads and see what we come up with. I think it could be true.

One thought on “SPOILER POST

  1. I think you can’t KNOW anything until the episode is seen. They could tell you the entire plot of the episode and you would still not know how it plays out until you see it. The writers have a way of throwing monkey-wrenches into the mix, so that you mostly can’t guess and most of the fans are too hysterical to guess correctly anyway. Although I must admit it sounds like a great plot.
    This did make me wonder, and I had a hunch that what was in his arm wasn’t just a light and that it ment something. I am not sure if it will be too adventurous for our writers. As good ideas have not materialized before. But I can really see Bobby coming back this way, like a flashback memory within Sam.

    Side Note: I do not understand why some people are ready to s*** on the plot already without having even seen anything. I guess we need to start getting ready for the drama queens who are happy to be unhappy and this is a part of the fandom I hate. No matter what happens on the show, even if it’s something they say they wanted to see, they will still tear their hair out and gnash their teeth about it. I’m starting to get a pretty low idea about some of the Supernatural fandom ,in that some are them are simply dim bulbs.
    You no what the fandoms like, they enjoy teasing us just like the writers. You should see it on the forum today about Sam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t bring myself to carry on reading it all. I find it so depressing. Last years spoilers really did work me up, and when the show started back, I found it really hard to get into the new season as I was dreading what was going to pan out. This year, I have left a lot of the spoilers alone as it does my head in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’d also like to know why you are so stuck on Sam turning into something. He’s already been turned into so many things, even a car. I’m pretty sick of the idea and I don’t think they will be re-hashing it. At least I hope not. I’m gonna stick with Sam turning into a real boy for once. They haven’t done that one and it would be nice to see him researching in the bunker, happy, in his element, and not angsting about anything in particular or maybe just Dean since that’s what they do.
    No, this is a stale idea no, and will put it to bed ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would like to see Sam look out for Dean and return the favor of looking after him. Just to show a softer side of Sam. We no he cares, but just to show us would make a nice change. Dean has always worried about Sam, and watched over and nursed him. Dean needs some TLC too. I’m still pondering on the idea that Bobby might have something to do with how Sam heals. Dean is obviously keeping something back and not telling Sam. So what could be so drastic that Dean doesn’t have the heart to spill something so serious. We no Death is coming back in, and also wonder if Death heals Sam and Sam doesn’t no. Could be too obvious again, but they always need a reason to bring Death back.

    How about Sam is turning into a healthy person or hey!, Sam is turning into a geek with some eyeglasses and some nice elbow patches like in Everybody Hates Hitler. That would be nice.
    Turning into a geek that made me laugh ๐Ÿ˜€ tell me something I don’t no? I love elbow patches I think they are quite trendy, old manish but would look good on Sam. About time the boys changed their clothing just a bit, their casual stuff needs a make over.

    P.S. Not trying to hurt any fan’s feelings but you gotta admit, some of the fans have got ISSUES.
    Tell me about it!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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