First preview of Season 9 ason-9-preview

I think this is the first shot of the season
Dean has taken Sam to hospital?

I know some of you have seen this on the forum, but I am so excited and thought it would be a good discussion point and get us fired up. Only three weeks to go and already my palms are sweating. My heart is going bomb, bomb, bomb. Poor Sam, Poor Dean, taking on all this guilt, in a church. I’m pleased also it looks like Dean has something to do this season. And an old familiar friend returns. I cannot contain myself.

Let us all know what your thinking, can you decipher anything from so much footage. Loads more than what we usually get to see. Jeremy and Bob appear on fine form too. Type away and have fun watching!!


9 thoughts on “First preview of Season 9

  1. I am so happy that they finally introduced the Knights of Hell. As that is a very real thing some Satanists believe in. I have researched some for my own inspiration (like Baal is really the King of Hell). Ever since season 6 I wondered, “Really? Crowley the King of Crossroad deals takes over Hell and NOBODY questioned it? Where are the 1/3 of Angels that Lucifer took downstairs? Are they really okay with a used car sales man ruling hell?” I love Crowley, do get me wrong, but compared to Azmodeus, Baal, ect. Crowley is Boy Scout material. However, I do think the writers do not use actual Canon as canon for this show. They try to make it theirs and I love that. But, I really was wondering about Crowley’s status there for a couple of seasons.
    I often wondered about Crowley’s real status, as Fergus McLeod was a Tailor and a good one. So Crowley would have seen more than one job. I know what you mean about taking over hell, it did feel a tad suspicious when you think about it. I think he is a typical sales man type though. But as a demon I could see him a bigger fish than what he actually is. I don’t think Crowley takes any hostages and says it as it is. Nope, Canon is far from canon these days, we only have to look at the likes of Taxi Driver to see it ain’t so. They should be more in touch that’s all I’ll say about canon.

    After seeing the preview and watching a few interviews I must say I am not whining one bit about what may happen this season! I love Charlie. It is refreshing and I love how Pac Man Fever took a real hacker incident (the video game she hacked and released for free) and made it hers! I really miss Frank, but I will absolutely DIE if they bring Gabriel back! I don’t think I have forgiven the writers for killing him and Balthazar off! I told my self during season 7 that if they didn’t bring the Impala back and for real killed Cas……..that was it!
    I am still on the fence about Charlie, I don’t hate her honestly. But I find as some have said that it feels as though she doesn’t fit in, not really, just like Garth doesn’t. I like bits about them but am not a huge fan. On the other hand it really made me cross when they got rid of Gabe and Balti. I didn’t over care for Gabe after the mystery spot episode, after what he put Sam through. But again, I like both of those two guys a lot. I really miss Frank too, he’s such a good actor Kevin Mc Nally, and is real old school. We never saw his body so you never know, he will be easy to bring back. Cas and the Impala were my biggest butt bearers of season 6. I remember at the time, how the fandom kicked up a stink saying Cas deserved a better ending if this was his demise. They were fuming and rightly so. The Impala I could see why it was taken off the road, and characters were killed off. But still a bit of a lame season for me. The Levi were so boring. And not a great threat like Azazel was.

    I am not surprised that they have brought Bobby back. I am 50/50 on this. I want to wait and see just how they do it before I sound off on it!
    I am not over keen on Bobby, as it made a mockery of Death’s door, as it was so good. Jim put so much work into those scenes and we felt it. He touched us. I think this time it will surprise us how he does come back, so I am like you, I will wait before jumping on it. 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. ” am not surprised that they have brought Bobby back. I am 50/50 on this. I want to wait and see just how they do it before I sound off on it!”
      I agree!


    2. I don’t think “Taxi Driver” messed with canon at all, it’s biggest fault lies in that the story was rushed. Sam’s journey to Hell, again was rushed, but was adequately explained.

      And f it’s the stuff with Ajay being able to be seen as the problem with canon, it actually fits with what the show has shown us about reapers. They can alter perception to be seen how they want, and by who they want (e.g. the reaper from “Faith” being seen by the people it kills), and they were shown to have a physical form; Azazel being able to possess Tessa and Alastair being able to physically grab and kill a reaper.


  2. Just throwing out some ideas. I could most definitely be wrong but:
    Its possible Bobby isn’t Bobby. It looks like him and sounds like him but could just be something wearing a Bobby -suit.

    Cool thought, he s may be possessed, but by an angel or demon? I wonder Angel since he went to heaven. I wonder how and when he appears. If as is in the Impala the boys will swerve off the road. Could Bobby be an angel now, oh god there’s a thought. Its not him who heals Sam is it?

    (I could be wrong but I see some of the fans gears are getting all greased up right now so the their whinging can ring long and loud all season. I swear these people must use electricity. The season hasn’t even begun yet and we haven’t even finished whinging about the last one. At least get the first episode out of the way before reaching full throttle on the whining, people!) 😦
    I know, we still have another three weeks yet. The promo went out a couple of days ago, and they are already whining about Dean not caring for any one else other than Sam. Now that Charlie appears to be Dean’s best friend forever and they think she’s talking down to him. Errrrh. I ain’t keen on Charlie, but god every little thing they scrutinize like anything. I dread news about Sam cause I know they will pick it to pieces.

    Its possible Bobby has nothing to do with Sam’s cure and /or Dean made some kind of Deal with Death involving both characters.
    I am so pleased that Death is back as he really makes a premier special. There is something about him. I don’t think its a deal, cause that’s why I think that scene was deleted because it confused the issue. I reckon he’s asked Death to cure Sam like he did with his wall. Cause in the clip Dean says back to Death is Sam always under Gods hands or similar. So this sounds sinister. Dean knows he can’t fall back on Cas, as Cas has not answered. So what other alternative has Dean got?

    Arriana? Huffman is back. I see some people are moaning about that already, but here’s a thing. Its not against canon for her to come back. The Knights of Hell are brand new. We’ve never encountered them before and don’t know what the rules are regarding what they can and cannot do. Also Abaddon may not be a demon as we understand them. Lucifer was not the only fallen angel after the War in heaven. (After all we weren’t expecting that she could telepathically control her own disembodied parts even though we’ve never seen any other demon do that either. Fans kept crying about wanting something new. Abaddon is new and guess what? Fans are whining about her not acting like the other demons on the show. Sheesh!)
    Is she the last of her kind though? So this makes her extra special? I love her cause she can stand on her own two feet, and is a real force of evil. If she had been in place of the Leviathan I would have been a lot happier. She really is a baddy and feels like a Baddy not some half baked actor who you can’t say boo to a goose too. She is very different and scary, and I think that’s what most of us love about her. She doesn’t take prisnors and says it as it is. She really is bad ass.

    I will be one of the few people NOT moaning about Dean keeping a secret and here’s why. WE WOULDN’T HAVE ANY TENSION OR DRAMA BETWEEN THE GUYS IF THE GUYS DIDN’T MAKE ANY! How else are we gonna get the insights and broments that we all love so much. Somebody has to have a secret or be guilty of something otherwise what would we cry about later on in the season.eah its been done to death but all that angst has got to come from somewhere, dogonnit. Lets all try to get over that RIGHT NOW okay? Good! 😀
    Ikeke again I could kiss you 🙂 this is spot on. I know in the past I’ve moaned about the tension but we need it to grow, and move on. We would never have the bro hugs if we didn’t have any angst what so ever. The writers can’t make a story out of a pigs ear. But Sam again I know not looking for Dean was so tough for me, you helped me through that one. But yes I get you loud and clear.

    Thanks for the comments, good to see you back I missed you 😉
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. I know! the whining on the boards is out of control. I thought this sneak made Deans part very important and they twisted it to be nothing without seeing more than 5 minutes! Please lets go into this new season with high hope not a “Debbie downer” attitude!
      They are never happy barb, ever. Finally I think the writers have listened to their audience, and given Dean a plot. They twist it before really looking at it. How can you really pick up much within five seconds of a clip. This year we had quite a bit to view, they’ve given out a few teasers. They are never satisfied.

      At the end of the season everyone was oh that Arriana? is great as Abaddon and now they are whining! Anna was able to recreate her old meat-suit so whats the big deal?
      I think they were disappointed that the original actress might not be coming back. Now that she is, its like there miffed.

      I myself am truly excited about this season. I showed my hubby the sneak peak and even hes excited!
      I am excited, I think the clip was very fresh, and different from what we’ve seen before. Dean tries to get Sam well again which isn’t knew. But then we have Death back. So I’m happy. Is God binding himself to Sam I wonder? It felt very urban, gritty and oh yes, the angels have Dean kidnap again 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      love Aunty B xxxxxxx


      1. Yeah! Abaddon and the guys have an old s ore to settle. And shes got Crowley to think of and will probably try to take over Hell or release new demons or something. It will be very interesting to see what use doesas I wasn’t able to figure out at out at hallmark She was a great surprise. I would’ve loved to see Abaddon in a new meatsuit just to see how another actor would approach the role but I’m glad the original is back.
        I’m glad to see Death is back. Hes always used to good effect.

        This trailer made me very excited,but those Tornado Sirens in the fancrowd are revving up and the first epis. hasn’t even aired yet. Wow!


  3. Does Dean pray to Bobby to save Sam??? Hope he isn’t asking metatron for help, If Bobby helps Dean reanimate Sam, does Bobby suffer/ The preview just makes the waiting so much harder…


  4. i was thrilled to see Abaddon in her original meat suit! I cant wait to see what Deans secret is, it sounds very important, and how Bobby is back.
    I just mailed you back barb, saying just this he he. I knew you would be. I think even Bob Singer is in love with her. She really is good.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


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