Sam’s Room – My wish was granted!

I put up a piece on Supernaturally Devoted yesterday about the boys rooms, and what a home really means to them. Thought you might like to read it here too.

Since those early days we as the audience have been overwhelmed by these boys’ lives and shed many a tear along the way. We felt we were living the journey with them. We could feel their pain, sadness, and what it felt like to lose both parents at a young age. As the show ventured on we got to feel what the show was all about. A road trip lay ahead, but was it more than just a road trip? Was this road trip mapped out for the boys? Was it indeed, their way of life? We began to sense the boys never really had a place “They” could call home. We began to establish a picture that motel rooms were the focus of their evening stay. So early on we knew the boys had no real fixed abode. Was this a good thing, or not such a good one? So we knew as obsessed fans that the boys lacked what we call a real home base. Somewhere to come home to at night and switch off, and just be “NORMAL” human beings and not be tied to the road and its way of life 24/7. To all and tense purposes the boys really were and still in a way are gypsy’s. The only real thing missing to prove this point was them riding along the road in a real ornate Irish, gypsy caravan. But then we wouldn’t have the beauty that is The Impala ;)So all they really had to call their own to their names was each other, and The Impala ….. :(

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‘Home’ Season 1 The boys go back to visit what was once their family home!

I often think back to their roots, and think it was sad that they didn’t have a real home family life style that they in turn could treasure and have been a part of. As grown men now they really missed out on this. Again was this a good thing, or not such a good …..? Both boys clearly miss this which I think is the main reason behind why they are so co-dependent on each other. Sam only really knew his dad growing up, so again no motherly figure to speak of in either of their lives. Once again was this a good thing, or not such a …………? The meaning of a homely family life is something that we all grew up with, so was this hard for the boys to have no real firm memories of this, and what it was like to be part of a family? So has the open road really changed the boy’s feelings for what it meant to have real strong feelings of a home life. Do they still crave that life that that was taken away from them? Sam appears to struggle with this more than Dean, particularly during season 8 we see again he wants out of his hunting life and up-bringing, and almost selfish to say he’s ashamed of it. He couldn’t wait to ditch it, the phones and abandon Kevin. So he still hankers for his roots and what it felt like to be in his own little world doing what he wanted to do. He clearly took a dislike to the hunting world where he could simply bury his head in his books.

But life with Amelia was this all a bed of roses, and happy ever after? Did he relive those distant childhood memories again and did they re-surface as he hoped they would. I think his judgement of this world was cloudy at the best of times, and wasn’t really what any of us would call love. I think they just met up at the right time, a couple with similar circumstances. If Don hadn’t come back would it have worked out? I still don’t think it would have even though they had something in common. Once Dean re-surfaced, it would have been “back to work” as normal. So Sam’s “normal” has never really truly, been “normal”. He desperately yearns for this life and seeks solace from it, but never quite gets it.

He desperately yearns for this life and seeks solace from it, but never quite gets it.

So as season 8 develops Sam begins to get back into his old stride of the hunt, because he made this choice and continues on regardless of his inner feelings for “normality”. Is this search in his head almost over, but stores it deep somewhere in the back of his brain until the next time it re-surfaces. Does he continue to think that his chance of “Normal” might still happen.?

So as the story goes, it became their way of life and they both grew up not knowing any different. We took it for granted that we thought the boys were settled and happy with their way of life. But over the years had the boys feelings changed? I think Dean will always remain happy and content, as hunting is so ingrained in his mind that he wouldn’t know what else to do; he couldn’t walk away from it no matter how hard he physically tried. Purgatory was proof of this. Sam on the other hand has always been unsettled, wanting to find alternatives and find something else to fulfill his life. They have never really full understood deep down, what having a ‘FAMILY’ home meant, let alone a home. Being on the road 24/7 just became an ‘everyday’ occurrence that again was so ingrained into their up-bringing that it became part of the territory. So last year when we found the boys were legacies to an organization and that a home came with this destiny many of us sensed finally the boys had a place they could call home.

The boys had a place they could call home.

The Bunker’ as it’s affectionately known is becoming an integral part of their lives now, and moving the boys forward into happier times. But are they BOTH truly happy. As part of The Bunkers’ discovery bit by bit, week by week we unearthed rooms, a section at a time. Were the writers being clever or cagey? Were they building us up to something rather spectacular? Or just unearthing more unhappiness in the boys lives.

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Did Dean’s room reveal to us more about Dean than without seeing it?

As time went by Dean’s room became the focus of attention and what did we really learn from this? Were the writers being subtle in how they were interpreting it? That Dean was of a more caring nature, because he placed a picture of himself and his mother on his bedside table? Did it reveal more about Dean, did he like to show off his momentum’s and we sensed they took pride of place in his own little world. Was Dean one to let others know what was really going on in his life? Did it tell us that he had nothing to hide? Dean as a person is also very tidy by nature we didn’t see any clothes on the floor, or books and papers on the bed. But his walls showed us all too who Dean really was. A hunter by occupation, and someone who clearly relaxed and let his hair down. When the moment arose. So the year slowly passed and we came to see more and more of the bunker, and how the boys both viewed the place and what being a Men of Letters really meant to them as people. Dean had taken it all in his stride and embraced the whole feel of the place and was elated that he had finally some where he could call home … He couldn’t really understand why Sam didn’t feel the same way.

Dean clearly loved his mum and wanted to show it!

So how did Sam literally embrace this whole adventure? As we began to see Sam’s point of view we began to see he was becoming engrossed in the books and knowledge of his new surroundings, pretty much as we expected he would. Sam as we know is more of the book worm, the scholarly hunter which this season really suits. The writers were beginning to understand Sam and what really spurs him on, pushes his boundaries and keeps him going. So as we progress we unravel more and more, and in last week’s episode the excitement took over me, as ‘I had my wish granted’ and got to see Sam’s room. My emotions were all over the place, viewing bare walls, files and papers with a desk, took on more of an office role in nature. Sam clearly saw the Bunker as a place of work, and not a place to live. Looking back now, am I surprised or horrified? Not as bewildered probably as I first thought. I knew in some respects it would be bare by Sam’s reaction to Dean’s room, and the photograph out of his mother. Sam’s little stunt of dropping litter in Dean’s room, also was a subtle hint. So has Sam been hiding something underneath the surface?

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So what did this room really tell us about Sam that we didn’t already know?

I think from this deciphering it in detail, we notice how office bound Sam still is. We notice how work orientated he still is, and that he cannot for the life of him switch off and still continues to take his work home with him. He is the classic workaholic’ …. Will there ever be a cut of point for Sam, that he puts the books down, his thoughts related to work down and engage in his new home life style. What is he still so afraid of that he cannot enjoy his new surroundings as much as his brother clearly can? I think Dorothy finally got through to him, noticing the pair had something in common relating to the open road and not having a place to call home. So was Dorothy the missing piece in finally letting him come to terms with his surroundings and put the books and work down and let home sweep him off his feet. Could he finally sense that a home finally, really was theirs. That they could put down roots, and not jump up to the next location and drop everything, and everyone they’d met on the way. Had Sam finally come to terms that he didn’t have to up root himself and move away. Could he finally say I finally have a base that I can put stuff out in my room, and maybe have some where to finally call HOME!

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Had Dorothy actually got through to Sam?


This has been a long time coming and have since Dean’s room aired wanting desperately to view Sam’s. I wonder why it took them so long to reveal either of the boy’s rooms. I think The Bunker’ is now solidified in the shows history as the Winchester’s HOME. Sam is beginning to finally accept that he belongs somewhere, and doesn’t feel an outcast, and he can finally begin to put down some much needed roots. But has this journey come at a price?

Men of Letters Bunker - Supernatural
The Bunker’ is now solidified in the shows history as the Winchester’s HOME
Does it finally mean the boys have some where to call HOME!

So what does this say about Sam? How did Sam feel about Dean’s room when he saw the weaponry out on display and a photo of his mum on his bedside chest? Dean instantly felt at home, and we knew he had settled in reasonably well. Did the writers think that leaving Sam’s room to a later date would make us think something more sinister was going down? They are brothers after all with a similar back history so why not reveal both rooms at the same time? Why all the secrecy surrounding Sam’s? What was Sam hiding that the writers didn’t want to reveal straight away? So now that The Bunker’ is a refuse a place to come back to and lay their heads, will it go to some way in helping them feel settled and grounded. In many ways it’s a very strange building for one to call a home, and to feel it’s more than bricks and mortar will take Sam some time. But it’s a start ……….

Finally a place to call home, a place that’s finally their’s …..

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  1. Aggghhhh! Supernatural begins in 5..4..3..2…1!
    Hi Bella will post a review here after the show. (This will be good practice for when I start a blot, too.)

    Don’t tell me you have bitten the bug too. Share all the details here when you do. We’ll support you. 😉
    Good LUCK!!
    Please tell me the episode was a good one. I have read a couple of reviews and am a bit more up beat.
    I don’t know what set me into a depression this week, I’ve been really low. Sorry I’ve not had much to write about I guess we all get writers block from time to time. Even the forum has peed me off. Just pleased I’ve got you guys to talk with.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I will post a review. And the word is blog.
      You make me laugh Ikeke
      I thought at first you meant blotting paper then realized it was a typo. 😀

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


    2. Heaven Can’t Wait:
      The title sounds promising, tell me more ….

      Not a great episode and no Ezekiel stuff but it was a nice solid “B”
      Oh dear, please don’t put me into a depression again just getting out of the last one 😉

      A suicidal man gets a strange visitor and then there’s a pink glow.
      Cas is working at the Gas n Sip and the manager acts kind of flirty with him. He imitates the humans he sees drinking coffee and hes a very responsible worker. He seems to be adapting well to being human although I and the manager suspect that he’s homeless and sleeping in the store.

      Oh not again, are we talking male or female…. I am very suspicious that Cas is going to stay human why do I have this strong hunch? He’s liking it all too much.

      Kevin needs help with the spell translation to return the angels to heaven. Sam and Dean start to research until Cas calls for help. Dean convinces Sam and Kevin to continue their research while he goes and checks out what Cas wants. It may or may not be a case and gives Dean the perfect excuse to bail on them.
      I read something similar on the review I read. Sneaky Dean, what’s he really up to? He’s trying to handle too much and keeping everybody happy must be really tough for him. I wouldn’t want to be Dean at the moment. Cas is turning out to be quite a good fake cop 😀

      Cas’s manager appears to be asking him on a date. He says yes.
      Dean investigates and finds there is a case involving unhappy and miserable people all being turned into pink mists. Actually they’ve been vaporized by some unknown event.

      So its a female, PHEWIE!! Pink mists I take it is the monster of the week? So judging by the name the monster of the week is invisible? We can’t see it?

      Sam and Kevin hit a roadblock in their translations and Dean suggests they ask Crowley. Dean observes Cas at work and surprises him by walking in on him selling some woman a lottery ticket.
      Kevin’s loosing it, what’s up with him. Dean’s on the ball with the translations and Crowley, and now Cas uh! I can’t wait to see how these two get on after their last encounter. I wonder if Cas will give Dean a mouthful?

      During Deans visit a young girl gets vaporized and he and Cas go check it out. Cas tells Dean its caused by a special sort of angel that is attracted to misery and sadness and pain. (You’d think he would visit a hospice or senior citizens home for that instead of killing random people but okay…)
      So the writers are introducing another species of angel? ….

      Crowley will help with the translations for a phone call with Abaddon and wants Kevin’s blood to do it. Eventually Sam and Kevin comply and we find out what Abaddon has been doing. Cancelling all of Crowley’s deals and collecting souls early. She is really taking over.
      Cas and Dean discuss Cas life and Dean drops him off at his date’s home and gives Cas useless dating advice but Cas doesn’t need too much. He cuts a rose off the vines on the porch and plans to give it to his date which turns out to be a babysitting gig instead. Cas looks bummed. The baby starts to cry too. Cas sings television theme songs to the baby and starts to panic because the baby has a mild fever. This attracts the angel who says hes there for Cas and taunts Cas about how being human is a step down for Cas and that he can take away his pain and unhappiness.

      I wondered if she would eventually get one over on him. She’s is one crafty babe. Collecting souls, sounds like season 6 all over again. Ah Dean being the perfect parent. I wonder what Sam would have thought about this? 😉 Please don’t tell me this turns out to be corny/cheesy? So the baby crying attracts the angel turns out to be nasty, whats new?

      Dean figures out that the angel is after Cas and bursts in just in time to give Cas his angel blade.
      Kevin and Sam are told by Crowley that the spell that kicked the angels out of heaven is irreversible and that the angels are on earth to stay. Dean for whatever reason doesn’t tell Cas that.

      Did this appear obvious that this was going to happen? What is up with Dean, is he in character at the moment he feels really off and out of sorts. Is something bothering him? I was right about one thing then that they would need a spell to get the angels back into heaven. Darn but it won’t work. So now what are the angels and Cas going to do? Are they stranded on earth for ever? Or is there another plan B? Why oh why is Dean being so damn secretive?

      Sam spies Crowley injecting himself with Kevin’s blood from a stolen syringe. Why is Crowley injecting himself with human blood?
      Dean drops. As off at work and tells him he’s proud of Cas progress in being human and that he’s sorry he told him to leave the bunker. Cas watches a news report about the angel meteor shower then turns it off and goes back to work.

      As soon as I saw that picture of Crowley with the syringe in his arm, I thought the bastard was up to something. Was he wanting to make him self completely human. But then read that he wants Kevin’s blood and not Sam’s so in his eyes he becomes a prophet? Am I right? That is cool thinking Crowley stroke of genius writers as this gives Crowley his powers back. So he’s quarter demon and half prophet what a wired mix!!

      Good review nice work.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “Sam spies Crowley injecting himself with Kelvin’s blood from a stolen syringe”

        I need to re-watch the episode tonight but I’m pretty sure the blood Crowley stole was Sams. Didn’t Sam offer his blood for the phone call but Crowley said no I want Kevin’s?
        The forum have been talking about this, and they said it was Kevin’s. See what I think in my reply to Ikeke. I think he’s wanting Kevin’s blood as Kevin is a prophet and I think Crowley is after Kevin’s power. Sam has been purified from his demon blood supposedly so is useless to him. Crowley is worried about Abaddon taking over his thrown, and is planning his escape. If he takes Kevin’s blood this will give him power to get free of the devils traps. I think.

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. Yes, he did say that. That’s why I thought it was Kevin’s blood. I’ll have to watch it more closely as I didn’t see Sam put any blood in the syringe.

          It will be very, very interesting to know whose blood it is and why Crowley feels he needs it, as I totally didn’t see that coming. What is he getting from it? It would also be completely ironic to find out it’s Sam’s blood, as that would bring the whole demon blood drinking thing full circle, wouldn’t it? :-O
          See my notes below. I think I found the answer and its a clever theory. Crowley isn’t stupid he’s very devious and skillful.

          Thanks for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxx


          1. I have to re-watch. I have to think if it was Kevin’s blood Sam would have been worried and would have stopped him?
            Sam has probably cottoned on to why he asking for Kevin’s blood. I think this season is hotting up slowly.

            Thanks for the comments,
            Love Aunty B xxx


          2. I’d have to watch again, but I don’t think Sam got a chance to put any blood in the syringe. It would make a difference also because it might mean that Crowley is trying to finish the trials in some way and become human. Would it effect Sam? Does injecting Kevin’s blood make him more human?
            If there wasn’t any blood in the syringe there may still be residue in there. It might be enough to begin changing Crowley back to what he once was. No I am sure its turning Crowley into a prophet, at first I thought it would make him more human. But Crowley is dead worried about what Sam said about Abaddon and is trying to escape. Kevin’s blood is his way out. I don’t think Sam will be affected at all. Unless it was his blood, but even then I doubt it. I think Sam was worried about Kevin.

            Thanks for the comments,
            Love Aunty B xxx


            1. “I’d have to watch again, but I don’t think Sam got a chance to put any blood in the syringe. It would make a difference also because it might mean that Crowley is trying to finish the trials in some way and become human. Would it effect Sam? Does injecting Kevin’s blood make him more human?”
              Was there blood left in the syringe from the trial?


              1. I’m not sure. It would have been very old blood as that was months ago. Would it have congealed by now? I know there were several syringes in the cloth packet that Sam was holding. I do know that the blood that was taken from Kevin was all put into the bowl and that Crowley’s insistence that it be Kevin’s blood may have just been another bluff so that Sam doesn’t realize just how needy he is.

                It’s interesting if Crowley is trying to become more human and if so will his becoming human and finishing the trials close Hell or make Sam sick again?
                Interesting theory, he could be threatening Sam in some way, since he’s been holding him captive and it could be a revenge motive. But I still think its Kevin’s blood and he’s using it to bide his time with. It could be a plan B? I can’t wait to see this actually.

                Thanks for the comments,
                Love Aunty B xxx


                1. Did Crowley steal a syringe and suck up some of Kevin’s blood from the bowl when they weren’t looking? UH I cant wait to watch again.
                  Barb see my notes below. I am sure its Kevin’s blood. He’s wanting to communicate with someone in hell, but I think there’s more to it than this.

                  Thanks for the comments,
                  Love Aunty B xxx


  2. I think Dean’s caregiver qualities are all canon. Seriously, what four year old could take care of an infant? We saw that side of Dean during season 6 when he was with Lisa and Ben. To me, that homemaker, nesting side of Dean is his primary personality. He is a hunter because that’s how John raised him. IMO, Dean could easily be a stay at home dad or elementary school teacher because he clearly enjoys taking care of others. Dean’s room is exactly how I thought it would be.
    I agree. No youngster of that age should be looking after a child any way as it is illegal. I love that manly quality about him, that he could turn off hunting to a degree, and build a family life too. We saw a different side of Dean and that was refreshing at the time. I think Dean was so at home with Ben and Lisa even though we could see how beaten up inside he was about not having Sam there with him. Dean has always been a leader never a follower 😉

    Sam, on the other hand, never repressed his desire for learning. He actively rebelled against hunting life. But he Sam has been worn down threw the years to know that hunting will always be in his life. I am not surprised that Sam’s room was barren. Sam has always lived out of a bag, never accumulated a lot of stuff (except during Stanford and all his possessions were burned up). Unlike Dean, he has no memories of a stable home. Dean is trying to recreate home; Sam is just expecting to be uprooted, again. Again, no surprise for me because it is keeping with the history of the character.
    There is so much emptiness there in Sam that we haven’t really discovered yet. How driven he was to get away from his surroundings because he didn’t like the life. I could kick John really as if a child doesn’t want to do something he shouldn’t have forced him. I hated that argument of theirs as John never really reasoned with Sam, and just let him leave. That’s sad that John didn’t see that his son didn’t like the life. Dean didn’t know any different, but Sam really struggled with it. I do love that the show most of the time does keep up with the history of its characters. It was lovely to finally see that Sam was beginning to accept the bunker as a home and not just a place of work.

    I am glad that the writers are allowing a glimpse inside this part of the characters. They haven’t done this since season 5 “Dark Side of the Moon” episode. What makes these men tick so to speak. Both have endured such unimaginable horror. Sam especially since he has been sought out by demonic forces since his infancy. However, as I have stated before, their true home is with each other. The Impala is not their home; the respite each gives the other is their home. That is the point of the show. If this were a show about two brothers that were CIA agents that fought against foreign entities instead of supernatural forces, it would have the same result. They need each other to survive, to endure, and to continue the fight against evil. Wherever the other brother is, that’s home. Sam is sure of that and so is Dean. They just have different takes on how to deal with a different home base. Because before the bunker, Bobby’s home was their home base. The bunker is all theirs to do what they want to do with it. They can invite others to stay, decorate, etc. it’s like having a grown up version of a first apartment.
    True about The Impala that isn’t really a part of them, its about each other and always will be. But I’ve loved how Chuck re-invented The Impala and enforced it upon us that it was. How they’d talk for hours and sit on the bonnet whilst its still warm, and look up at the stars and just sit there for hours. So its still more than a tent to the boys. They’ve even slept rough in her on many occasion. I love how she is weaved into the story, and is a part of their world. All cops have a car, but Baby is very special. I’m just pleased they have a permanent base, where they can set it up how they like it, and won’t be moving in a couple of days. It must feel like heaven. I like that answer, a grown up version of a first apartment 😉

    Also, Sam left Amelia before Dean returned. That relationship was doomed from the start because both Sam and Amelia were on the rebound. Sam had just lost his brother, Bobby, and Cas during the same year. Sam had a mental breakdown brought on by devastating grief, which the writers did not explore.
    Sam wasn’t in a relationship it was just Amelia who was, I thought? This was what so annoyed me that we only got half a story that they dribbled out. I don’t think they really thought it through. They never showed us after he left the lab, and I think that would have helped. I said before a year is a hell of a long time, and we only got not even a month’s worth of flashbacks. It was rather sloppy, and made Sam look very unsympathetic, it wasn’t done that well, I don’t think. If they had chemistry it would have been something. I don’t know what Sam saw in her personally.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Exactly. I love your response here. Their reactions are entirely in keeping with the brother’s basic natures.

      Dean has always been a caregiver. In fact its been my observation that if Dean gives you food or breaks bread with you he considers you family. He cooks for Sam. He’s procured food for Kevin all through the trials and took Charlie out to eat in Pac Man Fever. (and this is a trait that Cas has picked up by trying to procure food for Dean once and once brought the brothers some sandwiches.) Dean ate lunch with Henry Winchester and then later acknowledged him as family. He never ate with Samuel Campbell and never warmed to him either. For Dean Todd and comfort are very much tied up with family.
      For Sam, its words. Sam gets greater reassurance of love and loyalty through words rather than action, which is why it was so important that Dean TELL. Sam how he felt. With Dean its showing, not telling and with Sam its the opposite because hes liable to translate a persons actions to suit his own emotions. When talking to Sam a person has to be clear and explicit about what they’re thinking.

      From what Ive seen their basic natures haven’t changed. What’s happening is that we are getting clarification on how they think at the same time the two of them are in the beginning stages of understanding how the other thinks and that’s right on time actually. This sort of thing usually happens with siblings when they hit their thirties.


  3. I think it’s important that Sam and Dean didn’t have exactly the same background. Dean had a stable, loving home life for the first four, and most important developmental years of a child’s life. Sam never had that. Sam said as much in 9.04, when explaining to Dean why he was having trouble calling the bunker home. In addition to not having those memories of a childhood home, the couple of times that he’s tried to live a normal life, it hasn’t worked out. I think that part of the problem for Sam is that he doesn’t have a foundation to build that life on.
    This is so true, and a good valid point. Dean did have those first four years, but judging from this he must have a pretty good memory as I wouldn’t have remembered hardly anything, let alone the age he is now. Four years wasn’t a great deal of time, but as you say its enough time to give him some grounding. This is why Sam found it hard to settle, that he didn’t know what it was like he didn’t have anything to look back on and remember. Which is sad when you think about it 😦 This is obviously why his relationship always appear to break down. But he’s touch wood stayed with Dean all this time.

    I don’t personally have the love for the bunker that some fans do. for one thing, I’ve always had a love for Chuck’s notion in Swan Song that the boys were never homeless because they had the Impala. Maybe it’s a romantic notion — like a pirate ship. They also had Bobby and the salvage yard as kind of the family home. they’ve already lost him and that home. And just in that case, this is Supernatural, and if they give the boys a home, they are likely to take it away again. So, while as far as homes go, it is a good one for them, I don’t want to let myself get attached to it.
    I can see why you wouldn’t want to get too attached to it. But I am just pleased they’ve finally got some where, particularly since they lost Bobby’s house which upset them. I think its like the show has almost given them something back if you know what I mean. I think Chuck’s was a romantic notion, but it was a nice thought at the time. As I said in my essay that all they had was each other and The Impala, that’s literally it. So Chuck wasn’t telling the truth there really. As a car isn’t a home, not in the true sense. I just think its given the boys something that they can call their’s that won’t be snatched from them in a hurry if ever. Its their’s and its their legacy. I hope its here to stay and Sam can call it home eventually … 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I think another problem with Sam trying to make a home with Jess or Amelia is just as with Dean with Lisa, he didn’t have his brother. Ultimately, I think they only have a home with each other. Other people may be there too, but they need each other to have a home.
      Again this is 100% so true. Dean isn’t Dean without Sam, and vice versa. This just shows how much they rely on one another and continue to save one another. They can’t live without the other period.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I think it took longer to see Sams room because he felt it was just his place of business and just a bed to sleep in unlike Dean who made the bunker HOME immediately.
    It could well be, but it seemed ages after like into the next season seemed way apart for it to be just a simple explanation as this. It felt a bit wired. But you think Dean’s feelings might eventually rub off on him, may be they did 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Oh and remember Sam was pretty sick the last half of season 8, too. He really wasn’t in much condition for interior decorating I guess. Did you watch the last episode. It seems to be a big hit with fans but some of them are grumbling that its time to get back to the meat of the show and I agree.
      I just sussed this out today, when Sam said last week they had a case, and Dean said are you up to it. Dean didn’t want Sam going out before he was ready. When you think about Slumber Party it was all filmed in the bunker, and fairly light in comparison, noting too strenuous. So Dean didn’t think Sam was fit enough because of the effects from the trials, which does make sense. He’s been sitting down a lot more too. I am with them I so want it to get back to the meat of the show, I miss the mythology so much. This is what inspires me and gives me something to talk about. Its my favorite part of the show. We had two silly episodes in a row, week after next is also a MOTW the ‘Bad Boys’ episode.

      Seems next episode is Cas specific. I’m starting to like him a lot more than I did. Its great they’re focusing on his own adventure this season.They are showing it instead of just hearing about it like in season six.
      Me too. I always did enjoy Cas until Sam’s wall. But since purgatory and Dean’s hug I did love him all over again. I saw the clip of him working in the store and the coffee machine goes loopy on him and boils over. I hope they don’t make him look silly, Cas is a grown man, not comic relief.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


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