Sam and Dean – filler fan questions?


 I seem to have hit a dead end and had a bit of bad writers block, I have to say this season is not thrilling me like it has. I hope by Christmas the meat of the show will be back. So my question today as a filler until I’ve seen the episode; What do you think are Sam and Dean’s strengths and what are their weaknesses. What words sum up their characters for you? Surprise me in how you think they feel about one another, and how they’ve grown up with one another. This road trip has taken them through many dangers and have come out the other side intact. So to you as a fan what makes them stand out as hero’s. What episodes do you think stand out that really show off the brothers relationship and what makes them really tick. What do you also love about supporting characters this season and other seasons? 

10 thoughts on “Sam and Dean – filler fan questions?

  1. Cas looking out at the sky while the newscaster talks about the unsolved meteors and his comment about Ephron’s comment to him about his”poor” choice of staying human, demonstrate Cas’ conflict. He wants to help the angels, but how can he as a human? He doesn’t know the spell is seemingly irreversible(doesn’t mean there isn’t another spell out there- err Crowley-king of the spells?) and he has no choice in the matter. So does he have any angelic hearing left?
    Just because the spell is irreversible doesn’t mean that another one out there can do the job just as well can it? As many of us were thinking Crowley could well have been lying, as we know all to well that demons do. So I don’t think its all doom and gloom, I think they will beat this, they have to cause their the Winchesters!!

    As far as the Ezekiel possession, it is always just under the surface even when olde blue eyes makes no appearance. Notice how Dean made sure Sam stayed to do research with Kevin- a reminder. Notice that Sam’s hair is pushed back behind his ears and he still looks a bit gaunt (to me). All reminders. Even in Dean Day Afternoon, the line about the possessed person getting lost in the possessor’s traits and the reference to Pink Floyd’s song “Comfortably Numb” scratch at the possession issue.
    I loved how he wasn’t in an episode because this makes him look as though he’s working behind the scenes in healing both parties too. I think every time he shows himself must weaken both of them too as he must be using his resources. I didn’t actually notice Sam’s hair will have to re-watch I do sometimes miss these finer details. I the trials really took it out of Sam in so many ways. We knew he was at Death’s door and it wasn’t too far away when Ezekiel came on the scene. So I can still by that he looks a bit poorly still. I did notice Dean excusing himself which was a wise move by the writers. Also having Kevin around has allowed Dean to escape more easily, and given Sam time to get to know Kevin again. Some fans moaned today about pop culture references on the show but this has never bothered me as they all add to the story and they weave them in so well.

    I do like how Kevin is evolving. Sam has a friend who is not from the dark side…so far. But why does Crowley want his blood? Is Sam’s too pure and a risk for Crowley? Is Kevin’s blood special because he is a prophet? Look what blood did to Sam’s power in season 4 and now Crowley? Sam just watches what Crowley is doing… so far. And if there is going to be an angel war you know there will be one with demons Crowley’s faction v. Abaddon. Symmetry.
    Some are saying that Crowley wants Kevin’s blood as its more human than Sam’s and this can free him from the devils traps he’s surrounded by. But as I mentioned the other day I think its Kevin’s power being a prophet? Kevin was really reluctant at first to give it freely to Crowley then bought up his mum. Which hit a nerve with Crowley. The bad things he’d done. So I think Kevin’s blood is basically stronger than Sam’s demon blood which had more or less been humanized any way which made me think he’s after Kevin’s because the prophets blood would give him juice to escape rather than human blood. But I still don’t know how fesable this would be as Sam didn’t finish the incantation. Which would make the exercise null and void. Also would he have enough blood lying around to finish the job, he would probably need more than one syringe full and Sam had four syringes left in that rag.

    As far as the season so far, it reminds me a lot of the pace of season 4. An overarching story with MoTW. Season 4 was sneaky as Sam tried to not continue the demon blood, but then seemed to grasp onto it because he thought he had no other choice. There was much distress btwn the brothers. It was a slow build with ups and downs and a terrific cliffhanger as Lucifer rose. You thought you knew what was going to happen and then bang! the writers took a turn. Dean had no other choice this season but to agree to trick Sam into the possession or Sam would have died and you know he can’t let that happen. It’s his job to save Sam- has been since he took him from the burning house in Kansas. Even at risk to himself, Dean protects Sam. I am convinced the Zeke possession is going somewhere unexpected. The angel wars ,,,they are always fighting, they are pre programmed warriors. This is not new, but I suspect Carver is going to use it differently to show off the brothers and remain true to the series and the relationship’s dynamic.
    Yes I’ve been feeling this for a while. Even season 8 reminded me of season 4. I know most of us understand about Dean saving Sam and is a credit to his character. We know he would be the honorable soldier and do the job without hesitation. Its in his blood, its in his genes. But did Dean really think about his other options, did he just think that the first angel that came along and answered him would have the perfect answer. Another may have come along with a different solution. Dean in the past has often rushed into things there and then because he’s tensed up worried sick about dying Sam and pushed into a corner in how to save him. But just saying if another angel had also come along which scenario would he have gone with? Sam also didn’t have a lot of time left to live we know this. But was this Dean’s real and only option. He knew how much Sam hated the idea of possession and beat himself up about it I know, but if there were another way that wouldn’t have made Sam so mad at the end of the day as we all know he will be raging and within his rights to do so. I’m just not looking forward to the melt down. I think Zeke’s possession is going some where too. I keep thinking its got to be something to do with heaven help fight the war in Sam’s meat-suit, but for what advantage?

    So while I am not on the edge of my seat at the end of the episodes so far, I look forward to what’s next. It’s building toward winter hiatus… they always leave us with much to discuss. As far as why Sam and Dean are heroes, they are regular folk, who due to circumstances they had nothing to do with, are faced with inner and outer struggles. They honor loyalty and family and yet they are not perfect. Their flaws make us believe these phantasmagorical stories because the relationship is written so honestly. Any one of us could be them. It isn’t the bravery that makes them heroes for me, it is the struggle to remain human against adversity.
    What will they leave us with that’s worrying me. Its always been tense and has nine times out of ten been on Sam’s shoulders. That’s what I love about them too is their flaws but still come out on top despite their troubles. Again I love them because their not perfect and I also love how the writers make them grow each season and where they take them. Yeap its against all the odds that they bounce back and still carry on their merry way. I often feel you are in the car with them or in the motel with them. The stories are wonderful and entertaining beyond words, most of the time. I also adore how the stories continue to engage me and excite me. Their bond, loyalty, family and survival are amazing traits to own. They sometimes make bad choices but often for good reasons. Its how they go about redeeming themselves and putting it right.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Yes! Excellent post.
      Especially the part about the symmetry of the Angel and demon wars. I saw it but wasn’t seeing it.

      I especially like your point about what makes Ezekiel’s presence being felt throughout each ep. and about the slow buildup to some sort of calamity at the end of the season. I’m not overly thrilled so far, (I give the season about an 8/10) but I am very much looking forward to where the writers are going to go.

      I still see they have MOTW episode. but they are being well integrated into the overall story line and makes the season feel much less disconnected, which was my biggest problem with season 7.
      I just felt this episode was a little bit safe. A bit too easy for Cas and Dean to kill the angel. I just thought it could have had a bit more meat to it. Its a slow burner on me this season I have to admit. My inspiration has run dry on me, and not a lot of questions are open for us to do a bit of detective work like last year. I think for me 7/10.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. I’m still not sure how people feel the episodes are recycled. The show has been on the air for nine years so some monsters and plots are going to recurr. Some people will complain about absolutely anything. Pop culture references, seriously? They’ve been doing that since season one. It was one of the ways we knew that Dean watched a lot of TV. Apparently he still does and now we know Sam has been watching a lot more too. It also differentiates their characters by what kind of shows each one of them likes and references. Sam has very different tastes in music and TV than Dean.
        Sometimes I am with them on this, I know its a long time, and material gets harder to create and hence writers must go back into the show archives to see what’s been done before and re-hash it. That’s why I thought the old Sam not looking for Dean was a brave as it wasn’t the norm and it did ring the changes. Pop culture references to me are a big part of this show, and those who don’t like this shouldn’t really be watching. As you say it gets us into character of whom these boys really are, and what they enjoy. I also enjoy how this has let us know and that it does keep the boys separate it would be so dull if they didn’t. Uh this fandom!!

        Also the brothers being how they are sometimes make the same decisions again and again. For example: Dean makes awful decisions when hes scared and the thing that frightens him more than anything is losing Sam. Witness his behavior when Sam went missing as a teen. Dean said he spent weeks looking for him.
        That’s exactly what he’s doing now, he’s scared to death and hiding it. I’m not surprised that Sam hasn’t spotted this in Dean since he knows him so well, it must be a tale, tale sign that all is not right. And who pilled all that guilt and responsibility onto him, John did. I still cannot get over that. The guilt that Dean must have pent up over the years, worrying about Sam. Dean never knew what it was like to be a kid, as he had other responsibilities.

        When Sam was possessed, he made the decision to cover up a murder to protect him and when he died in season two, Dean was so devastated that he made one of the worst decisions he could ever have made to bring Sam back. Whenever Dean has been afraid of losing Sam he can be manipulated into doing almost anything if it will save him. (Its the reason I have trouble trusting Zeke. I like the guy okay but he took advantage of Dean’s desperation to do …something. We still don’t know what his game is.)
        Yes, Zeke has a lot to answer for at the moment. I still don’t think its Sam in there right now. I still think Zeke is controlling Sam and letting Dean hear what he wants to hear. It must be so heart wrenching for Dean at the moment, wondering how long Zeke will be around and what he’s possibly doing to his brother on the inside. Dean must be having palpitations all the time.

        See this is why I don’t go to too many sites for my Supernatural fix. There are just some nasty people out there just flapping their mouths about the show. They don’t want anything but to talk about the badness of the show. Forgive me for saying that there’s a certain contingent of “fans” who are, to put it mildly, dimwits.
        I know, I don’t go on that many, all I go on mainly is IMDb, The Winchester Family business and Supernatural Wiki for my knowledge about the show. Also on my two blogs if you count those for a fix. I sometimes think though the writers do love to wind us up and put deliberate friction in there. Like last season, which bought the house down. I occasionally like to read fans comments after articles as that sometimes gives me inspiration and its nice to get to know what others out there are thinking, and if their on that same wavelength as you. I love that word dimwits … 😉

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. “See this is why I don’t go to too many sites for my Supernatural fix. There are just some nasty people out there just flapping their mouths about the show. They dont want anything but to talk about the badness of the show. Forgive me for saying that there’s a certain contingent of “fans ” who are, to put it mildly, dimwits.”


          Seconded ……………….

          Thanks for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Okay, according to Supernatural Spoilers:
    The episodes are named until #14.

    #8: Rock and a Hard Place; Involving Dean and some chastity kidnappings.
    Not sure what chastity means?
    #9: Holy Terror;
    Metatron shows up in this one. At least that’s the rumor.
    I’ve been wondering when he’d show again as he was contracted for five episodes and he’s done three so another 2 left to go. I thought he must be on before Christmas so this will be the Christmas break cliff hanger title?
    #10: Road Trip
    Sounds ominous – very familiar title. Wonder if this will signify something back in time the boys reminiscing
    #11: First Born
    Now I’ve been waiting for this title to appear for years. This has got to involve Dean some where along the line? Ever since Azazel sniffed Dean when he was Samuel Campbell he thought Dean was Sam but could smell he wasn’t. I wonder ……
    #12: Sharp Teeth
    This has got to be about Vampires. They did say Benny was coming back but not so sure. But this would sound like his title. We’ve not had a vamp episode in a while since season 6 I think.
    #13: Let the Fat One In
    Again not keen on this title for obvious reasons. This reminds me of season 7 and the Levi take over. Is this a similar theme?
    #14: Nowhere to Go But Down
    This must be about Crowley, have the boys still got him prisinor? This has got to be about Hell and Abaddon?

    Somewhere in this list of episodes is the introduction of a new character named Malachi, an angel who will really start an “angel war”, and be a recurring character as well.
    Another rotten angel and another lousy angel war. Can they not think up something more original. This is so like Season 6 all over again. Raphael springs to mind. Maybe we might actually see some angels fighting this time and see a war develop.

    Cas doesn’t find out about Zeke for quite sometime and Cas also becomes less of a liability as the season goes forward. Holy Terror is the ep. where Cas gets tortured and Jared Padalecki on Twitter says there’s one heck of a cliffhanger before the hiatus. We all think it’s about Dean telling Sam about Zeke, but you know the writers like to surprise us so don’t be too certain about that.
    So Zeke could go on for most of the season then, oh god doesn’t look good for Sam if Zeke is in hiding all this time. I wondered if 9 was the Xmas break. So Dean is lying longer than we thought, many said oh he’ll tell him by Christmas. They are dragging this one. I wonder what will eventually break the ice, and when the crunch will come. I can’t wait to hear what Dean’s first words are. Sammy listen to me, I had know other choice it was this or …..

    I wonder what the hiatus will bring us then if this isn’t the cliffhanger that we all thought.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Chastity is a vow to not have sex or remain a virgin for as long as possible. In the US there’s these religious groups called Promise, where people take vows to not have sex before marriage and it’s hilarious that Dean gets to join this group and pretend to take a vow in order to find a killer and then gets kidnapped for his trouble. This leaves Sam and Sheriff Jodi Mills to rescue Dean just like in Time After Time. (It’s great to see Sheriff Mills again.)
      I did wonder if it meant this, but wasn’t 100% sure. I did wonder if it was an american thing, as I’ve not heard the word before here. Sam and Jody together again, WHippppeeeeeeeee!! I wonder if there will be some serious bonding going on there? This was what I was wondering might happen. But I didn’t hear of any spoilers about going back in time, which I love by the way. Cas with no powers = no time travel unless Zeke is prepared to have a go with Sam. But he can’t if he’s with Jody – confusion.

      Malachi and Metatron show up in the same ep. At least they’re not making the same mistake as in season 6 and will show some of the war. But it does seem like the angels are just crazy and always fighting. They’ve been fighting each other for about 3 years now.
      So this is the showdown before Christmas … I hope we do get to see some action in heaven that’s what I missed about it. I know I still get the feeling we are getting some re-cycled stories here. I wish sometimes they’d be a bit more original. I just want to see that Metatron gets his just deserts, and Sam and Dean or Cas have the pleasure of ganking him.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “This leaves Sam and Sheriff Jodi Mills to rescue Dean just like in Time After Time. (It’s great to see Sheriff Mills again.)”
        I am SO excited for this episode.

        I just hope its not a rinse and repeat but a similar vein wouldn’t hurt. I do adore time travel episodes. But again how are they going to time travel if Cas has no power?

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. I don’t think this is a time travel ep. I think they just stay in the present day and might be another funny one. I don’t even think Cas is even in this next one.

          But Cas will feature in Holy Terror and in Bad Boys we find out some interesting things about Dean’s past. That he ended up in some kind of boy’s home for stealing food when he was a much, much younger. (How much do you wanna bet he was stealing it for Sam, as that’s not the first time he’s stolen things to give to him?)


  3. I have decided that I like Kevin the most when he’s not whining about being a prophet. I like him a heck of a lot when he’s being assertive and a little more grownup.
    Good, I’m pleased your warming to Kevin, I’ve liked him for ages. Not so much at first when he was the school boy when the Levi kidnapped him, he was whining a lot then. But I think he’s grown up a lot since he’s been with the boys. Its given him something to focus on and be involved with.

    Also I would love to see him develop more of a relationship with Sam. I’d like to see him become more of a little brother to both Dean and Sam in the way that Charlie is a little sister to them and I’d love to see more interaction between him and Sam. I think the two of them work well together.
    Yes, yes and yes….. As soon as I saw the episode tonight and Sam talking to Kevin outside the dungeon they were really both on the same wavelength and both intellectually talking on the same level. They are both smart, not sure who is smarter than whom yet. Maybe Kevin is Sam’s mate as Charlie was Deans as you say. I am glad they’ve found a further role for Kevin as he’s earnt his place on the show.

    I see that the writers are letting Sam be more interactive with the guest stars, so I think they heard our plea about Sam being so aloof. Sam is never going to be warm and cuddly towards people the way Dean is and he shouldn’t try to be. Dean is a caregiver and Sam is more of a thinker ( with a rather sharp and snarky sense of humor, whenever we get to see him display it and that I’d like to see more of.)
    I do hope they hear a lot of our plea’s, but this one does appear to have worked as you say. I am chuffed they’ve worked Sam back into the show working along side someone other than Dean. Dean has had loads in the past to work with now its Sam’s turn. I’m just pleased that both Sam and Kevin are joining forces and producing some good moments. I hated seeing that Sam wasn’t mixing with others as well as Dean. Maybe it was for a reason, I don’t know. But he sure was distant from others. Its good that the boys are opposite in many qualities, other wise it would be boring if they were both the same. But it was just like they’d written Sam off and he was on another planet. I loved it when Sam went to find all the books, and Dean’s face when he inquired how many volumes and Kevin said 24 and Dean’s face was a picture, I love how he always says awesome!!

    I’m really liking the season so far but it’s too early to say if it’s any good. I can only say that I don’t actually hate any of the episodes that have aired, so far and the closest thing to an “A” episode is Dog Dean Afternoon, which is quickly becoming my favorite. (Next week’s episode looks good too.)
    I’m still not 100% sure on Dog Dean afternoon, there was something that didn’t sit well with me. Slumber Party was a bit meh, and slow. The premier lacked mustard for me. It usually has more edge. But was good. A number say they really didn’t enjoy episode 2 Devil May Care, but I did enjoy Sam and Crowley interaction there. I’ve not hated one episode either, but have been a tad disappointed that I’ve not been excited for the next episode, as I was last year. Maybe Jeremy’s on a slow burner again. I missed Zeke this week has to be said. I think so far if I had to score the series now, for me it would be 7 out of 10.

    I’m not banging on the doors crazy about this season. It’s not the best but it’s also not the worse either. (The best would be season 5, and the worst would be season 7.)
    Me neither so far. Maybe by Christmas my feelings might change as we will know more of what’s going on. With me its always been a tie with seasons 2/4 and 5. I think I marginally liked 7 better than 6 as I really didn’t enjoy the soulless Sam era at all. Season 7 did have a lot going for it, but lacked something with the big bad and the overall plot. Both of those two seasons were really up in the air, and felt disconnected.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I don’t think ti was a filler episode. We found out that the angel spell is irreversible (unless Crowley is lying!) and we see Dean having doubts about the Zeke situation. Cas is deciding if he wants to be hi-man or get back in the fight for heaven.
    Sorry barb I think you’ve miss understood me. I didn’t mean the episode being a filler that my questions that I’m asking you all are filler questions. 😉 But yes I have seen it finally tonight, and its picked my spirits up a bit. I still think as others have that Crowley is lying and keeping something back, he never divulges all his secrets. I must admit I am loving Sam, Crowley and Kevin working together. When Sam realized the syringe had gone and rushed down to see what had happened to it. I wonder why he didn’t rush in and stop Crowley? I did enjoy Cas being human more in this episode than I’ve done before. I adored him copying the human in the shop with the coffee that was awesome, Cas even scored with the spoon in the bin which I thought he would miss, and be off target. I still wonder if in the back of my mind he wants to remain human if the writers are leaving him human permanently. He seems to be really taking to humanity and its really suiting him. I loved that Dean apologized and he ribbed him over the waistcoat in the car.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


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