Man’s best friends with benefits?

Watching this in the UK this week, quick post for tonight run out of time. Any other thoughts on this episode. I got a number really didn’t like it, but for what reason? Why was it one of the least favorite of the season, as I thought it had some cool tricks in it. Like the mind sweep and finding out who the culprit was. I also loved how the dog saved the day.

The mind sweep cool trick and good special effects?

Any thoughts ….. 



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  1. Don’t like episodes that make Dean look stupid as in here he doesn’t seem to know about familiars. Do like episodes where Sam and Dean banter about which Stooge is the funniest. Flashbacks through the astral projection kinda cool as a reminder of Hell for the Winchesters, but this episode was Hell for this viewer most of the time.This particular episode is clearly at the bottom of season 8 save some quirky moments.

    Don’t like episodes that make Dean look stupid as in here he doesn’t seem to know about familiars.

    This, was what annoyed me about the episode how an idiot Dean looked in not understanding that basic hunting principle. The astral projection was what I was thinking of and thought that was really nicely done. It also made up for the poor quality of the rest of it. I think Dean has had an allergy for cats mentioned before and doesn’t like dogs in the car, so thought that was acceptable. So we had a few dud episode I guess this season.

    Don’t like episodes that make Dean look stupid as in here he doesn’t seem to know about familiars.


  2. As someone who despised this episode, I have several reasons. As an introduction, I have been unsettled by Supernatural’s treatment of women an minorities for a long time. Man’s Best Friends With Benefits combined the worst of both, IMHO. First I should not that I also hated All Dogs Go To Heaven. I was skived out by Lucky, who was NOT a dog, watching the woman of the house, shower, walk around naked and then Lucky would climb into bed with her and snuggle, all while the woman thought he was a dog, instead of a man. It was creepy. In MBFWB, the familiar was both animal and human and sex between her and the witch had some unfortunate implications. I could live with it, but many viewers felt the whole thing bordered on bestiality. What really bothered me was the fact that Portia was an African American Woman, who wore a collar and called James “Master”. This is far too reminiscent of when slaves were forced into sex with their masters pre-Civil War. It was simply very racist and called back to demeaning stereotypes and views of how African Americans in general are seen as less than white Americans.
    Thanks Percy, I new there were undertones but wasn’t sure of its full content. I had a feeling it was something to do with Slavery, and the dog collar moment I remember the forum hating on it. And rightly so. I no the show does have a thing about women as they don’t seem to last long. We’ve had very strong women who deserved to stay and hold their own. The Lucky moment was creepy I admit. The show does push its boundaries I’ll give it that.

    My other problem is part of a pattern in Supernatural where male witches are hunky dory good guys and women witches aren’t. In Malleus Maleficarum it was made quite clear that witches all sold their souls to a demon and were all destined for Hell regardless of whether they knew they were selling their souls or whether they repented and tried to save Sam and Dean. Ruby had been a witch and that was why she was in Hell. The only other witch we saw was the wiccan whose son was being held by the serial killer and she was pretty powerless and fairly useless. However, every single male witch we have met has been pretty powerful and have if they sold their souls to a demon they are in no way in danger of going to Hell. Patrick, the first male witch, was smart enough to get an immortality clause, meaning he would never go to Hell, plus he got a woobie, poor me everyone I love dies edit. James too had lived for hundreds of years. In this case his wife did also, so it wasn’t as bad. Now we have James. Suddenly for a man who seeks power there is absolutely NO evil attached to being a witch, he and the other witches, mostly male, in MBFWB were just good old boys using power they were entitled to use, no demonic strings attached. There is a not so subtle message in all of this about how women who want control over their lives or seek power are punished while men are rewarded even if they use the exact same means, witchcraft. As I said, it is not exclusive to this episode, but combined with the icky racial message, the subservient use of Master by Portia and the bordering on bestiality this entire episode was repulsive to me.
    Yes. I can see why it made you nauseous. The writers can go a bit too far sometimes. We also don’t have many female writers my favorite was Kathryn Humphries who didn’t last long. I wonder how many complaints they actually receive when an episode is received in poor taste by the fans. Its not a nice feeling to think the writers can write this about women. Its like is one big mans world. Its a bit below the belt.

    Thanks for the comments, great to see you back Percy 😉
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I agree with everything you said. A lot of African women on twitter voiced outrage on Twitter when this episode aired. I do not understand how TPTB on SPN did not see all the ick factors. Perhaps the show s really comfortable with misogyny.
      I seem to recall Misha bringing this up at one of the conventions but don’t no how far he got with it all. We all praised him for having a go 😉 Its a bit naughty of the writers to go this far. I can see why it hit a nerve with so many.

      Thanks for the comments, Good to see you back forever..
      Love Aunty B xxxx


    2. Percysowner: Very well and clearly stated. I’m a woman of color who was totally disgusted with this episode. I also hated All Dogs for the same reasons you did.
      Hope me posting this didn’t upset anyone, 😉 I am surprised how they do get away with it and have for so long. Its a real shame how women are pointed at by the writers knowing how many women do watch the show. Its a special show to so many women, and this can happen.

      However on Spin it is a pattern of them killing off women who show any Mindoro autonomy or ambition, from Bella to Ruby, to the witches and even minor stand alone characters I especially dislike the misuse of the Roadhouse women as ultimately their deaths served no purpose and now the death of Meg. It has seriously pissed people off the treatment of women in this show who can only be seen as monsters who must die or victims who ….wait a minute…..still die.
      The roadhouse was poor I agree. I think anyone who was in association with Sam was killed that’s what I thought, might be wrong. As Ruby asked Sam to find out about his mothers friends and it turned out Azazel killed them all. I wonder if the writers have picked up on how unhappy fans are about certain stuff they write. How far they will go to rub people the wrong way.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


    3. Percysowner expresses any of the reasons this is not high on my list of episodes. I know since the Hell hounds ripped Dean apart, he disfavors dogs,but overplayed here. His new allergy to cats, really?Portia’s character,not knocking the actress, the portrayal of servant-familiar, women, S and M. Not cool at all.


      1. Dean’s suddenly appearing reasons for disliking various types of animals is one of my minor beefs with Supernatural. Dean showed no allergies to cats in the episode with Veritas and multiple cats in the same room with Dean, but can suddenly tell if a familiar is a cat because of his new allergy. Dean hates dogs because of being killed by Hell Hounds, but has no issue with Lucky the serial killer dog. In fact Lucky is one monster, and I do mean monster the guy murdered three people, who Dean is perfectly willing to let go. Apparently cute, big violent dogs who do not promise never to kill again are hunky dory with Dean, as opposed to monsters who previously saved Sam’s life, spent 15-20 years not killing, and killed only to save their son. As many issues as I had with MBFWB, the more I think about All Dogs Go to Heaven, the more I hate that one.
        So you think Dean’s allergy has been made up.

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. You do realize that the same crappy writers did both these episodes. The only halfway decent ep. ever written by them was Taxi Driver and that one had problems with canon too.

          Maybe those two aren’t good for a genre show where you have to keep good track of things that happened before. Maybe they should stick with soap operas like 90210 or something where no one cares if the characters are likable or not.
          Don’t get me started on those two writers, the forum is always up in arms about those two, talk about keeping it in the family.

          Thanks for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxxx


          1. Well, IMDB says Adam Glass did All Dogs Go to Heaven and Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Lemming did MBFWB. In any case I dislike both Adam Glass and the Buckner Ros-Lemming combo of writers, so I am in no way defending them. That said, I have read man interviews where the writing staff talks about scripts being a collaborative effort and how they work together for the scripts, so even if they are the work of one writer or team, the show still allowed the concept of a Peeping Tom dog and an African American familiar who sleeps with her witch, is collared and calls him Master. All of these writers are coming back AFAIK, so my issue with how the show handles things still stand.

            To be fair to the show and the writers, it has never been said that Dean hates dogs because of the Hell Hounds ripping him apart. It is more a theory advanced by fandom to explain his dislike and to explain why Sam can never get a dog (which he has been seen as wanting) and why Sam is an insensitive, bad brother for even wanting a dog. The show has pretty well just had Dean tell Sam no dogs.
            And we all no how much Sam and Jared both adore dogs.

            Love B


        2. I think Dean’s allergy to cats was sloppy writing by someone who couldn’t be bothered to check continuity. They wanted the one familiar to be a cat without showing the form the first time, so Dean got a sudden inexplicable cat allergy. The other explanation (which I like, but which is highly unlikely) is that what returned from Purgatory wasn’t “our” Dean and this isn’t “our” original universe. Or that it is “our” Dean, but that he returned to a slightly different universe, where the cats are different enough that he is allergic to them. Considering the small, large and ginormous canon errors this season, I could easily believe that Dean ended up in a close, but not quite right universe, one where there was an actual deal to not look; one where they went to the Grand Canyon when they were four; one where there are Rouge Reapers sending innocent souls to Hell and being able to be killed by an angel sword; one where Crowley isn’t Fergus McLeod who sold his soul for a couple of inches 400 years ago and instead is old enough to know Naomi in Mesopotami;, heck one where a bureaucratic angel like Naomi exists instead of the bureaucratic Zachariah. This season has been a mess as far as canon goes IMHO and I don’t know if it is because the writers got lazy and don’t care or if at one point they intended for the big reveal to be that Dean caught the portal to the wrong world. In any case, I think that boat has sailed and this is the right Dean in the right world and I just have to ignore all those piddly details that made me NUTS during the season.
          I recall this alternate universe was mentioned, but can buy this logic, as the writing has been up and down all season. We’ve had some really strong episodes though. I still hated Sam not looking for Dean, Kevin and ditching the phones, which really did piss me off. Now this season it looks like Dean’s head will be on the chopping block, is this give Dean something to do, keeping something back from Sam? This spoiler is turning out to be just as bad as last summers. I wish it turned out to be an alternate universe then it might appear reasonable.

          Thanks for the comments
          Love Aunty B xxxx


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