The Thule Society?

Thule Society

The signet ring of the Thule Society as worn by Eckhart.

The Thule Society is a group of necromancers with plans of world domination. They originated in Europe and sponsored the Nazi party in its early days. The Judah Initiative was formed to fight them.

In Vitsyebsk, Belarus following the Nazi occupation in World War II, the Thule Society established a camp where they carried out terrible magical experiments on the Jewish people in attempts to reanimate the dead. Commander Eckhart devises the experiments and records the results, which eventually lead to him being able to revive dead Nazis, in a red ledger. The reanimated soldiers could be killed with a head shot but will come back to life unless it is burned within twelve hours.

The Judah Initiative raise a Golem to destroy the camp, but Eckhart uses magic and escapes but the red ledger is left behind.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Torvald, a member of the Thule Society, follows Rabbi Bass, eventually causes him to combust after he locates the red ledger which both the Judah Initiative and the Thule Society have been seeking for decades.

When Sam, Dean and the Rabbi’s grandson track down the red ledger, Torvald tries to take it and shoots magic poison dart into Sam and Aaron until the Golem kills him and the spell is broken. Sam and Dean burn his body.

Eckhart and his men track down Aaron and the Winchesters and break in to steal the ledger. When Aaron causes a distraction, Sam and Dean are able to shoot two of them and Eckhart, but one escapes.

Aaron takes possession of the Golem and vows to continue the work of his grandfather and the Judah Initiative.


This episode has begun to fascinate me with the help of you all here, I finally got my head around it. What did interest me was the actual societies. The work that they did, and what The Thule Society and The Judah Initiative were about, as they were both interested in the same thing for different reasons. I admired the Rabbi’s courage to keep the ledger safe and out of the Thule’s hands whom sadly looses his life in the process.

The Thule Society were a cruel society, but for what extreme gain, in attempts to reanimate the dead and record those experiments. How did the whole thing end, and what connection is there to the bunker, is the bunker safe from this society?

Bella would like to discover more about theses Societies, and wonders if the writers will explore other societies around, if there are any. I couldn’t bear to think what those poor people suffered at the hands of these experiments. What did you think about how far these experiments actually went. And if they actually achieved what they had set out to do, or much worse.


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  1. This was one of those episodes that I truly enjoyed. Being a former conspiracy theorist I was pleasantly surprised about their take on Thule. I was equally ecstatic about the introduction of the Golem and The Judah Initiative. I really hope they bring back the JI and Golem. It would be interesting. There was another society called the Vril that was connected to Nazi’s but they predated Hitler and Nazism, but heavily influenced Himmler. This was the society that was heavily into the occult. I read in a conspiracy theory book on Nazis that at the Nuremberg Trials the prosecution avoided introducing Nazi beliefs or religion in fear that they could get off on being nuts! But, with the introduction of Thule and JI I have a feeling that the writers are laying the ground work for possible story arcs in season 9 or even season 10. I am hearing rumors that there will be a season 10. I find that season 8 (which many thought may be the last season) laid the ground work for what we may see in season 9. Supernatural is great for making an episode one season and the next bringing back characters from that episode who have major roles in regards to plot line. This episode excited my imagination to the max!
    I must admit, you may find I had a job getting my head around this episode, doesn’t happen that often but this one had me in a twist. But guys here helped me out, and now I understand it better and enjoy it so much more. I thought the Golem was a fantastic actor. I also recall that Jim Michael’s tweeted that they had a job to find an actor taller and wider than Jared, and when Jared saw him on set I think Jim said it was priceless. It was a tall order for them to find an actor with that height and build. I like the story behind the two organizations and how the story was woven together. I really felt for the Rabbi. 😦 I am pretty certain there will be a tenth season as the boys are signed for 10 and they don’t often go back on this word. Also the powers that be love the show and are happy with the ratings. So it could go 11/12 years. May be longer. It has scope. But I don’t want it to loose its appeal. Or go dry and look silly as so many shows end up doing.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  2. Think you mixed it up a bit in your last comment. The Thule society was evil not the Judah initiative. The Judah initiative mimics the resistance fighters against the Nazis in WWII. The Anti Defamation League combats antisemitism and other vicious hate groups around the world today. The Judah Initiative was SPN’s take on the historical resistance movement. The creation of a Golem is an old tale in Yiddish literature to which the writers did not stay loyal all the way but got it pretty close. How does one combat evil? The focus on the Thule society is not so far off from some Nazi theories of the time. There are still organizations that support Nazi racism today. SPN did a great job in bringing forth the historical and current hatred and secret societies that still exist albeit with a supernatural flavor. Social consciousness is always seeping through in the series. Just clarifying so that the comment about the Judah initiative does not spark anti Jewish thought. I know you would never intentionally imply this thought. You might want to edit it.
    I thought I’d got this whoops. So there is more than one group involved in these experiments not just the Thule Society? Thanks for the Nod, typo, now corrected. I think writing is a tall order when you think how much research has to go into one story alone. How accurate they have to be in putting a story out. 😉

    Thanks for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. Here in the States there’s a lot of speculation about the Nazis and the occult. There’s endless numbers of documentaries about this and I haven’t watched a single on of them so I’m as confused as you on this one. I had heard about the experiments involving twins though.
    This is so wired as it took me ages to get to gripes with this story, now I understand it, I keep thinking why did it take me ages to understand it all. May be not being in the same country as all of you I don’t know. But as I said to Barb, I heard about the twin thing also.

    That said I think The Thule Society had succeeded. Eckhart and the others had come up with a way to reanimate themselves and the ledger was a record of their successes. The only connection I can see with the bunker is through the Judah Initiative. The MoL knew the JI who were after the Thule. I didn’t get the impression the Thule even knew about the MoL.
    So it sounds as though the bunker might be safe from them then at least. Imagine if the bunkers knowledge would get in the wrong hands. 😉 So when they say reanimate are they making some form of clone of themselves a replica? No wonder also why they wanted the Rabbi dead. I really felt for him as he was only protecting the ledger and all those that had been harmed, so the experiments couldn’t continue on.

    I do hope to see them at least once this season along with Aaron and his Golem. They make great villains and I’d like to see how tough or bada** Aaron has gotten since we saw him last. Id also like to know if there are other secret societies as well.
    Me too. I loved Aaron, and found him so much better to watch than the likes of Charlie and Garth. I much prefer to watch a maturer actor. This is also whats got me interested, if there are others out there and what they are actually getting up to. I wonder if the Rabbi new of this too.

    Thanks for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I don’t think they are making replicas. I think they are actually dying and then coming back to life. I believe that was why the guys were so very quick to burn them.
      Yeap, I realize this now still very creepy though.

      I think Sam said that if they didn’t burn the bodies they would come back to life. Between the time when the Golem killed that one Thule member and Sam and Dean burning the body, Eckhart managed to access the dead mans ghost. Eckhart said that the ghost was forced to depart.
      Yeap got this too now you mention it I recall this scene. 😉 Now I missed the Eckhart bit. That’s helped me fit another piece together.

      So my guess is by burning the body so quickly the ghost was prevented from reanimating its body. As to where the ghost went is anyone’s guess. Hell or Purgatory?
      Yes! Isn’t it only monsters go to purgatory. I thought Ghosts go to Heaven, probably wrong about this too. 😉 So burning the body was preventing the ghost from returning to its host? Boy, this story is rather complex. Or I’m thick … 😀

      Thanks for the comments
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. The Nazis were known for crazy experiments. They were always trying to come up with the perfect Aryan (sp) gene-blond hair blue eyes. They worked a lot on twins from what I understand. Of course there’s so much we don’t know and I don’t know if they did”supernatural” types of experiments.
    Now you come to mention it I do remember that being said about twins. That’s even creepier. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was supernatural experiments as its the type of show its referring too I guess. But I wonder if they were trying to make a super powered human or something I can imagine the wired lengths they would go too, and how deep they would go. I shiver thinking about it.

    Thanks for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. We should shiver. The Nazi’s performed atrocious experiments on the inmates at the camps, most of whom where Jewish. Twins were of great interest to the Nazi’s under Dr. Mengele’s direction. Watch the movie: Boys from Brazil. Again, what is a monster? What is true evil? SPN raises these important questions again to the modern consciousness. The bunker seems to be known only to the “good guys” from the MOL and their associates such as the Rabbi. The network is probably large and there are other hidden bunkers around the world, but Dean doesn’t fly, so maybe there are hunters on other continents. Oh, yes, in France and in the USA( the Simon Weisenthal Center) and Israel,there are organizations that used to ( and still do) hunt former Nazis who were responsible for these and other atrocities in the camps. And today in the Middle East, atrocities continue so what is a monster? Sorry to be so political, but if you look at SPN it often has political overtones that crop up. Hunter, monsters, societies-sound like a good premise for a TV show and a history lesson. So educational.
      That’s why I always felt nervous of talking about this. I still wonder about The Bunkers connections if it holds some of this information within its walls.

      Thanks for the comments
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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