Remember Annie Hawkins?

Annie Hawkins (RIP)

Name Annie Hawkins
Actor Jamie Luner
Dates  ????-2012 (killed by Whitman Van Ness)
Location Bodega Bay, California
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 7.19 Of Grave Importance


Annie is a hunter, in her mid-thirties. She works on her own, and has no family. She is a friend to Bobby, Dean and Sam, and in fact has slept with each of them at various times. It is unknown when these encounters occurred, although Sam tells Dean that it was during the period that he was soulless and they ended up on a case together. She has in her possession some of Bobby’s old books.

The boys both recall having spent time with her?


7.19 Of Grave Importance

Annie is investigating a series of disappearances of teenagers, that center around the Van Ness House in Bodega Bay, California. While investigating the house, a ghost called Victoria, leaves a message via EVP on her phone. Later Annie calls Sam and Dean suggesting they meet so she can give them Bobby’s books. She returns to the house, and is killed by Whitman Van Ness, although Dexter O’Connell tries to warn her off.

Sam and Dean travel to the house in search of her, and Bobby, who is also a ghost, informs Annie that she is dead. The house is full of ghosts and one, Haskel Crane gives them some hints on how to move objects.

Bobby and Annie ask for help in getting to know new ghost skills….

Two more teenagers enter the house and are killed, and when Dexter tries to intervene Whitman attacks him and absorbs his soul. Annie asks Victoria to explain what is happening, and she explains that Whitman kills people who enters the house, and each soul he traps in the house makes him stronger.

When Bobby returns to the house, he and Annie find the bodies of all that have died in the house including Annie herself. Annie tells Bobby that she wants a Hunter’s funeral pyre, that her life was a lonely one, and that she doesn’t want to linger as a ghost.

Annie tells Bobby that she wants a Hunter’s funeral pyre,

Sam and Dean burn Whitman’s bones and vanquish him, just as he attacks Bobby. When Sam and Dean return, they can see and speak to Bobby, who tells them what has happened to Annie. They burn her corpse and she requested.


Now a number of characters have only played small parts on this show, and this character really stood out for me. I think she could have been a cracking character if she had lived longer. You never know since its Supernatural anything is possible. I liked her image, and confidence in getting a job done, and was a bold, sassy hunter. I also enjoyed and laughed to myself when I found out she had slept with all three men, WOW go girl!! I often wondered who was her favorite.

I enjoyed her performance a lot, and she in a way reminded me of Ellen, and recall this was mentioned on the forum. Two hot headed women, with a goal in mind and would achieve it, no matter what got in the way. I also thought she blended in well with Bobby and they were naturals together, they were on the same wavelength.

I loved her get up and go,
and never giving up ….

So folks, what did you think of spunky Annie Hawkins. Was her character short lived, and not fleshed out enough. Did we really get to know this little gem of a lady. May be you didn’t overly care for her, or she was a character that slipped past your radar. Either way would like to know what you might of thought about her. As she didn’t want to stay as a ghost and resemble the ones that she was viewing herself. Did she deserve to die, I don’t feel she did. By the way I loved how she called Bobby ‘Robert’ and not Bobby! I’ve got to give it to these two actors it was a pretty moving scene.



3 thoughts on “Remember Annie Hawkins?

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  1. I liked the character very much. It was interesting to meet a character the boys and bobby knew but that we the audience didn’t. We forget sometimes that things are going on that we don’t always know about. I thought it was kind of EW! that all 3 of them had been with her LOL
    I like that mystery about her too. That’s what makes it interesting when we don’t know and find knew stuff out 😉 It tickled me too when we found out she had slept with all three men. The look on Sam’s face was priceless. I loved his excuse and get out clause 😉 I wish we had her in place of Garth. She is so bad ass. Why do all the good characters get bumped off. 😦

    Thanks for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I thought it was hilarious how it was revealed that she did that. She definitely has good taste in men but I hope I Never find out she had Garth too as that would ruin my image of her.( I like Garth and he’s an interesting character but he ain’t in Annie’s league as a partner or a hunter. Annie is most definitely a Big Game Hunter.)
      Oh God no, it would spoil it for me too. I only just tolerate Garth. He’s not in Annie’s league and is comic relief, which is over rated at best. How he remained being a hunter in the first place … I would like to have seen Annie and Ellen together on a hunt bet they kick some ass together and also get on 🙂

      That said , I think she was wasted in this episode and I hope they do at least one flashback story about her and Bobby, at least. I’d love to see her, in the flesh, on an actual hunt.
      She was short-lived and that was sad 😦 I found her compelling to watch, and really got into her big time. Hats off to the actress as she did a really good job. Debbab mentioned this and I hope so too that they bring her back in Heaven if they go there, and help Bobby sort the place out. And kick Metatron’s butt good and proper.

      Thanks for the comments
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Annie was awesome. She is what I would want in a female hunter. She certainly was brave, smart, sexy and really knew her way around Bobby, Dean, and Sam. She wouldn’t put up with bull from anyone and was so brave. She did not want to stay a ghost but remained true to hunting. Her red hair was so contrasted by the great make up when she was ghostly. It was a monster of the week, so that was why she was so limited. It was also a way to get Bobby to be visible to the boys in a somewhat believable way and explore the future of ghosts who do not move on: lesson for Bobby and the boys. Her one mistake was to go into the house without back up. She called the Winchesters for help, but did not wait. Hubris – always the downfall of a hero. Maybe she and Robert are teaming up in Heaven to hunt Metatron. No. The writers wouldn’t do that. Enjoyed the performance, not so much the episode- a bit drawn out pace wise.
    That’s what I loved about her that she wanted to explore the future of other ghosts, she wanted to understand them and their problems. She took no prisoners and had balls, to do what she did for a living. I was surprised that others remembered her, as I thought she was superb, and want to know much more about her. I wish the writers would bring her back again, may be we might see her in Heaven but doubt this as you said. I wish we had her instead of Charlie sometimes 😉 I get what you mean about the pacing, it was a bit drawn out. But I did really enjoy it and was easy to follow and work out the story.

    Thanks for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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