Was season 8 in two parts for you?

Now often reading the forum as I do most days, I began to pick up on a few pointers again about season 8. Whilst walking down memory lane, I began to think did the season feel like two halves, like episodes 1-10 and 10-23. Did the season feel like a whole to you? This season still feels unanswered. This is partly why I never really did enjoy flashbacks. It was something that Jensen said at the weekend during the convention about purgatory that he hit his head on the microphone and said ‘flashbacks’ not again. Thinking he had gone into make up and said go for it, pile it all one me as its a special story’, so to speak. Was he disappointed that we only saw Dean as a flashback and not the real thing. Could the budget have stretched that far, and been the real thing. I think so many of us at the time so wanted purgatory to be real, and ultimately were let down. So did Jensen to have the stuffing knocked out of him?

This was how so many of us wanted season 8 to look.
Without Amelia …

I can see the reasoning behind Sam’s story and Dean’s story how the two worlds ran along side one another. How Sam wanted out of hunting all together, and meets up with a woman who helps him return to normality. But we knew early on it wasn’t that happy ever love story. And Dean was running for his life down below, who was the hunter also being hunted. But could this tale perhaps have been more blended, and maybe better told? I’m not knocking it, but thinking why have so many thought it felt like two halves, when its supposed to feel like a whole. Where had the writing gone wrong to make us feel like it was being told in two halves? Or to some may not have…… 

Even the HUG didn’t appear genuine.

I sometimes wonder if a season can be too long. UK shows have a maximum of 12 weeks. Do we often wonder if they are trying to cram too much writing into one season? Can multiple months of writing be narrowed down and finer tuned? I miss the seasons of old where a threw arc was woven in. I miss a five year plan so to speak. 

When I think how we all felt something supernatural was behind this?

So Bella is always interested to learn, how you all felt about the last season and how you feel about it now its had chance to sink in? Were there area’s you felt you couldn’t work out, or that you had trouble in dealing with. Was the angst too much, did it spoil your enjoyment. Does it work when the brothers are always at odds with each other? Will they ever give us a season where the brothers are not at each others throats, and keeping something back. I didn’t enjoy the underhanded tack-tics, but there were parts I clearly loved. I just wished sometimes Amelia hadn’t been invented, and Sam’s anger is toned down. So type away …..

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  1. I wish they could film 50 episodes a year! LOL! After re-watching season 7 and then watching the premiere of season 8, I do not see how Carver let Sam Not look for Dean. It just seemed so out of character. I know that Sam was truly alone with Bobby dead, all of their friends and Campbell family gone, but there is still the hunter community out there, especially Garth that seems just as geeky as Sam. It would have been more interesting to have Sam and Garth working together to get Dean and Cas out of Purgatory. After Dean found Cas during season 7 and healed Sam in the insane asylum, Sam seemed really together for those last episodes. He and Dean seemed closer than ever towards the end of season 7 and that whole “I found something” Amelia debacle just did not fit with the brother’s relationship. I still say that the jr writers wrote some terrible scripts (remember that Halloween episode that was NEVER repeated) and squandered the first half of the season with senseless brother feuds. I have been over the brothers on/off relationship since season 6 and I just want them to kick ass together like they used to do during seasons 1-3.
    Me too. I think this summer has been the longest, its driven me nuts. Only 6 days to go now folks!! Don’t get me started on this scenario. It took me a long time to get my head around that one. I said as much myself, why didn’t Sam contact other hunters. I am actually very surprised now I think of it why Garth didn’t even contact Sam himself. A number did talk about Sam and Kevin working together which would have made more sense. Once Sam had located those phones, saved Kevin and then concentrated on getting Dean out. Introducing Amelia was wrong on so many levels. Women don’t fit in with the boys lives period!! Okay one night stands, but I think that’s as far as it goes. They are on the road and never settle in one place long enough. We only have to remember Lisa and Dean. But the writers appear to have forgotten them. I think it may be coming around to this, and have read spoilers indicating once Dean’s secret is out, the angst will settle down again. Phew!! I miss the older seasons it felt so different.

    Based on the season 9 previews, I think Carver has hit gold this time. I literally screamed when I saw Death talking to Sam. Season 5 is the gold standard for this show showing how the brothers on two opposing sides of the Apocalypse, chose to stick together and fight together and saved the world. I think that when the show used the Bible as its source material, it was at its best. With the Angels falling, Carver is going back to that magical time but I am certain that he will make it fresh. I am on pins and needles waiting for next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apologies if I am rambling but I am giddy with anticipation!
    I know I had the same feeling. I thought I was going to be sick, as I was so nervous. I thought what has Dean done. Is Death here to reap Sam? I am re-watching season 5 this week. I am on Abandon all hope, and it feels so different. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. It used to be about the Bible. It did feel very magical. But there is something about this season I’m looking forward too as well. It feels more earthy, gritty and exciting. There is more fight scenes, action scenes with Abaddon and her army. Those derelict streets so reminded me of Croatoan. I am really excited now, I can almost touch it!!!!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. We definitely don’t need fewer episodes. I think that part of the problem with S8 is they were trying to do too much. Especially in the first half of the season, they tried to tell too many stories — Dean/Benny/Cas in Purgatory and as individuals back on Earth, Sam/Amelia, Sam alone, Sam/Dean — there was no focus. They set up some interesting parallels — like the idea of survivor’s guilt, which Dean had when he got back from Purgatory and Sam no doubt had when Cas and Dean disappeared, the idea of penance, which Cas chose to pay in Purgatory and was maybe part of why Sam tried staying in a normal life? There was the obvious idea of “dream worlds” — Sam’s normal life, Dean’s “purity” of Purgatory, even reaching back to Cas’ “crazy” back in S7 — but they dropped the ball on all of them and didn’t make the connections that viewers needed.

    they were trying to do too much
    This^…. I think this was a major problem that I could sense, there were too many individual stories and not being kept an eye on. The survivor’s guilt was a lovely piece to include and was done really well. I was disappointed with Cas’ penance as I so wanted the portal to reject him because he wasn’t human. I could see why he wanted to stay behind, and had the back bone to prove it to the boys that he had done wrong and was willing to pay for his crimes. Overall Cas really came through for me in purgatory he made a lot of sense.

    The heightened tension between Sam and Dean made the first half of the season almost unbearable to watch. We’ve seen resentment and misunderstanding between them before, but Carver really turned it up to 11 this time. They were just mean and spiteful and ugly to each other, and they showed no real remorse for it. I kept wondering where this “emotional maturity” that Carver promised in pre-season interviews was because I never saw it. I hope that the brothers are on the same page and work as a team in S9. There will always be disagreements and bickering between them and that’s fine, but the !conflict! has become tiresome.
    Me too, it was very tough! He did pre-warn us in fairness to him that the angst would be different to what we’d seen before. But still, horrible. Sam in particular showed very little remorse, and that’s what got to me. He said Sorry to Kevin, half heartedly said sorry to Dean, and then the biggy in the finale which did make up for the short fall. But I couldn’t get like he couldn’t give a damn about his actions, what was Carver trying to do? Particularly in the scene when Sam was eating his meal and Dean was checking over the missed calls from Kevin. I was like, Sam’ what are you on. It looks as though they might not be on the same page, as Dean is keeping something back, again. So I do think it will be more of the same.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I did feel the season was split into two halves. There was everything before the brothers reconciliation and then the 13 episodes that came after. I really wasn’t feeling those first ten because of the brothers fighting and I pretty much still don’t care for them because I still hate Amelia. I’ve looked at those early episodes reluctantly. I understand why it was done that way because Carver needed to clean up the aftermath of season seven. The season didn’t hold much interest for me until they started to really concentrate on the tablets and the trials. I could’ve done without all the Kevin stuff but since hes the prophet I kind of have to put up with him. Hopefully season nine wont seem so disjointed for me.
    I’m still thinking this, that the brothers bickering did feel strange, and out of place. It did feel a bit clumpy if I’m honest. Again as all of you, yes I realize why it was done. I really like Kevin, I don’t think it would have been the same without Kev! The boys were tied up doing other important things, and he helped them out of a tight spot, and he had their backs. Garth on the other hand, is a complete waste of space. The tablets were the key last season as we had the raiders type theme so I loved this side of it. I thought they might have included more tablets though, I was so banking on a Winchester tablet. Season 6 was the disjointed one for me, Seven was marginally better and had more going for it. I was excited for S8 as I am for S9. I hope it settles down now into a proper arc. That’s all I really want.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. Your sentiments about the number of episodes is spot on in my opinion. We are already cut to the bone with minimum exposure to Purgatory, Sam’s year, Cas’ story line and of course the whole MOL. Delicious scenes from Mark Shepard may have been cut and of course the humor is the first to go if arcs are squeezed and that would not be the SPN we tune in to see.
    Okay no reduction of episodes, this is a fact now, lol! I won’t mention it again 😉 I guess sometimes we may require more, as in the case of Taxi Driver which could have been told over two episodes or more.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  5. I did not look at it as 2 halves until the season was over and then I still saw parallel existences that intersected more than diverged. Sometimes the focus was on Dean’s PTSD and Benny with some Amelia and Sam. Then it was on Sam and the trials and Dean’s having Sam’s back. It was also a season about Cas’ which developed between the two halves so to speak. I think that is why I found the one offs so annoying except for the Charlie episodes, since those did expose Dean’s feelings and gave Charlie growth. The season needs this many episodes to tell an emotional story and not just action IMO. Some valuable edits, in my opinion, already took place and the PTSD and Purgatory was already trimmed to the bones. Just sayin…
    So your all fairly adamant that it should be told in any less amount of time, interesting …. This is what I love about looking back, now we’ve had time to digest it, what we found that we didn’t necessarily before. Some were saying the trials bored them, but I loved this part so much and to me made the myth arc. It gave it some back bone, and gravitas. Charlie is growing on me, and loved that Dean too could open up and show some of his colours. We don’t see that as much as we should. I get what your all saying about the length of a season, and that it needs this time to be able to mature and get the plots across. I was also interested in seeing those deleted scenes as well, as they add a new perspective into the works.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  6. I liked that they had 2 different stories to tell. It could have been really cool if 1/2 an episode was Dean in Purgatory and 1/2 was Sam looking for Dean, but unfortunately that’s not the way Carver went with the season. I loved the Purgatory story and hated the Amelia one. Although I must say in re-watching I hate Samelia a little less. I see where Carver was trying to go-that Sam had no one and truly thought Dean was dead and decided no more Winchester blood was going to be spilled so he quit hunting and found this broken woman that also lost someone she loved and found comfort in that.
    I think the whole fandom were banking on this, as I know I was. Purgatory should I think been done in the flesh, and not as a flashback, I was so disappointed. I so wanted more of feral Dean, he was so cool. I want him back, and want him now. I had mixed feelings about Amelia. I could see why she was hated, but there were times I actually got her, and did feel for her when she went to meet Sam and he never showed. But that first line of hers give the man a trophy got right up my nose. This is a whole new way of looking at this, and makes more sense. But I wished Sam had even contacted a couple of hunters maybe, and not just given up so easily, that’s my only gripe.

    NO! I don’t want less episodes. If there were half as many episodes they have to either give up the myth arc or give up the MOTW episodes or have a very simple myth arc and less characters. You wouldn’t be able to have Cas have his own story line for sure. I wish there were 52 episodes a year! LOL
    I must admit, I here you about less episodes. Just sometimes they don’t flesh a story out as much as they could do. IE, purgatory. If we had six episodes in purgatory at least, it would have been amazing. Sometimes though I could cut out some of the monster of the weeks, as they are crap, and don’t really lead to any where. Like freaks and geeks for example. I did love remember the Titans though. Heartache was crap, and so was Bitten even though I got the story.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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