My take on episode 9.04 …..

I had mixed feelings about the episode, but I think overall I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and above all the story telling. I love the 1935 black and white imagery and the finding of the key and where the key lead us too. The introduction of the hunters was interestingly told and sadly we lost Jenkins and his partner appeared lost but continued on regardless to find Dorothy. Dorothy was a delight, and really warmed to her in so many ways, and even adored her outfit and leather biker style jacket. Dean why can’t you wear one like this ….. The bit I really did think was spooky and seamed the story telling beautifully was Dorothy and Dean sitting in the bunker in the same location but at different times, the faint Dorothy and distant Dean really impressed me. 1935 enveloping into 2013 well done writers….

Black and white Dorothy and distant in colour Dean really impressed me.
1935 enveloping into 2013 well done writers….

I did find one tiny little fault however, when Charlie and the boys found the computer room and went to move some shelving out of the way the glass jar falls which was expected. But what I didn’t expect was the heavy glass lid works its way off and the liquid all piles out onto the floor. It must have been some heavy liquid, to have moved that lid completely off. Or did the crew give it a helping hand…

The heavy glass lid works its way off and the liquid all piles out onto the floor.

I also loved how the writers reminded us of Cas, and that Sam was concerned about his friend. I enjoyed how they wove the computer room into the story and Sam wanting to work the computer so he could find out about the angels and where they fell, to help Cas out. You’ve got to love Sam for trying….. He’s one smart boy for finding the wires which lead him and Dean down stairs to Wow the computer center. What do all these computers do!!

Dean replies ‘you thought all this up by yourself’!!

Now some have complained to high heaven about Charlie, and I know you all do love her here. But I find it hard to believe that she has over night got hunters instincts to know what to do, and make the boys look a bit stupid when they’ve been doing it for years. She at one point out witted Dorothy whom is a true hunter. Charlie really!!  I admire her computer savey but not hunter prowess, writers sorry I think you got that wrong. She also took Dean’s bullet from the witch, and killed the witch and retrieved the key, WOW Charlie, we are adventurous. Dean is a big boy you know. 

WOW Charlie, we are adventurous!!!

Dean calling out Zeke when Sam came into Dean’s room was very, very clever. How quickly Sam’s eyes light up and drowned Sam out to bring on Zeke, very impressive. Sam waking up again wondering what the hell had gone down. Not realizing he was healing a human all over again but not using demonic powers but angelic powers this time, this so reminded me of season 4, spooky Sam. I also applaud Dean for trying to get out of his awkwardness when Sam asked who Zeke was, classic supernatural. I don’t envy Dean when he finally has to tell Sam who Zeke really is. Is Sam slowly taking on some of Zeke’s angelic powers, and could the Sam we no be slowly going for ever. 

Oh those eyes Sam, you are creepy as hell.
But I love them!!!!!!!!!

I have got to say I did truly love the witch. You may have noticed I’ve used the word love a lot in this essay, so I must have enjoyed it 😉 She was just in time for Halloween too. Good make-up, green eyes, possessing both boys. Really boys letting an old witch get to you, I am surprised. The witch was scary and very threatening and as Zeke said powerful. So I don’t think it was as cheesy as I feared it would be. This must be Robbie trying something new considering Charlie is his baby. I do like Robbie’s style….. 

Just in time for Halloween too.
Good make-up, green eyes, possessing both boys.
Really boys allowing her to possess both of you.

Crowley, what can I always say about our fourth leading man. He never lets me down, and impresses me every time with his whit and sense of comedic timing, always perfection he can do no wrong. I adored his witch line and his little copy cat snarl at the witch just to prove he could do it, just as well. Sam with Crowley was so good. Each time Sam entered the dungeon he slapt the crayon down harder just to prove to Crowley he wasn’t to be messed about with and walks straight back out without saying a word. But why a crayon Sam, has the bunker run out of pens, or even a pencil!!!

But why a crayon Sam, has the bunker run out of pens, or even a pencil!!!
Do you think Crowley is a child and wants to draw a picture?

I also really did enjoy Sam and Dorothy’s time on screen together. There was something that felt very real for once. If these two had been a love interest instead of Amelia It would have gone swimmingly. They both had something in common, the open road  and not having a fixed abode to call home. The whole feeling of this episode helped to see life from Sam’s point of view seeing his room also enabled us to understand his flaws and layers that bit more, and after all it centered around his new home, the bunker. 

I also really did enjoy Sam and Dorothy’s time on screen together.
There was something that felt very real for once……

I was surprised at how easily pleased I was with this episode overall, I thought I was going to cringe but I didn’t. One area that did lack for me was the CGI graphics when the doors opened and the witch saw home and the bats flying towards her. I think with effects this day and age could be much better. But it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment and feel of the episode. It was a filler, and felt like one.

Could the CGI into Oz have been better, or am I a bit harsh?

We also got to see more of the bunker, and yes the whole episode was centered around the bunker and the boys were at home, and not out on the road. Which was very unusual. We got to view more rooms, and yes finally Sam’s, which in a way was as I expected, the Kitchen god what a tip, and the Garage, beautiful. I noticed a number on one door 28 so we no there are loads left to see. 

Baby looks clean and happy too, and so does Dean ….

One thing I will say about the ending, was it rushed? Did Charlie really think things through about going with Dorothy. Was she too eager to get away from reality. We will never know unless she regrets it later and finds she hates it in Oz, and wants to come home. One other thing I did notice when the doors opened into Oz, how this so reminded me of Narnia and the children walking from the wardrobe into another world. The boys faces and Deans hand has he touched the door and both him and Sam pushed it open to just reveal the old dark corridor.

Did the boys really think Oz would still be there……

‘There’s no place like home.’  …………….

I would give this episode a rank of 8 out 0f 1o! It entertained me. Well done Robbie.

6 thoughts on “My take on episode 9.04 …..

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  1. Crayons are not pointy like pens or pencils and less likely to be used to cut oneself and call for help. The cap on the jar, I believe was opened from within the jar by the witch. The witch is on the loose and has Dorothy walled up in that web. If the two were melded together then jostling of the jar awoke the witch who was powerful enough to open the jar from within and separate from the big D. I think they were flying monkeys not bats if we stick with the story. And I think Sam and Dean wanted to see if Oz was there -a) could they go and come b) how will Charlie get back and where is she really? c) maybe the boys were looking for magic as well d) without an escape Sam utters “There’s no place like home.”- Do you think he can accept the bunker as a home and not just a work space now?
    I get this, but a crayon could still hurt if used as a weapon, I think it could still puncture the skin. Maybe not as dangerous as a pen/pencil but I bet it crossed Crowley’s mind. Of course, this never twigged about the pair inside, duh…. 😉 But after all those years, would it still have been tough to open? We know ourselves sometimes its hard to open a jam jar and need hot water from a kettle to loosen it. Those lids looked pretty hefty. But get the logic behind the story telling. I got that wrong about the bats, miss print…. They just looked like them. Three good points there about the door, I did wonder if the boys were looking for magic and wondered if they good go in there themselves and the door revealing the corridor proved its point. It was nicely done, and effective. If Charlie does come home it will be interesting how they get around it? I think he’s more relaxed about the bunker, I don’t think he’s fully there yet. But well on the way. Those were some deep wounds and will take time.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. You have way more imaginative ideas about Sam than the writers do. Or even me. I don’t think Sam is inheriting anything or really changing at all. It never occurred to me that anything would. He still seems very much the way he always was but that we rarely get to see.

    Thanks Ikeke! I just keep thinking the longer he’s in Sam it must be having some inner effects on him, and we all know where Azazel lead to by dripping Demon blood into Sam’s mouth. Sam has already had demonic effects within him who’s to say angelic powers won’t take hold too. I just hope it doesn’t change him too much.

    It’s interesting and fun watching Jared this season. I think this is is as close as we are going to get to seeing Sam’s real personality without demon blood or powers, sickness, or possessions, etc. He smiles a lot more, he has a very sharp and wicked sense of humor, almost snarky. He’s lively and curious. We always knew these things about him, but we didn’t get to see it much because something was always happening to him (see above). I did sense some chemistry between him and Dorothy, but also sensed just as much between Dot and Charlie.

    Jared really is superb at being Zeke, he’s totally made him his own. It is a wonder how many other stories they can think up about the boys health but this is supernatural after all so anything is possible. Yes I did notice him smiling but is this Zeke coming through or he’s pushing the real him out because someone is riding him? Yes point taken, but it was just interesting to see Sam interact with others besides Dean. Which is rare these days. It made a change. Dean had Charlie to bounce off, and Dorothy and Sam did work.

    Oh, and those were not bats. I wish they were because bats I could handle. They were monkeys with bat wings, which I thought was seriously creepy but then flying monkeys always squick me out. I liked the way they established that the only thing that could kill the witch was something from Oz, like her sister’s shoes or the poppies on the bullets. I believe she’s not a real witch like on earth. She’s a fairy-type witch which means the rules are very different for her and the magic of the “Supernatural” world doesn’t work on her.

    Of course, senior moment again. They did mention they were monkeys in Oz. I thought from the write up though they were going to be invaded by the creatures and they never even came into the bunker. I know I did like the seeds and the shoe bit, these were what I meant about the cute tricks. Good job Crowley didn’t get hold of that shoe …. I think I read something about the witch on the forum, well something similar. Makes her even more spooky. 😉

    But once again, Charlie saves the day. I love Charlie and all but I also know that every time she’s on the show she gets to save the boys. Her dying went a long way towards disrupting that pattern. I’m not sure about your question of who healed Cas and Charlie (and wouldn’t it be great if these two characters met?) Are you asking who Ezekiel really is? Is he who he says he is? Hopefully in the next couple of episodes we’ll know something but I refuse to speculate too far ahead in the season.
    I know, I guess someone had too, and it was Charlie 😦 I have a hunch she won’t be gone for long. I think SPNforever was asking this not me. I wonder what Cas would make of Charlie 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I really enjoyed the episode. I thought the issue of home for Sam was a little tired. After all these years, Sam should know that wherever Dean is, that’s home. I understand that Sam has tried to build a life with Jessica and Amelia but come on! Dean has been the one constant in Sam’s life. Dean practically raised Sam; Dean pulled Sam out of the fire, twice; Dean went to hell for Sam; Dean was with Sam when he fell into Lucifer’s cage; Dean fought to get Sam’s soul returned and fought to have Sam’s mental illness cured. Geez, these writers truly do not get the depth of the relationship between the brothers. Just like when the writers had Sam shacking up with Amelia instead of looking for Dean and then having the nerve to tell Amelia that no one ever bought him a cake for his birthday. I am just saying, do not insult our intelligence by negating the love and devotion between these two. Kripke did such a good job in building up their relationship it is a shame to watch it lose its intensity.

    Me too SPNforever!! I know when you look at the shows back story, Dean has done so much for Sam, and vice versa. The writers have sent them both on this journey and Sam I know is a big boy and the writers should show this. It felt strange that he felt he couldn’t relax in the bunker and make it feel like his, in the same way Dean can. I suppose he was frightened of it all being taken away from him, and couldn’t settle. I guess if they were both equals the story would be dull. They need opposites a bit of angst again to fuel the fan. This is why I’ve always said that their writing one brother bad and the other good. Eric did a wonderful job of molding the characters into who they are today. If it wasn’t for him we’d have no Sam and Dean, simple as. The whole Sam not looking for Dean as many know tore me apart, inside out. I think we need writers who know the relationship deep down and get back to its old roots again.

    As for Dorothy and Sam, I definitely felt a gay vibe from Dorothy. I think she was more interested in Charlie. I did like the conversation between Sam and Dorothy concerning fiction and real life. I liked Sam’s comment that real life is much darker than its fictionalized version. Since we know that Chuck kept some facts out of the books (Demon Blood addiction), makes me wonder if this was some sort of meta-ish reference to how the characters are portrayed on the show. Could Dean’s drinking be drug addiction instead?
    Oh I sensed the whole gay vibe going on as she went with Dorothy in the end. The fiction bit was very interesting and well put. I think the pair did click in some way maybe not romantically but I think they were on the same wavelength, and this was what came through. It was good that Sam could open up to another person as this has lately been lacking and he needs friends too. I thought your line about Dean drinking being a drug addiction was very interesting. I so wanted his drinking to go some where and it didn’t. It does and always did make me wonder if he is addicted to Whiskey.

    Sam should be one episode away from figuring out that there is another entity residing within him. He remembered Dean calling him Zeke and again he woke up in a different location from where he was standing when Zeke took over. Also, didn’t Dorothy tell him that if anyone gets zapped by the wicked witch, that was instant death? So who raised Castiel and Charlie from the dead? Come on Sam, you’re a smart guy. Figure it out already!
    I know, this really does surprise me, as its making him look a bit stupid, he really is a clever guy. Why oh why Sam don’t you know something is very wrong. You knew when you were soulless you told Dean you sensed there was something wrong. At least this week we did get a more concrete concern that he was doubting it. I know the location thing is bugging me now too, even in episode two with the demons, when he woke up some where totally different, I think he twigged then but wasn’t certain. Which made me wonder as I said so here on the blog, that he must have some sort of lapse between being out of it, and coming too. As its happening way to often now, and he’s saying the same thing. I do love Dean’s answers though every time there’s a totally different answer and Sam’s buying it, for now at least. I’m not 100% sure if its next week or in Bad boys, Dean tells him about Zeke when Sam gets attached by a dog in the throat which I’m not looking forward too, as he heals really quickly.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Trust me, Sam knows something. He just doesn’t now what. Hes not going to guess that hes possessed as that would be too weird for him to grasp I think. But he knows Dean. He knows Dean’s tells and he knows hes being lied to, just not what about. He wont say anything until he feels he can back up any accusations though. But he knows Dean is lying. Hes been very happy and as long as Dean keeps giving him plausible lies he’ll let it go. He’ll let it go until it cant possibly be ignored.
      Ikeke this sounds like Sam. The writers are being clever with this, thinking that Sam is being strung along, when he knows and is biding his time. Watch this space Dean the eagle is landing …. These boys are on fire this season!!

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


  4. “But why a crayon Sam, has the bunker run out of pens, or even a pencil!!!”
    He cant hurt anyone with a crayon! I’m glad you liked the episode and didn’t listen to all naysayers on the board. Sheesh-nothing makes them happy!

    That’s what I did think, a crayon is still a nasty tool that can hurt. Yeap, I wouldn’t say completely blown by it, but considering past seasons fillers around episode 4 they have usually been poor. I liked their own take on Oz, and the whole hunter feel over the men of letters. I did enjoy Dorothy in particular as you may have guessed, and there were a few nifty tricks in the episode too. I try not to listen to them, I find they tend to swallow up my enjoyment now and I find I enjoy it more. But I did find Charlie a bit full on. If she could tone it down a bit it might not be so bad, she does grate on me 😦 I just thought Dorothy came across so much nicer and able to at least hunt, on the level of any man. Some were not even keen on Dorothy. Did you also notice the similar names cropping up again Dean and Dorothy ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  5. I think they give Crowley a crayon because a pencil or a pen could be used as a weapon to stab them. Just an extra precaution.
    Of course Percy, why didn’t I think of that!! But couldn’t he still use the crayon in some way, he could snap it in half. Although the crayon already does have a point on it. Great thinking ….

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


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