What I wasn’t sure about regarding ‘Bad Boys’

I had for sometime been hoping for an insight into Dean’s past. As to me Dean always had a tendency to get up to no good. Even though his heart generally is in the right place, I couldn’t help but think that Dean had ended up inside for some reason. I just wondered why the show took so long in venturing down this road. Were they scared it might back fire?

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Dean was surprised by what John had told Sam
why he went into the home in the first place …

I was surprised at how almost embarrassed Dean was in explaining his actions to Sam and that the time he’d actually spent in there he generally had fond memories of, so why the sullen face? Jensen shone here and certainly gave me a better understanding of his grounding and where his character was coming from way back when. It was believable without being cheesy or overbearing in any way toward Dean. However, I think John came off pretty badly and without a shadow of a doubt has portrayed him as a terrible father. Was he planning to leave Dean to rot in there. There was also some confusion about Dean’s age at 16 some say he looked younger than sixteen and thinking back Dean enjoys being around girls and I would have said he would have ventured into this area a lot younger. Which really did surprise me. As Dean is not shy in this department, and he didn’t know what a kiss was, or what it was like. I’m not overly sure about this fact. That would have been more in Sam’s department.

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Generally Dean had fond memories and he didn’t really want to leave,
so why was he embarrassed in telling Sam the truth?

The other thing which is a tiny, tiny moan was that Dean won a certificate for weight lifting, would this have been really Dean’s thing? I know he was a keen fighter, but I’m not so sure he would have taken it on for fun, this was the first time we had any indication he was devoted to this subject, and he’s never mentioned it since.  I think Sam was really taken back with this little highlight of information about his brother. What else has Dean been hiding all these years?

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Dean won a certificate for weight lifting, would this have been really Dean’s thing.

My final criticism I didn’t overly warm to Dylan Everett, some mannerisms he did get, but the likeness, his body language and cockiness just didn’t do it for me. At least Brock Kelly looked like Dean, not a great actor, but there was a resemblance. I loved Ridge Canipe and if he had Brock’s looks I would have been happier.  

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The murders very predictable, but was a good ghost story

Overall I did enjoy it, but wasn’t 100% with it as some were. I did find the murders very predictable, but was a good ghost story, and adored little Timmy. So how did you all feel about Dean’s past did he gamble the money away or was it as he says it was? What area’s did you feel they could have improved upon, or were you extremely happy with it. Moments really did touch me, like Sam finding Dean’s bed, the death star and the label. I loved Sam saying Thank you and watching my back. In general Dean’s whole attitude with Timmy he’s great with kids. The handshake moment, with the bullies, and helping him with his mum moving on. Was it too soon in the series for a filler possible, but for Adam Glass it was a pretty good effort.

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Moments really did touch me, like Sam finding Dean’s bed,
the death star and the label.



10 thoughts on “What I wasn’t sure about regarding ‘Bad Boys’

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  1. “This episode gets a 3.8 out of 5. It had some great feels and this was a wonderful old school reminder of why we love this show but the story and the monster was a little weak and young Dean looked 14 rather than 16.”
    I gave it a 9.5/10. I loved all of it.

    I know I had my downers on it, but it did strike a cord with me. It was the best of the season up to now. I think my mark has gone up to 8.5 it did have a lot going for it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Things that are worse than Zeke :
    Season one – Sam shoots Dean.
    Season two – Sam shoots Dean
    Season two – Dean dies
    Season three – Sam dies. When he comes back, finds out Dean is going to Hell for it in one year.
    Season three – Dean dies. Sam loses it.
    Season four – Sam ‘s demon blood addiction.
    Season five – Sam breaks the last seal after beating Dean to a pulp while hopped up on demon blood.
    Season five – Sam goes to Hell, saaves the world. Dean is devastated.
    Season six – Sam keeps his return from Hell a secret from Dean for a year, finds out he’s soulless.
    Season eight – Purgatory, the Benny Crisis, general crappiness towards each other. Sam didn’t look for Dean.

    A lot worse things have happened before Ezekiel.

    I know, I get this. But I mean in the term of the fall out, that they’ve always kicked off know matter how bad the secret is. But each time you wonder how it will surface, and how it will end. Everyone has arguments, and make up. Sometimes friends never make up. I just dread that this time, they might not make-up. It might be the thing that breaks that camels back and Sam decides its more than he can physically cope with mentally. We know how his mind has been before, and he’s already been in hospital and his mind has crumbled. I think its the whole privacy thing as well, knowing someone has been inside him, knowing his thoughts his deep feelings, and studying him with a microscope. I just know its going to be bad. Some have even said its rape, but that’s a bit strong. Dean knew how Sam felt about possession and how he felt about the supernatural controlling him. So this is something very different from the past. We also have to look at the possession itself that he was tricked into saying yes. So this will not sit well with him. So more than one thing is going on here. My heart is just thumping thinking about it. Boy these writers do love to draw this out!!

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I disagree on all points. The writers are never going to separate them forever just because one of them did something the other didn’t like. Heck that’s one of Sam’s. Superpowers – the ability to tick off Dean. The two of them will hash it out and it makes their relationship stronger or they reach a new understanding with each other. The writers know that one of the reasons we watch the show is watching them together. Its fascinating to see what they get up to own their own but sooner or later the bros. end up in each other’s company again, no matter what.
      I know this there like an old married couple, its the same old scenario. Something rattles them a row breaks out, and they make-up. Sometimes couples don’t make up and go their separate ways and never speak to each other again. The difference here is they are blood, and brothers not a married couple. We all more or less know that when we can sense an argument coming that they will split, go off and come back reunited because they’ve talked about it and are okay with it. This time it to me feels different. I don’t know how Sam will react but I have a good idea how he might. Last season the writers did something different in making Sam not look for Dean. Are they doing the same this year? Are they testing Sam, and going a different way to set us up for the finale again as this seems to be JC’s plan of action. It may be Dean’s turn and Sam is being groomed.

      Why would you believe Ezekiel was enough to break that bond when not even Meg in season two or Ruby could do it and they put some effort into it? I understand that Deans lying has made this a very anxious time for the fans cuz they can see the fallout coming and cant wait to see how it will unfold but I also think everyone is becoming needlessly hysterical about the boys future. The writers do that to the brothers and we will all stop watching and they know it. Like Destiel and Wincest, that ain’t gonna happen.
      I think back to Meg, in Born under a bad sign. How bad Sammy felt when she was inside him and made him commit murder killing another hunter. Now this sends shivers down my spine. Zeke may well be on the level. But when the fat hits that fan it will blow up. Dean said it himself and why he was against Zeke’s plan in the first place, that he knew his brother would be so angry with him. Its going against his wishes for one thing, which will cause tension in camp. Dean is so guilty and worried sick over this with good reason. I know they will get back together, but its the whole nature of the set up in the first place, I feel sick about it just thinking about it. I am thinking about Sam’s feelings and if I were in his shoes and just think about why he would be pissed. Sam’s anger always raises its head and that’s what I’m concerted about, where this will lead.

      The Ruby Betrayal, I think, was the worst thing Sam ever did to Dean in the history of the show. Also in season eight Dean lured him away from a hunt with a fake text message. They fought about it and even walked away from each other for a while. All of the things I listed are worse than Dean making a decision that Sam didn’t like and then lying about it and Sam has no high horse to stand on when it comes to making bad decisions.
      Again we know they both do bad things, but once they talk it through get it out in the open yes they are good again. Its a natural course of events. But its how the writers deal with it, and get them back together. They think up these horrible tense plots for drama and then don’t necessarily think about the fans reactions after the milk has been spilt. Most of us do bad things to each other, but we always come back to where we know. But its just the bit in the middle and the whole build up to it. It won’t be very pleasant to watch.

      Also what Dean did was not a betrayal. Sam sad yes because he was tricked and what Dean did was sneaky and underhanded but it wasn’t rape. For the record, I would consider consent to be dubious but it wasn’t rape. Sam said yes.
      Yes I was going to say very sneaky as Sam didn’t fully understand what he was saying yes to. Also at that point it wasn’t Dean asking him the question it was Zeke? Sam said yes because if I remember Zeke said something like are you with me, wanting him to live. Not are you willing to let me jump in and posses you. Its a bit of a touchy subject any way, and look forward in seeing how it pan’s out. I don’t think by the way it was rape, that’s what I read others where saying. 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Also the brothers have to stay together for the show to have broments and angst. They cant do that if they’re separated. How are they gonna have a broment -over the phone?
        I know, its stupid really, we get so worked up over the same old thing. It causes all this controversy when we know it will all be hunky dory in the end. Darn these writers, for getting me all in a tizz!!

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I liked the episode because Sam and Dean were on a good old fashioned hunt reminiscent from the first three seasons. I enjoyed the insight into Dean’s past. However, I did not appreciate what young Dean said about Sam during the scene with his first kiss girl. Dean was explaining that he liked working on other peoples cars because they [the cars] leave and are no longer his responsibility. I really get that most teenagers do not like being saddled with their younger siblings, but Dean’s devotion to Sam is the most important aspect of SPN’s canon. Dean never thought of Sam as a burden so this statement took me for a loop. When Dean chose to leave the group home to return to Sam, I guess that was the turning point for Dean. I just assumed that Dean had never felt that way about Sam. Now, that relationship seems kinda forced, that Dean is there because it is his responsibility and not because he loves Sam. I don’t know; it bummed me out just a little.
    I must admit I never noticed this to that degree. I thought he was just being Dean, and a bit flippant. He often says things to cover up how he really feels. I also think that he was saying it to impress the girl too. We know how he likes to show off a bit and act tough. He was still young and care free back then. Dean wouldn’t have said this now. I think when they are adolescents the writer hasn’t really tested that water yet, so canon hasn’t had time to develop as the character is still new and fresh. It takes time to get to know a character and think so many years down the line, Dean didn’t really mean it, as it came across.

    I think that Dean’s ladies man swagger is part of his cover. Dean was a mess of self loathing but he is good looking so I think he became a blend of different movie characters. People expect his bravado and cocky attitude, but Dean was forced into that role by his dad. I think that deep down Dean has no idea how to deal with women outside of purely physical intimacy. His stint with Lisa during season six just showed that he was playing a role that he promised Sam that he would play. I am not surprised that 16 year old Dean had never kissed a girl. And not surprised that Dean has not been shown with a woman since season 7. It is not even implied anymore.
    Yeap, this was what I mentioned earlier. Its all a front with Dean. I think the opposite slightly here, as this was what confused me. Maybe the writers were giving me different vibes. Dean has always loved women, that’s Dean. Which I think that’s why that scene to me felt very peculiar and didn’t stack up. If it were Sam sitting on that sofa I could really see that happening, but not Dean. It was like he was shying away from the moment and I half expected Dean to get stuck in and not even think about it. So I had mixed feelings about this bit.

    I liked the actor that played young Dean. I agree that the actor that played Dean in “After School Special” looked more like Jensen Ackles and the actor that played 12 year old Dean was too adorable, but I think the actor in this episode was fantastic. He made me cry at the end of the show. The actor that played Dean when Sam gave him the amulet made me teary eyed as well.
    I liked this lad, but I just didn’t get the connection. Maybe if I re-watch at a later date I might feel very differently. Brock to me had the looks, but I still didn’t overly care for his acting. But I could see who he was trying to put across and I didn’t see this with Dylan. I think to me he was playing Dean way to soft and more towards Sam’s nature than Dean’s, but hey that’s just my opinion. Many on the forum’s loved him and thought he was wonderful.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. It is my 2nd favorite for season 9 behind the premier episode.
    It is up there, but I am finding it really hard to get into this season, I am running out of stuff to write about and for the first time in four years I feel down about it. I can’t put my finger on why. But its not jumping out at me, and getting my mojo flowing. It might strike a cord later, as the only thing keeping me going is Zeke and Jared’s acting. There’s been too many monster of the weeks. When Sam was in a coma, I thought this season would really heat up. But hardly no mythology at all. This is what I really miss 😦

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Oh Yeah, I knew some people would hear that comment as a backwards dig at Sam and I felt a slight twinge but it doesn’t really bother me and here’s why:
      I’m the oldest of four siblings. I’m like Dean in that I feel that its my responsibility to make sure they’re happy and taken care of and most of the time I’m very proud to do this. They are supposed to come to me for help not the other way around. But…I don’t always feel this way. They can get on my last d**n nerve something awful and I sometimes just get tired. (Just like Dean in season five.)

      I don’t always feel like looking at or talking to them or taking care of them and I certainly don’t feel that way 24 hours a day. There aren’t any words to express just how much I love them and yet, even I have moments when I just want to smack the sweet be-jesus out of any one of them. But I always forgive them. I cant help it. I love them.

      Now here’s the thing: this is just like Dean. He loves Sam all day, every day but even he sometimes wishes that Sam didn’t need him and even Sam gets up his nose from time to time. But he forgives him. He cant help it. He loves him.

      I can only assume that people who don’t understand this either have no brothers and sisters or just generally dislike their family or something. Some people wont get it as they have nothing to compare it to. We all come from different kinds of families.

      This is also why Zeke isn’t that big of a deal. Its bad but its also not the worse thing that they have ever been through and they’ll get through it just fine. I will see the upcoming bro-ment as an opportunity for them to openly clarify their feelings and grow up some more.

      Carver said that the two of them would be becoming more mature as they are much older now and its time. They need to have their relationship firmly locked down in each others minds in order to whether the storms and tribulations to come between the demons and angels.

      So please don’t fret. Sam and Dean are solid and always will be. Just like me and my squidlings.

      This is what makes me so mad when I find they don’t like Sam. The only problem I have with the relationship is I just wish they’d show us Sam’s view to Dean. As lately its not coming through particularly since last season, and I think we saw the back end in the finale but I want to see Sam as he was during season 3 stopping at nothing to save Dean. Like Mystery Spot, like As time goes by. Countless, Countless moments and then all of a sudden its like they’ve completely changed Sam into this ass who we barely no any longer. I came across a clip yesterday clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEoLDiPtYJw helping someone out who was so upset about the way they had treated John in several episodes and it really made me think about the quality of this acting, between Jared and JDM. How raw it felt and what family was all about. How much depth of feeling was in there and the gravity of the writing. This was fairly early on too. But I got straight away the depth of their family and how close they were/and still are. I said to my friend I never see Sam smile like this, what have they done to him, that young boy has gone. 😦 I know we age, we grow up, and things happen to them for sure. But to this degree?

      I get where elders come from in their families like yourself Ikeke I am the youngest, so I see it more from Sam’s side. I have an older bossy brother just like Dean. He still boss’s me and he’s 53 so I understand all the sibling stuff and why Dean is so clingy and I can see why Sam feels as though he’s always walking in Dean’s shadow. Which was why I think he went off with Ruby, he did feel trapped and smothered. But I also see why Dean is so damned protective because Sam is all he’s got left also the coin is reversed they have only got each other. Dean is so damn scared of living without Sam, he cannot handle it. Hence the recent premier. What lengths he will go to, to have Sam walking, talking and standing next to him. Its heartbreaking to watch. But eventually some day in the distant future Dean or Sam will have to let go, and they will have to be alone as we don’t live for ever. Unless of course they are something supernatural!

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. I am a younger sibling, 5 years younger than my sister, so it my feelings just a tad. Also, I guess since the show began, Dean’s feelings towards Sam never seemed like responsibility, just pure devotion. I get that Dean was truly worn down and tired by the time season 5 cluster drama was in full swing, but that was because of everything of the past four years. When Sam and Dean were kids, the only drama and angst was supplied via John and the hunting life. Sam was just a kid and had not done anything except be born. I just thought that Dean understood that and had never looked at Sam in that way. But you are right, that level of responsibility weighed on the shoulders of a child would be overwhelming. I just want that closeness between Sam and Dean from the earlier seasons, before Dean went to hell and Ruby got Sam hooked on demon blood. I can see that Carver has returned them to that state, but I am holding my breath waiting for the inevitable riff that will tear them apart once again. I feel like a nervous, over anxious parent wanting her grown kids to be alright again.

        I just want that closeness between Sam and Dean from the earlier seasons, before Dean went to hell and Ruby got Sam hooked on demon blood. I can see that Carver has returned them to that state, but I am holding my breath waiting for the inevitable riff that will tear them apart once again. I feel like a nervous, over anxious parent wanting her grown kids to be alright again.
        This is what I miss, but then we wouldn’t have had the tension and drama. We know that the boys change and move on, but when you re-watch its so hard to not think of those fun times, and distant memories of what it used to be like. I’m still not sure Sam has returned to the boy I remembered but I can see what he’s trying to achieve. With Season 10 on the horizon we may reach this point again, they might do a reversal on us. 🙂

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


    2. Ok, watching this week’s episode about re-virginized Sam and Dean and my comment about Dean and sex maybe incorrect!
      I’ve not seen it yet. But have read the board and looks like it didn’t go down very well. Mind you they moan about most things. All I’ve seen is the clip where the boys are sitting in some circle I take it, its a counseling group, and Dean is describing what it feels like to have sex?

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. I loved tonight’s episode!
        So far barb, your the first person I’ve read that has loved it. Their not happy with it at all.

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I liked the episode okay but I don’t think it will ever be my absolute favorite of the season. I understood it and liked seeing this aspect of Dean. I had no problem with Dean playing a sport. It explains those shorts and his comfort with the whistle in Afterschool Special. Also plenty of people do things in High school that they take no interest in as adults and never mention to anyone ever again.
    Me neither. I have been wanting to see Dean’s back story for a long time now, and it finally came. As I said before I had a hunch. Oh god those shorts, how can I forget my first ever episode. Your right about it tying up and the sports side of things. But It just felt it strange that he’d never talked about it before. We know how cocky Dean is at times, and particularly wins of this nature, and Sam never even new of it. 😦

    I think Dean was embarrassed about how he ended up in the drink. I do believe he gambled the money away. I think John gave him a set amount and Dean decided to play with it and lost it. I think he was ashamed that he lost it and that he had to resort to stealing to get food for Sam and got caught by the police.
    It was never said but it wasn’t until someone mentioned this on the forum that I thought alarm bells. Why, oh why was he so damn tempted. Its so stupid and playing with fire too. If he hadn’t of got caught as the old saying goes, but he did. I could see his embarrassment, and yes it did show. I could see why John would have been so angry.

    What I liked: Sam discovering Deans bed and the look on his face when he found out about the weightlifting. I like the realization he comes to about how Dean liked it there and chose to be with his family. I liked how Dean looked horribly saddened at having to leave but when he saw Sammy he just smiles. (He just so totally loves him.) I like his talk to the little boy about handshakes. (I agree. I hate a limp handshake from a guy.)
    Those were the real soft, soppy highlights for me too. We could see what Sam meant to him, and it did us all good to see this. Yes you could tell it was from his heart. Oh these boys do crush me, and get to me every time. It was nice that Sam was the clincher for Dean. If Sam hadn’t have been in the car, would he have still gone?

    This episode gets a 3.8 out of 5. It had some great feels and this was a wonderful old school reminder of why we love this show but the story and the monster was a little weak and young Dean looked 14 rather than 16.
    I would give it around that too. The sensitive, soft, caring moments did shine through. I think Adam Glass is getting much better and getting to the nitty gritty of the boys and understanding them more. I hope this keeps up. The monster murders were very predictable as I said and thought they were a bit below par. But I think the boys made up for that area. I don’t think they shouldn’t have mentioned his age. I think Dylan was too old for that slot anyway, which was what threw me. She appeared I think too old for him. I was more surprised in the fact that Dean didn’t know what a kiss was, and what it was like. As Dean is so into girls.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


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