Why is it taking Ezekiel so long in healing Sam?

When I think back to Cas healing Sam at the end of 7 x 17 he takes on Lucifer and sucks him into himself without hesitation. Cas is briefly left behind by Dean in the hospital as he’s still slightly out of sorts. So Cas really didn’t take so long in healing a very sick, unstable Sam at this point it was over rather shortly.

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Why is it taking Zeke a long time to heal Sam?

So Ezekiel hits our screens as this powerful angel. We don’t really understand much about the guy, and Dean traps him in a ring of fire to establish what his motives actually are. Even Dean is aware he may have a hard time trusting the stranger, and puts his feelings to the test. As the weeks pass we notice his strange antics beginning to show and he occasionally pops out for a little creepy chat in close proximity with Dean. (Bella shivers) The more I get to know this guy the more and more suspicious I find myself becoming. I did early wonder if he was planning to lure Dean in and proposition him as he owes him a big favor. My main concern is why is it taking Zeke a long time to heal Sam? I thought that angels could heal humans fairly instantly and without much effort. I understand that Zeke was injured during the fall and he took it particularly badly. But usually angels still heal fairly quickly. So is Zeke playing the boys for a fool. Is he up to something on the inside? Could Sam be molding himself to Zeke without Dean knowing and being any the wiser. Is Zeke locking himself perhaps into Sam, like Demons can. And Meg actually did with Sam in Born under a Bad sign during season 2. Could he prevent himself from being discharged from Sam’s body? has he performed some inner trick to counteract this? Its just that I am having difficulty in thinking that its taking Zeke this long to heal Sam from the inside. Okay, we are aware what the trials did to Sam. Maybe its just taking longer for the illness to subside and be back to normal. But is he on the level? He keeps healing people and Sam continues to pass out due to the stress of it all. So what else is going on here?

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So what else is going on here?

What do you think guys? Is Zeke fooling the boys, well Dean mostly? Do we think he’s taking too long in healing Sam, and therefore up to something on the inside, but what? So could Zeke be something other than an angel? Is this why its taking him longer to heal a human? What is taking him so long …….. Any thoughts?


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  1. zeke is god
    I laughed when I first read this, but it could be a possibility, as God isn’t in Heaven that we know. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the comments, it would be good to see you again …
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. It has become obvious that Sam gets weakened as well whenever Zeke uses his powers. Zeke was not very strong from the start because of that fight with the other Angel that responded to Dean’s plea and he is still healing from that. He explained last episode, that every time he saved a life or used his powers, he has to stay in Sam longer because it will take longer to heal him.
    I’ve still not seen it yet, which is so damned annoying, as I can’t comment very easily. 😦 All I can think of is that the fall from Heaven must have really damaged his inner parts and have taken longer than he thought they would to heal. But even so he has healed people as you’ve said which has weakened him even further. So this is prolonging his stay. What is he really up to? Is this a yarn he’s spinning, or is it gospel. His powers must re-generate and get strong or weaker as we’ve seen, depending on what he does. But healing people must also help on the inside. Like humans if we cut ourselves or graze our knee as a child, it would heal and a skin would form over the wound. Now angels are in another league. But healing a human would have a big effect on him granted, but I would also imagine it might help his healing process along too, not necessarily push it back.

    He kind of redeemed himself a little last episode by saying that he didn’t want to stay longer than either of them wanted. He seems anxious to get out of Sam at least. There may be some task he needs to perform and a scheduled time to do it. It must be frustrating to Zeke to be too weak to leave Sam.
    At least that is something I guess. So if he is working for someone else this would suggest this time frame? That he’s under pressure from above to get the job done. I did wonder about Bartholomew being in on this, which could still work out? I do get his frustration, but I just find it hard to believe he’s an innocent in all this. He may well be and again I will eat my words later on. But it still sounds fishy!!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I don’t think Zeke’s working for Bartholomew. I think he may be hiding from him. He certainly seems to be trying to stay beneath Angel radar and anxious to go somewhere else but cant because he’s too weak to be outside.
      So if Zeke is in hiding, this signals to me that he may not be an angel? But could only angels here Dean’s pray when he asked for help? I wonder why he’s scared of Bart?

      I was trying to wait until you’d seen the episode before commenting but I liked the episode so much. This may later turn out to be one of the “A ” episodes even though I only gave it a “B ” after first viewing. Sometimes my favorite episodes grow on me after several viewings. This may be one of the ones I’ll be crazy about in six months.

      Favorite moments: Meeting Dorothy for the first time in the flashbacks.
      -Sam and Dean watching TV together
      -Game of Thrones. Sam and Dean teasing each other about the show in front of Charlie.
      -And one scene of Sam teasing Dean which we don’t often get to see.
      -Sam and Dean discussing Sam’s room.
      -Charlie admitting shes been hunting alone.
      -The MoL garage with some truly lovely vehicles and finally -seeing Baby sitting in there all bright and beautiful.
      -Any moment with Crowley
      -Sam gives him a piece of paper and a and a Crayon.

      So it doesn’t sound that bad then. I hope my link comes through today as its late for some reason, its so damned annoying and makes me more irritable. 😦 I know you like Charlie a lot so I suspect you were sad to see Charlie go. But I heard a huge number were pleased to see the back of her. I did here about The game of Thrones nod, which the show often does now and then gives little throw backs … Larping springs to mind, and the brave heart speech. I saw a picture of baby in the garage so at least she has some where to hide and keep warm on a cold night. I can’t wait to see them watching TV together, that is rare these days. From the pictures I actually thought that Dorothy and Sam looked an ideal pairing. But some say she’s a you know what, so that wouldn’t of worked. πŸ˜‰ What on earth is Sam doing give Crowley a crayon for, the mind boggles. Is he acting more like a child or something. And needs something to occupy his time, or is Sam asking him to write down names of the demons and where they are, would be more to the point, I’m guessing.

      There were a few moments I thought were kind of boring or I was impatient to sit through but I’ve watched this a couple of times since Tuesday and I’m starting to like it more. As was said, this may turn into one of my fave episodes.
      I often find this, as time goes by and you return to it with a fresh perspective. But sometimes this doesn’t help and you find it worse than your original thought too. I hate I haven’t seen it so I can join in the fun!! 😦

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “seeing Baby sitting in there all bright and beautiful.”
        Am I crazy or did it look it look more like Jensen than Dean when he was proud of baby in the garage? LOL

        I will have to examine this with a fine tooth comb!! I did see her picture so the crew must have given a her make-over and a real good clean again. πŸ™‚

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


      2. I find the whole Crayon thing hilarious!
        It’s not meant as a childish prank, it’s meant as a insult. They are treating him as they would a petulant child that can’t be trusted with Adult pens or pencils.

        That is so true and agree. I did wonder if it was treating him like a child. These writers are so subtle at times πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


    2. I have been pondering this for some time. I do not think that Zeke is nefarious or has a hidden agenda that involves some kind of evil plot. If Zeke wasn’t on the up and up Cas would have warned Dean of that when he spoke to him. Cas trusted Zeke and just because Cas trusts him, so will Dean. I also believe both of our guys are just the Perfect vessels for any supernatural being. Abaddon has told Dean the very same thing in Devil May Care. I also believe that Zeke is losing his Angelic powers or his Grace the longer he stays on Earth. I don’t think it’s just Zeke that this is happening too either. I believe the longer the Angels stay Earth bound, the more Human they ALL become. When Metatron welded the heavenly gates shut with that spell, he has caused the angels to slowly lose their angelic powers., they are cut off from what powers their Grace. Metatron is seeking to teach the Angels a lesson for forgetting their God giving duty, which was to protect and cherish what he has created; Earth and Humans. Symbolically you can see it; when Zeke fought the demons in the dinner, you could see Zeke’s wings were losing feathers, looking frayed and slowly decaying. You can see that when each time Zeke has used his Angelic powers it takes seconds longer each time, and he passes out.
      Jenks, welcome to the group. I’m not sure if your male or female. πŸ˜‰
      I’m not sure about Zeke, I think eventually his true colours will show. And we will see what he’s up too. Cas is a good natured sole, and he could have been mistaken and misjudged the guy. Spot on about the boys being supernatural vessels. They were made for the job. The angels know this and I think Zeke knows it too, which was why he instantly helped Dean out with his quest. He’d heard of the Winchesters. Of course! This does answer the question why he’s staying longer in Sam. Its taking him longer to heal him because he’s loosing his own natural power. Good thinking batman!! πŸ˜‰ Metatron knew exactly what he was doing, and what lengths he was going to in teaching Gods angels a lesson. He had it all planned in his head. I still wonder why he killed Naomi as she might have been a good ally. This is why I am surprised the writers yet haven’t homed in more on the angel story line instead of having silly humorous episodes. I get Dean didn’t want Sam working as he hadn’t got over the trials, and the scenes were revolved around the bunker. But they could have still integrate Cas and used him more trying to piece these pieces together and not just abandon the myth arc for a couple of episodes. 😦

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Aunty B,
        I’m a chick, Jenk’s is a family nickname. πŸ™‚ I believe Metatron killed Naomi because she alone knew exactly what he had planned and had a better understanding of just what exactly this spell would do to the angels and the Heavens once it was set in motion. We tend to forget that the angels were never Human. They haven’t the ability nor the capacity to feel emotions, think freely or abstractly, they even lack imagination to form ideas. Angels are the perfect Soldiers, the lack of emotion or feelings has made them the perfect killers. For lack of a better description they are the thin Grey matter between black and white. To them we Humans are nothing but the once favored but now forgotten pets of their Father that they are now stuck the care of. Naomi had tried to warn the guys and Cas what Metatron was up too, but unfortunately for her she had basically sealed her doom when she tormented Cas and had him try to kill Dean. Cas has spent years on Earth, he has some experience of what it takes to be Human. Though he still has a lot to learn, his interaction with the guys has made him somewhat more experienced than the other angels; excluding Metatron. I don’t think Metatron hated his time on Earth, he hated that the angels drove him from Heaven because of their jealousy of us and the favor God shown us even after God left Heaven. Personally, I love the humorous episodes I like that they use the guys sense of humor, and lack of self consciousness, esp with Dean. He is always so serious and dour all the time, it’s nice to see him laughing and being silly and carefree.

        This was obviously the reason behind Metatron doing Naomi in and this must have really infuriated him as he so badly wanted her gone and out of the way for good. I don’t think he’s really a nice man to cross. Angels are merely robots. Getting a real gist of this when Naomi was hacking into Cas’s angel programming just like Crowley did with Samandriel. This is what makes angels fascinating that they are imbred with some special codes that make them perform on some special command from above. It reminded me a bit of the Vamp episode when the vamps had triggers from someone up stairs whom was controlling them. I don’t think Metatron hated Earth per say, but he didn’t look too kindly upon humans either. He disliked angels a lot less as you said. So pushing the angels out of their home and on to Earth must have been so huge for the angels, and its real wonder that many survived the fall when you think of what a cruel, callus move that was. He basically used Cas a surviving angel to do his bidding so know one could work out whom was really behind it. He covered his tracks well. A very crafty old man.

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


  3. Every time he brings someone back from death he uses all his energy. Of course I’m glad he saved Cas and Charlie but its making it take longer for him to heal himself and Sam. I’m assuming Sam regresses too when Zeke uses his powers.
    This makes me wonder if he’s something else other than an angel. As Cas never drained unless he time traveled which weakened him. Something still doesn’t add up about all this. Sam yes, must weaken also which is why he flopped back against that wall and why I was a bit suspisious about it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


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