I wouldn’t like to be Dean right now?

So having still not seen this episode yet, I find out that our Dean is not so popular and appears to be a dick once again. Fans are thinking that the writers are writing Dean bad to make up for Sam looking a dick last year. The more I think about what Jeremy and Bob said at the beginning of the season that guilt lay heavy on Dean and he’s the one pushing the myth arc along this season I am thinking are they writing Dean dark/er. I’ve heard this week he’s been doing odd things which may appear out of character.

Has Dean been a dick toward Cas?

Dean has a hell of a lot on his shoulders right now, and I really feel sorry for him. He’s juggling so many lives at once. He’s trying to appease Zeke, Sam and Castiel which carry’s a huge amount of tension in him, seeing that he’s not upsetting any one as to avoid confrontation with Zeke so Sam remains safe and doesn’t die. I wish Zeke would get a move on ….

So if we look at this more closely, why has Dean been a dick? 

What is wrong with these two?
Why are they acting so strangely …

Castiel springs to mind this week, as we all thought a couple of weeks back that Dean would have helped Cas in some way, by offering him food, shelter and some money so he wouldn’t completely be homeless. Okay Dean we thought showed feelings for his friend here, or did he? remains the question. But from what I can make out from others is the complete opposite, he mocked him a bit when he went to meet him in his new job and surroundings saying that he was worth better than working in a garage. I’ve also heard they to a point have made up, but it was awkward. Was this really necessary to the growth of the plot? Did it help or hinder it? Can you all shed any light on this, and wonder where its all heading, some are saying he’s un-remediable over his handling of Cas. Other points have cropped up about Dean which have made me think is this really Dean, is it being done to set him up for a fall later down the line, are they going some where with it? If he is going dark, maybe its a chance for Sam to jump in and save his bacon and help him out. It could be a rather interesting arc. I hope they don’t just push it under the carpet. I’ve been disappointed before.

So what do you think about Dean this season, is he a nightmare, and unrecognizable since the finale. Has Zeke changed Dean that he’s beginning to abandon his friends in order to keep Zeke sweet. Is there a method behind this madness that it will actually flourish into something much bigger. Does Zeke have some power over Dean, that he doesn’t know about. Is Zeke pulling Dean’s strings ordering him to do stuff he wouldn’t normally do. So guys, any thoughts about Dean …. Is he beginning to think he’s taken on more than he can chew, is Dean running scared?


4 thoughts on “I wouldn’t like to be Dean right now?

  1. Dean is between a rock and a hard place. He had to make two difficult choices. 1. to trick Sam into allowing the possession and keeping this secret and 2. kicking Cas out and lying to him about many things. Dean is not darker in the sense he has gone over to the dark side. His guilt and angst weigh heavy on him. He has to continually find a way to avoid the truth to his brother and Cas with whom he shares a special bond (Interpret that how you choose). Dean teases Cas at first, but soon realizes just how difficult the change is for Cas and he ends up having one of those car moments (like he used to have with Sam) at the end of an episode. Cas leans into the car and really has nothing to say back to Dean. The struggle to be human continues. Dean has always said “Awesome” even about himself and yes, he has said some douchey things to other characters- this is who Dean is. He was not brought up to be the most refined man, but he has a strong heart and means well. He has also been written a bit more edgy since his trip to Purgatory. Sometimes his intent is to be funny(to distract from the truth) but his impact is hurtful.
    This was why I said he’s got a lot of people to keep sweet for Sam’s safety, he’s juggling to many things at once and somewhere along the line he’s going to come unstuck. You can only lie for so long. His guilt is basically weighing down on him and he’s got too much to cope with. I loved the scenes in the car and Dean’s expressions told me he understood how much Cas had gone through, and how far he’d come on his own. You could tell Dean was worried about his pal no doubt about it. But I think the longer he’s left to stew about this stuff the worse its going to get for him. We all know where people end up. He will probably end up with a nervous breakdown or exhaustion if he’s not careful. I think Cas being human has done him a lot of favors as he’s seen it now first hand what human’s go through day after day, not just watching as an innocent bystander he’s mucking in and getting his hands dirty. This will only help Cas be a much stronger person. Even his boss told him he was special. I have to give it to Dean he does have a very strong, loving and caring heart, and tries to do the right thing by his family and friends. That’s very true about Purgatory you tend to forget this fact sometimes, what the place actually did to him. I think a lot of Dean is bravado he hides behind how he really feels, and never really lets anyone in. It took him ages to open up to Sam about hell, he’s still the same.

    I think we feel Dean’s douchery more this season, because the writers are contrasting it with the heavy heart he carries around. Not to mention the depth of the acting job that Mr. Ackles is producing.. sometimes with a subtle eye or lip twitch… which are Dean’s tells when he is really not comfortable. Don’t yell at me.. I am not saying Dean is a douche on the level of what the boys define as such. Just saying even Sam has accused him him of being a dick, a douche, a jerk at times. That is what makes Dean real. Unlike real douches, Dean has a heart of gold and self sacrifices. His cover of his softness are his quips, his self description as awesome and his need for action. He never has been comfortable with heavy research although he has done it when really needed. Sam has Kevin to help with the research. Dean needs to get some air and get away from his secret…nothing he cannot handle on his own. So we notice Dean’s tells more this season as the secret weighs dark in his heart.
    Dean is the leader he’s allowed to be a dick at times, as you said before his hearts always in the right place. But yes, I go along with his mannerisms how well Jensen knows Dean. We don’t very often see the softer side of Dean, the vulnerable Dean. All we tend to view is hunter Dean, cop Dean, and rescuing Sam, Dean .. There have only been a couple of times were I recall Dean has opened up and cried. When Sam died season 2; and Heaven and Hell season 4. I think also a couple of times when John and Bobby died and Ellen and Jo. But he’s never really broken down about his own problems. That’s why I thought during season 7 the alcohol story line would have gone some where and allowed us to see ‘soft’ Dean emerge. But Ghost Bobby took that action away from us. Sam did tackle him, but it didn’t go any where. I do love Dean’s tells’. Its clever how the writers have split the boys up to work separately not many fans like this but it doesn’t bother me if its work related. Sam, Kevin and Crowley have been superb and its given Dean and Cas some much needed time together to get through their troubles too, and of course appease the shippers.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. In your first photo Cas is not exactly happy to see Dean and talks about bow difficult it is being human. I think what’s got people’s panties in a twist in this episode is Cas’ melancholy. His resignation permeates the entire episode but he is determined to soldier through and make the best of the situation. He’s sad but doesn’t give in to despair. Dean doesn’t treat him any different than he would Sam or Kevin. And he’s no more or less a dick than he usually is.
    I got this from the promo’s as well, and he’s got every right to be angry. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Cas. I would have been more surprised if he hadn’t of been of with Dean. I guess it was just awkward tension nothing more to it. I like how Cas is braving it and never moans about his condition, he just gets on with it. There have been some really interesting parts to Cas being human, more than I thought there would be.

    At the end of the episode Dean tells him not to worry about the angel problem and he and Sam will take care of it. Hopefully later on in the season Cas may get to stay at the bunker and forgive Dean for lying to him, although I suspect that much more important things will have attracted everyone’s attention by then.
    I think some were surprised that Dean didn’t make any attempt to talk to Cas about Zeke and find out some information about him from Cas. They were saying it was a really opportunity for Dean to explain why he kicked him out and let on what’s been happening and he didn’t. You can scream at these writers sometimes. Apparently he’s a new writer too, give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure they will both make up later down the line and be buddies again it will be ironed out and forgotten about. Yeap like getting the angels back into heaven and working out the spell, if Crowley’s telling the truth?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. Dean’s fine. People are just doing their usual overacting. I tend to underact so the truth is somewhere in the middle.
    Good, having seen a lot of threads moaning that he’s been a dick, I was bothered. Thinking not again. You are right about over overacting I think they often find something to moan about and its not always there.

    Also Dean has always been a dick. That’s so not new that that was my first impression of him right in the first episode of the show. So now hes a dick with a serious guilty complex over all the lies hes been telling Sam, hes afraid Sam might find out about Zeke and be angry with him or die when Zeke leaves and guilt over kicking Cas out of the bunker. He is very much being himself and completely in character, just un-likable and EVERYBODY gets un-likable from time to time.
    So he’s not been very nice then? I know there’s the guilt problem festering but what else has really gone down that their supposedly moaning about? Kicking Cas out was a couple of weeks ago. Its moved forward since then. I read bits where Dean was knocking Cas down for working in a gas station, and more or less saying he could have done better for himself. But later apologizes. But I still think from what I read there was tension between them after they had words. 😦

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Not tension exactly. Cas wasn’t very happy to see him and complained a bit about being human. Dean has no idea that Cas is homeless and sleeping at the store and Cas didn’t tell him, either. I suppose if Cas had asked for assistance Dean would definitely have given it to him but Cas didn’t ask and that’s entirely in character because Cas NEVER asks to help. Dean understands that Cas is feeling bothered by what he did and he does apologies for it. I didn’t think anything about the things Dean said. It wasn’t any more or less douchey than the things he says to Sam or Kevin (telling Sam “I’m awesome.” and calling Kevin Katniss and telling him to get a gun, when Kevin was scared..)
      I think then Cas has been too soft on Dean. With his human traits now kicking in I would have expected his feelings to reach out a bit more. He’s too soft. Most normal humans would have reacted to Dean very, very differently. But then is Cas completely human. Are there angel traits coming through still? I would have been mad, if someone asked me to travel all that way to be with him, then kick him out and not be horrible towards him about it. Its like pat-a-cake a bit patsy. There grown men, and Dean didn’t even really give him a good reason. Cas is too kind for his own good sometimes and lets people walk all over him. At least Dean has the common sense to make amense so I suppose it was okay in the long run. I just don’t want them to make Cas look an idiot.

      In other words Dean was being his usual snarky self and in character, trying to cover up his guilt with jokes.
      This does sound like our Dean I must admit, so there wasn’t anything to overly worry about then. I guess he’s just a bit stressed with Sam now Cas. I still wouldn’t like to be in his shoes at the moment 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


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