What Jensen dreampt about, the end of Supernatural!

At #Torcon during the J2 panel:

Jensen had a dream about the end of the show, where Sam had died and Dean gets out of the Impala and hands the keys to a stranger, who gives Dean the keys to his motorcycle and drives off in the Impala, leaving Dean to drive off alone on the motorcycle, since he no longer needs a passenger seat.


I have to say I found this so very SAD! If either of them die, I will be in bits. If one of them dies, I will be in bits. But for Dean to give up his prized possession to a complete stranger is mind blowing. All I can think of is that the car holds too many special memories with him and Sam and it will be hard for him to cope with day in day out on his own if Sam had died. But Dean Winchester without no Chevy IMPALA the mind boggles.

What do you all think of this ending folks. Its  nice to think that Jensen does dream about the show in his own head, and he thought this up on his own some. But this would tare me apart from this inside and it would be so hard to watch. I also think seeing Sam die in front of him would be the last straw for Dean any way. Parting with Baby would be a double whammy. Would Dean also be so eager to give up HUNTING, another thought to ponder. Can we envisage Dean not saving a life any longer if his bro were not in the passenger seat with him. I also think this would say goodbye to any reunion film in say 1o years from now, which is partly why I don’t want either to die on me.

Pass me a tissue someone, I think I’m going to CRY!!!


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  1. Hi Bella,,

    its been a while;;) yeah its really sad to know about Jensen’s dream about the end of Supernatural. I wanted both Sam and Dean to be dead..and finally made a reunion with John and Mary Winchester. Finally they meet again after so many years!!
    Good to see you back Rena. You should stop by more often, we miss you 😉 I like this too, but then we’d have no reunion movie if there both dead. That’s my only wobble ….

    Coz seeing Dean alone without Sam is really hurting .. they cannot live without each other.. and we as a fan also can’t bear to see them living without each other!! Can’t imagine that feeling …
    Its certainly heartbreaking, Swan Song for me was so sad for this very reason, seeing them both fight until one of them dies would be horrible to watch. If this is their destiny then yuck. Neither can function without the other but I guess it would depend on how Dean felt at that time if they did finish the show this way. Seeing Dean on a motor cycle would be so different. But then I would cry buckets seeing baby being driven by some complete strange other than Sam. Too teary for words. I just want them to go out on a HIGH, whilst there still on top. I don’t want the show to get silly and worn.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I think with Sam gone for good Dean wouldn’t even care about the Impala. Notice when Sam was in Hell, he mothballed Baby in Lisa’s garage. I don’t believe he drove her the entire time with Lisa but he didn’t give her away. He wouldn’t give her away but probably wouldn’t drive her either and maybe would quit hunting because Baby is driven mostly for hunting.
    I had forgotten about this little detail. I remember he did put her under cover and he drove that yucky truck monster. But the look on his face at the end of the episode when he took the dust cover off was just so Dean, it was an awesome moment!! Since we all new Gamble had deliberately taken baby off the road. She sure is a masculine car and built for that job. If baby had feelings, I wonder what she would have been thinking!

    I would love it if the two of them were together and it doesn’t matter to me where. Hell, Heaven, Purgatory! It doesn’t matter as long as they’re still a team. Ideally they’d be living in the bunker doing Bobby’s old job. (As much as I like Garth, he’d be dead.)
    I so agree. I would also hate a Ellen and Jo situation when they both set out to go, and one dies before the other, and one is left alone. That was heart breakingly sad. I wouldn’t want to see them die alone scared and afraid. If they go down fighting I don’t want it to appear corny, I hate corny endings like Angel. I went through all of that show for that poor ending. They’ve been through so much for each other and survived so much, its got to mean something!

    Off topic: Last night’s episode was the shizz-nickle! Abaddon was back and she made her first play for Crowley’s job and the Winchesters lives. She would have succeeded except the Winchesters still have an angel on their shoulders. Abby is just that good. Abaddon definitely thinks outside the box (kevlar,anyone?) I love this villain. She is definitely worthy of going against the Winchesters. I hope the demon sigil carved on a bullet makes a reappearance because it worked so well on her last time. Play close attention to the threats she makes to Dean when she captures him.
    I will get to see it hopefully on Friday like last week. 😦 Sounding cool so far. I have heard good things about Abaddon. She appears to be very popular with the fans. A number said today she is a great bad guy and is almost on par with YED, so she sounds great. As Fred Lahene was so powerful the best we’ve had. It would make perfect sense about the bullet. I have seen clips of Abaddon with Dean when she grabs his hair and pulls his head back, which really turned me on. I thought OMG Dean you being kicked into touch by a woman. Kick back man!! She is appealing to me more and more now. I did read snow-leopard’s re-cap the official thread where it recaps everything that happened so I have an idea.

    Ezekiel insists that hes a good guy because Dean has expressed some doubts. I hope he’s a good guy too. Pay close attention to the beautiful conversation between Zeke and Dean when discussing why Dean didn’t close Hell. Its a lovely but disturbing moment.
    I am wanting him to be a good guy, but I keep thinking about Hael’s when she wanted to possess Cas, is Ezekiel planning the same. Is he holding Sam to ransom as the favor from Dean. Will he ever leave Sam? This is my only worry now. When will he leave Sam’s body.

    Okay! Here’s the thing. Kevin just gets on my nerves. He is a panicky, whining, coward who just gets up my nose something awful. The scenes with him aren’t as bad as Samelia and hes got great chemistry with Crowley but Dean is constantly having to calm his panicky butt down and that gets annoying. I mostly just tolerate this character. I like the actor just fine though.
    I can understand your frustration, but I can get why Kevin is like this particularly around Crowley when you think of what the bastard put him through. How he tormented him, and his mum. Also he is still on those meds, so anxiety is still around him. I think I would be a bit that way too. 😉 I’ve got to say I really enjoy him a lot. Way more than Garth and Charlie. He has character.

    I give last night’s episode a solid B+.
    Great, I will look forward to this and remember your points the ones to look out for. I will put a thread up when I’ve seen it. Glad you loved it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. Also, any reunion film should be completed within two years of the show. I think Jensen and Jared will still be sexy in 10 years but I want to remember Sam and Dean as they are now. I hope that 10 years after the show, the brothers are retired from the active part of the life and provide support via the MOL bunker. Can’t see them living a suburban life but no longer in danger of being killed by demons or other supernatural beings.
    I think I’m rather the opposite. I think the whole point of a reunion is in the future to me any way. You think of high school reunions its years ahead cause its the whole point. I would really love to see them together 15-20 years from, now mind you I would be 67 then, so I wouldn’t remember it as vividly. But I think too soon, would spoil it for me. You get my drift. For one thing I don’t think their bodies could with stand it. I could see them almost doing like Angel did starting up a hunting agency and training young hunters to look after themselves. I think that would be fun.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “Also, any reunion film should be completed within two years of the show. I think Jensen and Jared will still be sexy in 10 years but I want to remember Sam and Dean as they are now.”
      I agree and that’s my wish too!

      I can see why … 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. I would cry buckets if that happened. I have read fan fictions that depicted the deaths of Sam and Dean and one in particular had me sobbing for hours every time I thought about the story. I hope the writers will not be cruel to the fans and allow either brother to die. Just have them drive off on another hunt. The End!
    I said as much, I really loath this idea of either of them dying let alone both of them at the same time that would be just tooooo much! I don’t read fan-fiction I just can’t be bothered with it. Don’t know why just love the real thing too much I guess. For Jensen to think that up, was really imaginative though. But still think it would be disrespectful to all he new. I did like the idea of Dean on a motor bike in leathers.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “Just have them drive off on another hunt. The end!”.
      IA. This is exactly how I would like the show to end as well.

      I did put my thoughts down in this blog some where about them sitting in a bar and Dean looks out of the window and John, Mary and Bobby are standing there. Sam asks Dean what’s up, he replies oh nothing, just thinking. John lifts his right hand up and waves and they all disappear into a puff of smoke. Dean says I feel in the mood for a hunt. Come on says Sam, just one for old times sake. Dean backs the Impala out from his space and the car drives off into the dark as the sand kicks up around its wheels. The end …. Oh the boys are sitting in a bar and are very old and grey, this is the whole feel as they are reminiscing about the old days.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Bella, guess what? You just wrote a lovely fan-fiction short as your response.:-D
        (I don’t have time for fan-fiction, really?)

        LOL!! I occasionally dabble …. If my mind is active enough. I just don’t go out of my way to read it on the net. I have started on my NOVEL though and is going alright. Done first chapter. 😉

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


  5. “I also think this would say goodbye to any reunion film in say 1o years from now”
    I’M hoping for a movie within 2 yrs of the show ending! LOL Im too old too wait 10 yrs!
    I also Hate that ending by the way-

    Well I guess the boys will want to leave it a while before making a reunion as it appears more appropriate the longer you leave it. I think it will be tough on fans the longer its left, if it does ever happen. I hate that ending to, as I said on the forum its a bit disrespectful to John, Sam and even the Impala and himself. But its also nice to think what Jensen is thinking (yes)

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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