Azazel was a Fallen Angel?

Azazel was stronger because he was a fallen angel who became a demon.

This got me thinking that Sam is now housing an angel. And Azazel was a fallen angel. So am I thinking that Sam is an angel related being and not demonic. Is his demon blood, angel blood all along? Is this where the writers are coming from is Sam related to angels? 


A thread once again on IMDb sparked some imagination in me yesterday my question in red. So if Azazel is a fallen angel does Sam have angel links after all as apposed to demonic links and blood? Is his demon blood, angelic blood? We know Sam is Lucifer’s chosen vessel who is also a fallen angel so is this the reason the writers are perhaps leaning Sam towards the light, and returning him back to angelic strength as apposed to demonic strength? When I think back to those new promotional shots of the boys in cages? Sam was half way in between the two colour schemes. We all thought at the time those pictures had some meaning to the series as a whole. Did they have a story to tell?

We know Sam is tired – Is this a side effect of Zeke healing him
Or something else entirely….

The pure fact that Azazel was a angel in the first place sets my mind in a frenzy. Is Sam actually related to angels. It was never demon blood in Sam in the first place it was angelic blood? Would this change Sam’s whole outlook that maybe not being demonic blood in him may help him and his personality digest this whole mess more easily. That ‘it’ may not have been so ‘evil’ after all? Would this change anything? With Zeke in him would this do something to his make-up and revive those dormant powers. Would it actually mix them up and possibly do more harm than good? Could Zeke actually be flushing those demonic powers away and be left with angelic powers to use for good purposes, healing people and so on? This season appears to be mirroring season 4 so could Sam’s addiction be returning but with a good force not an evil one? I still wonder why Sam is feeling tired is this Sam changing and changing into some other source? Once again I am leaning to Sam becoming an angel, if this is the twist as the brothers being angelic vessels come to ahead. Are the writers tying this up? 

Is Zeke up to something inside Sam’s body?

This is partly why I keep thinking Zeke is up to something inside Sam? He’s known how powerful and useful these boys vessels are, and what they mean to angels. Zeke is being over cautious in telling Dean how many people he can heal, as it weakens him. Zeke is trying to heal two people, himself and Sam. So could he be doing something underhanded to change Sam? I also think back to Jared saying in the summer that Sam is ‘changing’ and ‘changing’ all the time’. Which to me was a key to Zeke’s whole purpose. As I mentioned before he doesn’t reluctantly want to leave his vessel, but why is he prolonging his stay?

So a bit of a mixed bag today still continuing on the theme of Zeke as he’s the only being to keep my attention span going. So the top and bottom of it, is Sam an angel all along since he is Lucifer’s chosen vessel. Both Lucifer and Azazel were fallen angels so does this news make us feel any better about Sam’s demonic past and what he inherited. Does it change Sam’s perception of who he really is? And what power does Zeke really have over Sam at this stage. Is Sam changing beyond all recognition. Will he come out of this intact? Is Sam the key to heaven rather than Dean as we first thought? Could Zeke be something else entirely? And leading Dean up the garden path with out a leg to stand on.


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  1. Speaking of demons the lowdown on Cain, the new character being introduced in episode titled First Born is the son of Adam and Eve, he’s a demon who, it is said, is retired from being the leader and trainer of the Knights of Hell. So already we’ve got an Abaddon connection. She apparently is not the last one of her kind.
    I did hear a bit about Cain, its been ages since we’ve had a demon story? So could this mean there are more of them then? I kept thinking about that title First Born, will this be anything to do with Dean?

    We have an Angel named Malachi showing up in the next episode and it is rumored that Bartholomew is much more heartless and ruthless than Naomi ever was.
    I know you’ve mentioned Malachi before. Does this mean that Bart is coming back, as we were talking about this on the forum and thought why hasn’t he come back. It was like a flash in the pan fleeting visit and he was gone never to be seen again. I thought he took that part well too. Naomi was good, but some how a man can create more of an impact in that type of role.

    I really wish the writers would get on with these story lines. I’ve liked the season so far but the writers need to stop wasting time and quit stalling and lay some pipe. I’m getting impatient for all this stuff to play out which I guess is a good thing. It means the writers have got me hooked, I guess.
    I know its beginning to bug me now. There’s been too many monster of the weeks, and fillers for me and not enough myth-arc. I bet they will cram it all in at the last minute as usual. I still don’t feel as hooked on it as I was this time last year. I found I had so much more to write about and this year all I seem to bring up is Zeke 😦 As nothing else much is doing it for me. Then we have yet another hiatus. I wouldn’t say its disappointed me, but it hasn’t sparked my imagination as much. I was expecting more heavy related angel story-lines get them back home and nothing happened. The pacing is a bit poor too, and are faffing around a bit.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Also Azazel is not a fallen angel on the show. How do I know this: he managed to possess John without John’s permission and only demons can do that. Lucifer, who actually is a fallen angel, even he needed permission to actually possess Sam. To me this proves that Sam is just a regular human infected with demon blood. He’s not any more or less angelic than any of the other angel vessels we’ve seen on the show.
    So they were wrong in the thread then? Only demons can enter a human without permission. So that thought has been thrown out of the window 😉

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I think this is being over-thought again. I don’t think the writers are getting that complicated. I try to look at everything as a progression of steps that are not necessarily related to one another. Azazel gave Sam the demon blood as a way of corrupting him against any other (pure) angel using him. In fact I see Zeke’s possession of Sam as a good thing because it really does mean that Sam is now pure. If he had any demon blood in him then a pure angel, that’s not corrupted like Lucifer, would never be able to possess Sam at all. Now all we need to do is get Zeke out of the way and we might get to see a very tired but normal Sam.
    Your probably right, I think an angel as you say is a good thing as its not connected to evil, so Sam may feel okay about this fact. I really would love to know what Zeke actually is? I know we’ve seen his wings, but could he be something else? I still get this feeling that Cas couldn’t heal Sam, but he can. He’s got to be one powerful angel. I can’t see him being an archangel as there are only five and we’ve seen them. So is there another species of angel we’ve not seen yet, like Naomi? I’m liking the idea of him being pure which is another good thing for him to think about when he finds out.

    It has been a stated fact of the show that humans cannot become angels as they are a different order of beings than humanity. You’re still very caught up in this idea that Sam is becoming something else. Zeke isn’t doing anything inside, but draining his energy as far as I can tell. I think he has healed Sam as much as he is capable and now he’s waiting to finish up whatever task he’s assigned to himself. (I don’t think Zeke is working for anyone, but I could be wrong.) Sam and Dean are related to angels only inasmuch as Jimmy was related or any of the hosts the angels use. The boys aren’t really that special. There are a lot of angel hosts and some of the hosts are stronger than others and some are fairly weak, but hosting an angel doesn’t do much to the vessel beyond making them dormant. It doesn’t change a human host into anything and I don’t think the writers even want to go there.
    I keep forgetting this 😉 I am just probably over thinking the whole Metatron meeting with Zeke. But it was just the body language the whole feel of that photograph made me feel uneasy. Like he was pointing the finger and bossing him. If something is fishy we will no soon enough. I’d just like to know why its taken him so damn long. Was Sam so sick that it was difficult for him to sew him back together as Versta said he’s held together with duck tape. Which spells out to me he’s not done a very good job.

    I like to believe that Sam is going to become normal. He doesn’t need to be anything else. Not full of demon blood, or sick or possessed or anything. For his peace of mind he needs to not be changing into or becoming something else. He needs to become completely human and normal. I think it’s the only way he can find some emotional balance.
    This is very true, but the longer Zeke is in there the more I continue to think what’s he playing at. It would be nice to see Sam just Sam a basic human being. After all this is what’s happened to Cas and almost Crowley so maybe I was right about the season being about humanity and what its like for our characters to be human.

    What I would like to see at the end of the show is Sam as a completely human, human being and happy.
    I think it would be character progression too, and would bring him full circle and rejuvenated without any supernatural interference. I wonder if Zeke will succeed. Maybe this is what he needs Dean for. Didn’t one of you here say about using Dean’s DNA to heal Sam?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. The only reason why I’m not on the Metatron photo is because I’ve been burned too many times by vague photos of stuff on the set. I wont even go there as far as speculation on that picture.
      I know, but I just get the feeling that Metatron is a nasty piece of work, and seeing him with Zeke or Sam just sends shivers up my spine. We know what he did to Cas, and how easily he manipulated him. It just seemed strange that why did they met up in the first place, this is what ticks my imagination over and over. 😉

      As far as we know that’s probably a completely un-important scene with Metatron doing nothing more than pointing at Zeke and saying,” Ha! I know you’re in there. “Or he could just be pointing at Sam and telling Sam about Zeke or something. :- D (Although truthfully, that scene does look a little more intense than that.)
      I ain’t so sure its something that simple. Would the writers just bung in an important character like him just to say this? It does look much more tense than this, and this is why I am VERY suspicious. Its just me, I can’t help it. Sam is caught up in the middle of this and is doesn’t have a clue what’s going on around him.

      All I know is that every time I’ve thought some scene or person was important, (the Mother of All Monsters, for example) they turned out to be the least important part of the episode. The writers love to spring little surprises on us like that.
      I can see why you don’t get hooked on this type of spoiler. The mother of all was a HUGE let down and a terrible waste. Just like the Alpha’s where they could have explored it so much more and it just goes flat. Its probably wise not to get too keen in it all. 😉

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Oh I’m not saying you shouldn’t be concerned. Metatron was and still is a total doouchenozzle. From interviews and spoilers I’ve read, apparently he gets a little lonely up in Heaven and decides to come to Earth for some mischief.
        Oh okay 😉 I think he’s a prick too, always have done. I think I’ve read this some where along the line. I read so much stuff I sometimes forget what I have red … Well that’s his own fault, he should have thought of this before he decided to kick all the angels out for his own selfish acts. He never thought about the long term implications of all this. Now he’s just rubbing their noses in it. Urrrh He really winds me up.

        Also heard the rumor from interviews and spoilers that Dean and Zeke are supposed to team up to accomplish Zeke’s mission. I’m okay with that scenario as long as Sam is in on it, otherwise that’s just not right. I read that he and Dean are supposed to bond.
        I’ve heard this too. I am so with you, if its sneaky then no. Its not fair on Sam. But I can’t see Dean going along with this as it would just make him feel more guilty. I wonder after if they become friends, it could be possible. Sam might go the other way and see it as a good thing the angel did. But would he settle with Cas again? But if he is a bad angel I can’t see it. I hope he’s not running rings around Dean and taking him for a mug too.

        I also read another theory and I loved this one: that Zeke was involved in some kind of fight or something just before he fell. Probably with Bartholomew and that’s who hes hiding out from. After all Bart is the only Angel Zeke has ever mentioned by name. I like to think that he and Dean team up to take out Bart, Metatron or Malachi if he turns out to be a bad guy. There’s a lot of different factions of angels and Zeke could have been in charge of or fighting for any one of them. Everyone seems to have gotten it into their heads that Zeke is working for Metatron and its possible but I don’t care for that theory as its too predictable and the writers never seem to do the predictable thing.
        Now this I’ve not heard. Didn’t I say the pair could be in cahoots 😉 not that its official yet. That sounds a good plot actually. Your probably right it is too predictable, but seems the most obvious from just looking at that photo. I’m jumping to conclusions again. It makes me wonder if I started the whole Zeke and Metatron thing off, as the forum started to join in too. Consider the two poor writers are doing it I don’t hold out much hope for the mid-season finale tomorrow. I bet they will chuck everything in there just to speed up the process as its the finale. Is Malachi good or not? I’ve heard he’s bad? I thought Bart was an interesting character and was surprised they ditched him and he’s only been on once. Yet Naomi last season was used and used.

        Well that’s just my thoughts. As for Tuesday I wonder where Cas got his new suit, where has he been, is he hunting again and why is he covered in blood in that one photo? Who is Malachi and what does he want? I think, I hope, the rest of the season is a little more exciting.
        Well he has got this new job now, so he has means to pay for his new suit, and has that luxury of buying more clothes. Hasn’t he been kidnapped and is being tortured? Malachi I presume is another rogue angel as there are so many on earth and there incorporating them into the story. I’m not surprised there hasn’t been many more angels introduced if I’m honest when you think how many did fall. I think the way this has been written has been poor. When you think what interaction could have been. They’ve left Cas alone when he was supposed to be their number one target. He got kicked out the bunker, and still no angels have come for him. Its a bit of a disappointment considering the whole angel shower in season 8. Maybe I am expecting too much…

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


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