Where do they intend to go with Ezekiel?

This week Zeke laid low and didn’t appear, for whatever reason. Maybe he was re-charging his batteries.  Now into episode six we only have another three weeks before the Christmas hiatus. So do the writers propose to take this chapter into the new year? My suspicions tell me that they have another cliff-hanger for the winter break. But pray what could this be. 

Where do they intend to go with Ezekiel?

As the weeks go by, we sense that Zeke isn’t healing as well as he had hoped himself. This begs the question, why isn’t he. Is this the only problem on the horizon facing Zeke at the moment. What is he really hiding that he doesn’t want to let on. Is Sam perhaps not healing as fast as he had hoped either. Are both parties still off kilter? Is Zeke having trouble healing both of them? Could his own powers be running low and not working as well as they could.

I also still have my suspicions that Zeke is still not who he says he is. I still think he’s working for someone and using Sam’s vessel as extra mojo. But what for? I keep thinking about Heaven and the series main priority is getting the angels back in there. Not necessarily closing the door on the angels, but seeing them home back in their own world. But what use would Sam really be in this equation? Are we going to see a showdown a la Swan Song once again. But if this is the case whom will possess Dean? Abaddon!! 

Is Zeke using Sam’s vessel as extra mojo. But what for?

All our boys are being basically used this season with the exception of Dean at present. Kevin is being used by Crowley for his blood, Sam is being used as Zeke’s possession, and Crowley is trying to use Kevin to get free from his shackles in the devils traps. So what is Zeke thinking about Crowley in all this. He has full view of what’s going on, and who Crowley really is. Is Zeke boxing clever and working out what the Winchesters are really up to. And reporting his evidence back to someone? Will Zeke stay on board and help the boys cause? Or double cross them? Crowley is a big fish, and Zeke picks up this so could Zeke be planning anything here? He’s being very cautious and keeping his secret’s for now, but what’s really going on under the surface? 

So how do we see the Ezekiel’s story panning out? Is he up to something unbeknownst to us? I am certain Zeke is just biding his time for the perfect moment to resurface once his healing process is complete and he’s ready to eject from Sam. So was Zeke ordered to find Sam’s vessel for a bigger picture later on? What are the writers really aiming to achieve with Zeke? Is it just as simple as healing Sam or something much more sinister? 

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  1. I can’t begin to guess where they are going with Ezekiel, but I am so excited to find out. I enjoy reading all the theories people have. This fandom is filled with such creative and imaginative people! It’s loads of fun and makes the time between episodes go by a little more quickly. – AB/C
    C.z.s. Welcome to the group, always lovely to see a new face!!
    I think most of us are. This is always what keeps me ticking over is my imagination and thinking the what if’s. Sometimes the writers do think on my level, then other times I think what the hell are they doing. The fandom does have some very talented people, art wise and fan-fic wise. Sometimes they do, do a better job than the writers. That’s what I loved about last season was the guessing, even if it didn’t come true.

    Thanks for the comments, it would be good to see you again …
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. “All our boys are being basically used this season with the exception of Dean at present”
    I think he’s also using Dean. He’s using Dean’s love of Sam to be able to have a vessel to recover and and to be close to the Winchester’s. I’m worried that’s the main reason hes curing Sam, is to be near the Winchesters.

    Yes, but for what real gain. This is what I’m not picking up on. The real reason why he’s staying so long. Is he pulling a fast one just to be near the boys. I get he is using Dean so their all being manipulated in some way, just like season 4. But what’s the motive behind it. Zeke was so mad with Cas turning up, he was so secretive about him. Does he want both boys for a reason because they are both angel vessels. There was something that Bart said to the women who wanted to be an angel and they tested her and she com-busted which said to us that she wasn’t strong enough to house any of the fallen angels. So is this Zeke’s motive that he’s getting both boys on side and this will be the huge favor that they will both be possessed, Dean is in the frame too. Will Kevin save the day, not sure …

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. He is a good soldier. Is he following someone’s orders to be close to the WInchesters? He is hiding in Sam from other angels, that is why he wanted Cas gone from the bunker IMO. Since when can an angel be trusted completely, even beloved Cas made a few large errors in judgment which worked against the boys. Oh Crowley isn’t just sitting there- he is plotting. He needs the brothers to fight Abaddon. The show always runs on blood themes, opposing factions, lies, and love. Jared’s makeup and hair are showing that Sam is not quite full strength and he yawns a lot. Dean knows he is still not A-OK. Next week he asks if everybody is okay with the new hunt- Sam says he is everybody b/c he is still unaware. Sam is not dumb and if he were up to speed, he would press Dean about his awkward comments. The Ezekial/Sam thread is subtly there even when blue eyes doesn’t show outwardly. I am in for wherever it goes.
      He’s behaving like a good little soldier now, but what’s he doing on the inside? I think he’s following someones orders, and I think he’s in with Bart. That’s true Cas has performed a few blunders in the past. But at least he tried to do the right thing by his mistakes. Someone is definitely pulling Zeke’s strings. I cannot believe he came on his own to Dean’s distress call, it would appear rather odd if he did. I said to barb that I think he’s working for Bart as they tested that female human to see if she could house an angel, and she wasn’t strong enough. I think this will be Zeke’s favor that they want to possess Dean too. Because they are true angel vessel’s. But will Dean agree? Your right I think Crowley is heavily plotting his Plan A, B and even Z to see all decks are covered. He’s not stupid or an Idjet as Bobby used to say. I did notice Sam’s yawn’s all in keeping with Zeke and his inner struggles. This was why Dean didn’t want Sam on a case as he wasn’t up to speed, so that’s why I guess it was one reason why he still left him behind in the bunker this week. This is why I think Zeke is tampering with Sammy so he doesn’t cotton on. Zeke knows Sam is a bright person and he’s doing all he can to keep his secret at bay. And if that involves keeping Sam in check he will. I think this is the only area that is exciting me at the moment. Its a fresh idea, and Jared has been really cool this season he’s really come on acting wise.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Yeah, I am too, even though I don’t think things are as elaborate as Bella makes things out to be. Ive told Bella she is way more imaginative and complicated than the writers for this show. :-D. She keeps coming up with these intricate theories but I think these writers like to go easy on us as far as plot. In all likelihood, things are probably as they seem and also pretty simple.
        I know I do tend to over think things, you all keep me in line here 😉 But its all part of the fun. Since the portal last season I have toned my idea’s down a tad as I knew our writers were not up to my full speed. I wonder why they’ve not asked me on their writing team 😀

        I think Zeke is not healing well because he keeps blowing all his power on saving people. That must disrupt the healing process and make things take longer.
        I grant you this as this was why he asked Dean and gave him a choice. He couldn’t do both. But I do think he’s more powerful than he’s letting on, simply because Cas couldn’t heal Sam. The trials were to strong for him to cure. Or is this just another excuse so he can stay longer also. Is he pulling the wool over Dean’s eyes. 😉 Me being creative again!!

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


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