Atropos – What did we think of her?



Name Atropos
Actor Katie Walder
Dates Before humanity
Location No fixed address
Occupation One of the Three Fates
Episode 6.17 My Heart Will Go On


Atropos is one of the the Fates, three sisters who ensure that each person meets the end that is predetermined for them. She has two sisters who are “bigger in every sense of the word”. Her job was to ensure people met the fate assigned to them by God. Since Sam and Dean broke away from their fate, and stopped the Apocalypse, free will is ruling over destiny and she no longer works to ensure fate is met.


Powers and Abilities

  • She is able to stop time, predict events, selectively manipulate the flow of time, which she uses to assist her in manipulating events to bring about people’s deaths.
  • Atropos is able to visit Heaven at will.


  • Balthazar possesses a weapon which can kill her. (A Type Of Knife)


Atropos carries a book that documents human fate, with a bookmark comprised of golden life threads.


6.17 My Heart Will Go On

Atropos’ work is first shown at the beginning of the episode, as she moves various objects into place, ensuring that her target is killed, although she herself is not shown. She soon makes a physical appearance, stopping time, and rummaging through a woman’s bag, removing her keys and again triggering a series of events that lead to her death. When Sam and Dean come after her, she seems to foresee this, and attempts to kill them, although Castiel saves them by a minute amount. She tries at least once more to kill the brothers, but is again stopped by Castiel. The two discuss how Castiel was responsible for the ‘un-sinking’ of the Titanic, and how she has become obsolete since the Apocalypse was averted. She threatens the brothers, and then Castiel, who threatens to kill her. She reminds him that she has two very powerful sisters, and the two agree that she will leave the brothers be, if Castiel sinks the Titanic again. Later Castiel tells Dean and Sam none of this conversation, and reinforces that Fate is ‘cruel and capricious’.

Atropos in Lore

The idea of beings that ensure a predetermined path is followed exists in many cultures. Atropos is the name of one of the three Fates in Greek mythology, female deities who supervised fate rather than determine it. Atropos job was to cut the thread of life. Her sisters were Clotho who spun the thread of life, and Lachesis who measured how long the thread would be.


I thought this little cameo appearance was a little gem of a story. I thought how well it was put together. And how well this actress played her. How determined she was in killing the boys, and how forceful she was in wanting to meet their ends. She didn’t care about what stopped her she would carry out that deed come what may. I loved her forcefulness over Cas, and how she stood her ground and eventually got him to back down and help their cause in re-sinking the Titanic. After all it was Balti’s fault in the first place.

So what did you think of Atropos was she a cunning, manipulative character. Or sympathetic and graceful but still succeeding in the job in hand. I thought it was clever using the gold thread, and how she willingly created an accident waiting to happen under horrific circumstances. She was very bold, forceful and bossy character who managed to control most situations around her to get the job done. Until she met Cas and the boys of course.  Even then she almost succeeded in killing off the boys sniff, sniff.

So type away guys, what did you think of this lovely lady, or did you think she was a horrible battleaxe in disguise. I liked also how they managed to bring Ellen back in a relationship with Bobby, and Ellen mothering over the boys. So what did you enjoy about this little episode over all. I thought Cas’s final speech to the boys was a bit harsh but I guess it had to be said.


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