Was making Cas human deliberate?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and thought was this a nifty little twist this season to bring in a new angel, and have Cas human so we don’t have two powerful angels in camp? But for what initial, real purpose? These two men are closely connected celestial beings. Cas also vouched to Dean that Ezekiel was a good warrior. He could trust him. So what reason did the writers decided really to make Cas and even Crowley human. It was at first all to do with the angels falling from heaven. This was the main back drop that we saw during the season 8 finale.

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Why did the writers decide to really make Cas human?

It will only be a matter of time before Cas does retrieve his grace from Metatron. If in fact he still has it. So there could be a possibility Cas could permanently remain human. But was Cas becoming human more closely linked to Ezekiel? If Cas did have his angelic powers he could knock out Zeke which wouldn’t be of any real benefit. So is there another underlining factor why Cas is really human? Was it more than just the angels falling and Metatron gaining control over Cas. Some actually do say that Zeke could be Metatron, which could be a strong possibility. But I just wondered was the main reason to allow Zeke to control the spotlight? Was it done for this reason as there wouldn’t be much point in having two handsome angels with full power. They’ve also give Zeke the wear with all to heal Sam and not let this job fall on Castiel. Or are Zeke and Cas more closely connected than we originally imagined. Which was why Zeke kicked Cas out and made him homeless again. Is there something else going on with Zeke and Cas that we don’t know about? Does Zeke have some hold over Cas? I would love to know what Zeke was thinking when he ordered Cas out ……. What made him flip!

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Why did Zeke really order Cas out?

So Bella would love to know was it necessary to strip Cas once again of his powers, just to prove a point and show us his human side, as there were so many other angels that fell who they could have focused on also. Was this new angel a forceful replacement in getting a job done, that Cas really couldn’t even with his power at full strength? Cas obviously doesn’t yet know fully about Zeke and what his intentions are. We’re not 100% sure why Zeke ordered Cas out of the bunker at this stage. So why all this drama if they know of each other and are on reasonably good terms with each other, it doesn’t make much sense yet. Zeke is obviously afraid of the other angels whom are after Cas, but is there more to it than this?



2 thoughts on “Was making Cas human deliberate?

  1. There’s short answer-for me anyway-is that making Cas human brings him even closer to the boys. It also makes him see what he is defending (humans) and new maybe he is convinced they are worth it.
    I get this side of the story line, it was a clear way to go with Cas, but was there more to it that this? As what still bugging me is what I said to Percy, that Cas couldn’t heal Sam, but Zeke comes along this mysterious all new powerful energy and can do all this that Cas cannot. Cas is a powerful angel and the writers probably thought they can’t have a misleading story line with two powerful angels in toe, so shall we make one human to get around this. This will give Cas an arc all to himself and will allow us to bring in this whole brand new angel that we’ve never heard of before. But for what real reason, if Cas was their healer to begin with. Zeke has to be far more powerful than Cas for him to get away with it. Was this a deliberate act to make Cas powerless for another reason other than just becoming human.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. I think Cas becoming human is a way to keep him on the show without making him comic relief or the deux ex machina who Sam and Dean call whenever they need angel juice. Cas as an angel is awfully powerful and upsets the balance of the story. If Cas the angel is arountuld, what do Sam and Dean have to worry about? Cas has enormous amount of power. Last year they canceled out his power by having Naomi be in charge of Cas’s actions. Now, having Cas be human gives him new story lines. As a secondary effect, we finally can lose Cas the angel who doesn’t understand how the world works, in spite of interacting with humans longer than virtually every other angel. I certainly was over Cas not knowing slang sayings and how the world worked, when Balthazar came to earth after Cas had and Balty was up on sex and physical pleasure. Heck, Hael, who hadn’t been on earth since the Grand Canyon was created knew how to drive a car when Cas has never been shown being able to drive one. Making Cas human can have him continuing to discover things about people an humanity without making him look stupid and slow.

    I gathered this was the main reason, which I am really fine with. He does need a new story line and being human would add a bit of spice to this, and also help Cas mature and grow, true. This really confused the hell out of me too, when Hael was driving and Cas never had. Some continuity problems there I think. I hoped they wouldn’t make him look stupid, that’s what I was dreading. Most of his characterization has been heart warming, moving and wrenching for Cas to deal with, which can only make his character much stronger in the long run. The sex I thought was however, unnecessary what did it really contribute just to show us he’s a man. I thought Cas was worth a lot more than this.

    I also think that Cas not being an angel means he can’t positively identify Zeke. I don’t think Zeke is Metatron. It hasn’t been long enough for Metatron to get bored yet, and he didn’t seem to be falling with the rest of the angels. But Zeke may not be the Ezekiel Cas vouched for and as a human Cas probably can’t tell. Plus it meant that Cas wasn’t around to talk Dean OUT of helping Zeke to possess Sam. Cas might well have told Dean to let Sam go, since Cas couldn’t heal him. And Dean would never have put out a call to any angel to come and help Sam if Cas had been available.
    I did wonder this too, that he’s keeping out of Cas’s way so he can’t be identified. I didn’t think it was Metatron either. I think as you say it was too soon, also why go to all this bother of gaining heaven to hop into an angel and hop into Sam, for what gain? I think it depends on how long ago Cas vouched for Zeke, if it was only say a couple of months his recommendation might live up to it. But a year or more is a long time for someone to become rogue. Now I wondered this too about Cas talking to Dean about the possession. So there could be more to this than we thought. I guess making Cas human allowed for other characters like Zeke to come into the story, but I still wonder how powerful Zeke is if Cas didn’t have that amount of power to heal Sam, and Zeke can.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


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