Is Zeke working for Bartholomew – And Is Metatron behind it all?

Hael in the premier wanted Cas’s vessel as his was stronger than the one she was already inhabiting. She went to great lengths in kidnapping Cas and keeping him within her grasp, to do with at her will. She was cunning and manipulative and Cas new it and ended her life and got out of her way, by ending her life.  But was there more to this angel than wanting a vessel?

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But was there more to this angel than wanting a vessel?

I then keep thinking about the young woman who offered her body up to Bart, and the angels. Her body imploded in front of them as her body wasn’t strong enough to house an angel. And Bart was almost laughing on the outside with glee, as that’s exactly what he wanted to see. He was experimenting with humans to see who would be strong enough and who wouldn’t. What a horrible man!!

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Her body imploded in front of them,
as her body wasn’t strong enough to house an angel.

I keep thinking why Zeke is in Sam, and the reasons why he came to Sam’s aid. Was it simply becuase of Dean’s open pray. I think its more sinister than this. Sam is one powerful vessel to the angels, and so is Dean. Zeke is continuously trying to appease Dean and keep him on side too. Is Bart pulling Zeke’s strings to get him Sam and Dean’s vessels. Was it him who told Zeke to answer Dean’s prayer as he knew what Dean was, Michael’s true vessel. Zeke still is owed a favor from Dean, and I am so sure this is what the favor will be. Dean will not be able to refuse. Unless Dean works this out before hand and puts an end to Bart and co. 

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Is Bart pulling Zeke’s strings to get him Sam and Dean’s vessels.

I still keep thinking about Heaven and if their vessels will be used in some form of battle, be leaders of an army? Que season 2 Sam and Azazel!! Are the boys vessels being prepared  and tested for an angel war? I know its a really long shot. And yes, I know I have a vivid imagination.(Ikeke 🙂 ) My mind is steering me towards another showdown, between Sam and Dean’s vessels in a Swan Song, mark 2. Could this be why Zeke is keeping things close to his chest, and being on good terms with Dean in the background. Is Zeke cleverer than we originally thought? He’s already whiping Sam’s mind of events so what else can this mysterious angel do whilst he’s inside Sam? Is Zeke so powerful that he can taken on both Sam and Dean? Or do the angels have someone else in mind to take on Dean’s vessel? Are the boys going into battle as other persona’s without their knowledge and consent? 

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Are the boys vessels being prepared and tested for an angel war?

I may be totally barking up the wrong tree, but could it be a possible scenario? Zeke may just be working by himself, but the whole Bartholomew moment sent shivers down my spine wondering what other experiments he was working on with humans? What is his end game. Is he due to make another appearance or will we never see him again? This is way out there, but I think Metatron could be Bart’s boss? It would fit in with him coming back into the story telling.

I think Metatron could be Bart’s boss?
But why does he want the boys vessels?

Some are saying that Zeke is actually God, as he is not in heaven and is on earth trying to find a way to get his flock back home? Either way the boys vessels are a huge commodity in the angel world, and could prove to be very useful and extremely powerful if put in a battle situation. If this is in fact what may be going on? What other alternative plan might there be? Zeke must have known who Sam Winchester was when he heard Dean’s cry for help? I still don’t by that he’s here for this reason in healing Sam, and this reason alone!


10 thoughts on “Is Zeke working for Bartholomew – And Is Metatron behind it all?

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  1. There was no Zeke in tonight’s episode. It was a pretty straightforward MOTW. What was interesting was that the opening credits were all Zeke related, Dean asking if everyone was okay and some interesting broments at the end and some not so flattering stuff about John.
    Hope your sitting down, as I’ve actually seen in last night. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the message come through on my drop-box link. I hope this continues. Least its better than getting it on a Sunday night 😉 I was surprised we had another MOTW. No Zeke, and yes the John bashing which I don’t fully get. They really are painting him a poor father figure. I loved Dean speaking to Sam in Zeke code and Jared’s acting was superb. I had a job keeping a straight face. I thought the opening scene where Sam is trying to relax and he hunts out a favorite book, and sits down opens the cover and Dean’s phone rings as its sitting there charging up. Sam’s face was priceless. Its was like, geez man … I was just getting comfortable, no one around no Dean, NO Kev! ….

    It’s basically just like the synopsis. Dean ends up in a boys home at sixteen for stealing some food for Sam. He lives there for about two months, does well in school, joins the wrestling team and bonds with the man running the home whose name is Sonny (who looks and sounds exactly like Josh Brolin, for some reason.) He meets and kisses a girl and gets all set to to go to his first school dance with this girl, when John, who left him at the home to teach him a lesson about responsibility shows up with Sammy. Dean, having been asked to stay at the home, makes the decision to stay with John because he loves little Sammy. He wants so badly to stay at the home and give up the family business and have a normal life, but with tears in his eyes and a smile for Sammy, he decides to leave the place. That’s all in the flashbacks.
    I was so wanting an episode of this nature, as it just fits Dean’s character. I had a feeling he had been inside merely from his attitude in the past. So this episode did thrill me and was eagerly awaiting it, and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t know of this actor who played Sonny but boy when I first saw the photo’s I honestly thought it was Jared or his stunt double, he was so like him. Similar jaw line and facial muscles. There were some classic brotherly moments among it too. It was all because of Sam that he wanted to go back home. I think he was in a two and eight whether to stay or go. I think he really built up a close friendship with Sonny. Not many get close to Dean, as he doesn’t let many people in. So Adam did a good job by all accounts then.

    In the present he and Sam encounter a little boy who in his grief called his mother back from death. Its like the Bobby situation. Because he can’t let her go she’s becoming dangerous and unstable and is killing ppl. Sam and Dean talk the little boy into letting her go but this is really about Dean not being able to let Sam go and always making decisions that keep Sam with him and Dean is slowly starting to realize this. This realization is the bookend to the decision to stay and take care of Sam when he younger.
    It was a lovely soft, family ghost story, it had a good beginning, middle and end.
    Its crazy how crazy ghosts do get when they are attached to someone, and particularly their loved ones. In the end you could see how really torn the mother was. Their were some real strong messages coming through about Dean’s past, and these are the types of stories that I love to watch.

    In the car, Sam, realizing this is what happened, thanks Dean for doing that and always having his back even though he knows it couldn’t have been easy for him. Dean professes not to know what he’s talking about. Sam accepts that and they drive away.
    I thought that was beautifully done. I don’t overly often praise the boys, but this was really special. Sam didn’t have to say anything, he could have just let it go. But he didn’t. I was so proud of him for saying just a simple Thank you! Few words can mean so much. I wish we could also see more of Sam’s softer side coming through too, more often.

    This was a solid MOTW episodes. Not great but not remarkable or terrible either. It wasn’t especially funny but did have a couple of truly touching and heartbreaking moments at the end.
    I gave it 7.5/10 and I thought later I was being a bit mean it was well worth an 8. There were strong Dean moments, and worthy of a good Deancentric epi. I always love what Jensen can produce and this was a real, real surprise. It didn’t disappoint!! We’ve had had two Dean and 1 Cas centric can we have a Sam one very soon. I would love them to go back into Sam’s past too. I’m really not keen either on how John is being portrayed. Lou on SPN devoted is putting together an article as she is rather cross too. I wish the writers would think sometimes and not paint him as the bad guy. That was a real downer for me. It was a good ghost story and touching. I still couldn’t believe that was Dean’s first kiss and he was so coy about it. Dean was girl mad always was. I didn’t overly care for Dylan many are saying he did well, but I’m not so sure. Apparently he did do his homework and worked with Jensen to pick up his familiar traits. Whether it was the looks, or what. Not keen on him, Ridge Canipe was really good as baby Dean.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. This episode was interesting for one reason really. We can slowly see Dean really reaching the conclusion about his phobia of losing Sam. Of not being able to let Sam go and every time hes in danger of losing him he makes some horrible decision that not only impacts him and Sam but sometimes even the rest of the world.
      This really does come back to haunt him doesn’t it. They really are co-dependent on each other. I think being the eldest hasn’t done Dean any favors, he really takes on so much guilt. That it has some really big impacts on both of them if he doesn’t come through for either of them. Jeremy and Bob were right in saying this season will be big for Dean and he will carry guilt like he’s never carried before.

      And the Ezekiel situation falls right into that pattern. We’ve always known this about him but hes finally and truly getting it, that he has just fallen back into the same pattern that almost destroyed the world and kept the Gates of Hell open.
      It is similar but not quite, as Sam hopefully is being cured. If Sam wasn’t totally cured then I think it would have been a different story.

      We can also slowly see him realizing that for this pattern to be broken, he’s going to have to let Sam go. He cant keep holding onto him. Sam’s presence gives his life purpose. When he said there was no him without Sam he was right.
      But if he lets go, then we’ve basically got no Sam and Dean so therefore, no show 😦 This is what makes Dean, Dean his unsavory infatuation with protecting Sam. Its like an obsession. I know what your saying if he brakes that cycle we will see the real Dean emerge like a butterfly. But Sam is almost the same, he can’t function easily without Dean in his life either we only have to watch Mystery Spot’.

      We’re always talking about the man Sam could have been because of the demon blood but quite frankly, we’ve never met the person Dean would have become without his father’s influence and his phobia of losing his brother. Deans fear of loss is profound and in order to move into an emotionally healthy place hes going to have to start dealing with this fear.
      Dean’s obsession with this fear has boiled to the surface numerous times, and Sam’s addiction was a similar phobia. I think the boys have grown up with a lot of John and Mary’s traits. Sam to Dean is like loosing a wife or child. Its tough on him. But I bet its also tough on Sam seeing his brother work himself up into a state about constantly caring and watching out for him. All through season 8 Caretaker Dean never took his eye off sick Sam during the trials and in the end it probably drove him mad on the inside, but still Dean was Dean and soldiered on being just Dean. It was so ingrained into him he didn’t know any different. He just couldn’t switch on a tap and off again like running water. Its tough on both of them and I think the writers should show Sam caring a bit more for Dean and balancing those scales a tad. We know they both find it hard to live without the other as their lives to them would not be worth living any longer. Which is terribly sad, and unthinkable. But they get by, and yes they cope under extreme circumstances.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “We can also slowly see him realizing that for this pattern to be broken, he’s going to have to let Sam go. He cant keep holding onto him. Sam’s presence gives his life purpose. When he said there was no him without Sam he was right. ”
        I hope this leads to Sam, finding out/being told about Zeke and saying he doesn’t want an angel inside him-and Dean says OK whatever makes you happy. Then either Sam decides to leave the angel OR the angel leaves and Sam doesn’t die.

        I’m still not 100% sure what your saying here. Are you saying that Dean should cut all ties with Sam as its the healthy thing to do? Are you saying that he should tell Sam and its down to Sam to make the choice and not him? But then he’s know better off than were he stated. He shouldn’t have made that call to the angels in the first place and let Sam just die? Then that would kill Dean even more cause he couldn’t do that any way. 😦

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Are we are so suspicious in the universe of SPN because nobody is at work without their own personal agenda. Even the boys found motivation the first few years in seeking revenge. They seem to just want to continue to save people, hunt things now. They want to continue to right the wrongs and fix the world for humanity- is there altruism set off by the other stinkers in the SPN universe? So I too suspect Zeke of having his personal reasons to hide in Sam, but I am thinking he too is hiding from Bart as Zeke is a good soldier=follows orders. And those that think on their own are called===fallen? So maybe he doesn’t want to fall into Bart’s faction. And maybe Castiel will regain his grace at some point and lead Zeke and others against the Bart faction. Castiel has a fondness for humanity that many other angels do not. Where does Zeke fall on this question? So. yes, if you have been watching for a long me. then we have earned the suspicion.
    This actually is an interesting concept. I am tired of using the word interesting these days. But when we really get into the heart and soul of the mythology it is basically who is following whom. Your either a leader or a follower. There are not many leaders over all that dared to go against the grain, but with the amount of factions there are around its beggars believe there must be a certain amount of fallen angels to lead the masses. I was just so curious to find out more about Zeke’s motives in kicking Cas out, as it sure did make Dean look bad, it was meant too … I think it would be a nice touch if Cas were the one to persuade Zeke to disarm, and leave Sam. That’s if Zeke truly is an angel. I did also read some where that some think he’s Gabe in disguise. I think by the looks of Zeke the little that we did see, he did seem a decent guy that did take pity on us humans, unless of course his mind was on other more engaging matters, if he is a rat then we will know. I am really in touch to where this will end up. And what the outcome will be. And what special effects will be on show, to tell us that Zeke has left the building.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I don’t think any of this is plausible. I don’t think Metatron is behind this but I could be wrong about that. I don’t think Bart is experimenting on humans. I think he doesn’t give a squat if Angels hurt the humans they try to possess. I don’t think Bart knows who Zeke is and if he does he doesn’t know where he is. It’s also possible that Zeke has just defected from someone or somewhere he’s supposed to be.
    I’ve put a link up about the mid-season finale photos and Metatron is talking to Zeke cause it sure doesn’t look like Sammy. No I’ve eradicated that idea for now, bit lame. I had a feeling that the two had some connection. But I’m not really sure what the whole Bart thing was for if it wasn’t a lead.

    I am pretty sure that Zeke is in hiding, though. From whom, I have no idea. I know he’s too weak to be on his own and he’s using Sam to hide from the other Angels, including Cas. My theory is he’s not who he says he is. Otherwise why would he need to avoid Cas. Cas is the only Angel Dean knows who can vouch for Zeke and Zeke has conveniently separated the two of them. (Although why Dean didn’t simply tell Cas about Zeke when he was out of Zeke’s hearing is an interesting question.)
    Well since he wanted Cas out the bunker he must be scared of the angels who are after Cas. He’s worried big time about who will come a knocking. I still don’t know why Dean distanced himself from Cas and he had the prime moment to tell him when they were alone, with out Sam in the frame. God knows why he didn’t. Is Dean scared of Zeke or afraid of what Zeke might do to him? It is a very odd story at the moment when you think how Cas did vouch for Zeke and he so wanted Cas out of the way, it must pan out later on but it sure is slow in doing so. I hate having to wait. I am so impatient 😉

    There’s an interview with the two J’s about the rest of the season and the Zeke question. I got the impression that Zeke was going to be around for a while, even after Sam finds out about him and that we will find out what Zeke’s game is around that time. Jared assures us that Sam is no dummy and has noticed his brother behaving strangely and just hasn’t called him out on it yet.
    I did say this didn’t I he knew and was biding his time. Good old Sammy! So I wonder if Sam accepts him then for a while at least. I wonder if he doesn’t get so mad a Dean like we all fear. By the sounds of this news he appears happy with the situation…

    There’s a link to the interview at Winchester Family Business. It’s very interesting. It may even answer some of your questions.
    I will head over there, as I do often stop by. Zeke is on my brain at the moment hope you all enjoy the show tonight by the way. I wonder what Sam will make of Dean this time?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I’m hoping in the next episodes before the hellatus we will find out whats behind Zeke. I have NO IDEA what his story is. I’m still hoping hes one of the good guys. It will at least make Deans sticky situation not as bad (if Zeke’s an enemy, Sams going to be REALLY, REALLY mad)
    I don’t want to spoil your thunder, but the mid-season finale photos have just gone up on IMDb and guess who’s back. Metatron meets Zeke alone…. I wonder what for…. Zeke is in touch with Dean whom doesn’t look happy. He’s setting out some new demands from Dean. See link below. I think Zeke will double cross the boys in some way. But how does Metatron know about Zeke!! sode-9-midseason-finale-holy-terror-8713.html/attachment/holy-terror-5 #trendav

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Okay, I looked at the photos and I can see where you thought there might be some kind of conspiracy involving Metatron and Ezekiel. it does seem as if Metatron might be talking to Zeke because of Sam’s body language in the photos. If that’s the case I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that Zeke is not his real name (which explains why he would want to get rid of the one Angel who can vouch to Dean about who he really is) and that the two of them know each other and that Zeke may be working for or against Metatron. At any rate it certainly looks like a rather intense conversation between the two.
      So I might be spot on then!! OMG …. This is what I’ve been missing is the guessing, the what if’s. This was what got me out of bed last year it got the old brain box going. This year hardly nothing has. 😦 As soon as I saw that photo I knew Zeke wasn’t who he said he was. That he’s hiding something dodgy. It wouldn’t be a story otherwise that this kind, caring supernatural man appears just out the kindness of his heart. They need some drama to get the story afloat. I knew Metatron was coming back and now its all beginning to make a bit more sense. This mid-season finale is going to get heated!!

      But I’m less concerned with their relationship than with what the Hell Metatron is getting up to and why is he back on earth? Did he get kicked out of Heaven when the spell kicked in too? I mean he is an Angel and that’s what the spell was meant to do (although he made it sound like he’d be staying up there.)
      This was what I kept thinking that he wouldn’t necessarily be behind it as he wouldn’t want to leave heaven unattended to be let it taken over again in his absence. It might just be a fleeting visit who knows. But there is a connection there with those two alright… He could have done, which could explain why he’s sniffing around Zeke. Maybe the spell backfired on him. So if it did how come the angels powers are not back to full strength if it didn’t work? I think he’s still a crafty bugger and up to no good any way. Its just trying to work what?

      Also keep in mind that there is a new Angel showing up in this episode named Malachi. I have the impression that Bartholomew is not as important as we think he is and that it’s Malachi we need to be watching out for.
      There is always one spanner in the works, and he’s probably the twist this season. Why can an angel not be just NICE for once, just once. Its like the writers love to give us horrible angels and portray them as nasty beings.

      Bella: You’r right. I certainly don’t feel that Zeke showed up to help out of the goodness of his own heart and that he may have been directed, by who, we don’t know, to seek out the Winchesters is an idea with some merit and that Dean’s open prayer provided the perfect opportunity for him to accomplish that goal. But I don’t automatically think Zeke is up to no good either.
      So you think he could be working for someone, COOL. I just kept thinking he wasn’t just some lone ranger he could have been, but knowing who the Winchesters were chosen vessels it felt like other specifies were after their necks in a big way. Zeke may not be. Looking at the photo I reckon Metatron has led him on just like he did with Cas. Maybe Zeke’s intentions in the first place were on the level, we can’t tell yet. But what Metatron says to Zeke will certainly open up a whole new can of worms. 🙂

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “that he may have been directed , by who, we don’t know, to seek out the Winchesters ”
        If I recall correctly he was getting off(on?) a bus and heard deans plea and went to him. I don’t think he was sent by anyone. I think he knew how important a promise from Dean of a favor was.

        I know but if you remember it was his facial expressions which gave it away to me. That look on his face like – Dean Winchester it can’t be that’s the man whom I’ve been told to get close to, is this happening is this for real, I’ve got to check this out.’ It was the way he didn’t hesitate he immediately jumped back on that bus without hesitation. Angels are like robots, Zeke is programmed to follow orders he heard Dean’s pray and jumped to it. He didn’t stop to smell the roses, he knew where he was going.

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. True that.
          That might be all there is to it too.
          Okay, now I want to know where he was traveling. Since the Angels can’t teleport anymore (at least I thought they couldn’t until Mr. Pink Mist showed up) where was Zeke going when he heard Dean’s call? He was close enough to Dean to just walk over? (For some reason, that’s deeply funny to me.)

          He was heading back to the hospital to cure Sam. Its all about the programming. Zeke’s had orders, he’s followed those commands. The bus was funnily enough going I presume on route to the hospital any way. But Zeke may have changed bus’s when he reached a near by town/city.

          Thanks for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxx


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