How did Naomi get Cas out of Purgatory?

Very quick one tonight as I cannot think of much words except for the title. Any thoughts as to how she may have got him free. Considering the only known way out of purgatory was through a human portal? Also when Cas freed Dean from hell it took a number of angels to free him, also countless others tried before and failed. So how would Naomi have managed this? Yes, she has special powers, but was she alone in freeing him? Did she just click her fingers, and wave that magic wand and our Cas was back on earth? A lot of things still puzzle me about Purgatory, that don’t add up. Was this poor writing or a forgotten loop hole?

How did Naomi get Cas out of Purgatory?




4 thoughts on “How did Naomi get Cas out of Purgatory?

  1. I have to say that I don’t think the writers have an explanation. They just wanted Cas out so they said that Naomi got him out. Apparently, Purgatory isn’t as difficult to get in and out of as Cas and Crowley thought back in S6. I mean, really, a secret door right in Crowley’s basement? Sheesh.
    This is what I mean by lazy writing, I was ticked off the other day for bashing the writers. But its not very clear is it? Its just not me who’s thinking this? But how many did actually know about purgatory as Ikeke remembered the boy had no idea of it during season 6 until the vamp informed them. Again the reaper did find it very easy, he new a way in and out. Maybe Naomi interrogated him. It does sound stupid doesn’t it when you think how obvious the door is. ‘Taxi Driver‘ was so knocked to pieces and that was one of the obvious questions. Getting in and out of hell so easily, then Sam leaves the door open. Duh ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Naomi is in intelligence service so she has a cadre of angels to help her and probably a few “insiders”. We never were sure what her capabilities were so it’s just a way to get Cas out without using the human doorway and actually shows that the writers did think it out and Cas was correct in letting go of Dean’s hand- he did not want out nor could he have passed threw that portal. I am still confused as to who saved Sam from the cage? At one point Crowley said he took Sam out the same time he took Samuel back from above( season 6) and then later Cas tells Sam he took him out of perdition and Cas is blamed for not getting all of Sam. Cas later calls Sam “boy” when he reveals he pulled him out. By this time Cas is the angel who would be god and doesn’t fix Sam. I think writers had a change of direction. Of course, Crowley lies and not too sure a demon can get someone from Heaven(if that is were Samuel was) so I followed the writers down the Cas path. What do ya’all think?
    Yeap I got she was a big figure, and has super duper powers. I don’t think that was ever the issue. We knew she was a big figure head as Metatron told us. The Reaper who took Sam in got in fairly easily with his body power, and just wondered if it might have been a similar process in how Naomi got her crew in and out. It appeared so easy for the reaper to just magic himself in and out of purgatory and Naomi has similar powerful powers. So either way it was use of these powers I guess that got Cas out, but was never really fully explained. I was actually surprised at how cagey Cas was in revealing to the boys it was him who got Sam out. I guess he was embarrassed at failing in getting all of him out. Crowley must be pretty powerful to get Samuel out as when Sam tackled Ruby about how Dean got free from hell, she was convinced it was no demon, so I am surprised Crowley to be honest had that power.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I was just watching the episode where Cas realized he was messed up with all those souls in him from Purgatory. Dean bond Death and he told them how to get the souls back into Purgatory. It had to happen during an eclipse and Death said he would make one. They drew sigils on the wall in blood and said an incantation and all the souls (except the leviathan) were sucked back into purgatory. So there seems to be more ways to get in there. I do believe that she sent angels to get him but I have no idea which “route” she used to get into/out of purgatory.
    Yes I remember this, and did wonder if she could have opened a portal. I also did think if she sent an army down there herself. So again they succeeded where others appeared in the past to have failed. But if the reaper took Sam into purgatory using magic, I bet it wasn’t as easy for her? I also wonder what other ways there are of getting in and out as you say. Interesting topic!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I’m confused because I thought no one knew where Purgatory was. In season six everyone was searching for it and yet Naomi was able to get Cas out, so how did she find it?
      That is true, as Sam questioned the Alpha vamp about it. I guess she must have researched her location deeper and located it. She is higher up the rank so may have more access to supernatural stuff like this.

      The only explanations I could come up with involve her and, Crowley working together (he’s the only one left alive who’d know its whereabouts) or Naomi used Cas as a kind of homing beacon to find him, which cant be true because she would easily have been able to find him when he did a runner in season 8.
      That is a cool idea of a beacon, but again I can’t see this show coming up with an idea like that. Naomi and Crowley I think have more going on behind the scenes than any of us realize. We don’t know how much they were in each others pockets. But the sounds of it Naomi could only really tolerate Crowley in the end. She found him an annoying especially when he called her a bureaucrat.

      Its clear she and Crowley knew each other, he knows where Purgatory is and the angels didn’t know, so maybe he told Naomi in exchange for something (Bobby’s soul maybe?) Just speculation from me. I don’t actually know this.
      Could well have been, as Naomi freed Bobby up to heaven fairly easily once she had control over Crowley. So she probably did eventually get the upper hand. It is odd when you think how she did find out about purgatory, guess we may never know.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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