Sneak Peak S9 Episode 9

The boys are driving in the car, and Sam suddenly notices the road sign has drastically changed from Fort Collins half an hour ago the sign said 5o miles and now it saying a 100 miles. 

Supernatural Season 9 episode 9 'Holy Terror'

Dean: ‘What’!

Sam: turns round looking very bewildered and confused ‘ That sign said Fort Collins 50 miles?’

Dean: ‘So’

Sam: ‘So last time I looked like 12 seconds ago erh, um ‘Fort Collins was a 100 miles

Dean: shakes his head ‘Hey man, you no god has got his hocks into you, you no?’

Sam: No,  Its more than Vesta’ it’s like this kind of thing has been happening to me, its like there are just chunks of time missing, like there are times when I’m not here.

Dean: ‘Well like I’ve said’

Sam: ‘The trials I no, yes I heard you. I heard you last week, the week before and the week before that’.

Dean: ‘Yes, damn straight the trials’ they whacked you man, your not at warp speed yet okay, but you  will be, Dean slaps Sam’s leg to reassure him and there’s a pause ….  ‘Would I lie?’


Now Time loss is way different to memory loss? So again what is Ezekiel doing? 

Sam has lost quite a bit of time during 50 miles worth of driving, so is this beginning to drive him crazy, Is Sam having a nap and he hasn’t realized it, and Zeke has been having conversations with Dean in the car for what, half an hour to an hours worth of driving?

Are the cracks in Zeke’s fixing Sam beginning to show its true colours? And has Dean come unstuck. Is he into deep that he’s finding it hard to give Sam decent words to reassure him, as Sam has picked up that he’s told him three times before already. Are Dean’s excuses wearing a bit thin? Is Dean ready to tackle Zeke and ask him what the hell he’s playing at?  

Or has Zeke got lazy and he’s got his wires got crossed and he’s taken away the wrong thing?

Sam is as scared as hell, and rightly so. How would you answer time passing you by without having answers, with wired unexplained things happening to you that you didn’t have any control over? Dean’s line ‘would I lie’ has pricked a nerve with me. As he is doing just that. He is lying through his teeth and has been for weeks. He’s trying damned hard to cover up, but is Sam seeing right through Dean? Or is he still actually oblivious to what is happening to him. Zeke is taking chunks of time away which is rather spooky as Sam will never be able to get those back? He might be able to with the memory loss which is still annoying as hell. But some how you cannot play with time, that has gone for ever. Has Zeke been giving Sam fake memories, as after all this was what happened with Lisa and Ben? Dean hated Cas doing that to them and Sam said back then Dean had done some shady things in his time and Dean replies; if you talk of this again, I will punch you. So again we are seeing a similar story being re-told in a different format.

So what do you all think of this tense, unnerving plot stretching out before us for tonight? If I were either Sam or Dean at the moment I would be bricking it. The more I think of Sam twigging the more I think he doesn’t no. Or is he just picking up on strange moments and not being able to put them together as we’ve seen in the clip. Taking chunks of Sam’s time away cannot be a good sign, can it? Is this all necessary in the healing process. Is he doing something with Sam’s mind? Dean hates the thought of lying and covering it up to take away Sam’s stress. But is it enough?  How long can the writers churn this out? I have heard that episodes 9 and 10 are going to be teary and the boys do cry, so are we right to feel nervous as the weeks have gone by and the deception still continues to travel. Is this the worst lie Dean has ever told in his life?


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  1. Okay here’s my synopsis, based on how I understand it.
    There are two groups of angels. One group headed by an anarchistic angel named Malachi and the other you know, headed by Bartholomew. There’s a fight in a bicker bar where all of Bartholomew’s angels get killed.
    I would love to know how many groups of factions there are. How many angels there actually are. I wondered how long it would be for them to bring Bartholomew back!

    Sam and Dean here about the case and are heading to it but In the car Zeke and Dean are having a discussion about being around other angels and when Sam will be healed. Again Zeke says soon. Sam wakes up in the middle of a sentence and Dean reassures him as you saw in the clip that everything is okay although you can see the worry in his eyes as he lies to Sam yet again.
    Sam wakes up, so he had been asleep during this time when he notices the sign posts? I know Dean is beside himself. I have to give it to the guy he’s a realistic lire. God knows how Dean sleeps at night with this torment going on in his head. I hate they keep secrets from each other 😦 What good does it do, just drives them further apart.

    When they get to the site, they find Cas is there posing as an agent and Zeke keeps popping in out every time Cas back is turned. They go have a beer where Cas tells them how glad he is to see them and hes happy to be working on the case and this is his first beer. Cas is in a really good mood until Zeke pressures him to tell Cas they cant work together. Dean almost tells Cas about the possession but stops just short, saying that Ezekiel healed Sam and using the trials again as an excuse.
    So Zeke is aware Cas is there. I bet he’s fuming. I bet he thought he wouldn’t see him again since he ordered him out of the bunker. Good, I hate tension between them, I did see the clip and photos of them smiling and hanging out, but Sam looked sad and out of it a bit. Zeke sure knows how to use his mojo at the right time. Sam must be so annoyed by now.

    After this setback Cas goes back to his hotel room and prays in several different positions for an angel to help him but gets an angel named Muriel who doesn’t want anything to do with him but will listen to his story and gives hi smoke info. Unknown to Muriel, she was followed around by Malachi’s henchmen and they burst into he hotel room and kidnap Muriel and Cas.
    Some were saying why the hell did he pray to angels considering they all wanted his head. But he was hoping that a good one might come and they did. I am not sure whom these henchmen are. Are they lower ranking angels? I heard Muriel was liked and got killed off darn!!

    While everyone was in the bar Metatron showed up and confronted Zeke. He says he knows that angel isn’t nemesis Zeke because Ezekiel is dead. He says this angels name is Gadriel and that he was once imprisoned for letting evil into the Garden of Eden. So Gadriel is kind of famous for doing something bad just like Sam.
    So I take it the boys were there too, so Dean knows? So he wasn’t a good guy after all. I don’t mean in the shady way but with good intentions gone bad, like Cas.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Metatron runs his game on Gadriel talking about how lonely they both are, how hard it is to be human, that he can get Gadriel back into Heaven if Gadriel will do one thing for him and that instead of being called God he prefers to be called X and that Gadriel can be his second in command when he opens Heaven to certain other angels. He hands him a piece of paper with what we later learn is Kevin’s name.
      So is this how Sam/Gad is going to get into Heaven. What happens to Metatron’s second in command if Dean and co kick him out of Sam?

      In the meantime Cas manages to convince one of his torturers to set him free and grabbing one of the angel blades he cuts open the other angel and swallows his grace which is something new to everyone. So now Cas has some grace and is an angel again but its not his grace. Muriel has already been killed by Malachi’s goon. Cas calls Dean and tells him about Malachi and that the angel inside Sam is not Ezekiel as Ezekiel died during the fall of angels.
      I saw the clip of this and thought the same, wow! But would Cas’s character be different since he’s not but his own original grace back. When Uriel took Anna’s she did get her own back. So would Cas act a bit wired like when he had the souls in him during season 6.

      Dean is in a panic as he tells Kevin to find a spell that will suppress an angel.
      When Sam gets back to the bunker, Dean lures him to the store room and opens up the spell using his own blood. Thinking hes successfully suppressed Zeke, he confesses everything to Sam who gets angry and punches him. As he walks out of the store room we realize that Sam was never present during their conversation. It was Zeke pretending to be him (but only for that conversation, not the whole time). Zeke/ Gadriel walks into the room and kills Kevin. Dean tries to stop him and you saw what happens in the trailer. Gadriel walks away with Sam’s body and the tablets. Dean looks totally broken and devastated as he stares at Kevin’s body.

      Some were actually saying it was Sam who punched Dean and not Zeke so I’m confused here? Cool part on Dean though suppressing the angel. I am surprised at these writers in thinking this up?

      When the show comes back in January, we will find Sam back in the bunker being held by Crowley Dean and Cas as they try to get Gadriel out.
      I know I saw the clip, Sam’s in pain again just like season 6 😦 I hope Crowley sticks to his word ….

      I’m pretty sure that Metatron is lying and using Gadriel the same way he used Cas and that Kevin was probably killed to keep him from finding out something or as part of another spell. Gadriel has been duped.
      Yes, I wouldn’t put anything past this RAT!! Yes I had read this was the reason why he ordered Gadriel to kill him in case it got back to Dean.

      This was a very confusing episode. There was a lot going on and I may have missed a couple of things but I tried to hit the high points. I still have a lot of emotions about it but the episode was tight and well paced with not many holes and a couple of funny moments. It was Supernatural at its best but this one is never going to be one of my favorite episodes because of what happens with Dean /Gadriel and Kevin at the end. Nevertheless I give it a 9.5 for how well it moved the myth arc along this season and for the many story parallels happening in the narrative.
      I had seen this on the board that many were saying they were going to re-watch it and in the rate thread for the first time ever I think they found it hard to give a vote as they were confused. I’m pleased the pacing was better as this has been annoying people. I am pleased too it was a good episode in the fact that it moved the mythology forward it was well needed. I have a hunch Kev isn’t dead. I wonder if Cas can bring him back now his grace is back in action?

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “I’m pretty sure that Metatron is lying and using Gadriel the same way he used Cas and that Kevin was probably killed to keep him from finding out something or as part of another spell. Gadriel has been duped”
        THIS-I agree. I also don’t think hes bad at heart just misunderstood. I have a feeling hes going to side with the Winchester’s in the long run.

        This was the feeling I got after reading the forum. I think he killed Kevin as he didn’t want any intel getting back to Dean. Both Cas and Gad have been duped by the rat Metatron. He’s one shady man. He’s the same as Cas, he’s easily lead and misinterprets info wrong. Sorry Gad I doubted you, I thought you really were a bad boy!!!

        Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Its hard to keep all the angels names straight for sure!
        Did you all notice how similar Gadriel is to Gabriel. Is it the trickster in disguise oh no….. 😉

        Love Aunty B xxx


    2. “So Gadriel is kind of famous for doing something bad just like Sam.”
      Somehow I think he didn’t PURPOSELY let the serpent in-he fell asleep protecting the garden or something.

      But even if he fell asleep it was naughty as he wasn’t doing his job properly. Either way I guess he still feels bad about it, and then ends up killing Kevin which he didn’t want to do. I’m still not sure about Gadriel I still keep wanting to type Zeke!!

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Yeah, even though he killed Kevin, I still don’t think of him as a bad guy. I think he’s just naive and knows nothing about humans. All Metatron had to do was sympathize with him a little, make a couple of false promises and he was in. When Metatron asked him to kill Kevin, Gadreel’s first words were, “I’m not like that.”
        I just read a review tonight on you-tube, which said if we all thought Gadreel was a bad guy, we were sort of right, he went ahead and did them when he didn’t really like doing what he had to do.

        Oh to clear up: Sam wasn’t asleep in the car. He just wasn’t present. One moment he was Gadriel and then right in the middle of a sentence Gadriel left and it was Sam. It was pretty creepy to watch.
        Ah this makes it all the weirder! Jared really has been brilliant at this his acting is at a whole new level. It takes some doing switching from one character to another. I still haven’t seen it yet 😦

        And no, it was definitely Gadriel who punched Dean while pretending to be Sam. He said as much.
        Right, so they were wrong then …

        No, Dean wasn’t present in the scene with Metatron and Gadriel. Gadriel is having very secret meetings with Metatron. At no point does Cas and Gadriel meet and Dean doesn’t know that Metatron is back in town.
        I did read that Kevin reported back to Dean that Sam was going outside a lot. So Dean had obviously picked up on this?

        Sooner or later, Dean is going to find out that Metatron had Kevin killed and he is going to go full out crazy about that. I hope that he and Gadriel team up to take him down. They need to.
        I hope it turns out this way, as he needs a quick exit I feel. Many do like Metatron, I can’t understand why, he’s an evil slime ball. That’s not actually a bad plan. 🙂 Cas would probably join in too.

        Love Aunty B xxx


  2. I’ve never felt comfortable with spoilers so..
    if you want a recapture of last nights episode I’m going to hold off until you tell me you read a review elsewhere. Or until someone else volunteers to give it then if you need something cleared up we’ll all take it from there.

    Oh okay 😦 I have read a fair bit on the board this morning and know bits and pieces such as we lost Kevin Zeke killed him off cause Metatron told him too. Zeke isn’t who he said he was and is Gadiel? There appears to be confusion about the angel blade and Cas’s grace… I also put together that Sam has been kidnapped yet again and Dean is feeling like shit, over Sam and Kev!! Metatron has got Sam? He’s no idea that Zeke’s inside him and is still weak from the trials. So he may have a job to free and protect himself? I also heard that Cas has got his powers back and is using some other angels grace?

    They really moved the episode along last night, so that is one episode you wanna watch but I know you don’t want to wait 3 days to find out. There should be some good recaps available by morning. Plus I’m still processing. There was some next level sheeyot going on in that epi.
    Good, at least that fear has been stamped out. So by the sounds of this it was quite complex?

    But I was right in at least a couple of my predictions. Zeke isn’t who he claims to be and he wasn’t working for Metatron at the time seen in the picture, technically. And one thing that happened came so completely out of left field that no one predicted or saw it coming at all. Zeke had an ulterior motive but it wasn’t for anyone but himself. And yes Metatron is up to his old tricks again. They did show previews of Jan. episode and it involves Crowley, Sam, Cas and Zeke (?) all together.
    Yeap you got that one right… Darn, I was so sure he was working for Metatron, nothing ever comes my way 😦 So it was a selfish act then? Is he working against Metatron? I gathered this that it would be out of character for Metatron if he was’t up to anything. Crowley, Sam, Cas and Zeke all together this feels a bit wired. So is Crowley now free?

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Im still processing the episode too. i need to re-watch. Parts seem to drag, but I think it was only because I was anxious for the big reveal to happen.

      😦 Okay!! So this is the first negative I’ve read that it dragged? So many of us have been tensed up about it and could be a strong possibility.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


  3. “Is Sam having a nap and he hasn’t realized it, and Zeke has been having conversations with Dean in the car for what, half an hour to an hours worth of driving?”
    Yes it looks like Dean and Zeke were having a long conversation and now Sam is noticing the missing time. Its one thing when its a minute or 2 but 50 miles has to be at least a half an hour if not more. What were they talking about???????

    As I don’t live in America I know from place to place is a longish drive, but you have more of an idea of distance in your country than I do. So I was correct in thinking it was at least a half hour drive where Sam had been out of it. I still wonder if Sam has been asleep and Zeke has taken notice of this and used this free time to make use of it and get closer to Dean. We no now that they are beginning to bond, and both Dean and Zeke have spent time in each others company, so as you say what have they been discussing, your guess is as good as mine. During this time Dean is probably wetting himself wondering what’s happening to Sammy in the meantime. Oh I’m not looking forward to this episode hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Yeah that’s what it sounds like to me too. That the two of them have been having a nice long convo. It also sounds pretty frightening to be losing a lot of time like that.
      It does doesn’t it. Its really creepy when you think about it that Dean is looking at Sam and another person is talking to him. The chunk of time is really scary Sam looked really worried and upset at one point, and the look on Dean’s face. I hope they let us in on this as its horrible not knowing what’s been said.

      Yeah, I think Sam is definitely noticing Dean’s acting cagey and it’s about time. I’m going to chalk up his previously not saying anything, to him being too mentally exhausted to really put it all together. Incidentally, if he’s starting to ask questions, it may be a sign that he is actually healing. (I actually believe Zeke is healing him and that Sam can survive on his own, but it’s Zeke who needs Sam’s energy, which is why Sam is tired and Zeke hasn’t left yet and is lying about Sam not being ready.)
      I read in an interview that they said finally Sam is beginning to click and not before time. That is a good point actually why he’s not been putting 2 and 2 together because he’s mentally exhausted. Yes, good I hope so I really do. So Zeke is healing Sam and then healing himself from Sam’s healed energy? is that right? So he’s not been telling Dean the full story in a way?

      Also I’m not sure if losing time and memory wiping isn’t the same thing. Is Sam awake during Zeke’s conversations with Dean and then just wipes that memory from Sam’s mind? Or is Sam asleep while Zeke and Dean talk and therefor doesn’t remember anyway?
      I read this post on the forum and I did begin to wonder if they were the same thing, and its continued on no its not. So where this is steaming from god only knows. I’m finding this whole thing confusing. I said this earlier I think Sams asleep and nodded off and Zeke’s making use of this free time. I wonder if he thinks he’s been dreaming it all?

      Thanks for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “Also I’m not sure if losing time and memory wiping isn’t the same thing. Is Sam awake during Zeke’s conversations with Dean and then just wipes that memory from Sam’s mind? Or is Sam asleep while Zeke and Dean talk and therefor doesn’t remember anyway”
        I think when Zeke comes out Sams not conscious of anything. So when he comes out for a few minutes its not too bad of a time loss but this time it sounds like Zeke was out a long time. Long enough for Sam to REALLY notice.

        That’s it barb, you’ve nailed it. Its because its been half an hour out of it he’s twigged and seen the sign post and has sussed it. Oh Sammy clever boy. As those short bouts he wouldn’t have noticed that time had gone past so quick or as much. This is actually clever writing when you think about it. 🙂

        Thanks for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxx


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