Keeping Secrets?

In eight years stories tend to repeat themselves and once again we are finding ourselves rolling our eyes, about the boys keeping secrets. We know the boys deeply love one another, but yet tangle themselves up in knots keeping information back as not to hurt the other. I did at one time think it was protection mode that was stopping them from opening up straight away and telling the truth. Both boys must know by now that this never ends well.

So being a writer must be some hard task when deciding to change tack, and wondering what direction to take two lead characters. So for sometime we sense an evenness, then we hit a bump in the road. So looking at this more closely, why do we as humans keep secrets. There are many reasons why we keep something private within us that we don’t want someone else to know. But as humans we know there are many different forms of a secret. For example a Alcoholic;  a drug taker, someone with an eating disorder. Gambling addition, an affair, even yes Sam’s demon blood addiction. 

So when we look at the secret, we think of how much pain we have caused others, and in this case either Sam or Dean whom is on the receiving end of the secret. Deciding not to reveal a hurtful secret is usually easy for some, but keeping it going long term gets even harder. So do we notice that the boys often lay their confessions on the line because they can’t retain that guilt much longer. Do we sense that love has come through, because they can’t keep that secret within them because its eating away their insides so badly. That they need to reveal it to clear their own mind. So yes they can move on from it. So the question is does keeping a secret weigh you down to the point you can’t function any longer and you can’t cope, and yes like in Sam’s case in Sacrifice he wanted to end it all, and didn’t care whether he lived or not.

So if there were no secrets that the writers could fall into, what other direction could they take the boys. We no this really annoys us, and we think long term is it doing the boys any real favors. Is it being more harmful to the relationship long term. And digging them into an even bigger hole that they are already in? Can a relationship survive without  a secret hanging over them. As those secrets build over the years, does this harm the person individually, that it molds them into a certain way? That they can may be not live without keeping some form of secret, as its all they seem to know? 

So what Bella is trying to say is are the writers doing more harm than good, when issuing the boys a secret. Does it create bad blood, and disharmony when they can’t open up and be honest with each other? What does keeping something back really achieve? Why do they get into such a tight corner in the first place. If they know it only causes the other upset. We tend as humans to learn from our mistakes, but is this the pattern now, that they will continue to make mistakes, and eventually hit a brick wall, and fall apart. As how long can this actually go on that the person says I’ve had enough? And walks away.


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  1. I’m hoping after putting them on the same page this past season that the secret won’t make or break them. We need at least half a season with no angst but as usual; it doesn’t look that way.
    I doubt we will ever get a season with out the angst, its too in-built in the shows mythology now. But how far can the brothers go before learning not to keep a secret, as it just damages the relationship. I thought with Sacrifice they were at least turning a corner, and being honest and open, but I think that’s ruined even this. Dean must have been in a bad position to do what he appears he’s about to do. He’s only following his gut, and that’s to get his brother on the straight and narrow, which even Sam would understand. So what is Dean so afraid of?

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


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