Is Leverage Ezekiel’s plan B?

I can’t get Hael out of my head, that she wanted to possess Cas’s vessel because hers was decaying. What lengths she went too knocking Cas out, and taking him hostage. Is this the theme for all the angels this season, that they all want to take on a human host? Could this be what Ezekiel’s planning? I think there was a clue with the title of the premier I think I like it here’? Now this could mean a number of things, but Ezekiel has now possessed Sam and is finding maybe he likes it around here.

I can’t help but think also of the favor that Ezekiel wants in return from Dean for helping him heal Sam in the first place. This was the deal after all, you help me, and I’ll see your okay. So Ezekiel was damaged from the fall as many angels were, so he’s not on his own there. Many angels will be frantic and lost. As Sam said we don’t know exactly how many angels did fall that night. So each angel has a different set of circumstances, and of course motives, so what is Ezekiel’s?

Leverage is my only thought at this point

Leverage is my only thought at this point. Of course this will depend on how long Sam takes to heal, and he heals. But with angel juice I cannot see this being too long. So does Ezekiel have a plan B? Is Ezekiel beginning to like it around here? Will he actually not want to leave Sam’s vessel. Dean as we know made an epic speech in an open letter to the angels for this favor that Sam Winchester was dying and he needed their help. We can only imagine that Dean was asking them to heal his brother. Which Ezekiel is now doing from the inside. I don’t think Ezekiel will ever leave Sam’s vessel without a fight. I think he will tease Dean and lead him on. Sam is a strong vessel this we know and Ezekiel is aware, but how long can he string Dean along for. Is Ezekiel this cunning?

I know we hate the thought of Sam becoming an angel, but this would make Sam rather powerful if Ezekiel decides not to leave Sam? Was Ezekiel tricking Dean too getting Sam to say yes, had he fooled both brothers for his own ends? Will the writers be this brave and leave Sam an angel!!

Will the writers be brave and leave Sam an angel?

My other theory this season that Cas may stay human for sometime to come and Sam will remain angelic. Others are also hoping that Dean becomes possessed by Abaddon and the brothers fight it out. But not so sure about this scenario.

So I did mention earlier that I didn’t think that Ezekiel will turn out to be a friend. I think he is playing his cards close to his chest. (Chest – now that I would like to see 😉 )Do you think he’s played the boys for fools, and Dean will have his work cut out in getting Ezekiel out from Sam. What are your thoughts on this subject?


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  1. I would like to think Zeke is being up front about leaving Sam when both are healed, but he “might like it” too much and stay. We do not know how he is injured as he seems to have wings, a bit torn and frayed, but also the power to nuke demons. Since Cas is humanish, the boys could use an angel on call. What the true motives are – aren’t we a suspicious group, or do we just know how douchy angels can be. Whenever Dean makes a deal, there are always consequences – that will be part of the Dean arc this season. It appears that angels need human vessels to survive on Earth as functioning angels and that this has been going on for some time. Vessels have to say yes, so the farmer and the husband who attack Dean at the hospital must have given consent. Just one of the themes. We are off to a great season. Thanks for the comment.
    I think we cannot help being wary of angels, there have been very few who turn out to be decent. But now having seen the episode and Sam/Ezekiel talking to Dean, if it were genuine, he may be on the level. It felt sincere, and up front. But who’s to say also that he could be lying. I guess we just have to wait and see it pan out. I am interested to know how he will leave Sam, and if Sam is even aware of it, just a hint?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I don’t think the writers will do this but then they are good at surprise endings, no matter what the whiners say. I’m pretty sure that whatever we guess won’t be the way it happens..
    I know we always dream up these crazy idea’s and they never pan out on screen. But I guess we were close to Sam being an angel. We weren’t far from the mark, he’s just been possessed by one. The writers have surprised me so far …

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. “Will the writers be this brave and leave Sam an angel!!”
    Sams not an angel, hes possessed by one. 2 very different things. I cant believe they will keep him this way for long-it wouldn’t be a very fun show if Sam could solve every problem with the help of his inner angel would it?

    I get this, but with time IF Ezekiel doesn’t leave Sam’s vessel could it be a permanent fixture like Jimmy Novac and Cas? Sam certainly wouldn’t be Sam in some ways which I wouldn’t like at all. Maybe Zeke will just go as easily as he came. But still can’t help but think he’s up to something. He knows who the Winchesters are, and what they represent. I don’t think he will go away easily. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. I suppose in the long run it would be over the top, my creative head is back on again …. 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Episode 6 is when things hit the fan and Sam becomes aware!!!! Since Sam can eject Zeke at anytime(according to Zeke), we might be surprised and find has a different reaction when he realizes he needs the possession to survive. If he has matured that much in season 8, he may understand Dean’s deal. Then again, that would be atypical of the writers who thrive on brotherly angst. Remember, Sam is now content for the first time, forever with his life. Maybe he likes it here they way he is. Certainly can’t have Cas and Zeke in the same room for too long as the angels are hunting Cas and that puts any of his allies, such as Sam or Zeke at risk.
      Now I still don’t buy Sam is now content. When in the finale he was that suicidal and again in the premier he wanted to end it. Why all of a sudden so quickly in the season has SAM decided all is alright with the world and his life. Is Ezekiel projecting this to make Dean feel HAPPY, is he faking it to make it appear Sam is okay when he clearly may not be? There was something about that ending between the boys as the music was purposely arousing to make us think all is not as it seemed.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Well I try to make logical projections based on what Ive seen but I’m almost always wrong about stuff. I was right about the different angelic reactions to being on Earth. Some angels would try to be good, some would hate Cas and some would come after The Winchesters. And even though I was right in general, I still didn’t predict Zeke. (See what I mean.)

        So with that in mind here’s my specs : Zeke will leave and go back where he came from, all healed up.
        Zeke will leave and go back to Heaven.
        Zeke will leave Sam and stick around because hey, he’s needed.
        Zeke will decide to stay against Sam or Dean’s will.
        Zeke will decide to stay because Sam lets him and is okay with it.

        The Frazier specs : Zeke is in league with Metatron or Abaddon or Crowley.
        Zeke used to work for Naomi and is spying now for someone or something else.
        Zeke will be expelled from Sam and then killed.
        Since Cas is now mortal he can be a host for any angel he gives consent to including Zeke.

        Now I’m pretty sure that the writers will create a brand new option that never occurred to me.
        I like the sound of any one of those. I like the Naomi one that he’s spying. My only other concern is that I don’t see on your list is what if Cas see’s Zeke’s real face. Does he suspect something is going on and doesn’t spill the beans in front of Sam. As Cas isn’t aware of the full story yet. When he eventually gets back to the bunker? I am annoyed with myself that I think he could be bad when he may well turn out to be good. Its just how we perceive angels. He may be the good soldier and simply leave and go back to heaven. But he may also enjoy the boys ways, and company so he may want to stick around (if TPTB decide to take him on) So it could go either way.

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. Oh yeah, I forgot about Cas. Good idea there.
          Here goes:
          Cas will spill the beans to Sam when they are all reunited, just like he did with that mental wall thing. (Cas has no idea when to shut up, so I’m going to pick this one.)

          It just got me thinking that when Cas meets up with the boys that as an angel he must be able to see Ezekiel’s true form, will he spill the beans or will Dean be there and preempt the situation and worn Cas off? He’s done it before.

          Thanks for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxxx


      2. “we might be surprised and find has a different reaction when he realizes he needs the possession to survive. If he has matured that much in season 8, he may understand Dean’s deal”
        Now wouldn’t that be a fresh idea for a change?

        I agree’ I am hoping it will go this direction as it will be character growth for Sam, and it looks as though he is maturing, and not running away from his problems. It will be a real tug of love for Sam considering he wanted to end it all. Considering the writers love brotherly angst which way will it go?

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


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