The angels – There falling?

Dean’s background is way more blue, with the floor indicating a touch or orange?

Since seeing the finale again I keep harping back to the angels falling. Could this be the key? Is there some connection to Sam as he ‘felt’ the angels fall, and particularly that first angel that landed in the water. Even Dean couldn’t believe what was happening, that all of heaven was cascading down on earth. I still wonder if all the angel power is triggering how Sam heals. Does all this juice envelop within him, and give him healing abilities? I don’t mean full on angel turn around. It was something in the new promo posters which were released this week. An article has also gone out since, that the colour of the promo poster is a hidden meaning. We sense orange for hell, and blue for heaven. Now Dean is more or less blue, Sam is less orange and more blue. And Cas is more blue with a touch of orange. Crowley is also obviously orange to represent hell.   All individual characters posters are within this article.

Sam’s is less orange with more blue,
but Sam is sad and leaning towards the orange?
Sam is also wearing an ID bracelet which is new.

Sometimes I don’t think the promotional poster means jack squat, like the snake up Sam’s arm and many went on an on about it meaning hell and so forth. But there could be something in the meaning this year. There also appears to be a lot of promotional stuff around, and well pictures do tell a story, to hopefully capture us back in and watch. So do you think they tell us a story? Or are we reading too much into them? With only eight days left to go, how much story would they be prepared in giving us any way? So what goes through your mind when you see new promotional material. Does it make you think about the bigger picture, and think outside that box?

Icarus The Supernatural Pig
Now the original did not have a PIG?
Cas is more blue but less orange …
And is leaning on the right side. The orange is also on a different side?

So we have two different questions today. About the angels falling, and if it has any affects on how Sam might heal. If he has any connection with the angels falling. What connections also do the angels have when they hit earth? How will humans fit into the angels pelting down on them. And the second part of the question, how do you feel about promotional material, do you think it tells a story, and that their vision in creating the actors moods makes you think a lot more about the new season ahead. Do you let it cloud your judgement, or again you think it doesn’t even have a connection with the season what so ever. 

Crowley’s is orange for obvious reasons?




4 thoughts on “The angels – There falling?

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  1. Oh I don’t know, if we’re reading something into the colors, my question is, why are they each in their own little cages?
    This is exactly what I keep thinking. Is it because Crowley is being held captive. Cas is human and feels trapped. Sam thought he was being purified. But not sure about Dean!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I believe that orange and blue are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. And while they are opposites, they complement each other. Yes, blue could represent the sky and orange the glowing embers of the underworld and anyone in between is a combo, but what I find more curious is who is not in the promo posters? Abaddon. come out come out wherever you are! She is pure red IMO and clashes with all others.
    Of course, why didn’t I spot that. I love the colour combo of orange and blue though its stunning. But what I did notice is that Dean is crouching, Sam and Cas are sitting on their bums. Whilst Sam is leaning to the left, and Cas is leaning to the right. Crowley however is standing up right. Again could be reading more into this ….. Good point about Abaddon, maybe cause she’s not officially a semi regular yet, its only her first real full season? I do like her a lot.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I thought Jensen had a dog called Icarus. with that pig…somethings not kosher in the promo!
    Strangely enough that’s what I thought, isn’t it a Poodle? But I’ve seen another shot of Cas and that pig was definitely not in it. So could have been photo shopped! Unless he does of course befriend a pig, and calls it DEAN as he’s missing his buddy. Lol!!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. I read a whole article on this, I cant remember where. the blue is Good (heaven) and the orange is Evil (hell). So Dean is all blue Sam is 1/2 and 1/5, Cas is mostly blue and Crowley is orange with a tinge of blue.
    I think I read the interview from Zap2it. Where it was explained. So may be the posters this season do have a meaning. I’d like to know why we have had so much artwork this year. And other years zero! Does this mean Sam might go good this season? Two of the cast are partly human so this would dictate their coloring’s. I would also love to learn the story behind the pig. Does Cas befriend it and keep him/her as a pet? As they say its the new SPN mascot?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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