Any new thoughts on season 9?

I really am drying up folks, so If I don’t post for some days you no why.  All I can think of posting today is, have you had any more thoughts on season 9 and where it may be leading? I am becoming increasingly ratty as each day passes, as it feels further, and further away from my grasp. I have never known myself to be so excited over a TV show in such a long time. I recall Robin of Sherwood being one of my last favorite TV shows which only lasted three years, compared with 9 for SPN. Even Star Trek NG only lasted 7 years. So the team have done so well. So our clock is ticking and is almost upon us. Here is my list ….

Dean, Dean, Dean don’t do anything stupid,
we know what your thinking!

What am I looking forward too? relatively easy question. 

  1. How Sam is healed and how soon, will he be any different
  2. How Abaddon is introduced and what she gets up to with Dean
  3. How the fallen angels cope with being  left on earth
  4. How Cas and Crowley are after their human side begins to kick in
  5. Why of course, is Death actually here?
  6. We all pretty much know that Dean has made a deal, but what deal?
  7. Why do the boys want to know where all the demons are, cause they couldn’t catch them all
  8. What part will Crowley have to play, is this is role for a while, telling the boys were his demons are
  9. How the angels get back to heaven
  10. When Metatron gets his butt kicked out of heaven
  11. Will we see any more tablets, or is this it
  12. Has Kevin a role now
  13. Again does Dean have a role
  14. Where will this season be heading come episode 9.23
I am so interested about this little photo?
Is this were Dean is walking around in Sam’s head?

So your list may be totally different to mine, you may even know some of my answers, do tell! What are you itching to get answers too. And what are you excited about or even couldn’t care less about. I can’t wait to read your replies….


8 thoughts on “Any new thoughts on season 9?

Add yours

  1. Well where do I start? I love the introduction to Ezekiel and the whole deal. In the Old Testament Ezekiel was a human prophet of God who prophesied the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by the Babylonians. He had a wife for 9 years, but no children. He is most famous for the heavenly vision he saw in which a Cherebum was accompanied with a contraption made up of 4 wheels. I am wondering if the writers are not going to take some liberties with some of this material, because they could make things very interesting (the Impala being the 4 wheeled contraption). This could introduce more Judah Initiative if they do follow the cannon of the Bible where Ezekiel for tells the coming of the Lord or the destruction of something. I am looking forward to possibly seeing a JI and MoL reunite this season.
    So Ezekiel is quite high up in the ranks of the angels? If he is this powerful it will be interesting to see where they take him, and this power. How wisely they use Ezekiel. So the boys were lucky in they got a powerful angel to heal Sam then. Oh not the Impala …. Who is JI?

    This whole “deal” with Ezekiel is bad medicine in my opinion. It is healing Sam, thus keeping him in the show. But I get the feeling that Sam was very close to going with Death. Bobby was pretty convincing. I really can’t say where they are going to take this one with Sam this season. That is a good thing. It intrigues me!
    It does make us think about the plot a lot more which I love too. It gives me a high and plenty of material to write with. Sam was extremely close to death and wonder still why he still wanted to go after Dean talked him out of it in Sacrifice? I still found it strange that Bobby would push Sam into dying, why Bobby?

    I am having trouble trusting Ezekiel. Honestly. Part of me wonders if he will stay inside Sam. I don’t trust the Angels of this show! And Sam is a mighty strong Vessel. I have wondered if anyone has discussed Sam and Dean opening Lucifer’s cage and letting he and Micheal out to restore some order and then gank Lucifer and Michael after?? I don’t know it is a thought.
    I’m pleased I’m not the only one. This is exactly it. Ezekiel must know the boys history who they actually are, and am pretty certain he will use Sam as leverage. Good point about ganking Lucifer, never thought of that one. But then if they wanted to close the gates of hell last season …

    O Cas. This is going to be interesting. I have full faith in Misha’s craft to get a “human” Cas right. Misha directs an episode this season and I think it may be episode, “I am no Angel.” It would be like him!
    Didn’t know of the title he was directing. That’s interesting! So is he staying human most of the season? As Misha I thought was directing episode 17 which is way off yet. Misha is such a good actor he’s so convincing. But then I would say that wouldn’t I 😉

    Since what shut the Angels out of Heaven was a spell you have to break or reverse the spell. Maybe doing what Cas did but in reverse?
    I wondered if they might get back home by using a spell? But how is Cas going to get his Grace back? Can he conduct a spell without any power?

    I love how they are going with Angel lore this season. There is some interesting material in the Apocrypha.
    Jeremy did say it would be heavy angel based, which is always heavy and exciting. Angels can get so nasty, I’d much rather angel than demon stories. I find demons boring except Abaddon/Crowley.

    How did Ezekiel show his wings like that? He still has em?
    Not sure, as I’ve not seen the episode yet. 😦 Some are saying they were damaged and looked tatty from the fall.

    As for Sam figuring out the secret deal between Ezekiel and Dean, chances are this will blow up into a separation type thing, but in the end they need each other and find a way to get the job done and get over yet another betrayal.
    I did gather this once again the boys may separate may not. Sam might understand which I hope he does and they get on with business as normal. I hate this angst. I just want them to be happy this season and work together. I so hate the word betrayal it sounds a horrible word. But get what you mean. Last season Sam’s head was on the block, this season its Dean’s turn 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I think they all have wings to some extent just burnt and/or broken from the fall.

      Im going to choose to trust Zeke till he does soemthing bad. Im hoping that hes good and that Sam matured enough to know Dean did what he did so that Sam doesnt die for nothing (since they didnt close the gates to keep him alive) Wouldnt that be NEW for Sam NOT to be angry at him for what he did?


      1. I highly doubt that when Sam does find out about this deal he won’t be happy about it. As much as I would like the show to go against the norm (as far as the ‘chick flick’) moments are concerned, I really do think this might be a huge wedge between the boys further down the road. I mean Sam is possessed and Dean knows just how much Sam would hate something like that, but in Dean’s defense he was saving Sam by doing that. I just know that if there is some heavy “break up” scenes when Sam does find out about this deal I am going to be very disappointed. There have been too many scenes like this in this show and the characters (as well as actors) have matured. That is IF Zeke even lets go of Sam! I have a feeling (and by the title of episode 1) that Zeke may be there to stay awhile. I got this feeling reinforced when Dean asked Sam how he was feeling in episode 2. I thought there would at least be some discussion of how long Zeke plans to stay with in that vessel.
        I hope the writers do the right thing and not force Sam to bolt and be all huffy about it. He’s a mature man now, and understand why Dean did what he did. He has the right to kick off, but its how the writers deal with this and not give us the usual. I think you said how I feel about this. I am so suspicious. And think I said those same words almost on the forum. He will get so attached to Sam that he won’t want to leave. Or that this was his plan all along, as he knows who Sam really is, and his vessel is very strong and powerful. I sure hope that Dean has a plan to banish Ezekiel if he does decide to pull a fast one.

        I am not sure exactly what episode Misha will be directing this season. I was putting my imaginary money on “I’m No Angel” cuz that reeks of Misha and the episode seems very Cas centered.

        As to how Cas may get his grace back and/or open Heaven again? I have a feeling that it is in the Angel tablet that Kevin is in the process of deciphering.

        In the first episode Hail tells Cas she has no wings. Now if it is literal then Zeke’s wings only being damaged in the fall may be significant. I may be reading to far into things. But I do think this character is going to be very important down the road.

        Is it me or are you getting the feeling or seeing the ground works for a final season? lol I wonder, but then that may just be the beer I drink when I watch my wonderful show!


        1. “In the first episode Hail tells Cas she has no wings. Now if it is literal then Zeke’s wings only being damaged in the fall may be significant. I may be reading to far into things”

          The angels that fell had their wings burnt and broken in the fall. Cas is human because Metatron took his grace so he doesn’t Have any wings.

          I hope Sam thinks twice before he reacts when he finds out the truth -and realizes its exactly what he would have done if it was Deans life in danger-and I truly hope Dean tells him before he finds out from someone else (Cas?0
          I think in a later episode Sam is badly bitten by a dog in Dog Dean afternoon’ I think and Sam is injured in his throat. Ezekiel heals him and Sam’s questions it. I think this is when Dean opens up and comes clean.

          I doubt Misha will direct an episode he is in heavily. I remember when Jensen started directing he said he had to start with Dean light episodes.


  2. Cheap thrills-DEAN’s former girlfriend when he was about 19 year old what’s up with that? Shirtless Dean? Okay I am objectifying, but hey it’s been a while since we have seen on screen shirtlessness from this character. Certainly Cas’s struggles being human will be full of fun and pathos at the same time. Will Kevin take up archery as a hobby? Where does Abaddon get her face done? Sam looks so sad in the poster 😦 I’m rooting for Crowley to win over Abaddon. What can I say- he does have some redeeming characteristics.Okay OK. I, too am at the end of my abilities to suppose and I am getting a bit silly with wishes as the article speaks to most of the might be’s in season 9. So forgive the guilty pleasures in those that I listed. I too was struck by the air brush and photo shop done on the promo poster- there is almost a cartoony quality to JP’s image. Really, natural look would be just fine.
    Wasn’t that with the amazon woman? When he fell through the glass door and landed on her bed? Dean does know how to do a one night stand lol! Now Cas shirtless, have we seen that? I still keep thinking about the launderette scene, taking his kit off except his boxer shorts … Kevin take up Archery, now that’s a sport I always wanted to do. I have done it once, many moons ago. Yes I could see Kevin as an archer, glad you didn’t mention Garth. How can Crowley get his position back if he’s half human. Abaddon has a lot more juice in her, and is on full power. It did make me think if Crowley has a soft spot for moose, that there was something in the biting moment. I mean does Crowley want moose to take over his spot KOH? Could Crowley give some hell power to Sam? And he defeats Abaddon. Just a crazy fan thought…. But would Dean really give his blessing.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “- there is almost a cartoony quality to JP’s image. Really, natural look would be just fine”

      Agree too, did you notice that JP is wearing BOOTS! When has he ever worn boots over his trousers. Is this new?
      I did think it was over photo shopped, but that’s just me. They can never leave their own artwork alone. I don’t think its brilliant. But better than past efforts. They are all so good looking if it ain’t broke why try to fix it?

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. “We all pretty much know that Dean has made a deal, but what deal? ”

    Well actually we know he has a SECRET we don’t know that he made a deal for sure. I’m very excited for this season, although I was more excited last year to see purgatory. I’m looking forward to cas but if hes separated from the brothers will we see them getting less screen time? is this on purpose cause of the babies etc?
    Very true, but judging by the angels presence, it looks more likely…. Purgatory was well cool last year, and so many were banking on a scary start. But I am now really geared up for the premier. I don’t think the boys are getting any less screen time. I doubt the fans would stand for it lol! They might have a day less here and there depending on the mood of their manager maybe. I would think their wives are close to the set any way. As Jensen did say he has a flat in Vancouver now, so it might be the same for JP too. So I don’t think they are out on the road as much as they used to be. I think they do get to go home of an evening. Cas human doesn’t over interest me, but seeing him in the launderette made me giggle when he came out in someone else’s casual clothes. I think I’m interested in seeing how he copes with the fallen angels more so than him being human.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. I admit I’m tapped out on theories. Here are the new posters for season nine I’m totally NOT thrilled by the idea that is suggested that Dean is going to be angelic and saintly while Sam, yet again, is demonic and EVIL! Oh well, I’ll give it a go, but I’m feeling less happy the more I hear.
    Thanks for the link, I saw those in the week. They must have had some money this year as there have been more than one photo shot. I like the idea of the blue and orange, and never even notice this point until someone mentioned it on the forum. Maybe this season if Sam is being purified as he had hoped, he maybe that’s a big maybe leaning towards heaven, as there is more blue than orange. Don’t forget that new angel may have something to do with this. But Jared has been really touched up in those photo’s way more than the others, and that annoys me, as he is gorgeous without it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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