Which Castiel have you preffered?

In the show we’ve seen two versions of human Cas and I think I can remember a third time which was only briefly. Each occasion has been very different. Future Cas in 2014 was very laid back, attracted to women; running orgies, and generally very cocky, and a bit eccentric. Dean couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his friend in the center of a circle of women running a workshop almost. We saw a complete change to the person we new before on screen, yet we chuckled to ourselves, and loved what was coming across on screen. So how different was he from human Cas that we see before us now?

I think Cas feels he deserves the punishment, and feels he’s partly, if not all to blame  for the angels falling. We sensed he almost didn’t want his angel status back, as he found it hard to come to terms with. He didn’t deserve it back, and was struggling with the possibility just as soulless Sam did. But he’s since changed his views and in the nick of time regained his status, if not who he was before, but possibly a former figure of himself. Being a lower ranking angel now how will this really affect him. How will he move forward with someone else’s grace. Is he actually like Sam in a sense that he has someone else inside him and not whom he really is. Their grace is who they are and is unique to them.  Like our soul is to human’s. So will his temperament change again since he has another angels power within him. What crazy problems will this cause him later down the line? Is he going to be all juiced up and want to be come some crazy new god as season 7. I think the writers like to take Cas some where completely different just as they do with Sam. Their stories are very similar, in a lot of ways. 

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So what do you think will happen to Cas? What problems do you see down the road. Will he be able to get his old grace back? Uriel had Anna’s grace around his neck, so I am assuming Metatron will still hold his tube in a volt somewhere safe, or will he? What powers will Cas gain now will it alter his body in a similar way Gadreel has done to Sam? If your grace had been stolen, what would you do, to get it back if you were Cas?

So which Cas have you enjoyed the most, human hippy Cas, human Cas or pumped up Cas. 


5 thoughts on “Which Castiel have you preffered?

  1. I like both because he is very, very, very cute. I am in love with Castiel, Bobby, Sam & Dean.
    Do you have a real favorite though, or do you just love all four the same?

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Grace is an interesting characteristic. I wonder if human souls(if they exist) are capable of having grace? It is a religious concept with which I am not an expert on so I leave that for others. Futuristic Cas had all of the elements of original Cas learning about human beings (the pizza man) as well as human Cas learning what it is to be human. Each version of Cas is an expansion of the original but with more humanity or taken to an extreme in “The End”. Cas does what he has to do to steal Theo’s grace- of course that is as a human. He too has become “barbarian” not that he has not done some raw acts as Cas in season 7. The seeds of hedonistic Cas in “The End” are certainly planted as soon as Cas started to show care and concern for Dean. With a long term series, the writers expand on traits rather than create totally new Cas, IMO.
    Well this is partly why I continue to think about the boys as archangel vessels, as their souls appear to be “special” We no its all to do with the blood-line and where each human fits. But we only have four arch-angels. So I would think the boys souls in particular are hot property. Remember what Balti was doing with the souls, and Death’s words its all about the souls. You say each version of Cas is an expansion, but I’m not so sure about this as hippy Cas was way out there and didn’t really compare with human Cas now. So the writers clearly were not pin pointing any aspects of whats gone on before necessarily. We know how dark Sam got with Lucifer in side him, and he was his correct chosen vessel. So god knows what Theo’s grace is capable of in the wrong body. This will be another journey for Cas to have to travel through. But am sure he will locate the original and will be able to ditch Theo’s at a later date. But this all makes up for great drama now. 😉

    I love reading the comments thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. Okay we’ve seen that an angel can remove her own grace when Anna did it. We’ve seen Metatron take Cas’ grace so we know angels know how to take another’s grace but I think people are having trouble with the idea of Cas being human and doing it.
    Okay got you. He really struggled but it was a neat trick. Maybe the writers were simply trying another angle. It also added a bit of suspense to the story and caught us off guard. So in that regard this new stunt did that trick.

    Technically that’s still Jimmy’s body and Jimmy was an angel host so a human vessel taking an angels grace would be possible. Although I see the confusion because wouldn’t that simply be just like possession. In one case the angel needs a human’s consent and moves in, personality and all, and in the other the angels grace is taken without consent. I’m not sure how that would work. I don’t think its ret-conning so much as confusing the issue.
    Many say they think that Jimmy is long gone, but I’m not so sure. It is confusing as its a different being entirely and not Cas’s original frame. It could be a minor plot hole which springs to mind, they happen more often these days.

    Incidentally would this not be a way for Sam or Dean to become and angel? What if it occurred to either of them to get angel powers by stealing some angels grace? What if Gadreel is destroyed but the angels grace remains in Sam? Is that even possible? And would it make Sam an angel?
    I had thought a similar thing. That when Gad leaves Sam there maybe residue within that he deliberately or none-intentionally left behind. If Crowley’s spell works or doesn’t work we might actually end up with this. I think them being vessels any way lends them to huge possibilities. Dean is also the most powerful vessel of all, so I am surprised that Gad never attempted to hi-jack Dean at some point. I really thought Dean’s Vessel was priority this season and the key to it all. I would love to see Sam back with some sort of supernatural power, as this is what I miss from early seasons.

    I love reading the comments thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I just want badass!Cas and Badass!Dean gunning for Metatron!
    Hope you get your wish, I think you will. I think Cas is the one to kick Metatron’s butt and have said so from the start. 😉 As the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around.

    I love reading the comments thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Yeah! I’d love to see that. I have said that I miss Bamf!Dean, like in Purgatory or the Twi-hard episode, where he took out an entire nest of vamped. Its been a while and I miss him.
      Purgatory Dean has I think been the best ever Dean, he was so raw and realistic.

      As for which human Cas I prefer I like the very brief one that showed up in season five with the bug bite that hitched no matter how much he scratched. I didn’t care too much for Future! Cas. I just didn’t like him. This new Cas was too sad to really like much but I think he kind of secretly liked being human as he didn’t have to carry so much responsibility on his shoulders.
      I can’t recall this story line I vaguely remember him loosing his powers and the boys find him in some run down house alone. But it was only brief. I wasn’t keen on FutureCas either and wasn’t over fond of human Cas. He was very sad and lonely which was a different side to every day Cas. He’d lost everything and Dean had kicked him out and was living on the ledge. But when we got those special moments between human Cas and Dean was awesome. He did bring something unique to the plot.

      I kind of got the impression that he didn’t like taking that other angels grace because angels have been forbidden from doing things like that. He said it was barbaric, so my guess is that angels could always do that but there were rules against it. They were probably forbidden and even though most of them are d**ks they prevented themselves from going around eating up each others grace.
      But I got the impression that it was like an eye for an eye. Metatron did it to him, so it was okay in a round about way for him to do it to someone else. He did hate the thought of nicking the grace and killing the angels that much came across. But yes we assume they preferred not to do it as it was against the rules.

      I don’t see how its a retcon, though, as it is just something never established about angels at all. Just because something is new doesn’t make it a retcon. I think some people are confused by what a retcon is.
      I get confused about most dialogue of this sort. Canon, head-canon etc etc. I know now, but it took me a while to get my head around it all. All this is very American to me.

      I love reading the comments thank you,
      Love Aunty B xxx


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