Is it acceptable to be friends with a monster?

This we know became more apparent to us all during the beginning of season 8. When Sam’s anger boiled over into something that we had not really seen before. In the light of events now, do we see why Sam boiled over and why he was so off with someone whom he thought was a monster?  Did Sam really digest it all before he bought in lone hunter Martin? Who was clearly unstable. Did Sam maybe take on more than he could chew, at this point. Was this the writers way at the time, of making Sam look bad?

Why did the introduction of Benny, appear to make Sam look bad?

None of us are saints, we live with our gut instincts and when those kick in do we really think about things properly. What was Sam’s lesson throughout this season? In the past both have let monsters go because they were not a threat. So did Sam think that Benny was a big threat to Dean? Or was it that it was tit for tat and he was angry with Dean for bringing home a friend whom indeed was a monster? Did it remind him of the past that his brother had ticked him off in going off behind his back with a demon, yes a monster? Is it like a mirror looking back at him, reminding him of four years ago. Or were his real deep feelings more than this. Could Sam not see that Benny had saved his brothers life and that he was, maybe worth a second chance?

So when do the boys really cross the line, considering they hunt these creatures for a living. When does their humanity build up and say this is not right. Sam questioned himself and his own feelings when he saw Benny in action through out purgatory. And said in so many words to Dean, that Benny wasn’t so bad after all. I got him wrong? So did we sense Sam may have been a bit hasty in jumping to the wrong conclusion over Benny? How else could Sam have tackled this if he had a plan B? Would a plan B have even been in the offerings. I can’t help but think this whole deal went tits up for a reason. But not really getting my head around the full reason why Sam’s judgement in a man was so wrong. Sam is mentally worth better than this. He is a hunter, and a damn good one, so why did he judge this call so wrong? It felt like he was a different person.

He is a hunter, and a damn good one, so why did he judge this call so wrong?

I cannot begin to fathom why his motives were so angry, it just still doesn’t add up. Is there perhaps a reason later down the line that Sam’s anger does become an issue. All the way through his life he has battled with his anger, and has doubted his own mind. Dean has been through a similar life, and is know where near as angry, its as though he can’t calm himself down and stop it from boiling over. Or are we looking into this too deeply, is this just the real Sam?

So Bella would love to know, did Sam make a right call with Benny? Was he right in involving Martin an unstable man? Why did he get this call so wrong? Has Sam’s anger boiled over too far? Does he get too involved within the moment, and get too carried away? Can he pull in those anger rains if he has too? Will it get him into trouble one day? Is there more to Sam’s anger than any of us really understand? And Is being friends with a monster so out of character, is it acceptable for a hunter who hunts monsters be friendly with one? Both boys have done this, befriended the creatures they hunt, so are they both in agreement that its okay to hunt and play?

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  1. St. Christopher was drawn in Christian art as a dog headed creature who had converted to Christianity. He was a Cynoscephalac, or one of the dog headed people. In modern crypto terms he was a dog man, a vicious, flesh eating monster.

    So Sam had just shaken hands with what he knew from the dead, cold hand was a monster, a vampire or a type of dogman. This was the creature Dean had lied to him about, slipped away to fight with and befriended? Was Dean suffering from post-Pyrgatory shock or under the hypnotic influence of this blood sucker? Was his brother rational enough to make his own decisions and invite Benny to dine with them while they have pizza and Benny sucked human blood from a plasma bag, or in a dog man’s case holded n a hunk of raw meat still warm and quivering and rip it open sending blood splatter over the walls?

    How can you trust a rational monster not to react to instinct and tear you apart? Dean is out of Purgatory were the killing was pure, were Dean was for all practical matters a monster himself. Can Sam take the chance Dean is acting in his own best interest? No, Sam cannot. His brother’s life and sanity is at stake.


  2. ” Bella would love to know, did Sam make a right call with Benny? Was he right in involving Martin an unstable man?”
    IMHO I think he over-reacted. Benny got his brother out of purgatory and kept him safe while there, while Sam wasn’t looking for him. he should be grateful to him, not try to kill him. He never should have gotten Martin involved as he was certainly not 100% well.

    I could later see why he was angry, but on first viewing I thought geez what’s happening. Its like they’ve really gone to town on it. I think they wanted to create some against, and this was the ideal moment to do it, and they succeeded. I think even now, he shouldn’t have asked Martin on board, but then if Martin was their to create angst as well as Benny …..

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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