The Trials?

Having been watching season 8 again in the UK we have just reached the episode that was Taxi Driver. And a thought struck me. Since also watching Trial and Error I kept thinking about the trials and the weakness behind the trials. Killing a Hell-hound; Rescuing and innocent soul from hell, and curing a demon. Now unless its revealed during season 9, part of this thinking in working out these trials doesn’t appear to add up. When I think about all three tasks logically. Now Killing a hell-hound could be related in curing a demon as both live in hell, and the hell-hounds happen to follow orders from Crowley. But what I didn’t get was, the innocent soul. I realize from watching Taxi Driver again, that Crowley deems where a soul goes, whether up to heaven, or down below.

Was Bobby the best person to rescue?

Now the innocent soul part has been playing on my mind, as things sometimes do. I couldn’t help but think Bobby was hardly an innocent. I often think back to many characters that the boys have lost along the way who appear much more innocent than Bobby. I kept thinking about the virgin in Jus in Bello. How Ruby was going to use her to save the day and lost her life any way. It didn’t feel right that it was Bobby. The only reason I thought this was that he was the last person to die, that the boys knew. Which is okay, but not really an innocent.

Was she more of a worthy cause than Bobby Singer?

I also wondered if the tasks of the trial were connected to each other, and if they were connected to heaven in any way. Since the boys have abandoned the trials, what’s next. Where do they go from here? Where does this actually leave Heaven and Hell? If the boys are going to continue interrogating Crowley in searching out all his demons will this also help drive the boys. Will they get them all, and will they continue on this mission. Is Crowley going to be so stupid enough in revealing all, to the Wincehster’s.

Is Crowley going to be so stupid enough in revealing all, to the Wincehster’s.

So Bella would love to know what did you really think of the trials, if they were really thought out, in succession and planned as best as they could have been. Were they too easy, and not spaced out enough. Was it a blessing in disguise that the trials didn’t go ahead, or did they give in too easily?

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  1. I wonder…… since the Trials are technically 2/3 complete could there still be a chance that in the future Sam finishes the 3rd Trial? I am theorizing that since they quit the Trials, it wasn’t the end to the Trials themselves. Which would make Hells future pretty precarious, seeing as how they are one cure away from being shut out. But that brings up the question……. Would the Demons who are on Earth at the time of Hells closing still remain? Look what happened to the Angel trials!
    I did wonder this myself. But since the boys have a new job to focus on I think that story line has now past. Unless something occurs in season 9 and the writers decide to go back to it. But could Sam go behind Dean’s back and close those gates himself if he had a mind to. I don’t know. He could, if he felt down again about certain things, he may find himself back there wanting to finish that job because it would end it all for him. But I think he would need to want to be out of it so badly if he went a head. The boys appear to have come to an understanding. And that would be like going back on their agreement/bond. So I don’t know it could happen, but then we know Sam is a lead character and we know he’s not going to die just yet. 😉 As far as the demons are concerned I would hazard a guess as to say they would still be trapped out on earth. If the gates were to be closed permanently. If you remember what happened when they opened hells gate. They said they had work to do in killing off the monsters that got out, over 200. So I would like to think they would suss them out and kill as many as they could. And start again.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  2. IMO trials do not have to be connected, but these 3 were as they all involved demonic influence: The puppies certainly come from Hell, Bobby’s soul retrieval was a trip to Hell, and curing a demon that comes from Hell are connected. Now, Bobby killed his fair share of bad things, but that puts him in the good column, at least as Dean says he was one of the good guys. His trip to the Dominican to Hedonism, well that isn’t Hell worthy. His drinking wouldn’t prevent entrance into Hell. He would not have a child with his wife, but that doesn’t make him evil. And he certainly has done right by the Winchesters. Bobby made a deal with Crowley but did so to help the boys and did get his soul back. He was destined for Heaven, but Crowley diverted his soul: evidently he has some say in soul placement or at least has power to divert souls. Remember Ajay reaped Bobby, so Ajay may have had a deal with Crowley, as Crowley does know him in Taxi Driver and Ajay is not trust worthy as we see in his deliverance of Sam to Purgatory not Hell.Perhaps Crowley made a deal with Naomi back in the day. I am not so sure that was really Bobby in Hell to this day. The woman Sam encounters on his way to Bobby’s cell, always haunted me, btw. Or maybe a piece of Bobby’s soul resonates in Sam and makes him ill as a left over from the trials. Clearly, none of Crowley’s blood got into Sam, but Sam was weak from giving blood for 8 straight hours. In any event, Closing the Gates of Hell connects the trials. It is the end result not the trials themselves. Refer back to Jason and the Argonauts or the Trials of Hercules.
    Again yes this is why I didn’t feel the innocent didn’t fit into this trial. As hell is a nasty place where bad things happen by bad people, and primarily where bad people end up. If this was part of the angel trial I could get this. As its a good deed. I got too from barb about Crowley and the souls. Yes Ajay reaped Bobby. I was surprised also that Crowley could kill a reaper that fooled me for a bit. Even having a weapon to kill a reaper. As reapers are powerful creatures. And Crowley is not as powerful as a reaper? Was this a loop hole? Again I got this ages ago about Bobby being in Sam still. Yes I said to Ikeke that women really played on my mind and thought Sam could have saved her, as she was human and wouldn’t have been a problem getting her back to earth as she’s human. I don’t think she deserved to be there….

    (I do think the virgin in Jus in Bello went to Heaven when Lilith was done, but the others such as Hendrickson, who knows what they did when they were reaped). There are lots of convicts in jail who claim they are innocent of the crime, and some actually are innocent. So Hell just reflects life in some cases. The trials made sense to me.
    Most of it made sense to me too. It was just that grey area of the innocent soul. I thought it would have been more suited to the angel trials, as that’s what I would have expected a Heaven trial to contain. But I can also see good people end up in hell too who deserve to be rescued. It just surprised me it was Bobby when there was a whole host of choices the writers could have made. Again as I said earlier, it was as if they were playing to popular demand, the writers thought Bobby is a popular character and wanted him back on the show regardless of the plot. It appeared to easy, with out much imagination or effort on their part.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  3. I see your point but the people who died in Just in Bello probably went to Heaven. Are there other innocent souls in Hell? More than likely. Its a pretty big place and it was speculated that the area where Bobby was being held was such a place, where innocent souls got tortured. Sam would have plenty of people to choose from but couldn’t be sure if they were innocent or not and he knew Bobby.
    Again your probably right, they may well have gone up to Heaven. This was what made me wonder. I got he knew Bobby, and I get why he would have saved Bobby, regardless if he was an innocent or not. I just felt it was a too easy choice for the writers to have picked. When there were plenty of other worthy candidates. Adam for example? Depending again of course if they are still in hell. Look at the girl who continued to babble on to Sam saying ‘I knew it was you’. Why not her? We know Sam has a conscience, and she is human so she could have come through the human portal and back with him.

    In good conscience he would never have left Bobby there. It really would have been interesting though if the innocent soul had been someone else. Bobby’s innocence is a little dubious. He did make a deal after all.
    Oh believe me I get this. Thank you for agreeing with me 😉 Yes he did make a deal.

    I looked at the trials in a general sort of way. Each trial involved taking something from Hell. Or rather stealing a soul from Hell but for a righteous reason. Stealing a Hell-hounds life would save a soul from going to Hell. Actually going into Hell and taking a soul that wasn’t supposed to be there and then converting a demon which is basically a debased human soul would be another way of stealing a soul from Hell. So the trials are related because they involve the removal of a soul from Hell, the saving of a soul from going to Hell and the conversion of a soul to goodness thereby saving it from damnation.

    Yes, I get what your saying the trials were all connected to hell. Which was a good scenario. But what I thought they could have done was may be tie two of the tasks together for example rescuing a demon from hell and curing its soul, would have made more sense. Why was rescuing an innocent in particular important to the trial?

    I imagine the closing of heaven would be the reverse of this. Maybe tricking Heaven into accepting a damned soul or corrupting an angel (Cas) or stealing something from Heaven.
    Good point! It sounds up Supernatural’s street and could see this happening.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  4. ” I realize from watching Taxi Driver again, that Crowley deems where a soul goes, whether up to heaven, or down below.”

    Sorry Bella, that’s not true. I think he paid off the reaper that took Bobby to take him to hell. He DOESN’T make that decision but I guess he found an untrustworthy Reaper who was willing to be bought off. If he was the decider of where souls go he would send them all to Hell, wouldn’t he? (-:
    Your right, got mixed up again! 😉 So the reaper was naughty in taking a bribe from Crowley then? So how come then no one has picked up where these supposed good souls are going? If its Gods domain he’s not doing his job properly?

    About the trials. Remember it was about closing the gates of Hell so I actually find it appropriate that they had to save an honest soul in Hell because when/if the doors close the innocent souls there (if there are an others) would be stuck there. So I think the trials did make sense.
    Yes, but Bobby was hardly innocent. He wasn’t a pure innocent soul. That’s what I didn’t get. He’s murdered monsters, been the local town drunk, need I go on. I was just surprised they picked Bobby. It was like it was almost a fan request that he was bought back. But a lot didn’t want Bobby back. So I still don’t get this, why it was Bobby. This will nag at me for years now. 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


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