If there ain’t no you, then there ain’t no ME?

I love how we all try and work scenarios out here within our little family unit. Ever since Friday I can’t get Dean’s words to Sam out of my head. The more I think about this, the more I think why did Sam want to end it all in the first place. If these are the precious words that Dean persuades Sam with. We know in the chapel he wasn’t bothered if he wanted to live or die after repeating the cold, harsh word ‘SO’. Dean talked his bro off that ledge that night so why after this time since Sam new in his heart of hearts that Dean meant what he said?

All I can think of is that its the last thing that was on his mind when he passes out. But surely Dean’s words which save him be top in his mind. That’s the last current thing that his mind remembers, isn’t it? So why were the writers all hell bent on making us continue to think that Sam wanted out, and to basically snuff it all over again.

So in a sense Dean had to relay his feelings strongly to save his brother twice. What a round about way in which to save someone. I think those words from Dean were so strong in triggering Sam to stay that I guess it surpassed the first round. Did Sam think if there ain’t no you mean don’t leave me all alone bro, I don’t want you to go, I want you to stay and fight. Selfish or not it did the trick and Dean could relax knowing that he had won the day again and there was a you and me as there always will be.

I also couldn’t understand Bobbies words as I felt he would have been one to have saved Sam and told him to kick his ass into gear and stop pussy footin’ about and get on with it. And don’t be such a whooz, not moaning and whinging to Dean what on earth are you doing tell him crap like that. I don’t no, it just didn’t feel like something Bobby would come out and say. He wouldn’t want Sam all defeatist, as that’s not how the Winchesters work. Its the complete opposite. So why did they use Bobby as the negative approach in Sam saying NO’ and leaving this world behind.

So how do you think Sam’s plight went down, did it ring true to you and the for’s and against’s panned out or something felt off. Was Sam thinking of Dean when he asked Death to make sure he’s dead and cannot be bought back. If this was Sam’s finale would this have worked for you, if he had said ‘yes’ to his reaper and gone on his merry way. Would Dean most importantly have accepted the inevitable, and allowed his brother to stay dead this time? 

Edit: Just to let you all know I have added a review of episode 1 on Supernaturally Devoted if you fancy reading some more of my work. My sister blog is moving along nicely now and we have a few new authors. We each have our own area of character we follow through out the seasons. Each author brings their own style, a must for any fan.



5 thoughts on “If there ain’t no you, then there ain’t no ME?

  1. Dean was speaking to Sam in the cabin with Death. Zeke needed Dean to get Sam to accept the possession by agreeing not to die. Sam still had to consent. Zeke told Dean that Dean could get threw to Sam because Sam could not say no to Dean. I think the writers are finally placing the brothers in a good place in their relationship. Once Sam finds out about Zeke he may be upset for a bit but I think that he will forgive Dean. This season, they have to protect Cas from thousands of Angels that want him dead, fight Abbadon, keep Crowley under lock and key, and deal with their expanding extended family. Sam and Dean really have to work together this season.
    I got this after I read it on the forum. It took me a while to grasp it. As I wasn’t sure how much of it was Dean and what/when was Ezekiel. Even in the Impala at the start was Ezekiel not Dean as we know Dean? I still think it was a bit of a dicey situation, and a bit of a trick to get Sam to say yes. I’m still not sure about them being in a good place, because this fat will hit the fan. On the forum it said in a review episode six Sam is bitten by a dog and heals quickly. Sam questions this and Dean opens up. Sam kicks off as we would expect him too. So its angst time again I think. Will it be as bad as last season, not sure. Oh Sam will eventually forgive they both always do. But its the tone of the fallout that always bothers me. Some are now saying they think Abaddon will possess Dean and both boys will be possessed, but not sure about this one. I heard also about Dean’s speech to Kevin so he wouldn’t leave which sounded lovely. I like Kevin a lot. The boys do have a lot of things against them but by the finale it should hopefully all pan out.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Dean would have had to accept Sam’s death since part of Sam’s agreement with death is that he not be able to come back and that nobody else would be hurt because of him (I think that included Dean). Like all of us who have mourned a loved one, we think we cannot go on without that person, yet in most circumstances the heart does go on. The stages of grieving take time, however Dean says to the grief counselor. he is not grieving yet. It is the inevitable part that Dean does not accept since he wants to fight and continues to look for a way out. It isn’t really Bobby saying those things, but the part of Sam that remembers Bobby saying that when it is your time, go. Clearly, Death says it is up to Sam to decide if it is his time. Bobby did not have a choice, only to stay as a ghost but he was still dead. Sam’s oxygen deprived brain lets Bobby voice the it;s okay to cross over because the Dean part of his brain has no plan. And Sam’s asking Dean/Ezekiel what to do is parallel to Sam asking Dean what he should do in the church in the finale. In both, Sam believes in Dean’s words. That is why it is going to be so hard for Dean to keep the secret about the possession and why Sam might see it as a betrayal by Dean unless the writers change course and let Sam be understanding about Dean’s decision to save him threw possession. The scene reminded me of the Star Trek mind meld. Ezekiel let’s Dean into Sam’s head to see how bad it is in there with Death, so he probably transported Dean into Sam’s thought and the transformation into Ezekiel is the moment the rapture/possession is permitted to take place. In a short hour, it is difficult to flesh out all the components, so there is confusion, but the groundwork for all the characters is packaged in this episode. Even Crowley, although not visible is still set up.
    Its surprising when we look closer at this episode we’ve established a lot. I still think perception is around, as the writers appear to be fooling us a bit. As we’re not 100% certain and are vague about some points which are now canon. This so reminds me of season 6 where Sam’s last dying wish was that Dean go and live a happy life with Lisa and Ben, and he didn’t want Dean to go poking around in the cage trying to get him out. Sam new deep down that that’s exactly what Dean would do. This time is no different. This time Sam is still protecting Dean and putting up a front, saying don’t come and rescue me I’m gone for good. Sam knows what death is all about, and how Dean will relentlessly fight to bring Sam back not matter what. I think for Sam to even consider that to Death was noble and thoughtful. Dean did not want to talk about that to a councilor as Dean wasn’t ready to let Sam go without a fight. Dean was used to fighting and getting Sam back if he could.

    This also reminds me of season 4, are the writers changing tack on Dean as Sam betrayed Dean in going off with a demon, could this be a similar tone? Dean was hugely disappointed when Sam went off with Ruby and chose her over him. So will that tide change? They’ve harped on about how guilty Dean will feel over Sam’s possession and that its something he’s not faced before. So this has to be big for Dean, but still on a similar theme? I still can’t but help feel that Ezekiel is up to something but cannot put my finger on it. Something tells me he’s tricked Dean too. As this has never been done before?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. “I also couldn’t understand Bobbies words as I felt he would have been one to have saved Sam and told him to kick his ass into gear and stop pussy footin’ about and get on with it.”
    That’s because it wasn’t Bobby it was Sam talking to himself as Bobby.

    Barb, your better at this than me … I’m a bit slow on the up take these days. Don’t no why the hell I didn’t pick that up 😦 Duh ……….

    I also don’t understand why he now wanted to die. Dean just talked him down from the ledge, he should be fighting to live?
    This is what I couldn’t get my head around, are the writers giving us mixed messages here? Sam’s all messed up in his head I get this, but Dean is the one that’s always been constant in his thoughts. So why wouldn’t that church memory be the one he remembers, as its the most current? Sam should be fighting to live, since Dean talked him around. So why the second cliff hanger?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I was under the impression that was not Dean but Ezekiel. But it wasn’t a lie either. He had a plan and without Sam’s body Zeke would die too so I thought what he said fits. Also Ezekiel was touching both Sam and Dean when this happened so its possible Ezekiel was simply relaying Dean’s thoughts.
      This I think is perception playing with us again. I wasn’t quite sure when Ezekiel actually stepped in. If he was there all the time even in the first car scene was this Ezekiel? Not Dean. We were lead to think it was Dean?

      You’re right. This is all very confusing but still a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to how the show is gonna answer all these questions but still not looking forward to the angst. I know its gonna hurt but its the price I pay for caring.
      I’m not either…. Its just trying to work out how Sam will deal with it. When the crunch comes to the crunch. You’ve just got to adore these two. 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. “so its possible Ezekiel was simply relaying Dean’s thoughts”
        That’s what I thought-how else does Ezekiel know about Deaths love of food?

        I sense telepathy going on here?

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


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