Who’s Kevin’s Father?

Quick question today as I’m running out of steam and imagination is running dry. So any idea’s when Crowley suggested this to Kevin. Or do we think as usual Crowley is teasing Kevin. I thought it might have been Crowley himself, but then thought him together with Mrs Tran, was she his type of woman?

Who really is Kevin’s father ….

Think away and see what we come up with.


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  1. Crowley was being a well, a demon and dicking Kevin around. He was picking at a sore in Kevin’s history to annoy him. Mrs. Tran seems to have had a past judging from her reaction to tattoos, so maybe he is a product of IVF or a casual fling. It doesn’t matter unless it turns out to be something supernatural. It only makes Kevin more of a driven personality. As I said before, Crowley hankers after Sam in his own way, but will go after anyone as long as he can wear nice suits.
    I thought this was what Crowley might have been up too. A torture tack-tick to make Kevin finish off the job. Yeap you might have a point there about the IVF. But Sam doesn’t overly wear nice tailored suits 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. Oooo I had a thought……..if what if Kevin is (and I am talking bibically) the Prophet Elijah who tells the coming of God? He can read the Angel tablets. He could have been fathered with the influence of Angels or Cupids? Just a thought. And speaking bibically when a Prophet of the Lord is done with their task they “ascend into Heaven” or go back to God. This happened with Chuck. He was there to tell the Winchester Saga and the Apocalypse and that task had been complete so he “was sent up”. or something lol That is what came to mind when I had watched Swan Song. But Kevin is still here. He never went away. Which makes me excited that Ezekiel will have a role in this season 9! 😀

      History in this show has shown that Demons don’t necessarily lie. They tell a hard truth that that serves as a major plot twist or that creates tension/dishonesty. Angels have lied more on this show then the Demons in my opinion. Think of the Angels who orchestrated the Apocalypse!

      I don’t know if any of you have read “Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting” but in there Bobby speaks of Hunters and society/clans in Japan. I was very disappointed that they didn’t incorporate Bobby’s experience with Mermaid type creatures. Season 8 featured boats and vampire pirates! But, a water set and a visual effect of Mermaids would be very expensive! But still the story in that book would have made a great episode!


  2. I have had only one reaction to this and it can be summed up by “Please don’t be John Winchester!!!”. I don’t think it will be Crowley and actually with Mama Tran “dead” I don’t see how the answer can come up at all. Crowley can say what he likes, but whose to know if he is telling the truth. I could live with a young Chuck being Kevin’s father, since I don’t want Chuck to be God and having the prophet gene run in the family would work for me. Other than that, as long as it’s not John Winchester, I’m good.
    I’m with you on not wanting to believe that Chuck is God. I could also see him being Kevin’s father too. I doubt it would be John Winchester, as another son in toe would blacken his character also. He has already had one other son outside the boys. I can’t think of anyone else around that could be his father. Unless, even Dean could be a thought, but guess he was only kidding when he said to Kevin your mother is hot. 😉 I still think Crowley was using it as a means to an end, that he doesn’t know who his father really is. So may be a false alarm!

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  3. I haven’t dropped a comment in awhile, but I truthfully believe it is/was only Crowley teasing. Demons use whatever means they can to coax the truth out of you (or whatever it is they may want). It reminds me of when Sam was possessed way back when by Meg. She used actual truth to make Jo squirm, but in this case I just think Crowley was toying with Kevin to make him more willing to give away information about the tablet. And I think this was the point in which Crowley knew where he was but hadn’t made the move to kidnap him, yet? So it was yet another scare tactic on Crowley’s part.
    Good to see you back, thought I’d lost you 😉
    I think so too, it feels like a Crowley gag. Yes it was an underhanded tack tic to force information from him. Oh Crowley is cruel this season, much more so than previous years. I really felt for Kevin too. All that medication he’s on can’t be doing him any good either. He must be in a really bad way.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


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