is Cas a tool for help?

EDIT: The prayer.
“Hey Cas, You out there, buddy? Here’s the deal. The deal… I need you to come in, man. I need you to come back. And I need you to not be nuts. Just sayin.”

This sentence on the forum sparked my imagination once again, even more so since Cas will not have much power, if any at all when we come back next season. A deleted scene was discussed heavily and in particular this line from Dean, and I need you not to be nuts’. Which at the time I thought was kind of an odd thing for Dean to come out and say. Most are saying why has it been deleted? 

So with these words, what is Dean really implying, and more importantly why was that scene not used? Was Dean checking that his friend was okay, or was Dean checking that ? (Or I need you not to be nuts,) I want you to be okay, so you can heal my brother?

Was Dean checking that his friend was okay?
Or was Dean checking that his friend was okay to help his brother?

Some are saying that Cas is being used, and is only there when the boys really need him, now how do we see this? Is Cas over used for the sake of Sam and Dean? A person to go to as a last resort, or even the first port of call. Is Cas a tool and nothing more? Is he a prop that is a magical prop who’s soul purpose is to heal the sick as and when required, like a running tap? Or do we think that Cas is a friend, guardian and Doctor on call 27/7 all rolled into one. The one with the magic potion to cure all ills. Were the boys worried when Cas told Sam that even he couldn’t heal Sam, was this the end of the road for Dean if he turn to Cas for HELP? What other option did Dean really have? Who else could he have turned to?

So Bella is interested to know, how you see Cas? Do you see him as a used tool, that is frequently being exercised, as and when, just to put the situation right. Without any real thought behind why he just magically heals at whim? Are the boys may be a tad selfish in expecting Cas to be there to heal them, just because he can? Is Cas being around so easy in curing anything the boys happen to pick up, any germ, any injury any fight that may ensue. Are they always certain that Cas will be there to fix it? Does being human, alleviate this responsibility from him. Does this force the boys to look else where for guidance, and a cure even? Many thought Bobby was just a prop for the boys, is Cas becoming the same? Is it all too easy for just Cas to ‘touch’ and all is well with the world? 

Is it all too easy for just Cas to ‘touch’ and all is well with the world?



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  1. I think too that we need to look at this from the boys’ perspective. All three of them — Dean, Sam and Castiel — are soldiers, and they are all expected to pull their weight and do their duty. It’s easy to think the boys are using Castiel as a tool and nothing more, but that’s not it. They all have talents and skills, and they expect those to be put to use. I know a lot of fans were upset when Dean said, “No one cares if you’re broken.” Dean’s not always the most empathetic person, but he didn’t just mean Cas, of course. That line would apply to him or Sam as well. When the chips are down, you do your duty. You don’t get the luxury of relaxing or recovering or licking your wounds. You play through the pain.
    They so are soldiers. They are individuals also and I think people forget this sometimes. They are colleagues as soldiers are when they go to war and have each others backs. But sometimes they also like to work alone. As Cas often does as he has other duties to take care of. People say things in the heat of the moment, and Dean often gets rattled and Sam and Cas its in his nature to be the one in charge. Each of them as you rightly say have their own talents and skills, we often tend to brush this thought aside. We don’t really notice sometimes what they actually do, do. We Dean does sound off, its usually at both of them. Accept I recall during Clip Show when he was really mad with Cas, he did praised Sam which appears rare these days.

    As far as Dean’s comment about needing Castiel to not be nuts, I had the feeling that Dean thought that Cas being “nuts” was just a way of hiding from the consequences of his actions — that it wasn’t so much insanity as it was a coping mechanism. He said too last season something about Castiel running away at one point, and Cas does have a habit of simply taking off and running (not unlike Sam to some extent). That is something that Cas won’t be able to do as a human. Simply disappearing won’t be an option. He will have to immediately face the consequences of his actions. Should be interesting.
    This is a very good point, hadn’t thought of this until you mentioned it. It really will be interesting to see how Cas gets by without his normal mode of transport, as we’ve seen him during the great escapist he did ride on a coach and also during the Rapture season 5 as Jimmy we saw him on a bus traveling through the city. So he has used public transport before. So he will not entirely feel as strange as finding some where to sleep, find food that he likes to eat and so on. I think from Cas’s POV it will be interesting to see how he deals with his mistakes since he is human and not an angel. How different his mind set will actually be when making decisions. I am looking forward to very human Cas 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. “Dean said, “No one cares if you’re broken.” Dean’s not always the most empathetic person, but he didn’t just mean Cas, of course. That line would apply to him or Sam as well.”

      Oh I agree, hes definitely talking about himself as well.


  2. Cas started out as an ancillary character. The role was expanded (and contracted) over time. Cas has his own story line. IMO Dean cares for him deeply as a friend or he would not have gone back to look for him in Purgatory, risking his own survival chances, nor would he be so pissed off at him. Remember, Cas has been known to react “the man who would be king” and later by doing nothing but being passive and observing bees. So Dean is never sure which Cas he is going to get when he calls. Cas does not always come at Dean’s call, sometimes he is there but invisible. Cas is sometimes otherwise occupied. So he is a full character and I think by making him human and on his own without the brothers, the writers are attempting to show that and get away from the Cas can save the day writing,, as well as now the brothers cannot rely on him to solve health issues as deep as Sam’s. More like the first few seasons, before Cas came along.
    I loved that first time when we sussed that he was invisible, as at that point we didn’t think it was possible for the angels to be see through. Boy when the boys found out, it really bugged them. I also loved how supportive Dean as a man is. How courageous he is in going back for his friend. He didn’t have to. I think sometimes that Benny still put his two penny worth’s in, and working his way around Dean. Cas is a very busy angel, so Dean must know this, that he’s not at his only beck and call. In a lot of ways I love how the writers have written Cas, even through the bad stuff, he appears pretty loyal to the boys, and there as their protector. I think its good for Dean that he has another male person to turn too, as he loved his dad. I think Cas fills that role beautifully. I think we the audience, need to see Cas human, as it was becoming obvious that he was pegging up the boys just like Bobby was in his own sweet way. It will be interesting to see how Cas copes with the stress, strain and the burden of it all among the other angels. He will feel all alone just like Sam did. I would imagine a lot of hostility toward Cas and revenge sweeping in. I think Misha is going to do a sterling job at this, when you think of the amount of years he’d been watching over humans. I just hope it doesn’t become comic relief, or boring to watch. Hippy Cas was fun, as it was just for a short time. So if this lasts three or four episodes, we need to see variety.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  3. The preview videos I saw said he wouldn’t be hanging with the brothers the first few episodes which makes me very excited for Cas’ story this season. He’s a human being with no job, friends, powers, money, or place to live. I’m sure he’ll hook up with and get married to some woman. He seems to have no problem attracting the opposite sex and that’s what he does.
    This was what Metatron was wanting, that he should hock up with a woman, and have kids and come back and tell him his stories. So is Cas staying true to those words now he’s found out what Metatron did? He did hock up with a woman before when he had amnesia during season 7 playing Emanuel. So how different will it be from this?

    So for the time being there won’t be any of that Cas saves the day stuff. In the past he’s been used lots of ways and although we all love him there has been some contention in the ranks with some people feeling about Cas the way that Sam secretly thought of him. This season we will get to see more of the real angel ironically. Yes he has a lot to answer for but I really like him and hopes he grows as a character and overcomes this downfall.
    He usually does over come his pitfalls, unlike Sam last season. He makes a pigs ear out of his choices but seems to come up smelling of roses. I am pleased in this way that he won’t be as free to heal as he has in the past. The boys won’t rely on his as much and will have to fend for themselves. That’s the trouble with having friends with powers 😉 I wonder how he will repair his mistakes. I wonder how many angels will be after him just like the Levi were in purgatory. Feels a bit repetitive but I guess it depends what they do with the story line, and how well Cas deals with it all.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  4. I think Cas still has a lot to answer for especially since he helped Metatron cast out the angels. He owes humanity a lot. I’m sure they made him human this year so he COULDN’T be that easy fix he has been in the past which lets them have him work closer to the brothers.
    Me too barb. It will be a change to see him with out any angelic powers. It will also be interesting to see how the boys cope, when they know he hasn’t got any. Let alone something. I did hear that he’s not going to be totally human. They have powers but cannot teleport. So don’t know how true this is yet!

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


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