Do you think we were cheated out of the gates closing?

Were we short-changed?

I have today put up a thread as a poll, and the feedback is surprising. Some say yes and others no. I did feel it was a bit early to play such a high card. If it had been at the end of the season I would have fallen for it big time. It also asks further questions about Do you think we were cheated out of the gates closing? and this overall conquest. So what do you guys think on the whole. Do you feel we were cheated out of a great story line, that could have been? Or were you happy with your lot? Did the writers take full advantage of this story as a whole. Could they have expanded on this and made a lot more out of it? 

Let Bella know your view on this poll, as I would be interested to hear your version of events too.


4 thoughts on “Do you think we were cheated out of the gates closing?

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  1. I don’t think so, I mean if you look at Sam and Dean’s track record regarding the season mytharc, they’ve been pretty much all failures, and the few that were a success came with consequences.

    Season 1 – Find dad (success), kill Azazel (failure)
    Season 2 – Kill Azazel (success), but a gate to Hell was opened and countless demons were unleashed (consequence).
    Season 3 – Save Dean from going to Hell (a resounding failure).
    Season 4 – Stop the release of Lucifer (another big failure).
    Season 5 – Stop the Apocalypse (success), but it leads to a soulless Sam (consequence).
    Season 6 – Stop Eve and get Sam’s soul back (success), stop Cas and Crowley from opening Purgatory (failure).
    Season 7 – Kill Dick (success), though it sends Dean and Cas into Purgatory (failure).
    Season 8 – Close the gates of Hell (failure by choice).

    Welcome to the group. You know Mick, I have seen this chart some where before, probably on this blog. They have had a real tough old time with life, in general. They struggled threw the thick and then with little to show for it. So up to now the only real success they have had in life was kill Azazel the thorn in their side for killing their mum. Probably the best death of the whole show period. It meant so much to both of them. Azazel was one mean, crazy, driven man. But season 5 did in the end lead to a consequences later as Sam did get his soul back from Death.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  2. Not cheated at all. In fact, it opens up many possibilities along with MOL that keep the series familiar but fresh. And oh how the acting just gets opportunities to get better and better. The brothers can’t be successful all the time but they can always be brothers. Invigorated not cheated is how I feel. Just my opinion.
    Good points all of you. You are so right Debbab about them loosing once in a while, I hadn’t thought of it this way. It does pave the way for more interesting stories. I think it was a fresh approach as if they were winning all the time this would also appear dull. They also stopped it to get back to their roots, themselves. I do feel lifted now. I’ve been to the dentist this morning and had two teeth out, and the pain is horrendous, I’ve had four pills since mid day. I had two dentist try and get it out, and took an hour. 😦 So I am a bit worse for wear. I’m off to bed, night all …..

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  3. I don’t know if “cheated “is the word I’d use. I don’t think the writers used the full potential of the story line though. There are so many different ways they could have approached it to create maximum drama.
    Yeap, I suppose cheated was the wrong word. I just felt a bit numb after like they drop that bomb shell on us and then don’t go through with it. I know we got to understand about how Sam really felt, and that he was on the brink, but was it a bit cheesy, I don’t know. I am mixed about it. Like everything else they seem to skimp on the story and not give us the full story if you no what I mean ….

    I would have loved to see them close Hell only to have to deal with demons left behind after its closing or have the boys get trapped there or have Sam take Crowley’s place as King of Hell, a fate he tried to avoid by sacrificing his left at the end of season 5.
    I have heard others talk of this before about Sam being left there. Which isn’t a bad idea. But I guess they couldn’t do a great job of hell last time, so would it have been in the budget this time? With Sam and Crowley together in the finale I thought a bit more might happen there about his place as the king of hell, but that didn’t come into fruition either.

    There are a lot of intriguing play outs for that but I do like the ending we got because it was different than most season tenders so I don’t feel cheated really.
    I just felt like something that felt this big should have happened closer to the end of the series as a whole. If that was the final closure I think I would have been happy, knowing that the boys did a good job in keeping all those bastards where they belonged once and for all. I think I wanted to see the re-precautions of this fall out and see where it went.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


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