Burcon Tidbits, Dean Related …..

These are tidbits from someone who attended Burcon and was a part of the VIP M&G of Jared and Jensen, I suppose. They are originally from the twitter of  so says anonhaven so I guess that will help on how you wish to view them… if you are familiar with her at all. They aren’t spoiler-y however.

Oh how I wish I could go to one ….

  • J2 have a joint meeting with Carver and the writers tomorrow (a first for Jared)
  • Both Jared and Jensen want “more of a story line for Dean” 
  • says they are “frustrated that Dean’s story lines keep getting dropped”
  • Yet Jared has had 23 days off this year vs. Jensen’s single digit days off
  • Jared agrees that Sam has “withdrawn from the narrative”, but says it gets better soon
  • Dean will be going to a “very dark place” soon 




Jared is sporting a rather flattering hat,
instead of his usual beanie …

Once again its Convention time and little bits of information leak out. This isn’t gospel and I have my concerns which you can view in the thread at your leisure above. I just find it odd that A) The boys meet the writers as I don’t think they have and B) If this is true would the boys give out such personal inside information on how they are feeling about the show? Even if it is from a meet and greet how can we be sure its on the level.

If this is, and as I said is a BIG HUGE if ……. I can imagine the following type scenario. I think Dean will get depressed over whether to tell Sam about Zeke and he will end up in a dark place. Now if this is how Sam finds out it may be Sam’s mature way of helping Dean through it, rather than stomping off in a huff as per his usual format.  Dean has been depressed before but they never took it any where hence says they are “frustrated that Dean’s story lines keep getting dropped” which I fully go along with whole hearteadly. Dean’s guilt as we know is pushing the mythology along this season and this says to me is how it may happen.  The writers could really use this story as depression is such a unspoken of topic that its brushed under the carpet almost. I think to re-live this will ignite those earlier feelings of depression he buried deep, about his time in hell for example.

Sam has always been his major worry, and I think if this turned out to be like season 3 where Sam did everything he could to get Dean out of trouble and back home. The show as we know loves to mirror image previous plots, and re-invite them. So could this be Sam’s way of ‘looking after’ Dean for a change. Could this be a role reversal? If Dean does go DARK, he won’t have the demonic power that Sam had which the second IMDb thread talks about. Maybe other characters such as Crowley might send him there if he has the right ammo to get to Dean. Crowley knows Sam is Dean’s weakness. So could Crowley come between the boys?

Its all to play for, if the source is true or not. I hope its true. So I wonder what the outcome of this meeting will be? I would love to be the fly on that wall!! So what do you think one and all. Is it time for Dean to go DARK, with depression over Sam. Will it be Sam’s turn to talk Dean off that ledge as last seasons finale? And show us how much Dean really does mean to him again, is it Sam’s turn to save Dean? Also does dark really mean depression, it could mean something else entirely? Would you want Dean to go there?





8 thoughts on “Burcon Tidbits, Dean Related …..

  1. I liked this episode. Although, I thought the writers were disrespectful of people that take chastity seriously. The former porn star turned chastity church counselor was so turned on by a fan that she just gave it up? Sex with Dean Winchester is so irresistible, huh? Vesta reminded me of the goddess from season six that revealed that something was wrong with Sam while he was soulless. I truly believe that Zeke cannot be trusted. Why is Sam still dying? Zeke is just hiding out in Sam; he is not healing Sam.
    I did hear some disgruntles of this on the forum. I couldn’t make out if it was meant to be humerus or not. I’ve still not seen it, so its difficult to picture. We know Dean adores sex, this has always been addressed on the show, so its no secret. But it sounds naughty of the writers to me if there doing this sort of thing. This Vesta did actually remind me of that goddess in you can’t handle the truth too season 7. I don’t think anyone is trusting Zeke now, we are all pretty clear about this. As the clip for next weeks show he stops Dean from telling Sam and throws him against a wall. His voice is really nasty. So his personality has changed too, from soft and gentle to aggressive. I think he’s healing himself, and biding his time, for what reason is not yet clear. I think you might be right, as Sam is still tired and not as fit as he normally is. So is he deliberately on a go slow, and staying put for as long as he can and stalling the boys for some reason? I wonder if he doesn’t want the boys to get back into heaven. I wonder if Metatron is persuading him to stay longer in Zeke….

    I think Dean going dark should be the culmination of everything that he has gone threw since season 3. We have discussed his alcoholism, potential drug abuse and possible mental break down. Last week I posted something about Dean’s self loathing which has never been remedied on the show. Just last season, he wanted to perform the trials because he still believes that he is lesser than and not good enough. Combine that with drug/alcohol abuse (possible sex addiction) and psychological damage from his stint in hell I can easily see Dean suffer a full blown psychotic break. Sam has been allowed to receive help with his psycho episodes during Season 5 and season 7. However, Dean never received any help. He just pushes everything down. I don’t think that Dean has to remain in control in order for the show to work. If we really want the show and the characters to mature, then we should be able to accept Dean somewhat broken. My favorite Dean is a vulnerable Dean like season 3. I agree that Jensen could and would do an excellent job if given the right material. Sam and Dean’s relationship was at its strongest during season 3 and Sam taking the lead care giver role is going to get the show on a stronger path in order for the brothers to kick ass for the remainder of the series. Let Sam grow up and take some responsibility for his brother!
    I’ve been wondering the same too. The amount of years and stuff he’s been through. I actually thought they were going to cover this in season 7. And I thought it was Dean going into hospital but it turned out to be Sam in 7 x 17 The born again identity. There was so much to play with creatively here with Dean, and over the years they’ve just skimmed past the surface or not even bothered to go there. Sam could have helped Dean out of so much crap and given him back so much and shown Dean what he really means to him at the same time too. Its like the writers only see to see the story from Sam’s perspective. There are two brothers who are both amazing characters that could be fleshed out so much more. But again the writers back down. This was what I wanted to see last season when Dean was in purgatory and so many of us wanted to see Sam rescue Dean, and all we got was a damned soap opera, and the at horrible woman. Sam came off a lot worse last season because of all that bolting and running crap. The finale did do a good job of reminding us why he did it, but I think it would have been so much better if Sam had rescued Dean just like season 3.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. True. Very true. (But what I meant was that a possessed Dean wont do anyone any favors.)

      All Dean’s issues do need to be addressed and the self loathing is just one of them. To me that’s his most heartbreaking trait and it needs to be dealt with, preferably by Sam and Cas.
      I so agree …. How many times have the writers skimmed past this. Sam tried to stop Dean drinking in season 7 then never talked of again. There are so many different area’s where they could go with Dean. That would make great viewing and story telling.

      And yes, I would love to see Sam save his brother and be successful at it this time! And then inform Dean of why he’s so important to him. Dean understands actions louder than words, so for that to work, Sam needs to emphatically show Dean how important he is to him and why Dean is and always has been his stone number one. (Just like in season, what? four? against Zachariah, when he trusted Dean to resist him.)
      I’ve have so wanted this since season 3. I desperately wanted this last season and never got it. I think Dean knows how Sam feels about Dean. But the writers need Sam to show it to us. Sam does save Dean, Sam does hug Dean, Sam does feel for Dean and always when they fall out always comes home to Dean. Dean has always managed to bring Sam back down to earth and given him something to hold on too. I think Sam finds it hard to show his feelings, and he’s always been the same. But I am happy that Sam always knows that Dean is there for him. I just wish the writers would do a role reversal now and again and not leave it up to one brother to show us.

      Also Sam needs the confidence that comes with making choices that work.
      I so want this, especially after the season 8 finale. I don’t want him progressing backwards, and want him to grow and show us growth. I am tired of Sam being written as the bad guy the one who continually has to dig himself out of a hole, only to be shoved back in again.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Rock and a Hard Place is notable for one thing, the last few seconds in the show featuring Ezekiel. Other than that its a pretty standard monster of the week episode. I like it for the ending but I dislike how the promise keepers in the show are depicted and there are moments when you seriously want to smack Dean. This episode gets a C- as one of the worse episodes this season. The only thing saving it from a D is Dean finally gets some and the last ten minutes.

    Sam and Dean take vows of chastity to catch something that has kidnapped four other people. IT turns out to be the goddess Vesta and she’s kidnapping and eating the livers of people in her Promise Support group who have broken their vows and had sex. Dean and the lead counselor break their vows soon after he joins the group when he finds out she used to be a porn star and they both get kidnapped and held underground. Sam and Jodi have to search for them and they find them after Dean makes an emergency phone call. Jodi kills the goddess after Vesta stabs her with a wooden stake and they rescue all of the kidnap victims. But all this is standard, boring stuff.

    Here’s the good part: During the fight with the goddess, she attacks Sam and attempts to determine whether or not he can be eaten and she is HORRIFIED to find how broken he is. She claims he’s stuck together with duct tape and safety pins and wonders aloud how he can still be alive. Sam is shocked and confused by this, again. (I think, next week, things are going to reach a head. Sam is questioning Dean but hes too tired and brain addled to really press Dean for answers. Dean is ready to tell and is beginning to feel worse and worse about the deal he made and the writers are obviously stalling for time and, like Dean, deserve a sharp smack, too. Seriously! Why are they torturing us like this?)

    Later, in the motel, Sam wonders to Dean what’s wrong with him. It’s heartbreaking. He thinks its his fault that hes broken and that’s his natural state and that he’ll never be okay. He seems genuinely in despair about it and I felt so bad for him. Dean is feeling pretty bad too and is about to sit down and tell Sam everything but Zeke shows up and warns him that Sam isn’t ready. Dean asks how much longer he has to keep lying and Zeke says not much longer. Sam wakes up from this and Dean makes some lame “its gonna be okay” speech.

    Aaaahhhhhh! You have got to see this scene, ASAP.
    Thanks once again Ikeke I love reading these little reviews each week. I need perking up at the moment. Some of you may no but others might not, that my mother is going into a nursing home tomorrow so I am up in the air and not as with it as I usually am. I have suffered from depression there’s no doubt, but I think I’m through the worst. She has suffered from Alzheimer’s for the last 8-9 years so this show has got me through some tough days. I am drifting in and out, so bear with me. 😉 So on to the show ….

    I have heard a lot of negativity about this episode once again and as yet I’m still waiting to see it and have only seen the promo of the boys sitting in a circle of women and Dean is obviously beaming and talking about his favorite subject and what it feels like to have sex, am I close!! So Dean by the sounds of it has acted like a right jerk. The only downer I can see at the moment is the monster of the week its self. I am so tired of yet another boring, lame old God. How many seasons have gone by and yet here we are, another one. The best bits others have said you’ve mentioned about Sam and the god saying he’s only staying together because of tape and glue. I am still confused as to why Sam is shocked about this, as either Zeke is doing a blinding job of keeping it all hidden from his body and mind or Sam is so damn dumb and thick as two short blanks that its taken him two damned months to say what’s going on with me. Why do I keep feeling strange all the time. Okay, yes he’s probably binding his time, or the writers are milking it. Or they have a grand master plan after Christmas.

    I don’t think I even read about Sam’s speech on the forum I don’t think any ones even mentioned it. But they loved Zeke popping out and warning Dean telling off Sam. Many are also happy with Sam and Jody paring up again, so I am chuffed to bits these two get some more air time together. Sam needs someone else to bounce off besides Crowley. When I read the rate thread many gave 6 and below and moaned it was an average episode. They are also going to town about the pacing of this season which at the moment I am agreeing with them. I don’t recall the last time they mentioned the angels falling and trying to get them back home its not hardly been mentioned. Cas hasn’t even tried to find his grace or even concerned about heaven. So much has been missed out about the mythology arrrh, it annoys me.

    Now here’s my speculation. The longer Zeke is in there, the less I trust him. As soon as he knew Dean was going to confess, he popped out and prevented Dean from telling. I think Zeke is stalling for time until some fixed point. We will find out next week, I hope, what Zeke is really after and whether or not he knows and is working with Metatron. I still want to believe Zeke is a good guy but this is Supernatural. Who am I kidding? I also think next week Dean will tell Sam but that will be the least of their problems. Sam will find out but the fallout of that will be held until after the Hellatus.(I would love to see a scene where Sam confronts Zeke.) And I don’t care how much people speculate they won’t be expecting the final outcome from Sam finding out. The writers know how to surprise us and they listen to our speculations too.
    We’re all on the same page about this, and we more or less know that Zeke isn’t Zeke. He’s certainly scared of leaving Sam, and wanting to stay out of the limelight for as long as he can. I wonder who is after him? I said this didn’t I that those photos give us a hint that the pair are working together. They just wouldn’t meet up like this in the middle of no where and play happy families. The thought has just occurred to me. I wonder if Zeke knows Cas and Metatron knows about Cas’s grace. Could Zeke have helped Metatron and been his PA or something. As Naomi had angels working for her and doing her dirty work. This is why Zeke wanted Cas out of the bunker? Because he knows. (I would love to see a scene where Sam confronts Zeke.) I have been dying to see this from the start and its taken them 9 weeks to get there, arrrrh. Why do you know something about Sam finding out? 😉

    Next week, Cas is back and the angel war begins and I think we meet a new angel named Malachi who kidnaps and tortures Cas.
    I know you’ve been itching to see Malachi. I’ve seen the clip for next week and Cas is in iron chains up against a wall, and he’s standing over him. I hope this time we see something of the angel war and they just don’t shove it under the carpet again. There is something about all this angel factions going to kick off too I think. Someone did say that Kevin gets killed off, and will have to investigate this, as I will be so angry if they do get rid of him. I hope Crowley doesn’t kill him. 😥

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Also as per usual even though we have yet to see the fallout from Deans deal, the second half of the season is usually pretty Sam -centric. We will get to see things from Sam’s point of view in the episodes after the hiatus probably, because that’s usually when we get to see those types of episodes.
      Yeap again I think this is a logical pattern and the most obvious route to take. But I just don’t get why we have had so many monster of the week’s and fillers. Are they trying to recreate season 1?

      Usually the first half of the season is mostly about Dean. The season is definitely building towards something big. That’s how Carver did season eight but it was kind of messed up as he was spent fixing the brothers relationship in the first half of the season.
      I still don’t get the feel of the season at the moment, where he’s really trying to go. Usually by this point we have an idea but none of these episodes are really linking together its like there all stand alones? The only real theme that is making any sense is Zeke, but then even he’s not being fully understood at the moment if he’s trust worthy or not? There really must be some arc to this as there is still a load of episodes after Xmas to May to fill, so he must have some plan of action? But I ain’t seeing it, are you?

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. First off: My deepest feelings to you and your Mum. I can empathize as I am my Mom’s primary caregiver and constantly worry about her health and safety. I know how one can become obsessed with a favorite show when ones personal life is at sixes and sevens. I hope things get better soon.
        Thank you from the heart Ikeke (kiss) I’ve been getting some lovely messages today and am up and down. Dad came home and said she took to it like a duck on water. He felt a bit up set as on the way out said give me a kiss then, and she abruptly replied ‘No’ and fell back to sleep again. She can hardly string two words together now, and each day she is more of a struggle and can see the decline. I think she is happy there and that’s the main thing. Its the adjusting us two have to do now. I think the show has got me through some real low days. All of you here are so supportive and caring and you no you keep me going more than you know. I don’t know what I would do without my boys’, 🙂 They always lift my spirits. Its my escapism from all the tension.

        I’m having a bit of trouble seeing the overall theme but I can feel its there. At the end of the season I will watch all of the episodes back to back minus the worse episodes or episodes I just bated and then I’ll see the theme. So far the most over-arching theme is about love and loyalty, and very Dean-centric so far. I think Carver is busy setting up situations that will play out well into season ten
        There is definitely something brewing, but they’ve not dealt all the cards yet. This mid-season finale appears to have come around so damn quick. Hardly no build up. Then wham its all happening…. I think I am going to do the same during the hiatus. I only tend to watch the show once, as I find if I watch it obsessively it spoils the viewing quality for me. My memory behaves better too. I also watch it when the show comes back on in the UK the following summer which is so infuriating. I have written to them but zilch. I get its Dean centric but I’m not yet sensing the loyalty? Unless your meaning Dean’s loyalty towards getting Sam healed? Some are also saying its Dean/Cas orientated and Sam isn’t in the picture? I felt he was planning the three year arc from last season not from this? So is season 8 completely on its own?

        So far hes been pretty good at that. That key we saw Dean looking at in season eight showed up in Slumber Party. (That giant spear from the same episode will show up again too.) And who knows the bunker might contain some form of magic that will heal Sam. There’s a lot of stuff that was established in season eight that hasn’t finished playing out yet, (The Golem, the soul magic that Henry introduced, the devils trap bullets.)
        You know what i had forgotten it was in season 8! So are you thinking too that Zeke isn’t healing Sam and its been one big con? But could these also be plot holes and they’ll forget to bring them back up. Its not very often these days they go back and re-tread. I thought the Golem was all tied up?

        My speculation (and I don’t know why this has not occurred to anyone in the show) is using Deans soul to heal Sam. What effect it would have is anyone’s guess but its an idea outside of trusting Zeke. I’m just playing with ideas here.
        So you are thinking along the lines that Zeke hasn’t been healing Sam then, if your thinking this out loud? 😉 That is a very interesting theory. This shows I’m not thinking as normally my old brain box would have come up with something like this 😉 The thought I’m putting out there is that I presume they have the same DNA, and are of the same blood line. Dean is also an angel vessel, so his souls energy might be enough to heal Sam and put it right. Good thinking batman 🙂

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


    2. Just wanted to send you positive energy and thoughts about your mom. God bless!
      Supernatural_Forever, thank you so much. I have received some lovely messages its so sweet of you. Its been a tough week, we knew it was coming but it still hits you. I am just pleased she is in a good, well organized place and a lot of similar people around her. She attended there as a day center patient so we were pleased when a place came up a couple of weeks ago. We had the green light this Monday then all systems go. She’s happy, that’s the main thing.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I did the un-thinkable and visited the thread and I’m taking it with a HUGE grain of salt. For one I don’t think we need Abbadean. Some people were getting very excited about this when I didn’t see this in this news at all. What I saw was; Dean goes to a dark place; not: Dean gets possessed. (And quite frankly, I don’t want to see Dean get possessed either. Dean has to remain himself for the show to work. I’d like to see him get some more action but we don’t need to see possession for that to work – or a retread of Dean and Sam as vessels either. We’ve been there and done that. All of the archangels are dead and that situation has been resolved and dealt with.)
    You mean to say, you did … 😉 Go girl!!! No I’m not excited about this story line either. They were great in the moment, but I think it might spoil it in the long run. Me too, I think they read things that are not always there. Your right Dean needs to be the solid, firm one who stays grounded. I think the vessel thing is over and done with. But I just wondered how they will get back into heaven. When the angels were possessing the right humans for the job.

    (But I will say my “secret” wish is for Dean to be possessed by Malachi. SSHHH! Don’t tell anyone.) If Dean goes to a dark place it will probably be more along the lines of how he was in Purgatory or torturing like he did in Hell (I’d like to see more of Dark!Dean) or just a major depression,(probably as a result of something Ezekiel asks him to do and since he owes Zeke…) Dean has not successfully dealt with either of those other two issues as the writers keep dropping the ball on those.
    What the difference between a demon and an angel possessing him then, its still possession? Dark to me means depression. He’s feeling so much guilt over Sam, and he’s been depressed before but never went any where. If they do this time I will be pleased as Jensen will knock it out of the park. As I said it will give Sam a much needed chance to help him through it. It will be lovely to watch. It will all I think revolve around what ever this favor is. It will have consequences.

    Also the person giving the news, their reputation has been called into question and I don’t trust that kind of news in the first place. This fandom is quite possibly one of the most hysteria driven fandoms I’ve been a part of in quite some time. People get a vague tidbit of info. and just lose all their senses and start jumping to wild conclusions. I don’t mind speculation, it’s a lot of fun but I like to do it within reason. I refuse to engage in blatant “fan-wanking”.
    No I wasn’t 100% certain myself and had my doubts. I don’t know of them but the thread indicated this. So I took it as you say with a pinch of salt! most of it didn’t to me add up. I think its like round robins one takes a message, passes it on, and onto the next and its totally different by the time it reaches the right person. I just thought it was’t something that the boys would openly talking about to fans. Even though it was a meet and greet.

    I will adopt a wait and see attitude, for the most part, and trust that the writers have a goal and a purpose. When they stop doing that, I’ll lose interest and wander off to watch a better show.
    Me too, you have the right approach Ikeke 😉 wise words … Its just I get impatient sometimes and wish it was all tied up into a nice pink bow and be here now waiting for me to watch in one go. I know that’s an impossible task, just my imagination working over time. Oh I love these boys 🙂

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Addendum:
      I would absolutely love to see a role reversal of Sam taking care of Dean . That would be awesome.

      Me too, I would love to see this. I think tomorrow Dean is kidnapped again and Sam rescues him with Jody’s help, just like before. The clip looked really funny too. Dean describing having sex! (blush)

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


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